Love Story

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This is a story of my live in gorgeous, wonderful, girlfriend Lisa a twenty-seven year old, five feet three inches tall, beautiful blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes, I was twenty-eight years old five feet two inches tall with long red hair also with blue eyes, we bounded from the first day I moved into my tenth floor apartment. Lisa offered to help with my boxes, she lived in the apartment next to mine at that time. We began to work-out together, went out on Saturdays bar hoping & dancing, it felt wonderful to have a good friend like Lisa to hang out with after moving to the big city to take my dream position at a big law firm.

Laying on my bed exploring my body watching myself in the bedroom mirror writhing in pleasure as my fingers explored and disappeared inside my wet pussy. My juices flowing, eyes transfixed, waves of pleasure crashing over me. Dreaming of Lisa’s naked body showering at Lakeshore Fitness, my hands finding my breast pinching my delicate nipples caressing and squeezing them. Bringing one of my breast to my mouth I teased with it flicking my long tongue over my erect nipple. Taking my time enjoying the show as I let my hand slide down slowly over my flat stomach through my soft red pubes to my wet pussy.

Rubbing softly, caressing, making love to myself, thinking of Lisa’s smile, letting my fingers play with with my clit, rubbing softly. Inserting one then two fingers inside me slowly moving, my wetness growing. My other hand following the same path to find my clit rubbing it gently the whole time watching the scene play out in the mirror. My juices making a slurping sound as my fingers thrust in then out. Tingling all over, legs spread and up, knees bent, what a great view of my sexy body in the mirror. My juices trickling down my ass crack sent shivers up my spine. I could do this for hours bringing myself to the brink, pulling back, teasing myself. I loved bringing my fingers to my mouth tasting myself wondering how Lisa’s pussy would taste.

Chapter One-A Night Out

“Hey Cheri, ready to party?” she said smiling.

“Been thinking about going out with you all day.” I responded with a smile.

I left out fantasizing about her naked body while I played with myself or the climax I had dreaming about how her pussy would taste. We walked down Rush Street holding hands something we always did on the busy city streets. The Radius was already packed music bouncing of the walls dance floor full. We made our way to the bar, ordered Patron’ shots, after finishing our second shot, we head to the dance floor. It was so packed, our little bodies were pushed together, grinding, dancing, our bodies touching in an erotic dance, I lost my balance stumbling, Lisa grabbed my hips to steady me, I kissed her, just a little peck, without thinking, to say thank you. I was surprised when she kissed me back, sliding her long tongue past my lips, dancing, our bodies moving together forming a deep connection between us that was flirtatious, romantic, sensual.

After Dancing for quite some time we made our way through the Radius headed for the bathroom. We stood in line waiting our turns still holding hands which just seemed so normal and comfortable with Lisa. Finally, a stall opened and she pulled me in with her, I went first, finishing and standing. Lisa hiked up her skirt dropping her red lace panties I was mesmerized by her beautiful bald pussy.

“Like what you see?” Lisa asked.

I looked away blood rushing, blushing, she reached out, caressing my hand tenderly, standing she kissed my neck softly. Her mouth moved to mine, tongue dancing. I was so turn on, what was I doing, it felt so good natural, I was tingling all over I wanted more. Did Lisa want me too? Had she fantasized about me too?

I felt her hands on my shoulders applying slight pressure on my shoulders pushing me down, I knew this maneuver, men used it often when they wanted me to go down on them. Oh My God, my head spinning, I had never tasted another girls pussy before, I felt myself drifting down to my knees, what was I doing, kneeling down on the dirty bathroom stall floor. How did I get here on my knees, rubbing her beautiful clit, wanting to taste Lisa’s cunt. Something primal taking me over, I wanted to taste her, I wanted to make Lisa cum with my long tongue, I dove in licking & sucking spreading her pussy lips, I heard her moans, beautiful music to my ears. My hand slipped to her ass which I probed with one finger then two, my mouth still devouring her pussy, Lisa moaning in pleasure, grabbing my head with both hands grinding her pussy into my face, hard to breath. She was so wet which encouraged me any thoughts of were I was had drifted away all I wanted was to give her a body shaking orgasm. Her groans grew louder, she started bucking her hips, her legs trembled as Lisa squealed in delight, holding my head firmly in place wave after wave shook her body squirting pussy juices all over my face.

She stroked my Aydın Escort long red hair, looking up into those beautiful blue eyes, she was smiling at me, I felt wonderful, fulfilled. Lisa helped me stand, we embraced, kissing ever so softly. She whisper “let’s get out of here”

Chapter Two-Worshipped

I stroked her hair sighing her name, “Lisa” as she stepped back removing her shirt and throwing her bra on the floor exposing her small breast, hard erect nibbles. She stepped out of her skirt and moved back to my breast her fingers returning to my wet pussy. Fingering me tenderly, my wetness growing, my hips moving to meet her thrust into me. I was lost in the sweet feeling as she dropped to her knees. kissing her way down my flat stomach, pulling down my panties in the process. I shivered at the first lick from her long tongue, my hands gripping the sides of her head entangled in her beautiful blonde hair.

Finding my clit, Lisa licked & sucked on it, her fingers back inside me. I never felt so worshipped, so wonderful. She wanted my orgasm and I wanted to give it to her, I was moaning, panting, hips grinding into her face and lips. She spun me around in one quick motion, my hands finding the wall to brace myself, Lisa dove back in licking me from behind her nose tickling my tight asshole. She slowly brought her tongue to flick my brown star it felt wonderful, a new sensory feeling radiating out through my little body, no-one had ever licked my ass before, I was shaking has her fingers entered my pussy again, in and out she fucked my pussy, as she probe my backside with her long tongue.

I was out of control, bucking, squealing in delight, the sounds escaping my lips were unrecognizable, I never felt this way before. Lisa had me on the verge of orgasm. I was never so wet juices sliding down my thigh. I thrusted my ass back into her face, her long tongue plunged deeply in my ass, finger banging my soaking wet cunt wave, waves of pleasure hit my body. I shook uncontrollably, she stayed in place until I became still.

Chapter Three-Sunday Morning

After a nice pancake breakfast Sunday we sat on the sofa, legs up, facing each other in our panties and tee shirts. Bare legs rubbing, cute feet caressing each other. Remembering our wonderful night out my longing for Lisa finally an erotic new reality.

“Cheri!” Lisa spoke loudly.

Breaking my trance, “Uh, yes.”

“Did you hear anything I said?” Lisa asked me annoyed.

Blushing, “Well, um, day dreaming, sorry.”

Lisa Playfully kicked me, laughing, what a fun, tender moment, between us. Sensing opportunity, climbing up on top of her, tickling her as she wiggles underneath me laughing. Our faces so close, lips meeting, I kissed Lisa passionately, tongues dancing in each others mouths. In that second, taking that leap, laying our arms around each other, no turning back now. I loved her for so long all that pent up desire pouring out.

My hand finding her wetness rubbing gently, slipping in my slick fingers, moans coming from her beautiful mouth. Nibbling her I whisper “Want me to stop?”

“NO!” She moaned.

whispering “What do you want baby girl?”

“Fuck me, Cheri, please fuck me.” Lisa begged

My fingers returning to work thrusting into her wet pussy with force now, she moved her hips to meet my fingers, pushing them deep inside her. She was mine now, a prisoner of her desire, drooping down, lowering my mouth to suck on her swollen clit.

“Yes, Cheri, yes!” She screamed grabbing my head.

I twisted and curled my long tong inside her wet cunt. Her body tensed then shook in pleasure her cute toes curling into my back. Lapping at her sweet pussy with a new lesbian hunger until she squirted warm pussy juices all over my face. I nearly came my self at that moment, I slowly climbed back up kissing her, letting her taste her own sweet pussy.

I continued moving up to straddle her face, lowering my pussy softly on her mouth at first, I felt her tongue tentatively take it’s first licks. Grinding softly on her mouth, her tongue licking, probing deeply into my insides. My wetness spilling out over her face, I pressed harder against her mouth, rubbing my clit, riding her face. I felt her finger poking at my tight asshole, what a dirty baby girl, poking in, pushing deep in my ass.

My speed increased, my moans growing louder, I was out of control, riding her face with no mercy. Feeling the first stages of extasy, coming so hard riding that beautiful face, I collapsed forward exhausted, finally gaining my composer. I found my place in her arms again beautiful Lisa, kissing her sweet lips, tasting my self in her mouth. We laid there in bliss, idling the morning away, we had crossed over, many pleasures laid ahead. We would explore our limits, push boundaries, find love, share tender moments.

Chapter Four-Shower for Two

After our morning run on the Lakeshore trail Lisa walked past me sitting on the toilet, Aydın Escort Bayan her gorgeous naked body, flowing blonde hair, small breast, that bald pussy I love so much, a heart shaped ass and her cute little feet. Climbing in the hot shower, soaping her body, what a beautiful site.

Climbing in with her, washing Lisa’s back with my soft soapy hands, reaching around washing her breast with the hot soapy water, I tease with her hard soapy nipples, taking my time, as I let my fingers slide down slowly over her flat stomach through her soft blonde pubes to a soaking wet pussy.

Rubbing softly, caressing, washing, the soap so slippery, making love to each other, letting my wet soapy fingers play with with her little clit, rubbing softly. Inserting one then two fingers inside her, kissing passionately as she does the same things to my body. Slowly moving in and out, our desire growing with each thrust. Our soapy fingers making a slurping sound as our fingers thrust in then out. The hot water, the steam, lust, mixing to make a beautiful morning.

Tingling all over with sensory pleasures, legs spread and my right foot raised on the tube, hot water trickling down my ass crack sending shivers up my spine. We could do this for hours, teasing each other. Nearing a shattering orgasm, Moaning, pulling back, moving my hips to meet her soapy slick fingers plunging into me. My body dancing with pleasure, a magnificent feeling, our scents filling the bathroom. Slowly dropping my wet fingers down the crack of Lisa’s ass to her little brown flower rubbing my soapy fingers on her tight little asshole. Probing the entrance, gently, poking one wet finger inside her ass thrusting so deep, she lets out a sigh. Then out, then in, adding another wet soapy finger and a third driving hard pounding her ass, which she loves, deeper and deeper. Lisa’s rubbing my wet soapy swollen clit as the first waves of sheer pleasure start encompassing me.

The hot water, a bathroom full of hot steam, our own little sauna. The pain and pleasure, the depravity, of fucking her sweet ass. The dirty little blonde slut I love so much, as Lisa screams in delight as I drop to my knees for a taste.

Lisa is so wet my long tongue exploring her sweet insides. Curling, dancing, tasting her juices with my long tongue. Lisa grabbing my head, legs trembling. knees buckling, “YES! Cheri YES!”

Chapter Five-Making Love

After Lisa moved in life was perfect exploring with her was erotic, sensual, playful, and fun. Kissing me sweetly, then passionately, her long tongue dancing in my mouth. Our naked bodies coming together, hands, fingers, legs, cute little feet rubbing each other. Pussies humping, grinding together bringing the usual sexual arousal.

Intertwining in perfect delight, scissoring, Tribadism at it’s best, legs divided a pleasurable intersection with no stop sign in sight. Our wet clits colliding, rubbing, humping, grinding, moaning, ecstasy with a purpose. The art of two women making love so beautifully inclined. Sensory pleasures radiating out through our minds.

Sweet nectar flowing, fingers inside wet pussies, what an entertaining passion, a tasteful elixir. Two women on fire, the redhead and the blonde, split like scissors. Humping frantically, squeals, screams and moans, feelings building, tingling with pleasure.

Sucking her sweet toes into my mouth a wonderful sensory overload, a beautiful moment making wild passionate love with my gorgeous live in girlfriend. Clits colliding, rubbing, humping, faces distorted in splendid magnificent pleasure.

Speed increasing here comes our orgasmic delight. A great way to end a day in our king size bed humping franticly. Panting like wild animals, bodies grinding and shaking, squirting her juices, a beautiful orgasm for two.

I awakened in the morning still smelling of Lisa’s beautiful sex scent which reminded me of love and sex. Holding her in my arms she was breathing lightly on my breast so gorgeous, warm, my beautiful Lisa. I didn’t want to wake her I just wanted to watch her sleep a little longer.

Chapter Six-A Magic Time

The first few months living together were pure magic we ran the Lakeshore Trails every morning together. We worked out together at the gym playing heated games of squash. We lounged in the hot tub sipping white wine or sitting on the balcony. We went out to concerts, music festivals, dinner dancing life was perfect.

On Sundays we rarely got dressed just laying around on the sofa all day in our panties and tee shirts, making love, taking baths together, painting each others toenails it was heaven. She even came home with me for Thanksgiving telling my family she was just my roommate. We slept in my childhood room on that visit stifling our moans has orgasms shook our bodies laughing and giggling well into the night. I loved her very much but has time passed she changed slowly becoming controlling. But even then there were wonderful times Escort Aydın together.

Resenting my long hours at work, she would be texting me constantly, she would get mad when we were out accusing me of all sorts of crazy things and the strange thing was I blamed my self for her behavior. I came to dread going home, heaven had become a living hell, I couldn’t do anything right. The first time she hit me I was frozen with shock why I didn’t fight back I don’t know. The second time she hit me it seemed natural thinking “She will calm down in a minute.” The beatings that followed became more frequent and more intense I came to feel isolated and trapped.

Chapter Seven-Our Last Night Together

On that awful last night after she had pushed me and hit me she forced me dragging by my long red hair into the bedroom. Ripping off my work cloths she bent me over the bed and spanked me on my cute little ass with a leather belt. ‘Whack!’ ‘Whack!’ My little body shuttered with each blow my ass erupting in pain trembling with each strike of the belt. Tears running down my face begging, pleading for her to stop. Lisa pulled me off the bed by my long red hair forcing me to my knees before her. “Kiss my feet” I did has instructed kissing her cute feet softly, licking them with my long tongue, she laughed, an evil laugh. calling me a dirty little slut, whore, liar. “Lick my ass slut” I followed instructions my ass still hurting and red from the whipping I had received. What happened to the woman I fell in love with, worst yet what had happen to me to let her treat me this way.

I licked her dirty asshole, my nostrils full of her ass smell, she made me probe inside it with my long tongue, laughing loudly, reaching up I stroked her clit hoping an orgasm would stop all this. I had let Lisa control me, given up, something need to change. After her orgasm shook her body she became a different person holding me softly, cuddling, but the abuse just ran through my brain this is not love I realized what friends had been telling me was true. I hardly slept anymore was scared all the time how did I let this happen to me.

I left while she still slept hurrying to my downtown office that morning I filed a police report and for an emergency restraining order which was served to her later that day. I stayed in a hotel downtown that night to make sure she was out. Returning home to my apartment the next day after work. I was free but the recovery would be a long one, the abuse I had suffered, the guilt for letting it happen would linger with me. I was a survivor and would find comfort in others like me in the months and years to come through support groups and counseling.

I started playing music and singing again, I had some risky sexual adventures, trying to reclaim my inner strength. I still have trouble sleeping sometimes a form of PTSD. I started writing erotic stories late at night I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them while one handed typing in the darkness of the night. Join me on a journey into the ancient primal dance of love, sex, playfulness, and fun. Exploring my body writhing in pleasure as my fingers explore and disappear inside my soaking wet pussy. My juices flowing, eyes transfixed on the computer screen pouring my heart out, waves of pleasure crashing over me. My fingers finding my breast pinching my delicate nipples caressing, squeezing, teasing, them. Bringing one of my breast to my mouth I tease with it flicking my long tongue over my erect nipple. Taking my time I let my fingers slide down slowly over my flat stomach through my soft red pubes to my waiting wet pussy.

Rubbing softly, caressing, making love to myself, letting my fingers play with with my clit. Inserting one then two fingers inside me slowly moving in and out my wetness growing. My juices making a slurping sound as my fingers thrust in then out. I am skilled at the art of fucking myself through years and years of practice. Tingling all over, legs spread and up, knees bent, typing away, writing on my journey of exploration. Moaning as my now wet fingers plunge into me. My body dancing with pleasure, a magnificent feeling, my scent filling the room. Rubbing my swollen clit the first waves of sheer pleasure encompass me.

The sounds coming out of my mouth sometimes surprises me. Something primal taking over, losing all rational control, life is not perfect and neither is my stories, they are dirty, unashamed, unedited, baring blemishes and all, bare. they are not a legal brief constructed so every word is perfect, every common in the right place, edited ten times. My tumbling out style of writing comes from emotion, desire, a longing, sexual desire, fun erotica, fantasy. My stories come spilling out of me full of lust, raw energy, with no filter, a friend confessing to you. I’m not looking for perfection in my writing, I’m simply purging my mind, looking for earth shattering orgasms. Life is short enjoy the ride.

I know my place in the world I’m a bright, articulate, well educated, highly paid woman but here I’m a writer and a slut. Plunging my fingers in hard, deep ready to cum. I’m Cheryle “Cheri” an Irish Catholic, Attorney, Singer-Songwriter 30year old bi-sexual woman💋

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