Love of a Demon Ch. 01

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This my first story, so I hope that it’s good! Don’t hold back on any criticism you want to say; I need the feedback anyway. So here you guys go!

All characters are 18+


Gabriel whimpered as the blows on his body intensified. He wasn’t the one who caused the accident; it was his sister. She did it on purpose and blamed it on him. As was per usual.

‘Why do they hate me so much?’ He thought through the pain.

He was always treated like this. A new day, new beatings, and new bruises. Nothing new.

He had nowhere to go, and life on the streets wasn’t something he was looking forward to… he wouldn’t even be able to survive that.

“So useless… get out of my sight!” His father growled, giving him one final kick before leaving for bed.

Gabe sighed, wincing as his ribs protested the action. He pushed himself up and staggered his way to his room, an otherwise empty space except for a bathroom to the left and a small old bed in the corner.

He walked painstakingly to the bathroom, wanting to just shower and go to sleep. Tomorrow wasn’t going to be any different. He lost hope about escape a long time ago.

He sighed again as he turned on the shower, the warm water running over his thin form.

He was exhausted. Seeing how much more tired he was than the day before, he was surprised that he hadn’t collapsed yet.

‘Well it’s only a matter of time…’ he thought as he dressed and laid down, the abyss of sleep claiming him soon after.


“Wake up you useless little shit!” He heard his father’s voice say before a bucket of ice was thrown over him, the chunks of ice falling painfully down on the bruises he had from the day before.

He couldn’t control the yelp of pain as his father grabbed him by his hair, pulling him up before throwing him down on the ground. His face collided painfully with the floor, he felt blood trickling down his face as his father pulled him up again.

“You disgusting little fag! Get up and make us some food!” His father shouted before throwing him down again and stalking out the room.

Gabe winced as he felt blood on his face before he stood slowly, wiping away the blood and feeling his nose to see if it was broken. Thankfully, it wasn’t.

He winced repeatedly as he took small steps towards the kitchen.

He let out a small whimper as he fell back down, only to quickly stand back up in fear of a harder beating.

“What are you going to screw up today?” his sister, Lisa, asked. Her blonde hair, as usual, was styled perfectly and she was dressed in the sluttiest outfit he’d seen to date.

He didn’t reply, eryaman escort knowing she would only insult him about his sexuality and cause their parents to give him more of a beating.

He started working in the kitchen, feeling his sister’s hateful stare on his back.

‘What have I done to deserve this? Why can’t I be loved…?’ He thought while preparing breakfast. He didn’t want to be beaten for another reason today.

He saw his sister walk into the kitchen through the corner of his eyes and tensed unconsciously. She was going to do something to get him beaten. He was sure of it.

She flipped the frying pan with eggs over, causing hot, boiling oil to splash on his legs, and he couldn’t hold back the scream of agony as the sizzling oil covered his legs.

Lisa smiled triumphantly and screamed “DAD! GABRIEL MESSED SOMETHING UP AGAIN!” Gabe knew he was screwed. He was thoroughly fucked.

He bit back a sob as his father stomped down the stairs, his mother right at his side, with a furious expression on his face.

“You ungrateful little piece of shit! Why can’t you do anything right?! Why can’t you be perfect like your sister?!” He screamed, kicking him viciously for every word before dragging him outside.

It was still early January, and the snow hadn’t melted away yet so Gabriel shivered as the freezing air bit at his skin.

His father continued beating him, pausing only to get something from inside the house, the short period of relief giving way to terror as his father returned with a baseball bat.

“We take care of you and give you a place to live, and this is how you repay us?!” His father hissed, bringing the bat down on him again and again, eliciting another scream of pain from Gabriel.

“Hey! What are you doing?!” An unfamiliar voice said, getting closer.

His father cursed, running back to the house before the stranger could see where he went while Gabriel’s vision started to fade. He felt himself weakening as someone picked him up, shouting something as he ran somewhere.

His vision began to darken, and his strength faded him before he could make a thought.


“Hey! What are you doing?!”

Nate was shocked when he saw the young nineteen year old being beaten by his father. The stench of blood was heavy in the air as he started walking faster to the scene. The boy’s father looked shocked to hear his voice coming closer, and ran off to his home, probably thinking that Nate couldn’t see him.

He ignored the man running inside the comfort of his home; he would deal with him someday. As he approached the boy, he saw that he was bruised eryaman escort bayan all over, his body was scarred and his legs were badly burnt, and Nate knew he didn’t have much time.

He felt the boy going limp as he picked him up with one arm, while fishing his phone out of his pocket with the other.

He called Jasmine quickly, hoping that the young fairy would pick up this time.

“Hey Nathan! So what do ya think we should get Seth when he gets back tonight? Do you think-” She was interrupted by Nate shouting frantically at the phone.

“I’m headed back. I found a kid being beaten up by his parents. He needs help.” He said before hanging up, concentrating on the large mansion that his family considered home, and feeling the familiar tingling feeling of his body fading and appearing again, this time in front of the mansion he lived in.

Vincent, a werewolf that handled the security of the mansion, looked at him questioningly as he walked in with a gravely injured and possibly dying boy in his arms.

He ignored him and ran to where he knew Jasmine would be, in the infirmary waiting for him.

Jasmine gasped as she took in the state of the boy. “Get him to the bed.” She ordered immediately, the young Fairy’s instincts kicking in as she put her hands on top of him, concentrating on healing him. But he stayed limp and some of his bruises didn’t fade.

She tried harder, pouring more of her energy into the strenuous task. Most of the bruises on his body faded, and his breathing deepened by a fraction, but still he did not wake.

“I’ve done what I could.” Jasmine said, exhausted.

Nate sighed. He was only out for a walk and didn’t expect to come across… this. But he wasn’t complaining, no, he was thankful that he had made it in time. He just hope that the boy would survive. He looked so… fragile.

He sighed again. “It’s okay Jasmine. You did your best.” He said in a placating tone, seeing her close to tears. Fairies were a peaceful and non-violent people. They hated seeing people who they cared for hurt, and Jasmine was easily attached to people she only just met.

“Why would anyone do this to him?” She sniffed.

Nate was silent, desiring the answer to that question himself.

“What are we going to tell Seth?” She asked, wiping the tears in her eyes away.

“The truth. There’s no reason to lie.” And no use to, either. Nate added silently in his head. The demon always had an uncanny ability to know when he was being lied to.

Jasmine sighed, and looked at the boy once more. He looked to be the same age as her. Maybe older.

Nate sighed. escort eryaman He seemed to be doing that a lot lately.

They just had to wait for Seth to get back… and hopefully for the boy to get better.


Seth sighed as he waved a cab over and got in. He was glad to finally be done with the job he was given and wanted nothing more than to go home and rest, maybe fuck some random guy from the bar or something. He could have simply flashed there, but he was too tired to do anything of the sort.

As the cab pulled over in front of the mansion, Seth felt something… different. His demonic side was excited, making Seth feel jumpy as he got out of the cab and paid the driver before grabbing his bag and walking to the mansion.

A certain smell, sweet and alluring, was present in the mansion, making his fangs slide out and his cock achingly hard. Slightly confused but mostly aroused, he followed the scent to the infirmary, the demonic side of him excited and expressing feelings to fuck whatever was the source of the delicious scent.

Intrigued, he entered the infirmary, his curiosity growing stronger as he wondered why such a delicious smell was coming from a place that often smelled like medicine and blood.He shrugged internally before following the smell to one of the beds at the far side of the room.

A cry of rage, pain and agony ripped its way through his throat.

A small boy, around Nineteen years old with almost white blond hair, was lying on the bed, bruised, limp and barely breathing. He dropped his bags and immediately climbed in with the boy and took his limp body into his arms, feeling the need to keep him close. A single thought resonated in his head. He had found his intended.

Jasmine ran into the room, looking surprised to see him there. “Seth? You’re back early…” she said, before registering what she was seeing, “What…” she said, moving closer only for Seth to growl threateningly, his instincts taking over and perceiving Jasmine as a possible threat to his intended.

Understanding flashed in Jasmine’s eyes and she backed away, seeing the thinly veiled in Seth’s eyes. The boy was his , ate. His love, His life, and his only reason for living. He would live. He had to. Or Seth would die along with him.

He had dreamed of the day that he would meet his intended. The day he would lay eyes on the man he would love forever and for eternity. But he never expected it to be like this. He never expected it to be with his intended limp and bruised in his infirmary.

Now that Seth had found him, He wasn’t letting him go. He had spent too long alone. Too long without someone to love. And he did what no one would expect his kind to do.

He prayed.

He prayed that his mate would live, would heal and accept him. So that he could love his mate like he deserved.

He only hoped that his prayers would be answered.

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