Lonnie Joe

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My story starts when I was in college. I went to a Fashion College where the only guys in the whole school were four guys and they really weren’t guys at all, but gay guys. All the girls always went to nightclubs all the time to meet guys, because we couldn’t meet them at college. We were little sisters for the rival college fraternities, but after two years of the fraternity parties, we were out looking for new guys.

A bunch of us girls went to this place called “The Stone Fox” which was a disco club, that played mostly disco music. We had been partying for a while when this guy came up and asked me to dance. He was very good looking and after we danced one dance, his shirt got caught on my watch, and broke it as we were coming off of the dance floor. Lonnie Joe apologized to me, and said that we needed to go out to eat afterwards to pay me back for breaking my watch, so after dancing with him, I decided it would be ok to go out to eat with him, since he was a nice guy, and I was getting turned on by him.

We really were enjoying being together and so we left the club and went to a place to eat, since IHOP was about the only place open that late, we went there. After eating, Lonnie Joe took me home since I had rode with my friends to the club. I asked him to come in, since I had no roommate, and he said ok. After kissing him and touching and feeling on each other, we decided it was a good ideal to get our clothes off, and go into the bedroom. Since I lived by myself, I only bursa escort had a twin bed, but we made use of that twin bed, and when he finally put his cock deep inside of me, I knew I was in for a wonderful night of loving.

Lonnie Joe and I came so many times that night and didn’t sleep at all that night. We licked and sucked and fucked our way to many orgasims that night and the next day. Lonnie Joe was off of work the next day, and I was out of college for the weekend, so we decided to finally get up and go get something to eat at the mall. While at the mall, Lonnie Joe decided to walk into a jewelry store and look at some watches. I told him what are we doing here, and he said he was going to buy me a watch since he had broken mine the night before. I couldn’t believe him, and told him that there was no reason to buy me something expensive since my watch was a cheap Timex watch. Before I knew it Lonnie Joe had found this beautiful watch and had bought it for me. I felt so bad for him doing this for me, but I really loved it watch.

I was shocked when Lonnie Joe told me he was taking me home to meet his family. We ended up going to his house, and I met his Dad, and his brother Errick. Lonnie Joe’s Mother had just died the month before, so he was really proud to introduce me to his family, and they fell in love with me that day too. After leaving his house, we went to his Brother Steve’s house. I met his brother and sister-in-law and we ended up being great friends. bursa escort bayan Lonnie Joe told Steve and Debbie that we had met the night before and then he told me to show them my watch. I said can you believe this guy, he just spent a lot of money on this watch for me. Steve told me that Lonnie Joe had to really like me alot because he never bought anything for anyone ever before. I was shocked by this, but realized that what they were saying was true because Lonnie Joe had fallen in love with me, and I had fallen in love with him.

Lonnie Joe was a Store Manager for a Grocery Store and I was a Senior in College. Whenever we were not at school or work, we were always together. After I graduated from College Lonnie Joe and I moved in together. We seemed to be very happy, but I had lost my fiancee due to a car wreck a few years before, so when he started begging me to get married, I just couldn’t do it. I loved him, but knew I couldn’t love someone so much, that I could risk losing them when something happened. This was my way of protecting myself from the hurt that I thought only a death could cause. I refused to marry him, and we ended up splitting up.

I will always remember my love for Lonnie Joe and although I let him go, I will never forget the love we shared together. Together we shared a great love life, highly sexual making love anytime, anyplace that we were at. It didn’t matter whether we were alone, or with his brother, we couldn’t keep our hands off of escort bursa each other.

One day, it was early afternoon, and Lonnie Joe and I were so hot for each other, that he picked me up and took me into the bedroom, had stripped off my clothes and his, and he had slid his hard cock deep inside of my pussy and I was so excited begging him to fuck me really hard, when there was a knock on the door. We both figured that we would just act like no one was home, and not answer the door, but Steve was the one knocking on the door and knew that both our cars were there, so he kept banging on the door and banging so Lonnie Joe finally put on his shorts and went to see who was banging on the door. He opened it up and Steve walks through the door demanding to know what we were doing that kept us from opening the door. Lonnie Joe and I act like nothing was wrong and tried to entertain Steve without letting him know that he had interrupted us while we were so hot and heavy into each other.

He stayed way beyond his welcome, and we were begging him to leave with our eyes. Steve finally got up and told us that he would go so we could get back to fucking each other, since he knew that was exactly what he had interrupted between us. We told him goodbye, and shut the door and ran to the bedroom stripping off our clothes as we ran. We jumped on the bed, and started fucking like rabbits, hot and heavy, we were really turned on by trying to hide it from Steve, and knew he was wise to us anyway. This ended up to be a great fuck session and we all laughed about the day Steve interrupted us.

If you care for any of my stories please take the time to vote, and to also send me a line and let me know what you think of my stories.

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