Love Thy Family Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter of this story. It is best read chapter-wise to follow the characters and events. All characters and events are fictious and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is pure coincidence. All characters are over eighteen years of age


Once Smita left, Sekhar’s life returned to its normal routine of work during the day and lonely nights wherein he rued his ill luck in marriage, his separation from Aruna and life in general. Often, he would think about those two wonderful nights during which his sister provided solace to him.

Sudha noted that her son had slipped back into a kind of depression and she was worried. She spoke about it to Smita during one of their daily telephone calls.

“He looked much better when you were here,Smita! Now he is back to his depression and I am worried.” Her mother sounded very concerned.

If only you knew what I did to him, mom, Smita thought warily! No way could she tell her mother that directly! But, Smita knew her mother was an intelligent and caring person. May be she could hint things to her without admitting anything and guide her mother! It was worth a try, she thought.

“Mom, that was because when I was there, I took good care of him. You know he was depressed about his separation and was feeling very lonely. So, I gave him my company.”

“I am also trying to talk to him but he doesn’t allow any conversation for too long.” Her mom replied.

“I am not talking of conversations alone, mom. I thought it best not to allow him to be lonely, even at night and dwell on things,” Smita said, hesitantly.

“You mean you asked him to sleep in your bed?” Her mother sounded very surprised.

“Yes, mom, the poor guy was having nightmares and he needed to be comforted.” She laid a little emphasis on the word ‘comforted’.

She heard the quick intake of her mother’s breath. A silence followed.

“Mom, you do realize that you and I are the only women in his life now, don’t you? He has no one else to turn to. Sekhar is still like a child in many ways. When a child is unwell we have to take good care of him right?” She kept on.

“Very true” Her mother answered, softly.

“So, I comforted him mom. He slept in my bed and when he had those nightmares I held him in my embrace and comforted him.” There it is! At last, she told her mother what was needed.

“You should also try and do the same, mom, whenever possible. We have to take care of him. He has no one else.” She finished speaking.

“You are right. He is my child and I will take care of him. I have to.” Her mom answered her softly and ended the call.

It was easier said than done. Sudha thought about the problem. She and Kumar always slept together in the Master Bedroom. These days they hardly ever made love. But they shared the bed out of habit and for mutual comfort. She can never go and sleep in Sekhar’s bed. Her husband would ridicule her and never allow that.

The solution came in the form of a one week training program for Officers of his bank in Delhi which Kumar was asked to attend. Here was a chance for her to be alone with her son at home and comfort him. But, did she dare to! How could she bring herself to play that role! Sudha was indeed confused.

On their first evening alone, after dinner, they sat in the living room on the sofa and watched the TV. Sekhar watched a news channel for few minutes and then asked his mother. “Do you want to watch anything special mom?

“Let us have some music, Sekhar.”

He switched the channels and stopped at a music channel that played Bollywood Hindi songs and adjusted the volume to a low. They sat quietly for a while.

“How is your new job and work?” Sudha asked him.

“It is fine, mom. No problems.”

Again quiet reigned for a while.

On the TV a song was playing showing a kid celebrating his birthday with his parents and friends. It brought a smile to her face. Sekhar looked at her, questioningly.

“I am reminded of you and Smita as kids.” She laughed.

“Mom, you must have had a tough time with the two of us.” He said smiling.

“Indeed! It was pretty tough. It was your father’s idea for us to have two kids in quick succession and then stop. He said that though it would be tough for a few years, both of you would grow up together and it would be lot easier later.”

“But initially it must have been very tough for you, mom.” He said fondly.

“Yes Sekhar. Smita was just one when you were born. It was more like bringing up twins. For example, I had to feed you both and it was a tough job when both of you were hungry at the same time.” She smiled as she recollected.

Sekhar felt an excitement as his mother mentioned feeding. Next instant, he felt ashamed at getting excited.

“There were times when your sister wouldn’t let go and you cried out loud for milk and I had to manage both of you little devils. Luckily, I had enough milk for both of you.” She smiled.

“But, Smita was mostly quick and less demanding. You! You were a regular devil!”

Sekhar felt bursa escort a strange feeling of love well up for his mother and moved closer to her. She took his hand in hers and caressed it lovingly.

“Yes, you were a little devil and you wouldn’t leave me alone even after you had your fill.”

Sudha didn’t feel uncomfortable telling her grown up son about this. On the contrary, she was a little excited. She pressed his palm gently.

“What did I do mom?” he asked, excited.

“You would finish feeding but sleep in that position and if I moved away, you would wake up and cry.” Sudha didn’t smile now and her voice shook a little. She held his hand a little tighter.

“I slept like that, mom?” his hand gently squeezed her.

“Yes. By the time Smita was two we switched over to bottled milk for her. But you devil, you never stopped…even when there was no milk. It took years for you to get over that habit.”

“You mean I loved to sleep with tit in my mouth even without milk! Incredible!” He said looking at her full breasts, his excitement mounting.

Sudha felt his eyes wandering on her breasts and she felt her nipples hardening and blushed.

“Not just that. Even without milk, you loved sucking them. You did that for a long time” She felt a thrill saying that.

Through the thin material of her blouse, he could see her nipples hardening. His own reactions were mixed. He felt very excited with mounting passion. At the same time his conscience gnawed at him with guilt.

They were reprieved by the shrill ringing of the telephone bell. Sudha answered the phone. It was Kumar calling from Delhi. Sekhar left quietly for his room. By the time Sudha finished with the call, the lights were off in his room. Sudha finished the few pending chores and retired to her own bed about fifteen minutes later.

She couldn’t sleep right away. As she recapitulated the events of the evening, she felt strangely excited and disturbed. Did she really talk to her grown up son about his penchant for sucking her tits in his childhood! Oh my god! How he looked at her boobs and how her nipples hardened. She was sure he noticed them too.

Without really meaning to her hands went to her blouse and unhooked it. Her full breasts, still shapely and attractive, bounced when released. She felt her fingers go to the nipples which lengthened and hardened at her touch. Shutting her eyes she let her fingers massage them.

Her boobs have not been touched by a man for long…her husband hardly interested in sex these days. They yearned for a male touch and love. Slowly she drifted into sleep.

In his bed, Sekhar too thought of the evening’s excitement. What his mom said was innocent enough. But then, why did it excite him so much. Was there a sexual undertone or was it a figment of his imagination? The hardening of her nipples was very visible and that was not imagined!

The thought of her hard nipples possessed his mind…took control. Then, he thought of sucking those nipples…not as a child feeding in the past but as a man sexually aroused! The image was so erotic and powerful that he masturbated immediately seeking a release for his pent up passion.

The next day, after Sekhar left work and she finished her domestic chores, Sudha sat for a while gathering her thoughts. What had happened last night was sort of confusing and she needed to analyze it. There was no doubt that she started the conversation innocently enough. She wanted to engage him and talked of what came to her mind first.

But, as the conversation progressed, it had acquired a sexual undertone. The beauty was that it came in so naturally and was accepted by both of them. Was it at their conscious level or sub-conscious level? Whatever it was, it was certainly not a figment of her imagination. Her nipples hardened and became so sensitive. And her son cast hungry looks of lust at them.

May be this was what Smita’s telephone talk was all about. She talked of providing her poor brother comfort. Did Smita allow him access to her boobs and did Sekhar fondle them! She can’t ask her daughter about it but she had a feeling that they both did indulge in some physical contact.

That was nothing short of incest and it was a taboo; forbidden by their society. The very idea should have shocked her.

But, Sudha was shocked that she was not shocked!!

Her son was in a sad state and depression. His welfare was more important than perceived sins or social taboos. After all, as Smita rightly said, they were the only women in his barren life now.

If providing comfort to her son involves indulging in incestuous thoughts and practices so be it, Sudha thought.

That night they sat together again in the living room in front of the TV. As Sekhar watched the news, Sudha called her husband on phone and talked for a few minutes to tell him all was well. After the call she returned to her place on the sofa next to her son.

While his mom talked to his dad, Sekhar observed her from the side, unobtrusively. His mother was çanakkale escort dressed in light cream colored sari and a white blouse. Her blouse material was very thin and he could see that she was bra less. Her breasts were full and shapely and he could see them, quite clearly, through the transparent blouse. Even the points of her nipples were prominent.

The urge to touch those wondrous breasts and feed on them had intensified in Sekhar beyond belief. Whole day, his thoughts returned to them, time and again. He knew that it was wrong to even think in these lines but he was helpless. Such is the power of lust on normal humans!

“So, how was your day, Sekhar?”

“It was okay mom, not too much work pressure right now.” He replied.

“Good. So did you think of home and me?” She asked, smiling.

“Many times, mom and more than you know.”

He was seated to her left. She took his right hand in both her hands and started caressing it tenderly.

“Tell me about it, Sekhar.”

“I love you, mom. I love you very much.” He answered gently squeezing her hand.

“I love you a lot too, son. Mom loves you always.” She returned his squeeze.

He moved a little closer to her and his left thigh touched her right thigh. Through the thin sari he felt the warmth and softness of her thigh. Her proximity was overpowering. He bent his head slightly and in a side on position rested his left cheek on her right shoulder.

Sudha felt her son’s stubble tickle her collar.

He whispered into her ear, “I love you mom. I am yours always.”

Sudha was overwhelmed by his need and felt her heart swelling with love for her son; her baby.

She lifted his right hand and placed its palm squarely on her left breast.

Sekhar was absolutely delighted as he felt a shiver run through him. His lovely mom offered him her boob…the object of his desire and lust.

He gently squeezed her boob. The feeling was heavenly but the boob was too big for his palm. He brought both hands to it and squeezed it, a little harder. A sigh escaped from Sudha.

Sekhar’s face moved fractionally and his lips found her throat and gently kissed it. Unknown to him, it was one of Sudha’s erotically sensitive zones and Sekhar hit the spot, right on. His hungry hands pushed away her sari from her blouse and chest.

Her full breasts ensconced in the thin white blouse with the half moons spilling over the top of her blouse were very sexy. Sekhar’s hand rushed to the bare half moons to get the feel of their softness, warmth and tautness. It was a heavenly feeling for him.

With somewhat of a shock, Sudha realized that the hands fondling her tit were manly and demanding, as were the lips kissing her throat. This was not a baby but a man hungry for her body and its love. Sudha felt her own lust stirring, in spite of herself. Just as he wanted more, her body too wanted more.

With her own hands she unhooked her blouse, turned partly to her left and offered her naked breasts in all their glory to her son. Grateful to his mother for her heavenly gift, Sekhar’s hands took passionate possession of them.

He found her big and engorged nipples extremely attractive and pinched them lightly between his thumb and forefinger. His thumb caressed the tip of his mom’s nipple with a lot of love. His other hand was busy fondling the other boob. Sudha moaned softly as pleasure and pain shot through her.

Oh God! What was Sekhar doing to her old tits! They were so sensitive to his touch and tease and she felt love and passion in his touch; the kind of feeling she had almost forgotten. He loves my boobs and he is making me feel like a young, desirable woman, once again, she thought! She wanted him to do more to her bouncy and full tits.

Holding his head from behind gently with her hands, Sudha pulled her son to her heaving and naked bosom. His hot mouth sought and found its target…her right nipple and his lips clamped on to it even as his tongue licked it and the surrounding aureole. As his playful tongue wet it fast, her nipple grew even bigger into his hungry and wet lips.

Then he sucked!! He sucked his mom’s tit as if he wanted to compensate for all those years she kept him away from them!! He sucked it with a great fervor and greed. With each suck of her tit, Sudha felt juices rush and flow in her hungry cunt. As if in reflex, her legs opened wider. Sensing this, without thinking, Sekhar dropped his right hand on to her lap.

Sudha was aghast but helpless. Her conscience shouted a loud ‘stop’ but her body begged for more. Before she could really make up her mind, his palm found her mound covered in all those layers of clothing and protected in her damp panties. With youthful exuberance and mounting passion his palm squeezed his mother’s pussy.

That act of possession was the proverbial last straw. Sudha’s own hand groped and found her son’s legs and the big tent in his pajamas. Greedily, she grabbed her son’s hard cock. Without meaning to, she compared instantly her son’s big, pulsating çankırı escort boner to her husband’s aging, semi hard, smaller cock.

Blind with raw passion, Sekhar kept squeezing his mom’s juicy pussy while sucking hard at her tits. Sudha stroked his hard cock furiously. When the dam burst, it literally flooded both of them and they came with whimpers, moans and cries. Sudha fell on her back on the sofa and her son’s head rested on her bosom.

She was the first to recover. When she looked at her son, she could see the beginning of guilt as he lowered his eyes. No son, that shouldn’t happen, I won’t allow that to happen, she told herself. We both are in this and we are going to enjoy this without any guilt!

“Oh, Lord! Did I need that! I loved every bit of it. Hope you liked what I did, Sekhar?” She was positively glowing.

“Oh mom, you are incredible! It was unbelievably good!”

“Let us clean up first, change and get back, Sekhar.” With that she left for her bedroom.

It was a full fifteen minutes later that Sudha returned to the living room. She was dressed in a pinkish nightie with maroon flowers and looked very adorable and lively. Sekhar changed to shorts and T shirt.

Sudha hugged her son and his arms went around her. Their bodies molded into each other and there was nothing matronly about that hug. She loved the bulge that rubbed against her crotch and he loved the big breasts that squashed against his chest. His left hand rested on the small of her back and his right roamed on her big, lovely ass.

“Sleep in my bed, Mom, please!” He pleaded.

“Sure son. But you will listen to mom and do only what mom wants. Promise me that, Sekhar!” She said with a bit of seriousness.

“Yes mom. I will do as you say, whatever you say.” He was very eager to get going!

They walked together to his bed room.

Sekhar switched off the main lamp and the night lamp was on. Sudha settled down comfortably on her son’s bed and Sekhar joined her on her left side. They both assumed a side on position facing each other.

Sudha caressed his cheek gently, his stubble tickling her soft hand and ruffled his hair fondly with her other hand. Sekhar moved his face close to his mother’s; very close.

“May I kiss you, mom?” He whispered softly.

Sudha moved her head fractionally closer so that their lips brushed each other.

His hungry mouth came down on his mother’s yielding, wet lips and hot mouth. He kissed her with a lot of passion and love.

When a man and woman kiss full on the lips, everything else is forgotten. Doesn’t matter what their relationship is, it is immaterial. While kissing passionately they are just a man and woman stroking each other’s sexual desires and fires. They are reduced to a very basic and fundamental equation of the universe!

After a couple of minutes they broke off.

“Enough for the night, Baby! Let us sleep. You have to go to work in the morning.”

So saying, Sudha pulled her son’s head to her bosom in a maternal gesture, offering him great comfort. Pillowed upon his mother’s ample bosom, Sekhar drifted into a sound sleep.

Several hours later, Sudha woke up. It took her a few seconds to realize where she was. She was flat on her back. Her son lay on her left side, his right cheek resting on her left tit, his left leg thrown across her tummy and his semi hard cock poking her side. He was sound asleep and his mother sighed contentedly and she too returned to sleep.

Next day Sekhar left for work in good cheer, kissing his mother on her cheek before leaving. During the day, Sudha’s thoughts returned to the night’s events again and again. She knew that they had crossed a threshold. Mother and son have now entered the forbidden territory and this was a one way street. You just cannot go back; only forward.

As the more senior member in this relationship, it was for her to control how far ahead they went and how fast, she thought. That she would indulge in incest, let alone even think about it, was unthinkable, in her past. But, that was the way of life; throwing surprises and making the unexpected happen!

To err is divine…hasn’t she read somewhere! An erotic story by that name, by someone called touchmate!! Yes, it certainly was divine so far!

That evening, after dinner, mother and son sat down on the sofa in front of TV. Both were silent, lost in their thoughts.

“What are you thinking about, Sekhar?” She asked him.

“Oh! mom!” He actually blushed.

“Come on, son! No secrets from me now.” She said teasing him.

“I am embarrassed to tell you mom…”

“Come closer and whisper in my ear, Sekhar!” She continued the tease.

He moved close to her and rested his chin on her shoulder.

“I am hungry for my feed in bed, mom,” he whispered.

“You are still like the little devil you were!” She said playfully.

Without further delay, they got up, switched off the TV and lights and moved to his bed room. Once inside he hugged his mother tightly and a very light moan escaped her.

Sekhar’s thought of nothing but the bare boobs, naked thighs and the mound of his mother the whole day. Sudha’s thoughts returned time and again to the fondling and sucking of her tits by her son, his palm on her pussy and her hand pumping his big, hard cock. Thus, both were pretty charged up by the evening.

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