Long Distance Interlude

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He saw the photo come through and gave a deep hum of appreciation. He opened it full screen and the hum turned in a growl of pleasure deep in his chest. One hand reached down to squeeze between his legs and adjust himself in his pants. The night had turned wet and cold, but he was very warm all of a sudden.

He calls and she answers on the first ring.

“That’s so hot. It gives me all sorts of ideas, ” he tells her. No hello, no preliminaries, just the thought of how beautiful, how tempting she is.

“I have more,” she says. “What would you like to see?”

He grows harder thinking about all of the various ways he has seen her, the ways he wants to see her. Back arched, one hand on her breast, one hand in her panties. On her hands and knees, glancing back at him. Collared with a hand delicately at her throat, excitement and the fear of something new in her eyes. So many options and each one spurs a new fantasy.

He gives her a few ideas and she responds, “I have those. What will you give me for them?”

His erection grows impossibly harder. He opens his belt, unbuttons and unzips his pants, easing his discomfort. Massages himself through his underwear for a few moments while he thinks about how to respond.

“What would you like?”

“It’s not going to work like that. What are you willing to give…”, she trailed off, intentionally and obviously seductively.

“Of course she would be a brat about this,” he thinks. It’s adorable and frustrating and makes him wish they were together so he could put his hands on her. “She’s so much easier to deal with when I’m running my fingers over her skin, when she can’t think of anything but me inside her.”

“I’ll tell you a story,” he offers.

“Just a story? No, I want a week of you not being able to say no to anything I want.”

“That’s a lot for a few photos. My story will be an exciting one, I promise. One that you’ll be able to feel a part of, since you’ll be a main character.”

He slips his hands in his underwear, wraps his fingers around his penis and squeezes tight, releases, squeezes again. He has to take his hand away before he keeps going.

“It’ll be a story about me?” She asks, intrigued. “Hmmm, no. I Erzurum Escort still like my idea better.”

“I tell you what. I will give you a weekend of not being able to say no and I’ll still give you a story.”

“Like Friday, Saturday, Sunday?”

“Nice try. A normal weekend. Saturday and Sunday.”

He can hear the pout over the phone.

“Fine. But if I don’t like the story, I want a week.”

“If you don’t like the story, we can renegotiate. I’ll give you a synopsis now if you like.”

“You already have something? Did you have something planned for just such an occasion?” She asks surprised.

“No, I’m making this up on the fly, but I like the idea and will flesh it out for you later. Are you comfortable?”

“Yes,” she replies hesitantly.

“How comfortable?”

“Laying in bed, listening to the rain.”

“Perfect. What are you wearing, baby girl?”

“I thought this was a story? Long shirt, panties with little flowers around the waistband.”

His breathing stutters for a moment, picturing the scene.

“Oh it will be a story. This is a story about the next time I see you and a story about what I’m doing right now. A bit of realistic fiction, if you will.”

He hears the intake of breath, can feel her thinking over the line.

“Wha… what are you doing right now?” She asks slowly.

“It’s part of the story, so you’ll have to wait and see,” he responds and starts the story.


I’m laid back in my leather chair looking at the photo of you, imagining the playful look you give me when you know you’re doing something naughty and I’m going to love it. I live for that look. I live for that look to turn from playful to devilish and then surprised to shocked as I seduce you with my hands, with my mouth. No matter how many times we are together, how many times I worship your body, you are always shocked at how quickly I can get you to orgasm. It’s endlessly satisfying.

My pants are open, having been driven to be comfortable myself during our earlier conversation. I sit up to strip out of my shirt and lay back in my chair, one hand behind my head, one hand in many pants, over my underwear. Squeezing myself Erzurum Escort Bayan and rolling my fingers over the top. Teasing myself as I think about you.

The scene in my mind shifts. You are on the bed and I’ve just blindfolded you in preparation for bringing out other toys. This is all new and you’re breathing fast. In my mind and in reality, I am hard as steel. As I imagine looking down at you, I slip my jeans and underwear off. I remember going back to the box and getting the cuffs for your hands, getting the ones for your ankles. The sounds of distress and anticipation as you felt me put them on you, wondering what was next. Letting out a shocked squeal as you heard the snap of the crop for the first time. I wrap my fingers around myself, gripping tight, and start slowly stroking myself.

As my hand moves up and down, I’m squeezing, releasing. Up. Squeeze. Down. Release. Thinking about how your body moves. Thinking about how your breasts feel in my hands, how nipples feel against my palm and between my fingers. Imagining I can feel you rubbing them against my chest. I start moving faster. I’m thinking about laying you back on your bed, both of us eager for that first moment I brush my cock against your pussy, that first moment of stretching and tension and your body relaxing enough to allow me inside.


She’s been quiet through most of his story. Her breathing picked up as he started describing her blindfolded.

He started hearing other sounds as he talked them together.

“Are you still with me, baby girl?” He asks softly.

“Yes, sir,” she answers in the same way.

“Are you liking it so far?

“Definitely. Don’t stop.”

“Orders, baby girl? Is that how good girls ask?” He chides her.

“Please, sir. Please don’t stop.”

“I’ll keep going if you tell me where your hands are.”

“One hand is on my chest, pulling at my nipples. One hand is between my legs, rubbing my clit and teasing my vagina”

“I love that you use such proper terms. I guess I can keep going then,” his words practically purring out to her.


I’m moving my hand fast but steady, my grip tight enough that you’d think Escort Erzurum it’d be painful, but feels like heaven. My other hand is behind my head, running through my hair, rubbing my neck. I’m thinking about being sheathed within you, my senses full of you, the sounds you make, the feel and smell that is unique to you. All of you against all of me. Rocking my hips against you, but not pulling even the slightest bit out. Struggling against each other. Fighting to get even deeper, to feel more of you.

I think of sitting up on my knees. Pulling you up with me, holding you against me so that you slide just a bit further down, I slide just a bit further up. I imagine lifting you ever so slightly and slamming you back down on me. Once. Twice. Again. And Again. Every time I think about it, I grip myself harder and stroke more intensely. I speed up. I think about turning you, putting a pillow down under your stomach. I grip your hips with both hands as tight as I’m gripping myself. I push deep inside and really start moving. Putting everything I am into loving you, into pushing you over the edge.

My hand is flying up and down. I’m not even trying to be quiet. I’ve lost all sense of myself and can only think about how close I am. As I think about fucking you as hard as I can, I can almost hear your gasps and cries. I can almost feel you around. I feel you clench as you start to cum and I lose myself inside you. I kept pushing and pushing as I erupt and cry out my pleasure, burying my face in your hair yelling your name.


Both of them were breathing fast, panting as their hands moved them to completion. As he described them cumming together, him exploding inside of her, he came like a fountain in his hand, on his stomach, all over the chair.

As he cried out in real life, he heard her whimpering and begging.

“Please sir, please…”

“Please what, honey,” he asked, breathing hard.

“Please, I need to cum.”

“You do?”

“Yes! Please, daddy, I need it so much.”

“Yes, baby girl, yes. Cum for me.”

He lay back recovering, basking in the pleasure of an intense orgasm, listening to his lover cum with him and to her stuttering breathing.

“Are you with me baby girl?”

“Yes, sir.” She gasped, still recovering from her own pleasure. “If that was a synopsis, I can’t wait to read the whole story…”

He laughed deep and asked, “So I take it you liked it?”

“I definitely did. But I still can’t wait for my weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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