Louise Shares Her Fantasy

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Paul got home from work to an empty house, his girlfriend Louise had gone away on a work trip to Edinburgh that morning for 4 days. He would miss her, more than he’d admit. They’d been together 3 years and were very happy. They’d always had a good sex life but recently it had gone to new heights, and he would miss her for that reason for certain.

She was going to be sharing a room with her colleague Annie. A cause of some frustration to her because, as she’d put it, she could hardly ‘give myself a good seeing to’ with the Head of Marketing lying snoring in the bed next to hers.

There was a positive side for him in that though. Last night, and this morning, they’d vigorously fucked, her orgasms loud and repeated. He wondered if the hand prints he’d left on her arse this morning had faded.

He remembered their conversation after they’d finally finished this morning, which Louise had started.

‘The thought of 4 days without it is already killing me. I’m just constantly horny at the mo.’

‘Are you really?’ replied Paul, in a jokingly sarcastic way.

‘What time are you leaving?’ Paul asked.

‘She’s getting me at midday, so I’ve time. I’m packed already. I’ll be honest it’s crossed my mind that I’ve time for a bit of DIY before she gets here ‘

‘Fucking hell’ laughed Paul. ‘Want me to drive up to Edinburgh?’

‘Ooh yes please. We will have to go al fresco, top of Arthur’s Seat?’ joked Louise.

Paul had left for work half an hour later.

At about 1030 he got a text from Louise:

‘So… I may have just written down a fantasy, which got me very horny, then read it to myself with a certain small battery- operated device on my clit. Was great fun. I will leave you the sheets with the fantasy on as a, way of not forgetting me!’

As he went upstairs he wondered if she’d Eryaman Rus Escort done as she’d promised. As he got in the bedroom he saw she had. The A4 pad, the vibrator laying on top of it, was none too subtle.

Feeling more than a little horny himself, he was lay on the bed 5 minutes later with the pad open in front of him, and he began to read…

I’m putting the kettle on

You come up behind me and kiss my neck and put your arms round my waist

I’m wearing jeans and an oversized checked shirt with no bra

I push your right hand down the front of my jeans and push my hips back against your hard cock, moaning

You undo my jeans and push them and my silky knickers down. I step out of them and spread my legs

Still kissing my neck, your hands wandering over my belly and hips, you slide your middle and ring fingers into my warm wet pussy then slide them up to gently circle my clit

You move your left hand up under my shirt to tease my nipples while you gently play with and inside me with your right. I’m breathing heavily and letting out little moans

After a couple of minutes of this you pull my hips and legs backwards a bit and spread my legs further so I’m leaning forwards against the countertop

I can’t see what you’re doing but you’ve taken your hands away so I arch my back and use my fingers to spread myself apart for you

You put one hand back on my hip and use the other to guide your gorgeous cock slowly into my pussy. I hear your breathing falter along with my own

You slide all the way into me, I’m soaking wet and my knees are weak as you push in and out of me, your hands pushing my shirt up to my shoulders as you fuck me, running your fingers all over my back, tits and tummy

You’re fucking Sincan Rus Escort me faster and faster but not too hard, and you’re pulling your cock almost all the way out of me every time, making me moan as I’m immediately desperate for you to push back in

You keep telling me how amazing I feel and how hard you are and how you’re going to make me come harder than I ever have before and I tell you “prove it”

And then I feel you slide out of me and pull me round towards you and lift me to sit on the kitchen worktop. I’m at the corner of it now and am like putty in your hands as you firmly push my thighs open further and lean down towards my pussy, staring up into my eyes and smiling

You gently lap the tip of your tongue against my clit and I immediately feel warm waves of pleasure and throw my head back and sigh “fuck” and your name

You push your tongue quickly into and out of my pussy now, driving me wild, I’m grinding my hips against your mouth. You take my clit between your lips, sucking gently, and I grab your hair and cry out as my thighs pull together and shudder as I come so fucking hard and while I’m still pulsating you stand up and kiss me deeply and I can taste myself on your tongue as you push your cock back inside me and it’s your turn to moan now as despite your size you slip so easily into me as I’m sopping wet and my pussy feels incredibly warm to you now

And now you’re fucking me hard and fast and so so deep, moving both our bodies everytime you thrust into me. Each of us is trying to kiss the other but really we’re just breathing hard against each other’s mouths and clashing tongues as we’re both too fucking hot to coordinate. Your hands are on my lower back and under my arse as if trying to pull me closer to get Etlik Rus Escort deeper inside me and my hands are behind me on the worktop stopping my head from slamming into the cabinets, keeping my hips as close against you as possible even though there’s no way I could ever be fucked deeper than I already am being at this moment

I put my mouth to your ear and tug gently at your earlobe with my teeth, murmuring to you asking whether you want to cum in me or on me or whether you want me to get on my knees for you…

I push you back, my pussy suddenly feeling cold and empty as your long cock pulls out of me. In one movement I slide off the counter to my knees and turn you round so you’re leaning back against the corner

I pull my shirt up and off over my head and grab both my tits, squeezing them for you as I open my mouth and never losing eye contact with you, take first one ball into my mouth and then the other, sucking ever so gently. Then I slide my lips over your thick meaty cock til it’s pressed against the back of my throat

I don’t want to break the perfect rhythm we had going so I quickly pick up the speed so I’m fucking your cock hard with my mouth, making sure to make enough noise for you to know how much it turns me on to do this to you

My eyes never leave your face but you’re finding it hard to keep your focus now and you’re leaning back against the counter, eyes closed as I’m sucking you harder, pulling saliva up onto my tongue and sliding it against the underside of your shaft as I use my hand to push you in and out of my warm welcoming mouth, faster and harder, before finally hearing your breath stop and feeling you freeze before a hot rush of cum hits the back of my throat

I swallow the initial spurt down and then continue sucking but gently now, as more and more gushes out of you and you let out a guttural moan as I giggle and slide you out of my mouth, letting the last of it spurt into my tits, my nipples hard as I rub some of the cum over them, biting my lip and smiling as I look up at you and hope you’re satisfied…

Paul put the pad down. His cock throbbed. He took it out of good trousers, gripped it, and started the story again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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