Losing It Ch. 03

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Looking back on it now I realize that it had to happen. It was just inevitable. I can only thank God that I wasn’t there when it did.

I had been in a confusing incestuous threeway for almost a year. It started one night when my sister crawled into my bed and gained steam three months later when my mother caught me in her closet taping her being gangbanged by four men while my father was out of town on business. Sis knew about mom, but mom never knew about Sis. Between the two of them I was getting more pussy than I could handle. In fact I was getting so much pussy that I never ever bothered to get a girl friend. I was virgin when my sister crawled into my bed and she and mom were the only pussy that I ever had so I have nothing to use as a comparison, but I’d be willing to bet that there wasn’t any better pussy in the world.

They were good because they loved to fuck. My sister May was fucking four different guys right up to the day of her wedding and she picked up with the four (of which I was one) on the day after she came back from her honeymoon and her poor husband hadn’t a clue. Mom went bar hopping and picking up guys whenever dad went out of town on business and I had personally seen her with over twenty-seven different guys. In short – the women of my family were sluts.

My mom’s thing, after she started fucking me was watching the video of her gangbang that I’d made on the night she discovered me in her closet. I think that if she had never seen that tape we would have fucked only that one time and that I would eventually have moved out of the house and we would have become estranged. But she caught me watching the tape, it had lit her fire and we had been fucking ever since.

I should have known we were in trouble the night she asked me if I had two or three friends who might be interested in having some fun with an older woman. Ha! Half the guys I knew would be interested in having fun with any woman, let alone a sexy older one. We both knew which “older woman” she was referring to and I suppose that I should have known that she wanted more than one cock to play with after watching her gangbang. I wasn’t too keen on sharing her with anyone, but I did know that it was in my best interests to keep her happy. halkalı escort After all, how many eighteen-year-olds have a live in supply of unlimited super hot pussy?

But I wasn’t stupid. There was no way I was going to invite my buddy’s home to fuck my mother. To do that would have been to kill my reputation to say nothing of all the weird looks I’d get from everyone when they found, and they would find out. And if I did bring a couple friends home there was no way that one of them wouldn’t brag about it. I tried to tell mom that, but of course she knew better.

“Don’t you worry sweetie. All I have to do is tell them that if anybody blabs I’ll cut them all off. Trust me, they’ll keep each other in line.”

I still didn’t like the idea and I told her so. Then I told her that I would not bring any one home. I told her I would invite someone over and leave them alone and it would be up to her to get him in bed with her. I was against it; I didn’t want to do it and I had a bad feeling about it. But I also wanted unlimited access to what she was giving me so I did what she wanted.

The next time dad went out of town I arranged for Tim to come over and help me move some furniture and then I split for the library to do some research on a paper that I had due. According to mom he hadn’t hesitated when she seduced him. She told him that he could come back the next day if he brought a friend with him.

“Would you do me a favor baby?”

“Of course.”

“I’m still horny. Would you eat my pussy and then take me to bed?”

I knew that Tim was still in her, but I had sucked so much cum out of May that I didn’t even sweat things like that anymore. Mom was surprised that I was so ready to do it until I reminded her that I had buried my face in her bush no more than five minutes after four horny guys had finished with her. But I could tell she was pleased that I would do something like that with her.

When I saw Tim the next morning I apologized for not being there when he got there. “No problem dude. I didn’t have anything better to do.” That afternoon Tim went back to the house with Terry. That night mom asked me again to eat her out before we went haramidere escort to bed together. For the next month Tim and Terry came over and did mom every time dad was gone on business and every night mom would ask me to do clean up before she fucked me into exhaustion. It was hilarious watching the way Tim and Terry behaved around me, being my good buddies and all, while trying to keep me from finding out what they were doing with my mother.

Mom decided that she needed one more guy in her stable and she asked Tim and Terry to find a suitable candidate. Then she asked me to hide in the closet and tape the foursome. The guys brought Matt with them and that’s when I knew that we were really in trouble. Matt and I had a history that went all the way back to first grade and we detested each other. I knew that if anyone was going to spill the beans it was going to be him. He would find some way to let me know that he was fucking my mother and he would do it in a way that would let other people know it too. I taped the gangbang and watching it made me so hot that I refused mom’s request to eat her box before fucking her and I fell on her and fucked her as hard as I ever had. Then we went sixty-nine and then fucked again. I told her my concerns about Matt, but she told me that she could handle it. I knew better, but what could I do?

I became a fixture in the closet and taped mom’s romps as the group grew in number from three to four, then to five and finally to six. I knew that disaster was on the horizon, but I could not convince mom of the danger. Several months went by with dad averaging one week out of every two on the road and mom averaging five cocks a day while he was gone. One out of every three times I was in the closet with my eye on the view finder of the video camera and when the boys were done with her (or when she had worn them out) and they had gone I would come out of the closet like a raging bull and mom and I would fuck for hours. When dad was gone she never slept in her own bed and we rarely slept in mine – we spent a lot of time there, but not sleeping.

What I was afraid of finally happened. A good friend of mine came up to me after class one day and ikitelli escort told me that Matt was telling every body that my mother was a whore and that he had been fucking her for months. I went looking for him, but when I found him there wasn’t anything I could do. The other guys from mom’s little gangbang group had gotten to him first. I did send him a get well card telling him to hurry up and get well and that I couldn’t wait to see him when he got out of the hospital. He dropped out of school and disappeared and no one saw him again for almost ten years, and yes- I did finally get my licks in. But the damage was done and even people who thought that Matt was a big blow-hard started looking at my mother and wondering.

Word finally got to dad and he came home two days early and caught mom in bed with four of her young fuck buddies. Thank god that was one of the days I wasn’t there. It got very messy and when the dust settled mom had the house and dad had everything else. Mom had to go to work and that cut severally into her sexual activities, at least for a while. Once she met the men where she worked and became friendly with them she got busy again. The divorce also put me and dad on the outs because I stayed with mom instead of going with him. I tried to explain to him that it was only common sense that I stay with mom. The house was only five minutes from the campus while his new place was sixty miles away, but he took my refusal to go with him as me siding with mom against him and it was years before the rift between us healed.

The major change was that mom and I got to sleep together every night instead of just when dad was gone. She still had her gangbangs two or three times a week and sometimes I was in the closet and sometimes I wasn’t, but she was always waiting for me legs spread wide. Things stayed that way until I graduated and took a job that took me out of state. Mom and I managed to get together six or eight times a year until cancer took her four years ago. May’s husband finally caught up with her and he threw her out. Two years ago she came to live with me and as far as everyone around here knows May and I are man and wife. May is still as big a slut as ever and most people think that we either have an open marriage or that I’m one of those guys who gets his kicks from his wife fucking other men.

I am forty-one now and I have had a rich and varied sex life and yet I have only been to bed with two women – my sister and my mother. If May has her way there will never be another woman in my life, but then as long as I have May why would I want one?

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