Louisiana Backwoods Lust Attack

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Billy was in a real strange mood. Something was brewing inside and he wasn’t quite sure what. His wife was getting on his nerves with all her nagging and whining. Why just last week he had bought her a new washing machine. What else did she want from him?

He thought about downing a bottle of hard liquor, but decided that wasn’t what he was hankering for. He could take his truck out on the backroads and raise some hell but somehow that didn’t appeal either. And then he remembered the advertisement. His face flushed and a slight tremble came upon him as he fished it out of his hunting jacket pocket.

‘Ordinary men wanted…’ the ad said ‘for mature modelling work. Must be prepared to jack off on camera. Call 555…’

The first time he saw that it was like a lightening bolt had shot through him. He couldn’t understand why it made him so darn excited. He wasn’t that kind of guy. He tried to kid himself that there would be a pretty lady involved and that perhaps he would get to shoot all over her tits, but deep down he knew that wasn’t very likely. This was a guy, looking for other guys to whack one out one camera. Now what did that tell you about this guy? And what the hell did it say about he, Billy, if he got excited by the idea.

Billy paced up and down the backyard, trying to decide what to do. He didn’t want to drink, didn’t want to go hunting or fishing. But he wanted something, something…some excitement. When his wife scolded him for the tenth time for getting in her way Billy jumped in his truck and drove off. Half an hour later he was on the outskirts of town. He stopped and with trembling fingers dialled the number. He was so nervous he could hardly speak but the guy on the other end told him to come round.

Ten minutes later Billy was outside his house. He felt the whole world must know what he was up to and with sweating hands and pounding heart he walked up the path to the door and rang the doorbell. Ray opened Çankaya Escort the door and shook hands with Billy. He seemed like a perfectly ordinary kind of guy. Billy noticed that Ray was a little taller and heavier built than himself. He offered Billy a beer and had one himself. They chatted about this and that and soon Billy was feeling really comfortable.

‘Right Billy, would you like to come through to the bedroom and drop trou?’ Ray asked a little while later.

Billy giggled and got to his feet. He had been so relaxed that he had almost forgotten about this. He nervously followed Ray through to the bedroom and asked about how much he would receive for the shoot. Billy wanted Ray to think that it was all about the money so he haggled a little.

‘I don’t usually pay that much, Billy.’ Ray told him ‘So you’re going to have to let me suck you off for that amount.’

Billy gulped and nodded his head.

‘Right, let’s get you naked…and remember just act natural. Pretend the camera isn’t there.’ Ray told him as he set the cameras going.

Billy dropped his jeans and Ray let out a low whistle. Wow, was this redneck dude hung or what. His cock was pale and thin and hung down a good eight inches over a pair of fat, pink balls. Billy’s foreskin completely covered his cock head and looked incredibly delicious Ray thought. The camera man took some time filming Billy from this angle and that, now and then picking up his stills camera to get a few special shots.

‘Mmmm…the guys are going to love this Billy.’ Ray purred. ‘Let’s see you pull that foreskin back.’

Billy did as he was told and stared directly into the camera with the strangest look on his face. Ray was about to remind him not to look at the camera but decided that there was something magical about his performance. He tugged on that snake like cock of his and it soon grew another inch or two as it got Keçiören Escort rock hard. Ray moved in close and took a few close ups of that impressive cock and Billy’s peachy little ass.

Billy started playing with his balls and moaned softly as he did so. This was too much for Ray. He hoped he had enough footage to keep his customers happy because right now his need was greater than theirs. He gently nudged Billy onto the bed and had him lie flat on his back. Ray went into a feeding frenzy now as his tongue roamed over Billy’s fat balls while his hands stroked his smooth, flat, hairy belly. He took hold of that steel hard shaft and opened wide and guided Billy into the back of his throat.

‘Hot damn! How’d you learn to do that? Billy asked.

In reply Ray just tickled Billy’s balls and stroked his thighs. It wasn’t the first time that Billy had been serviced by a man, but his first and last time with a guy had been twelve years ago and it had been nowhere near as hot. That warm mouth and silken tongue licked and nibbled and took him so damn close to the edge so many times. He kept warning Ray that he was fixing to blow and Ray would hold back. There was something he wanted much more than Billy’s cock in his mouth. Ray looked up at the camera and hoped that he was getting some of this good stuff on film. He sat up and stripped off his T-shirt. Instinctively Billy’s finger’s reached out for Ray’s nipples and he started tweaking them. I was then that Ray knew this was going to be one encounter he would remember for a long time.

Ray got up off the bed and quickly stripped off. His fat, five inch boner sprang free and he caught Billy staring at it. Ray lay back down on the bed, facing away from Billy and took his cock back into his mouth once more. A few seconds later he felt Billy’s fist close around his thick cock and he wondered if he would have the guts to do what he really Etimesgut Escort wanted. Billy stared at the cock so close to his face. It was so different from his, so brown and thick. A drop of precum oozed out of Ray’s piss slit and Billy was shocked to find that he wanted to taste it. His head said no, his lust said yes. The moment the man nectar hit his tongue Billy completely gave in to his lust. He pressed his nose into Ray’s hairy balls and sniffed the scent of a man, his hand pressed into Ray’s hairy crack and he found himself rubbing a finger over Ray’s butthole.

Ray got so worked up that he got up and positioned himself over Billy’s face. Before Billy had time to protest Ray sat himself down on Billy’s face and went back to sucking his cock. Billy’s tongue took on a life of its own as it started licking around Ray’s puckerhole. The horny pair were locked together like this for about five minutes before Billy suddenly pushed Ray off his face.

‘Man, I need to fuck you right now!’ he growled.

Ray smiled as he reached for his lube and quickly slicked up his chute. He got down on his knees and Billy entered him with one savage thrust. He grabbed hold of Ray’s hips and started thrusting like there was no tomorrow. He was so turned on he could hardly thing straight; all that mattered was that he pound this hunky ass. Ray knew it wouldn’t last long so he grabbed hold of his cock and started whacking it like crazy. The horny fuckers matched each other stroke for stroke. And Ray was already on the road to no return when he heard Billy groan. Billy whipped his cock all the way out of Ray’s ass and then plunged in again. He cried out as his jism shot out of his cock and deep into Ray’s asshole. The sound of Billy’s animal passion triggered Ray’s own orgasm and he grunted as his hot spunk shot out of his overworked cock and drenched the bed cover.

Billy collapsed onto Ray’s back with his cock still buried in Ray’s ass. It slowly deflated and fell out of Ray’s spunk wet hole with a plop. Both men laughed before getting up and getting dressed. Ray reached for his billfold and counted out Billy’s dollars so he didn’t notice Billy steal his tape and camera card. There was way he was going to let the whole world see him stick a guy in the ass!

Copyright 2006 Daniel Blue

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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