Lorenzo and Emily

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Emily shook a bit of mud off the back of her boots before stepping into her building’s entrance. The hallway light flickered off above her head for a moment, before coming back on. “Thank fuck I’m getting out of this place,” she said to herself, momentarily struck by anxiety at the thought of all the packing she still had left to do.

Before getting back to packing up her belongings in boxes, she picked up her mail in the lobby. At that moment she heard a door slam. It was her neighbor Lorenzo taking his dog out for a walk. Lorenzo was sexy in a quiet way, and in a very obvious way as well, seeing as in he was 6’3, Italian and equipped with a smoldering accent. Emily enjoyed basking in his tall dark and handsomeness whenever she saw him, but they didn’t know each other very well.

“You went to a box factory today or something?” Lorenzo said, pointing at the stack of boxes that were already by the door, ready to be moved. His dorky attempt at humor made Emily smile. As she let out a gentle laugh, Emily and Lorenzo locked eyes for a split second, and Lorenzo asked, “Do you have anyone helping you to move the big items, furniture and heavy stuff?”

Emily told him that the movers would help her tomorrow. “They’re going to charge you so much money for that, how about I help instead. I’m not busy tonight.”

At first Emily politely refused, but Lorenzo insisted on saving her the extra expense. “Wow, that’s so sweet of you, thank you. I have to finish packing up a few more boxes before I’m ready to move anything into the van that I rented, and I need to pick that up later.”

“Perfect, how about I come with you to get the van later on and then we can start moving.”

“OK,” Emily said, before looking at her watch. It was already six, and she needed to do quite a bit before she’d be ready to pick up the van. “Come by at 8, is that alright with you?”

“See you then.”

Emily began packing as soon as she walked through her door, and spent every moment of those next two hours working frantically. Lorenzo was so sweet to offer his help and she wanted to be ready when he came over. She had to finish packing up everything in her kitchen and bedroom, and by the time she had finished it was five minutes to 8.

She quickly changed into a clean shirt and bra and reapplied her lip gloss before hearing a knock at the door. When she opened it, Lorenzo was standing on the other side, holding a six pack and a pizza.

“I can’t believe you brought beer and pizza, aren’t I supposed to do that traditionally since you’re helping me move? You are beyond sweet though, and I’m starving. Thanks so much.”

“You’re very welcome and don’t worry about it. I mean, you’ve been a great neighbor. I never had to call the cops on you even once!” Lorenzo joked. As Emily laughed, Lorenzo cracked open a beer and handed it to her. Then he opened the pizza box and they each took a slice. Lorenzo continued cracking jokes as they ate, and kept Emily cracking up between bites.

Once they finished eating, they picked up the van and started to pack it up with Emily’s belongings. Lorenzo finished loading Emily’s television, futon, bookshelves and kitchen table relatively quickly. “Hey, I’m full of energy still, how about I help you take these things over to your new place if you’ve got the keys already. Then maybe you can cancel the movers altogether. Tomorrow, I’ll have my friend Matt come over and help me with your bed.”

“I couldn’t possibly take up any more of your time, you are so sweet though,” Emily said, to be polite.

“I insist.” As Lorenzo said this, he lifted two of the boxes on Emily’s floor, “see I’ve already gotten started, you can’t stop me now.”

This made Emily laugh. Since Lorenzo appeared to be having fun, she felt comfortable accepting his offer to help, and the two of them began to carry boxes to the van.

When it was full, they drove over to Emily’s new apartment complex. Lorenzo suggested that they pick up another six pack, since they’d probably be unpacking for a while. Emily agreed to this idea, seizing the opportunity to thank her helpful neighbor by picking up the tab. She knew that there would be lots of moving over the Kartal Escort next few days, and decided to stock up on beer for the next few days by getting a twelve pack.

When they arrived at Emily’s new place, Lorenzo carried up the beer, and several boxes before making at least six more trips to unload all of the items in the van. The apartment was by the river, and had a beautiful view in the living room, which was showcased by a glass wall. After they finished unloading the van, Emily and Lorenzo sat on her hardwood floor, facing the beautiful view.

They had each had two beers when Lorenzo said, “I hope you don’t get upset because I know you wanted to buy the beer to thank me, but I brought this too because I hoped you’d share it with me,” as he pulled a bottle of red wine from his messenger bag. “My family has a vineyard in Italy and this is from there. Would you like to try it?”

Emily agreed, and once again expressed her gratitude for Lorenzo’s generosity.

“Great! Let’s get this open. Oh fuck, that was stupid of me, you might not even have glasses or an opener seeing as you just moved in!”

“No, I do have those things! And I know because I packed them up today,” Emily said before walking over to the box that contained the wine glasses. After she opened it and took out two glasses, she remembered something that might be slightly embarrassing. The wine opener was packed up in the box marked “misc tools” – which was also where she decided to pack her vibrator and the box of condoms that she kept with it.

She opened the box, trying to get to the bottle opener quickly enough so that she could close it and prevent Lorenzo from viewing the embarrassing content. But apparently she wasn’t quick enough because Lorenzo chuckled before asking, “is that what I think it is?” as Emily handed him the opener.

Emily attempted to turn her answer into a joke and alleviate her embarrassment a bit. “Um, it might be. But listen, I swear I’m normal, like I don’t fantasize about kinky sex toys or anything like that.”

“Oh really.” Lorenzo paused and opened the bottle of wine. Then he poured them each a glass before saying, “Listen, may I ask you something a bit personal?”

Emily’s let out a nervous laugh and sipped her wine. “Sure, go ahead,” she said.

“Do you fantasize very often?”

Emily and Lorenzo maintained eye contact as she took another sip of wine. “I mean, of course, doesn’t everybody?” Emily answered.

“I mean, I know that I have a lot of sexual fantasies, but maybe I’m just a pervert.” Lorenzo said.

This made Emily laugh. Then she smiled, and realized that the conversation was starting to make her feel aroused. The surge of energy that she felt emboldened her enough to say, “Will you tell me some of them?”

Lorenzo immediately felt a rush of sexual arousal, “OK. But if I tell you then you have to tell me one of yours, deal?”

“Deal.” Emily said. As she answered, she realized that she couldn’t wait to hear Lorenzo’s describe his sexual fantasies. She started to become excited physically, as well. Emily felt the pure pleasure of sexual anticipation, even before Lorenzo answered.

“OK, I fantasize about having sex in a library. When I was in college I heard about kids doing it in the book stacks while they were taking study breaks, but I never got a chance to do it myself then. I think that would be super hot.” Emily smiled at Lorenzo, who paused, then refilled both wine glasses before saying, “OK I shared, now it’s your turn.”

“I want to join the mile high club. Before I die, I need to have sex on an airplane. I know that’s a little cliché, but it’s fucking hot. OK, now your turn again,” Emily smiled.

“OK, now I’ll be cliché. I want to get a blow job while I am driving. Yup, I still have never had road head.”

“Really? OK that one I actually have done, I’ve given road head.”

Lorenzo felt his dick getting hard. “Did you enjoy it?”

“I really did. It was very exciting, but I wasn’t able to finish. There was another car nearby and I got self conscious.”

“Wasn’t it also a bit exciting though, to think about them watching?”

“Yes, but I Kartal Escort Bayan still stopped.”

“I see. So you’re pretty kinky, but a little shy.”

“I guess you could say that,” Emily replied.

“Have you ever had sex outside?” Lorenzo asked. “I’ve always wanted to do that.”

“I haven’t done it, but I’ve always wanted to as well,” Emily answered.

“Can I ask you another personal question Emily?”


“Are you aroused right now? Because, I have to be honest with you, this conversation is really turning me on.”

Emily felt incredibly aroused. However, she replied with a question. “Oh yeah, is your dick getting hard?”

“Yes. It’s starting to get pretty hard.”

Feeling bold from the two glasses of wine, Emily asked, “Can I touch it?”

“Oh my god, yes. Yes, you can touch my dick, I would love that. I’m already really hard just imagining it actually.”

Lorenzo’s pants displayed a visible bulge, which Emily began stroking. This act, in particular, always made Emily ridiculously horny. She loved feeling a man’s cock getting harder through his pants, as she anticipated the excitement that would follow. Lorenzo’s cock began to swell even more, so she unbuttoned his pants, then slid her hand underneath his underwear and pulled it out.

“You know I’m not American yeah?” Lorenzo said.

“Oh, you mean you’re not circumcised? I don’t mind, actually I love that.”

“Oh yeah?” Lorenzo asked, while enjoying the pleasure of Emily’s physical contact with his dick.

“Yeah, my ex was foreign actually. I got used to it, and began to love it actually. It feels so soft and smooth, foreskin. I kind of love it.”

Lorenzo took Emily’s hand and stopped its stroking motion. “Listen, now it’s your turn to be aroused Emily, what do you like? What would you like me to do to you?”

“Suck on my tits. I’d love that.”

“Absolutely,” Lorenzo said, as he lifted her shirt above her head. While he did this, Emily removed her own bra. “Ah, you can’t wait? You’re a horny girl aren’t you. I love that, I’m a horny boy too.” Lorenzo took Emily’s torso and laid her on the floor before licking her nipples.

Lorenzo continued licking and sucking as Emily exclaimed, “Fuck, this feels so good.”

Upon hearing this, he kissed her and unbuttoned her pants. Their tongues pressed up against each other in a manner that reflected their incredible level of sexual arousal.

Lorenzo slid his hand into Emily’s underwear. Her pussy was already wet as he began stroking it with his fingers.

His strong fingers felt heavenly against Emily’s pussy, which became more and more aroused with each stroke of Lorenzo’s hand. The whole evening had been so unexpected and enjoyable. Emily felt more turned on that she had ever remembered being when she said, “I have an idea. Are you feeling adventurous?”


“Good. I’m so fucking horny right now. You’re exciting me so much, and I want to do the same for you. So how about we make one of our mutual fantasies come true and take this outside?”

Lorenzo felt his cock begin to throb with delight as Emily made this suggestion. He couldn’t believe how turned on she was making him. “OK, but not if takes long to get there, I need to have you Emily. You’re making me so fucking hot tonight.”

“Come,” Emily said, as she grabbed his hand and took him towards the elevator, “just put your dick away before I open my door.”

In the elevator, Emily continued to stroke Lorenzo’s throbbing cock through his pants, which looked like they might burst open at any moment. “I’m glad I had those condoms. I use them with my vibrator sometimes.”

“Me too, fuck. Now I’m picturing you using your vibrator. Stop turning me on so much before I’m in a spot where I can have you. I want you so badly Emily.”

Across the street, a few benches lined the waterfront area. Emily walked over to one of them, and informed Lorenzo, “I want you on this bench so that I can sit on your dick. I’ve been thinking about that ever since we started talking about our fantasies – riding your dick I mean. Sometimes, I’ve even fantasized about it before tonight, Escort Kartal actually.”

“I fantasize about fucking you too. When I realized you were moving, I knew I had to make it happen if I could, before I was too late. Fuck, I’m so turned on now that it is actually happening. Now come here, get on top of me.” Lorenzo quickly removed his pants and sat down.

“Yes sir,” Emily said while pulling down her pants. Then she hovered her hips over Lorenzo’s throbbing cock, lowering herself and using her fingers to guide it inside of her.

Emily felt Lorenzo’s soft foreskin slide into her pussy, gliding past its lips. They had already started spreading in the delightful anticipation of that sensation. Lorenzo would come into her, and his hardness would grow, accompanying her pussy’s delightful contractions. She was so excited to feel his dick, as it slipped inside of her. She lowered her hips, and felt the ecstasy of his cock pushing against the sides of her hot swollen pussy. It got even harder, and she took the condom from her pocket and stated, “Time for protection.”

As she put the condom on Lorenzo’s dick, he said, “I really enjoyed hearing your sexual fantasies earlier tonight. I’d love to hear about any others you might have, if you feel like telling me.”

“OK but then you have to tell me more of yours, you know how this works.” Emily joked, as she climbed back on top of Lorenzo’s dick. She sat on it, feeling the delight of its physical contact with her pussy once again. “I fucking love your cock Lorenzo, it’s fantastic. I’m only sad that I can’t watch the penetration like I could if it weren’t so dark out.”

Lorenzo’s dick became rock hard, and he asked , “Oh yeah? You like to watch that?”

“Fuck yeah. It turns me on so much, and I can already tell I fucking love your cock, which makes me want to watch you penetrating me even more. Do you like my pussy?”

“It’s perfect. Nice and wet, and tight.” Then he nibbled her earlobe and whispered, “now tell me more of your fantasies.”

“Well, sometimes when I’m extremely aroused, like now, my fantasies get really kinky. I love watching so much that I want to make a video sometime.”

“Fuck! I didn’t know my dick could get this hard. OK I’ll tell you one of mine now, but can I tell you after we finish fucking?”

“Of course. And besides, I’m not finished telling you mine.” Emily continued sliding her pussy up and down Lorenzo’s cock. “Now, I want to make you cum as hard as I can. I love that. My God, I love fucking so much! Everything about it, and sometimes, it feels so good that I want to share it with other people. Thus the video fantasy. But, I wouldn’t want anyone I knew finding my porn video, well not if they knew it was me in it. So my fantasy is to film the penetration, but just that, and put it online. No faces or identifying tattoos, just a cock penetrating my pussy. I love watching videos like that on PornHub actually.”

“After we finish fucking, I want you to take me inside and show me your favorite porn.”

“OK,” Emily said, “but for now, I’ll just fuck you. Your dick feels so good when I lower my hips and it goes deeper inside of me. Then I lower them again and it goes even deeper. I’m turned on enough now, I can lower them all the way down, then I’ll ride to the rhythm of our fuck.” And that is exactly what she did.

“You won’t have to ride me for much longer to make me cum.” Lorenzo announced. I’m starting to get close.

Emily felt her vaginal muscles contracting, and took a moment to appreciate this delicious sensation. She felt Lorenzo’s dick contractions too, as he got closer to cumming.

“I can’t wait to watch porn with you,” she whispered in his ear. This drove him to the brink of arousal, and he felt himself on the cusp of orgasm.

“Oh fuck you’re gonna make me cum. I’m about to cum so hard Emily,” Lorenzo announced.

Emily already knew this. She could tell by the sensations she felt with her pussy, as Lorenzo’s dick got ready to cum. She thrust her hips up and down, trying to maximize the strength of those sensations, as this meant Lorenzo would cum even harder.

Emily knew what she was doing, because Lorenzo came harder than he had ever remembered.

He finished. Emily stayed on top of him for a moment. “I already can’t wait to fuck you again,” he told her. Then she got up, took his hand, and led him inside where they watched Emily’s favorite porn together.


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