Love Bruises Ch. 01

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Tequila Rub

Getting fucked up after the ‘Dear Jon,’ treatment was absolutely mandatory, but to be so desperate that you had to get there by doing Cherry flavored Nyquil shots was pathetic. Worse still, Jon was such a lightweight that after six shots he felt buzzed, so buzzed that when his friend, Peter, switched him to non-alcoholic flu medicine, he didn’t even notice.

Eighteen and constantly horny without a fake ID, a car or a girlfriend was six Nyquil shots short of useless … and now he was there, tired and drunk and trying to persuade his body that it was not a good time for an erection which refused all attempts to be jerked off. As if after being pushed to the back of the bus for the last six years, his prick refused to be put down until it got pussy or Jon passed out from the pain of blue balls.

“Come to the party,” Peter said, pulling on one of Jon’s long thin arms to try to hall him off the couch. “I’ve got to go and I don’t want to be there by myself. Not counting Jenny, I mean.”

Jon bit off the automatic no. It wasn’t like he had to be faithful to anyone. This was what eighteen-year-old guys did. For a while he’d thought it was more important to have a meaningful commitment, to love a woman and be loved by her, and to spend half his time with a family that already treated him as a son-in-law. He’d been wrong. The only thing important to an eighteen-year-old was fucking.

Peter stared at him waiting for his answer.

Jon shrugged. “Yeah. What the hell.”

“Jon.” Steeled for a long argument, Peter just looked at his friend stupidly for a couple seconds. “Great… Man, this is gonna be good for you … you’re going to meet a girl there that’s twice as hot as Karen. Racked, stacked and packed. This is awesome.” He threw back another Nyquil shot. “But before we go, you better put that away…” Peter said, nodding at the bulge in Jon’s pants.

Fifteen minutes later Jon and Peter were waiting outside, their clothes damp from the run they had taken to cool off Jon’s erection. After jogging in place for another minute, Peter grabbed his cell phone.

“Jenny, where the hell are you?” After listening for a second, Peter rolled his eyes. “That was half an hour ago… huh… No. No. I told you that Jon’s coming with us tonight. He’s right here and ready to go.”

Peter made sock puppet motions with his free hand as his forefingers and thumbs chattering together at breakneck speed. His sigh was pure frustration. “Yes, but… BUT… Would you stop talking for a second? I don’t care. If we have to we’ll take two trips.” He listened for an extended time. “How far away are you away…?” Peter stopped as he heard the far off sounds of yelling and a thumping bass line.

Jon wished that Peter’s girlfriend had taken longer because despite the run Jon’s prick was not totally dead. It hurt now, part of a case of blue balls he’d had off and on for the last eight hours. Shit, this might be his prick’s last real hope for company for two weeks. More than just a chance at getting off, this end of summer party was his last shot at doing the normal highschool thing before going to college. Or — just as good — it was his last highschool party and no matter how stupid he acted in two weeks he’d be 200 miles away.

Jon adjusted his underwear just as a fifteen year old BMW leaking some sort of loud thumping music came screeching up the driveway. As it pulled up, he could see it was already full. The front side passenger window rolled down and the shriek of heavy metal music poured out. A drunk blonde pixie pushed her head out the window and stared at Peter hungrily. “Pimp daddy, your slut is here! You ready for me, baby!” As she jumped out of the car, the girl’s black leather mini-skirt rode up flashing them a shot of bright pink panties.

“Baby girl, I’m always ready!” Peter said, holding his arms before Jenny jumped into them. After a second he let her go and scrambled into the car. With a little whoop of excitement, Jenny climbed in and settled on his lap. The driver, Jenny’s 16-year-old brother David, turned the music louder trying to ignore Peter and his sister’s games of grabass.

“Jon, go around to the other side,” Peter said, motioning with his hand.

Swinging around to the other side Jon almost ran into the woman getting out a cool brunette in her mid 20’s dressed in a silky white blouse and dark blue skirt. At the sight of the woman, Jon’s prick stuck its head out of the sand, quivering between what it wanted and what it could have. Jon bit his lip hard using the pain to distract him enough for his prick to slump back to dormancy.

“GET IN ALL READY,” Peter yelled from the other side of the car. “JON! JON, THIS IS JENNY’S SISTER, LEAH.”

“Nice to meet you … ” Jon said, speaking loudly to be heard over the noise coming from the door.

“We’ll get introduced later …” Leah yelled and grabbed his hand. Jon wanted to enjoy the touch, but it was all business. She pushed him into the car, settled him down and kartal escort perched herself on his lap. Before the door closed the BMW lurched into motion.

Getting inside Jon brushed against the sleeping couple on the other side of the backseat. The girl sitting in the guy’s lap was half slumped against the front seat, snoring noisily, no doubt helped by the mostly full tequila bottle lying in her lap. The girl’s blouse was half open and the guy’s hands were caught inside the cups of the girl’s shiny black bra.

Gesturing at the couple, Leah leaned back putting her mouth up against his ear. “I forgot what high school was like.” Though there was nothing special in her manner just the feel of Leah’s lean, wonderful form against Jon was exciting him. She had a sprinter’s body: toned arms, beautiful small breasts, a taut stomach, muscular thighs and a largish, rock hard ass.

Jon nodded his head and then pushed his head close to her ear. “You’re in college?”

“Yeah. Kind of. I’m in Grad School. Political Science,” she said, leaning even closer to his ear until her breath tickled him whenever she pronounced an ‘s.’

Jon nodded again. To ease her neck strain, Leah turned sideways on his lap jamming her feet up against the car door. She leaned even closer and the almost invisible hairs around his ears shivered with her every breath.

“Sorry about talking so close to your ear, but I strained my voice yelling at Jenny and David on the way over here.” Now every syllable made his ear tingle.

Jon’s typical unease when speaking to beautiful women asserted itself. Or maybe it was just the Nyquil buzz and Leah’s warm body combining to make it impossible for him to concentrate on anything but the whisper of mint that lingered with Leah’s words .

“So…Grad School… You working on your thesis yet?”

She flashed a conversational smile. “Just started. I’m preparing myself to spend the next four months buried in a library …”

He was not listening to her as much as feeling the rhythm of her breath. In spite of this he found himself asking her questions and laughing at things she said, going on automatic. It was her green eyes and soft chin and pale red lipstick and the stray curl of dark hair hanging over her ear that mattered. Anything that would make it possible for him to be something more than a booster seat to her was walled off to the rational part of his mind that was talking.

Leah was lost in her own world. “I know the Carter administration probably means nothing to you. It’s like people think they’re clever saying he was a bad president but a great ex-president …”

As she became passionate about her subject, Jon felt a symmetry of words and actions, her body tensing and relaxing, bouncing and stilling with every sentence. It was the disruption of this symmetry that brought him out of his daze as Leah bounced high and then became still.

His prick had been steadily growing, slowly standing to attention and into contact with Leah’s firm ass. Even though he enjoyed the contact, he started to feel the return of his case of blue balls.

She stared at him seriously and then her eyes sparked. “I guess the Carter administration does mean something to you.”

“Well if you’re going to talk dirty to me what do you expect?” Jon flashed his shy smile, hoping to defuse the situation, but any gains he made were lost as his prick flexed and quivered.

“Aren’t you a naughty little boy.” Something about his baby face and the smooth, dark hair, his quiet sexiness and the adorable flush he tried to hide, goaded Leah to continue her flirtation. She let her hand rest on his wrest and immediately felt Jon’s prick spasm.

Jon wanted to concentrate on her words, but he was lost. Underneath her perfume he smelled the hint of muskiness. This truly was her now. This was the Leah that he would smell glistening with sweat, astride his body, jockeying up and down, cursing and scratching and whipping him to greater speed.

“You’re a good looking kid, but…” Leah stopped as his prick flexed again. Her words faltered at his the puppy dog stare and the shimmy-shake of his nervous penis. She felt like time had rolled back to her high school years when she was the hockey goaley guarding her virginity in the backseat of her boyfriend’s car. Then, like now, there was no way she would have sex, but that didn’t mean she left her dates unsatisfied. She pressed her ass into his crotch and felt him twitch.

“I’m not trying to come onto you…” Jon said and began to blush as his prick pushed up again with the pain now outweighing the pleasure. “Maybe if you could just kind of sit a little further down my lap, it would be okay.” He groaned and had to grab onto her waist as she sidled even closer and gave his erection a prolonged butt rub.

“Oops.” She sidled closer and her tongue flicked out and touched his earlobe.

Jon’s groan was mostly pain now. “Uhm… It’s not that I don’t want to, but should we be doing maltepe escort bayan this?”

She grinded against him and he couldn’t help but push back.

“Are you worried my boyfriend will pound you into paste? Just because his little brother is throwing this party and my guy’s hanging around to keep damage to a minimum.” She enjoyed the distress on his face that merged with what looked like a spasm of pleasure as she rotated her butt on his lap. While Leah’s boyfriend was a good lover, he really didn’t play with her butt and the ass rub she was doing on his cock was giving her all kinds of pleasure. Jon’s body was kind of bony, but the contrast between that and her boyfriend’s bearish body was nice too.

“Just because we’re almost there and this is all …” Leah whispered into Jon’s ear.

“No. Stop…Please,” Jon groaned. Leah slowed the movement of her ass, but didn’t stop. “God…it’s not that I don’t want to… Damn,” he grimaced as the pain flared in his prick. “It’s just that… I’ve got blue balls.”

Leah stopped moving, but her hand traced down to his pants and gently touched the outline of his pant bulge. He smiled, but she saw him flinch.

Leah pulled her hand away. “You’re not kidding are you?”

“Could you just hold still for a while? If you stop now the pain should go away…” Coming to a light, the car lurched pushing Leah into Jon and grooving her ass into his bulge. Jon didn’t say anything, but his lips clenched and his eyes became glassy.

Leah couldn’t help but feel sorry for this shy young man. Jon’s beautiful brown eyes, shaggy mane and gawky, grasshopper-thin arms and legs reminded her of her first real boyfriend. Unfortunately when she was in high school she had been a tease and had probably left her boyfriend like this more times than she liked to imagine.

The car lurched back into motion and Jon winced again as Leah’s butt grooved into his bulge again.

Leah stared in his eyes for a second and grabbed her bag off the car floor. Then in what looked like one fluid motion, she unzipped his fly, unbuttoned his pants and pulled his boxers down a couple of inches. Slowly she drew out his stiff cock.

Taken by storm, Jon looked more worried than turned on.

Leah gently smiled at him and kissed his forehead. “Jon, I want you to think of me as your sexual Florence Nightingale.” Out of her bag she pulled a silky paisley handkerchief that she wrapped around his dick. Even his dick looked cute. Six and a half inches long with a slight bend and with a circumcised head larger than normal, his prick looked like a wonderful hard mushroom made for her enjoyment.

“I am your private nurse, understand?” Leah started to stroke him slowly and gently. “There’s no conflicting signals here. My hand is going to give you pleasure until you cum so I want you to just relax and let go.”

Jon groaned. His left hand clutched against her waist while his right dug into the leg of his jeans.

Leah stroked her finger up the spine of his cock up stopping just under the crown. Somehow hiding his penis underneath the handkerchief made the act of jerking him off seem more innocent almost like she was doing some sort of endless handkerchief trick.

His hands swirled sympathetically with her motions smoothing a wide circle on her back just above the top of her ass cheeks.

“God. You are so wonderful. I …”

“This isn’t a come on, Jon. I’m very happy with my boyfriend. Consider this an act of public service.” In spite of her words, she felt herself growing wet and she began to manipulate his penis with loving care.

He groaned again and his left hand drifted lower cuddling her ass and then rubbing down the middle trying to follow the crack of her ass lower.

“You have the most amazing ass,” Jon said, closing his eyes as he kneaded her butt.

Leah began to pull on his cock gently, warming to the task, letting her body nestle up to his chest as she reached a second hand down to tickle his ball sac. Growing hotter, Leah shifted back a little giving Jon’s hand more area to explore her ass. She was really enjoying this, but they were running out of time.

Jon groaned and Leah felt his penis shiver again.

“Baby, you need to speed this up. We’ve only got a couple minutes left.” She lurched against him as the car came to a sudden stop. “Forget this…” she said letting the paisley handkerchief lay against his thigh as she lifted her hand to her lips, licked it and then encircled his cock in her grasp. “How do you like this, baby? Is this better now? Are you going to come for me?”

Leah pulled his hand off his thigh and pushed it up her right breast. His fingers clenched hard, pinching her nipple even through her blouse and bra. She enjoyed it but felt mounting anxiety as she realized they were getting close to her boyfriend’s house.

“Leah, you’re unbelievable…”

“I want you to shoot it for me, baby. Can you give me your hot juice? I want to feel you shooting escort pendik off in my hand. Don’t you want it? Don’t you want to let it go and drench my hand in your creamy cum?”

The car lurched again throwing Leah into Jon’s chest again. Jon used the moment to lean down and kiss Leah.

“Mmphh…” Leah mumbled trying to talk through the kiss. Her body stiffened with annoyance, but she didn’t stop jerking his cock for a second. Jon’s dick twitched and a big dollop of precum ooze out his cockhead.

When she opened her mouth, Jon painted his tongue along the inside of her lips. Her teeth nipped his tongue, but it was playful. And soon their tongues were wrestling together.

She kept her conscience quiet by seeing this as a kindness, but her reasons were drowned out by the warmth of his cock and the play of his tongue lighting her up in one filthy hot orgasm. She was shaking through it, clenching her thighs and sucking his tongue, and enjoying it so much because it was dangerous and wrong and so very, very hot. But she couldn’t ride the pleasure out, she didn’t have time they weren’t more than a few blocks from her boyfriend’s house. She really had to stop, but Jon was so close and she wanted to bring him off so badly.

Leah felt his cock begin to tense and she grabbed for the handkerchief to catch his ejaculation. The car lurched hard smacking her head back against the headrest and making her drop the handkerchief. Leah could feel everything going wrong. She was still grabbing at the handkerchief with one hand while her other spasmed shut around his balls.

Jon screamed into her face as the sudden squeeze pushed his ejaculation up higher and harder, adding the pain to the intensity of his ejaculation driving his tongue deep into Leah’s throat as cock exploded geysering semen.

Leah felt her blouse sprinkled with cum spray. After the first three spurts, she caught the rest of the cum in the umbrella her hand formed over his cockhead. But both their shirts were speckled with cum.

After cumming Jon sagged back against the seat releasing Leah from the kiss.

“Jon, what the hell did you do?” Leah screamed at him while wiping off the cum in her hand on the handkerchief. Only now did Jon notice the strong smell of his semen and the splatter marks all over their two shirts.

“I’m sorry…”

“Shit! Damn it, it’s not your fault if my idiot brother didn’t lurch around.” She looked out the window. “We’re two blocks away. I’m going to roll up to my boyfriend’s house covered in another guy’s cum.” As she freaked out, Jon’s penis flapped back and forth between his legs.

“DAVID, STOP THE FUCKING CAR!” Leah screamed at the front seat. As she turned around, she saw that they were just half a block away from her boyfriend’s house.

Leah’s brother grumbled something, but kept driving. Jenny and Peter jumped and looked around guiltily. The sleeping couple didn’t budge.

Frantically Leah began wiping at the stains on her blouse, but the cum damp handkerchief was just spreading the stuff around. Jon pushed Leah forward knocking her head against the driver’s headrest as he reached over and grabbed the tequila bottle from the sleeping girl’s lap. He wrenched the cap off and began pouring the bottled all over his and Leah’s shirts.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” Leah yelled trying to grab the bottle out of his hand.

“Burying the evidence,” Jon whispered into her ear.

“Jon, have you lost it?” Peter yelled.

“Fucking shit, what the hell is your friend doing?” Jenny screamed. “You know how much that stuff cost me?”

Jenny was still screaming a couple seconds later when the car stopped. Leah had wrestled the bottle out of Jon’s hand, helping him to spread the tequila over the both of them as they struggled.

“I’ll pay you back…” Peter said, as Jenny was trying to push herself into the backseat and grab the bottle.

“What are we supposed to do shots with now?” Jenny yelled.

David had turned around and his face just about popped. “Fuck! Mom is going to kill me…”

“Everybody calm down,” Leah said. “We can straighten all this out…”

There was a thumping against the window nearest Jon and Leah and suddenly the door was jerked open.

“What took you so long?” the guy demanded of Leah. Then getting a better look at her. “And what the hell happened to you?” Leah had closed her legs, hiding Jon’s naked penis from her boyfriend.

“What about my tequila?” Jenny whined.

“Jenny, we’ll take care of it.” Leah looked at her boyfriend with what looked like relief all over her face. “Ted, give me a hand up.”

Leah bounced out of the car and threw herself against her boyfriend. Quickly Jon pushed his penis back into his pants and zipped up. Peter leaned forward and shook the sleeping couple beside Jon.

“God, I don’t want to talk about it now. Can you find me something clean to change into?” Leah asked as she led her boyfriend up the walk to the house.

Fantasies While Running

The clean up of the car took them maybe twenty minutes. By that time they realized the sleeping couple — now alert enough to stagger to the curb and throw up — were pretty much done for the night and would be driven home by David.

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