Long Distance

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I wasn’t really looking to find anyone; in fact I was pretty much avoiding romance and relationships altogether. I didn’t think I would ever find anyone who I would feel like this about. I usually prefer to keep it simple. I will get horny and just turn to old fuck buddies or someone new to flirt with and send clips of myself using the vibrator and get them to send me theirs.

Nathan, however, is different. I feel a connection with him and I can talk to him for hours. The time flies by and before I know it we’ve been talking all night. We met on a forum of a band we both like. I was on there in the discussion boards mostly until I got bored one night and went on the chat. He sent me a private message but he was never sexual or aggressive. He commented about how beautiful I was in the pictures I had on my profile. We added each other as friends after our first conversation.

Any time I was on the forum after that I would chat with him and flirt a little. One night being a little tipsy and really horny we flirted way more than usual I ended up using my vibrator while we chatted and flirted. We decided to video chat later that night and that’s when it started. We ended up on video chat until 5 am, for me, and 7am for him, since we live a couple time zones apart.

Seeing his face for the first time made my heart race. He was gorgeous and he really didn’t even acknowledge it. He has a head of thick glossy back hair, brown eyes with little specs of green in them and full lips. He also has a nice scruff of facial hair, which I love, and a sturdy and firm body that I just want to grip onto and never let go. He is intelligent, really book smart, thoughtful, and funny. He really listens to everything I say and remembers everything I tell him. He also has a deep sexy voice and he makes my pussy wet when I hear it or even think about it. We found that we have a lot in common so it is easy to talk to him.

Now after months of talking I was on a plane to finally meet him in person for the first time. I decided it was best escort bostancı for me to fly to him, he lived in a bigger city and I was dying to get out of town and see someplace new, and his sexy ass was at the top of my to do list. My heart was racing about ready to leap from my chest. I tried to steady my hands as best I could to reapply my makeup and brush my hair.

When I was finally able to get off the airplane my heart was going crazy. I grabbed my carry-on bag and waited impatiently for the people ahead of me. It felt as if it took forever as I walked out of the tunnel I looked around and saw him off to the side. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face as I rushed to him. We hugged and I kissed his neck. He is one of those guys who don’t like the whole PDA thing so I had to try my best to not maul him.

He smiled at me and said “You look even more radiant in person. I am blown away.”

I grinned, bit my lip and thanked him. “You look great too; I am having a hard time keeping my hands off you.”

We rushed to get my baggage and then out to his car talking excitedly the whole time. He opened the door for me and put my luggage in the back seat and got in the car.

“Just wait a second” I told him before he turned the keys in the ignition. He turned his face toward me. “I just want to do one thing first.”

I kissed his lips and felt him kissing me back.

“I have a feeling I’m not even going to need half the clothes I brought.” I told him when our kiss ended and he agreed wholeheartedly.

He drove us back to his apartment building I flirted the whole time pulling my skirt up and running my hand over my thigh seductively. He was watching me and trying to pay attention to the road at the same time.

“I can’t wait to get you back home.” He told me grinning.

I giggled and bit my lip. “I can’t either,” I told him.

We finally made it back to his place and up to his apartment. He put my suitcase down and I threw my other bag down as soon as we walked ümraniye escort in the door. We embraced and I felt his lips clamp down on mine hungrily. We kissed passionately our tongues dancing and swirling. He pulled my dress over my head and I pulled his shirt off and we kicked off our shoes. He paused to look over my body before grabbing me toward him again.

“I have wanted you like this from the first time I laid eyes on you.” He said and looked into my eyes. “I can’t believe it is actually happening.”

He kissed me again and led me to his bed. My pussy was wet as hell and my body felt as if it were on fire. When we got to his bed he sat and I stood in front of him and reached behind me to unhook my bra and let out my 36DDD’s. I pulled my bra away and immediately his hands and mouth were there rubbing and sucking and pinching at my hard nipples.

“I love your body.” He told me.

I pulled away and knelt before him; his cock was straining behind his pants so I unbuttoned and unzipped him. He lifted his ass off the bed so I could pull them off. Now that he was naked I could see his beautiful cock.

I licked a little at the tip and swirled my tongue around and around getting him wet before sliding his cock into my hot mouth.

I moved up and down and moved my tongue back and forth as he slid toward the back of my throat. I pulled back and focused again on the head. I lapped and tickled him with my tongue as he moaned. He ran his hand through my hair as I took him into my throat. He stood then and I gripped his ass and pulled him closer to me. He fucked my mouth with his hands in my hair and my hand lightly massaging his balls. I swallowed down his cum enjoying every bit of it when he came. He sat back on the bed and pulled me up to kiss him.

“It’s my turn” he told me.

He laid me back on his bed against the pillows and kissed me again. He trailed his kisses down my body paying special attention to my nipples that were aching for attention. He moved downward still and pulled kartal escort bayan my panties off and spread my legs to fit between them. He first teased at my lips with his tongue

“You are soaked,” he smiled up at me.

He ran his finger around my lips wetting my lips with my juices. He flicked his tongue against my clit and I moaned. He started swirling his tongue around my clit and over it and I could feel myself getting wetter by the second. I loved the feel of his facial hair scratching at the sensitive skin. He moved his tongue inside my cunt and I felt myself start to grind against him. He sucked my clit into his mouth and I felt myself nearing a climax.

“I’m going to cum,” I told him.

He lapped furiously at me, and I convulsed and moaned. He climbed up beside me and we lay together in each other’s arms kissing and running out hands over each other’s bodies.

“I can tell this is going to be a mind blowing week,” He said smiling.

We rested for a while, still kissing and enjoying that we were in able to hold one another at last.

“I don’t think I could ever get enough of you,” He told me.

In response I whispered in his ear “Me either” and ran my tongue along his ear before sucking his ear lobe between my lip.

I knew from our talks that, that was the way to get him hard. I kissed behind his ear and down his neck and saw his cock growing hard again and heard him moan. I straddled him and moved to his other ear to give both sides equal attention.

“You made me hard again. It looks like we have some business to take care of.”

I moved my pussy directly over his hard cock and lowered myself down slowly enjoying the feel of him sliding inside of me. I was so wet. I moved against him and he pulled himself up into a sitting position and I wrapped my legs around him. He licked and sucked my nipples as I rode him. I felt myself orgasm again and grinded furiously against him until I did. I got up then and stuck my ass in the air so he could take me from behind.

“I want you to fuck me Nathan. Fuck me hard.”

He eagerly pushed his gorgeous cock into my waiting pussy and grabbed ahold of me as he pushed deep inside me. I felt his balls slap against my clit as I leaned forward. God I loved the way he felt inside me.

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