Loosing It To a Guy

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Eating Pussy

I’m John and from about my early teens I knew I was bisexual. I had crushes on guys and girls at school and fantasised about having sex with both all the time. If I’m honest I have to admit to lusting after guys a bit more than girls. I kept my virginity until I was 18, as I didn’t want to rush into anything, also I wanted to loose it to another guy. I had, had an image in my mind for so long about how I wanted my first time to be and it had to be with a man and I had to be the bottom. I did not want to loose my cherry to a girl, that could wait, it had to be me taking it in the ass. I didn’t care if the guy did not want to switch places after, just as long as I had gotten fucked in the ass.

I had a close friend, Clare who knew I was Bi and that I wanted my first lover to be male. Clare was a very highly sexed young woman. she was 18 like me, but had had dozens of sexual partners and wanted to make me one of them. She tried to tempt me into fucking her so many time and her slim hard body and soft pert breasts made it very hard to resist.

She had more than once slipped two fingers into her pussy and made me lick her juices off, telling me that is what I am missing. God, he pussy juice tasted so good, but I was determined to take it from a guy first, I’d never have forgiven myself it I caved in an just fucked Clare because she was the easy option.

Clare introduced me to the man who was to take my innocence. We were at a club and she spotted an old friend and spent some time talking to him. At first I just thought she was chatting up an old fuck buddy, looking to get her pussy filled for the night, but after about half an hour she left him standing at the bar and re-joined me. ‘I’ve found you a man’ she whispered to me. ‘My friend at the bar, he thinks you are cute and would love to take you home for the night’. With that she slowly grabbed my face and kissed me softly. We had kissed before, in fact we had done most things other than fuck, but this time it felt real and passionate. ‘Go home with him. Fuck him. Then come home to me and let me be your first girl’ she ordered in a soft but commanding voice. She then grabbed hold of me by the wrist and dragged me over to her friend.

He was very cute, about 35, tall, well built and quite manly. Just my type. Clare introduced us to each other, ‘john this is Steve, he is queer and likes slim young twinks like you. Steve this is John he’s a bisexual virgin who likes manly men and wants his first time to be with one. Now you guys play nice’. With that she placed a kiss on my cheek and left us both together. Steve ran a hand across my face and then gently through my hair. He was so hot and I wanted him so badly. ‘Lets get a cab and go back to mine’ he said in a kind of way that sounded more like an order than a request. I bit my bottom lip and didn’t say a word, just followed him out side and got in a cab with him.

We both sat in the back of the cab and wasted no time getting to know each other. I sidled straight up to him and ran my Eryaman Escort hand over his cock through his jeans. He was big, bigger than me. as soon as I felt just how big Steve was I knew I had made the right decision to go with him and I knew I was going to have the best cherry plucking of all time. I put my hand inside Steve’s jeans and slowly jerked him off, keeping eye contact with him at all times. he was so hard and so big I couldn’t believe my luck. I was just praying that he wasn’t to big for my ass.

Once the cab had dropped us off at Steve’s house he ushered me straight into the bedroom and almost threw me on the bed. He slammed the door shut behind him and I looked on as he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans. My heart was racing and my hands shaking, it had really struck me that was going to fulfill my dream of having my virginity taken by a man. I couldn’t believe it was really happening.

Steve beckoned me over to him and ordered me to strip naked. I stripped rather nervously and stood in front of him. My smooth hairless body was too much for him to resist touching and he ran his hands all over my flat tummy and waxed chest then down to my hairless dick. Once he had gotten a good feel of the tight young virgin body that he planned on fucking his hands reached for my shoulders. He looked me straight in the eyes and gripped tighter on them and pressed down until I was on my knees. ‘Good boy. I think you know what to do’, he whispered in an almost malicious way. I sure did, and wanted to so very much. My hands reached inside his unzipped fly and grabbed hold of his giant cock and pulled it out for me to see. Oh my god! Steve was huge, not just a little over average or even well over average, he was massive. Over 11 inches long, cut and so thick I couldn’t even come close to wrapping my hand around it. Oh, this was my dream come true on a big scale. Nothing on earth could stop me from sucking that monster. I pressed my lips on to his cock head and kissed the tip slowly taking in every second of this new and wonderful sensation. It was 100 times better than I thought it would be, I had instantly fallen in love with cock sucking, I knew from then on I would be a cock sucking addict, it felt that good. I then started to wrap my lips around Steve’s shaft, he was so big he filled my mouth totally and I was soon gagging.

I pulled my head back I felt Steve’s hands on the back of my head and push me back down on him. I gagged again but he held me there for a some time choking on his cock. He drew me back to catch my breath and forced me back down, this time for longer. I choked and gagged and tried to push back to get some air but Steve held me tight and didn’t let me go. When he finally did release me I fell back on to the floor, a stream of spit fell from my mouth on to my smooth chest and tears rolled from my eyes. I wiped my mouth and eyes and got straight back on my knees and gave Steve an innocent doe eyed look, biting my Sincan Escort bottom lip. He smiled at me and told me I was a good boy then asked if I was enjoying myself. I was, Steve taking control and over powering me has turned me on so much I was like a cock sucker on heat.

I nodded to Steve and licked my lips like a slutty school girl and started sucking him like the cock sucker I knew I was. Oh fuck it was so good, I knew I then I was a natural born boy whore. Steve was loving every minute of it and so was I. The feeling of his cock in my mouth was divine, but my willing little ass was desperately in need of some attention, and Steve knew it.

Steve quickly grabbed me by the arm and roughly turned me around, spread my legs and bent me over. Now I have been a daily user of a pretty large dildo for some years now, Clare had given me one as a birthday present when I was 15 telling me I should get in practise and break myself in. I did and thought it would make me ready for this moment now I’m of age and about to take it in the ass for my first sexual experience. But Steve was much bigger than my dildo and I was panicking at the thought of taking him inside me. I promised myself that I would take it no matter how much it hurt, I would just grit my teeth and let him fuck me, I wouldn’t let anything stop me.

Steve greased up his tool and my ass hole with lots of lube and I braced myself, gripped tight onto the bed sheets in front of me and relaxed my hole. Steve’s cock head pressed on my ass ring and slowly pressed into it. My ass opened to receive it but Steve was far too big, I pushed back to force him in stretching my tight little tush wider that it had ever been before. I was quite proud that I was taking such a massive cock inside me, it made me feel all sexy and pleasured. It did hurt but I stuck to my promise and would not let myself stop. The sexy feeling was far greater than the pain which made it so much sweeter. Once I had gotten used to having such a big thing in my virgin butt I soon started to push back and forth on it and it started to glide in and out of me quite easy. It still hurt but I just tried to ignore it and let myself get fucked. I reached back to feel Steves cock as it drew out of me and I did notice he was riding me bareback, I don’t know why but this made me feel even sexier, I know I should have played safe but this made me feel so bad and dirty I didn’t stop him. In fact I grind ed harder onto his bare cock once I knew and made me want him to cum deep inside me when he was ready to fire his load.

When I started pushing back hard onto Steve’s cock he took it as an invite to fuck me rougher, which at first brought back the pain and made me almost cry out for him to stop but to my great delight I didn’t and it soon paid off. Steve was not power fucking me and the pain had all but gone and in its place was a feeling of total bliss. My whole body was shaking with pleasure as my ass got filled up, stretched Etlik Escort open and broken in by a giant penis. Steve fucked me for so long I lost track of time, it could have been for hours for all I know, I just didn’t want it to stop. But Steve did eventually need to cum, I felt his body stiffen and his dick twitch. He groaned that he was going to cum, which made me force my ass as far down onto his cock as it fitted and begged him to ‘please cum in me’. Steve let it go and flooded my insides with his sperm, this I can honestly say was the hottest, sexiest and most pleasing feeling I have ever felt in my life. I was so proud of myself, I had stuck to my guns and made my dream come true I was no longer a virgin and the sperm inside me was proof, I felt like I had just become a real man. A warm feeling inside me told me that it was perfect, a deflowering that I will never forget and enjoyed more than I could have wished for. With Steve’s cock now out of my loose ass but his sperm still inside me I collapsed forward onto the bed.

Steve crawled over my back and pressed his face onto mine ans kissed me. ‘Did you you have a good time?’ he asked. ‘Yes, thank you so much. It really was amazing’ I replied. ‘How does it feel now you have lost your cherry?’ he came back with. I told him ‘you have made me feel so special, I’m so please that my first time was with a man’. He stroked my hair and told me I was a natural bottom and that he thought I would be a bit let down when I try sex with a girl for the first time. I had a strange feeling in my gut that he was right, nothing was going to top this, straight sex was likely to be a total let down now I had found what I am so naturally good at.

I looked at my watch, it was 11 0’clock. I texted Clare and told her I had done the deed and loved every minute of it. She messaged back and told me to come around to hers. I told Steve I had to go and kissed him good bye for quite some time. He had me smittened and I would do anything for him now. He told me he wanted to see me again and my heart melted, I could see us as a great couple. He would be my hot older stud Top that I could fawn over and do every thing I can to please him and I would be his skinny little jail-bait twink Bottom that he could show off to his friends and use at his pleasure. Ahh! So perfect. I walked to Clare’s house and she let me in and handed me her panties. ‘FUCK ME FAGGOT’ she shouted at me, and grabbed me into the most passionate kiss I have ever had.

She had my pants around my ankles in no time and her skirt on the floor. We went into her living room and fell onto her sofa, my cock was in her like a flash and I was pounding away like my ass was on fire. our hot sweaty bodies were all over each other and both filled with built up lust and sexual tension. Clare was moaning with ecstasy and started to orgasm. I was about to cum too and could no longer hold on. I filled Clare’s pussy with wave after wave of my cum, then pulled out and lay next to her. ‘Now wasn’t that good with a girl?’ she asked. Yes it was, it was as good as the fuck Steve had just given me. I kissed Clare on the forehead and said ‘I love you’.

Me and Clare became a couple, but I still saw Steve for some hot gay fun. Clare knows about it and is OK about it, just as long as I don’t mind her fucking other guys when she feels like it shes OK.

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