Lost Days Make for Memories and Dec

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Lost Days Make for Memories and Decisions

I decided to take the afternoon off, go home, and then call Kevin. I grabbed a cold soda from the fridge a box of wheat thins and went out on the back deck with my phone. I’d decided to hold off on beer knowing I had a child inside me. It’s the end of February by now and today was one of those teasers for spring so it was warm and cozy. I finished half the soda before I dialed and when Kevin answered my heart flipped. His voice brought back so many memories of our time in West Virginia it was all I could do to say Hi.

We talked for a long time, discussed the alternatives, or I should say I reviewed my alternatives and Kevin offered supporting words for them all. I told him that unless God took the baby from me, it would enter this world in seven or eight months. I was unsure if I would be the Mom or the woman who let her child be adopted. While I could hear in Kevin’s voice the tremor of fear at the prospect of adoption, he never lifted a single argument; he found instead words to support me. He was willing to spend time with me to see if he and I were more then a memory, more then a few sexy nights and days in a snowstorm.

We talked idly for another half hour, his fears of a pending abortion allayed. I felt relieved that he was at my side and that he was willing to support me in my choice, whatever that was. I was also relieved that he wanted to know if he and I were compatible, beyond three days spent in a sexual storm of our own in a hotel room.

The next day at work I found a note on my desk from Barry, my boss commanding my presence in his office. I took off my coat and grabbed my Starbucks and found him in his office.

“Angie! Good morning. How are you feeling, you went home early yesterday and the word is you were sick! You look healthy are you OK?”

It wasn’t time to reveal my pregnancy so I said.

“I’m fine just felt a bit burnt out, you’ve had me traveling a lot and I still think I have frostbite from that snowed out trip to West Virginia.”

Not frostbite, cock bite would be a better term but not for Barry. He grinned and I at first thought he’s learned about my time there but when he spoke I knew I was wrong.

“Well, I am sending you off again, only this time it will be a bit different. First of all a few of us will be going, this is a large opportunity for the company and we’re going after it with all guns firing. Secondly, I’m going to make up for the frozen days you suffered for the company.”

I was confused and interested. I figured it was best to just let Barry do this his way.

“This will be one of the biggest projects we’ve ever attempted and we think we can do it, and we can do it better then the anyone else, but we need to spend a lot of face time with the potential client and that means travel.”

Ok, so more travel, maybe that would be good for me maybe Kevin might have some similar plans, maybe??? Well Barry was on a roll so I listened.

“The project will be on an island off Jamaica, I don’t have the exact name yet, but we’ll have to fly to Sanger International near Montego Bay. You’ll be staying at the Sunset Beach Resort and Spa. This client has the bucks to build an exclusive resort, an airstrip and the infrastructure that goes with it. We’re teaming with a few other companies and going after the contract. So I need you there early, I need you to do what you do so well, look over the plans, the site everything and put together an estimate. Now, there is strong competition, we are jumping into a league we’ve not played in, but they think they’re alone on this so you need to be the tourist and accomplish your tasks without letting anyone know what you’re doing. “

I’d be off to an island in the Caribbean, by myself, in the sun, the water and I could not make it look like I was working! Did god just lay a golden hand on me? I needed to keep Barry from knowing I’d be willing to do this for free, so I said.

“Barry, you’ve got others who do what I do, some of them better, why me? Don’t get me wrong if you want me there, I’ll go, it’s my job but why me?”

“It’s simple really. You have the talent, your as good as we have and being a woman you’ll attract less attention and have the best shot of keeping our involvement in this quiet, at least till the rest of us show up. We’re hoping that a week’s lead-time with you there will let us hit the ground running and that the competition will never catch up. So can I put you on a plane Sunday?”

“This Sunday?”

I’d just agreed to meet Kevin on Sunday, spend the day start to see each other.

“Yup, this Sunday Angie. It’s all coming together fast and I need you there to start on Monday and hopefully get as much info as you can to the rest of the team so when we show up for the negotiations on the following Monday we’ll be ready. So yeah, can you go?”

I live alone, my ex-boyfriend is doing the horizontal waltz with a red head too young for him, I’m pregnant by a man I still don’t know well, hell time away, Escort Bayan alone time to think! Who knows maybe Kevin could come down!

“Ok, let me see. I go as a tourist, spend time doing the beach, the clubs, take tours of the other islands, use all that to see what I can, do some estimating and live in paradise on the company, Duh! Count me in.”

So that’s how I managed to be here in the Caribbean sun, laying in a comfortable chaise lounge on the beach topless, looking forward to the spring back home with no tan lines.

When I called and told Kevin he took some time checking his schedule, which pissed me off a bit but eventually Kevin said he’d come down later in the week if it was what I wanted and I said.

“Damn straight Kevin.”

So I had a few days before Kevin arrived, almost a week before Barry and the team arrived and I was the tourist. I thought a cloud had covered the sun as a shadow seemed to darken the area around my closed eyes but when I opened them a woman was standing clutching her towel in front of her lap and peering down at me. I felt a bit embarrassed until I was able to see that she too was topless. She said.

“Hey, I’m Lilly and this is my first time on a beach like this, you know without a top? Would you mind if I joined you, maybe find some comfort in numbers?”

She was stunning, at least a head taller then me with long auburn hair and an amazing body. My first thought was why all the pretty girls always pair up with the middling ones. Even though I wasn’t here looking for a man or a lover, being next to Lilly, no one would ever see me. Then I thought that might make my spy job even easier. I stuck out my hand and took hers and said.

“I was born Angela but I prefer Angie, sit. Tell me did you use any sunscreen on your, um your chest? If this is your first time topless on the beach you will burn and let me tell you from experience, it hurts like hell.

Lilly looked down at me and said.

“So did it hurt that much you stopped?’

Confused and still admiring this statuesque beauty I said in my most intelligent manner.


“Your nipples, you only pierced one, did it hurt that bad you skipped the other or?”

I laughed then, now that I knew what she was asking and said

“No, I only wanted the one done. I find it’s more arousing for me and for my lovers. They’d get one plain and one not so plain nipple to toy with and the different sensations are a big turn on for me. Besides when your chest is as small as mine….”

Then Lilly dropped her towel and sat on the lounge next to me and my jaw dropped as I realized Lilly wasn’t just topless but bottomless too. As she spread her legs to sit back I caught a glimpse of a beautiful pussy, shaved clean and bare, her labia hanging down making her pussy look as if it were pouting and I found myself licking my lips. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention I like women almost as much as men and if the world were perfect I’d have one of each and Lilly was the type of one that I would want. Turning away before she caught me staring I heard her say.

“Your breasts are beautiful Angie, I love them. Yes, I know about the tenderness of my breasts, I’ve sunned before, just never in public on a beach. So Angie I see no ring on your finger is your boyfriend off fishing or are you on the hunt?”

I still to this day can’t say why, but I told her everything. I guess it was a need to talk out loud, talk to someone who had no vested interest, a stranger who’d keep my issues private if only because we were strangers. I told her about West Virginia and how great it was, how old Kevin was, how I was now wrestling with the decision of keeping or having our child adopted. I even told her some of why I was here, though not the complete reason. I also told her that Kevin would be down later in the week.

“So, you get stranded in a storm, an older man acts like a knight in shining armor, protecting you from being assaulted by the, caveman? Then you managed to seduce him and spend two and a half days in bed with this old man, go home to find your now ex- boyfriend filling the bed sheets with a red head and now your pregnant and wondering what to do?”

“I see you were paying attention Lilly, I like that about you.”

“Now you are on a dream assignment, maybe to make up for stranding you in the storm, on a beautiful tropical island, sort of working but no too hard. I think you need me Angie.”

I wasn’t doing bad following her summation of my situation but when she said I needed her I was confused.

“Why would I need you? I mean I’ve enjoyed meeting you but that rock on your finger tells me you’ve a husband to entertain.”

“I mean you need to relax and you need a friend to talk to about things only us girls really understand. As for my husband he is busy here on another of his deals and is happy to have me out of his hair. So let’s make a date for tomorrow, the beach again?”

I liked the idea but I’d already arranged for a boat ride so Eryaman Escort I could see the island.

“Well, I’ve hired a boat for a tour tomorrow, to see where my boss and his staff might want to go fishing and stuff, but the day after is good for me.”

“Fuck it, I’ll not have my new friend in a hired boat, we will take mine. I know the islands and can show you places the average tourist never sees. I’ll arrange for food and everything and I won’t take no for an answer. So tomorrow morning at 10, you and I we will go boating. Bring your suit if you are modest for we will find time to swim and tan as well. I’ll pick you up at the hotel.”

Her offer was a good one and I accepted and we spent the rest of the afternoon sipping our drinks, local beer for her and fruit juice for me and telling stories of our past lovers. When the sun started to set, I told Lilly I needed an early diner and some sleep, that being pregnant was so new to me and it was really tiring me out. She walked me back to my hotel and kissed me on the cheek and hugged me tight.

“I like you Angie. You’re honest and open as well as pretty. Tomorrow we girls will have some fun and you will see all the best places to send your bosses when they get here now eat and rest.”

I did eat and either it was the tropical climate or the child inside me, but I ate quite a bit more then usual. But sleep was another animal and I spent a good deal of the night thinking of Kevin but more thinking about Lilly and her pussy. The next morning I donned some shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed a few things I thought I’d need to makes notes and a camera to take some photos, the tourist thing. I met Lilly on time and within a half hour we were out on the sea. Her boat was no little thing, but a nice cabin cruiser and she handled it like a pro. We spent a few hours cruising about the island and then she took me to what looked to be a deserted island.

“We’ll stop here Angie. This island is not inhabited and we can enjoy ourselves in the sun without bother.”

Sounds great I said as I snapped a few photos thinking this might be the island Barry was thinking of. Lilly brought the boat in close and said we’d need to take the rubber raft to the beach. She loaded the food and supplies earlier and so all we had to do was slip in and untie it and paddle to shore.

Lilly and I made camp on the beach, spreading blankets and storing the cooler of food under a palm tree. When Lilly stripped naked so did I. She said.

“I see you elected to shun even the bottoms today Angie. I like what I see, you do realize.”

As she spoke she came to me and wrapped her arms about me then finished her thoughts in a whisper in my ear as our breasts pushed against one another.

“To be naked on a public beach is safe Angie, to do so when we’re alone maybe not so safe. Alone we have nothing to stop us if we want to enjoy each other. Does that bother you Angie?”

Her leg had insinuated itself between mine, and her thigh had pressed up against my now dampening pussy. I said nothing just pulled my head back took aim and kissed her. Lilly responded and soon we were lying together on the blankets, hands caressing tits and stoking pussies. Lilly had found a way to play with my pierced nipple that was driving me crazy with lust and when I could take no more I scooted down and planted my face between her obligingly spread legs, my tongue touching her wet and so tasty pussy. I let her squirm about and return the favor and we ate each other’s cunts. I lapped at her moist slit, occasionally projecting my stiffened tongue into her warm cavern and letting my nose rub against her engorged clit.

Lilly was good at what she was doing and when I felt her tongue lick then penetrate my asshole I came and wrapped my legs around her head holding her there as I pulled her clit between my lips and sucked hard making her cum, her pussy spewing its juices all over my face.

We spent a good deal of time tasting each other, sucking nipples, kissing and feeding our pussies to one another, while occasionally swimming and eating the food she’d brought. Towards the end of the day Lilly sat on my face and fed me her juicy pussy while she used her hands to play with my tits and finger my needy slit. I was gulping the juices running from her well-sucked and licked pussy when I heard.

“My dear wife, I figured you be here on your little island with your new friend. She’s very pretty.”

“Edgar, yes this is Angie and she’s so delightful.”

Lilly rolled off my face and I looked up to see her husband. I felt like looking for a hole to crawl in, I knew my face was covered in her juices and my naked body with my legs spread. He looked to be about Kevin’s age and before I could mutter even a hello, Lilly said to me.

“Edgar will not take advantage of you my dear. He cares nothing for my women, he allows me this pleasure but does not want to share it. I’m sure he’ll be leaving soon, don’t be shy.”

It was easy for her to say. Ankara Escort I knew my face was red, not from the sun, but from shear embarrassment. I summoned up my courage and managed to mumble.

“Hello, nice to meet you, although it’s a bit embarrassing to be naked with your wife…”

“Think nothing of it Angie, its me who should be ashamed. I’d just assumed you were one of Lilly’s regular girls, if I’d known you didn’t know me, I would never have interrupted. I just stopped in to see Lilly and ask about dinner. I’ve been over at Kenso and came out before going back to Jamaica. Now having made and ass out of myself, I must insist that you join Lilly and I for dinner. “

I nodded not sure if I was agreeing to dinner or just nodding. He left and Lilly took me in her arms and asked.

“Are you OK, my love? Edgar is harmless and I too would love for you to meet him at dinner. We can do it in your hotel dining room so you won’t get home too late. Say yes, please, I’d like to think you might be my dessert tonight!”

We’d been fucking for hours but the thought of Lilly in my bed tonight was something I wanted so I agreed. After another blissful orgasm on her tongue we packed up and headed back.

“So what’s Kenso? Edgar said he’d been there is that some new casino or something?”

“No, I believe it’s part of his new project but I should not say too much, Edgar likes his privacy, but we can easily sail past it if you’d like to see it. It’s just another deserted rock in the sea, but to Edgar, well his eyes see so much more. It will only take a few minutes for the detour.”

I realized that Kenso could be what Barry was working on so I nodded and we cruised that way, encircling the entire island. I saw that a lot of pre-construction supplies had been off loaded and though I was a bit sex addled I did recall my camera and snapped tons of photos. I knew the crew would understand what they saw. If this were the right island the photos alone would make their day. Lilly only chuckled as I snapped and snapped finally saying

“If I cared I am sure I would realize that you were just working now, right my little lover?”

“Um, I can’t lie to you Lilly, yes.”

“That’s OK Angie, now perhaps that you have most of what you need, you and I can have a bit more time with each other?”

I nodded and grinned then embraced her and kissed her. I’d forgotten she was still driving the boat and that the work crew on Kenso were staring until the hoots and jeers filled my ears. I decided it was best to just continue hugging my new friend then face the workers on the shore.

I had time for a shower and met Edgar and Lilly for wonderful dinner. Edgar told me a lot of the history of Jamaica he’d been born here. After he’d paid the bill he said.

“Lilly I have a poker game tonight, will you be OK if I leave you with your charming, new friend?

“Yes, dear! In fact I intend to spend the night with Angie and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I flashed red at how she admitted what we’d be doing but my wet panties told me to cool it and when Lilly took my hand and led me to the elevator, I wrapped my arm in hers and could not wait to have her.

In bed we managed to exceed the passion we’ d shared on the beach and it was late before a huge orgasm left me senseless and wrapped in Lilly’s warm embrace. I slept like a baby waking late the next morning to Lilly’s tongue diving into my pussy. After she’d brought me to multiple orgasms, she hopped from bed and slipped her dress on.

“I must go for now, but I will leave me panties here so I can come back tonight. I have to accomplish some things today and I’m sure you need to report in to your bosses. I will miss you Angie, my love but I will be back.”

She kissed me and was out the door, I was too breathless from her loving to say more then good-bye love and found myself alone. Damn it she was good and I looked forward to her return but she was right, I had to crunch some numbers and report what I’d learned. It took me most of the day to send what I had to Barry. Later that day he called and told me I’d hit the nail on the head and to take time off as they had what they needed.

Kevin would be here in a couple of days and the guys in three. When the whole crew was here we’d meet and plan the presentation on our offer. Then it would be back to the metro-plex and the cold spring weather. Everything was going so well and even though I’d not come to any decision about Kevin or the baby I was relaxed and happy.

The next two days with Lilly were better then the first and I learned to love and need the taste of her pussy. The Bi side of me was in full swing and Lilly was such a good lover. In some ways it was like West Virginia and Kevin, but without the pot or a cock.

When Kevin got to town I told him that sex was off for us until we knew each other better. I guess it was the mother in me coming out, or maybe it was how satisfied I was with Lilly, but Kevin agreed and we spent our days on the beach and I learned that I liked a lot of who and Kevin was. I did manage to spend the first night away from Kevin but not alone as Lilly appeared at my door with a pout on her face. I think she was jealous of Kevin. The second night I said to hell with it and stayed with Kevin.

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