Lovely Cries by a Songbird Ch. 02

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Author’s notes:

This is the sequel to the first chapter. I know that it has been a long time in coming, and I am sorry for the delay. It is a supplementary chapter that focuses mostly on the beginning of a relationship between Jessica and Jacqueline. I should probably forewarn you that there is not a lot of sex involved in this chapter. I plan to have the third chapter out by the beginning of September. Again, I am really sorry for the delay.


Needless to say, her sleep that night was not all that restful. Jacqueline had drifted off soon enough after her head had made contact with the pillow upon returning from the bathroom, but since her first wake up about an hour afterward, the night had turned into a bit of a struggle. When she wasn’t tossing and turning to find a more comfortable position to lie in, she found herself on the verge of falling back to sleep, but just couldn’t seem to doze off again.

Becoming frustrated, she ever so carefully sat up in bed. It didn’t really matter though because Jessica was dead to the world at that moment in time. Jacqueline could hear her friend’s heavy breathing from the back of her ear. She wasn’t snoring. It was actually cute. The noise escaping her was almost a content purr.

Still, she didn’t want to take a chance of waking her friend after her ordeal early that night. So ever so carefully, she shifted her body over with the palms of her hands controlling the movement until she found herself hanging off the edge of the bed.

With a forward motion her feet hit the plush carpet below and a tingling sensation went through her toes as she tried to gain her balance. For a moment she felt awkward as she moved forward and almost lost her balance. It seemed that the art of walking had briefly escaped her. A bit of a squeak had made its way up her diaphragm and out her mouth. The noise had been mostly suppressed, but as she regained her footing, she looked back at her friend.

Jessica had shifted in position a bit. It was a bit of an obscene display really. She was still in her panties and bra. Her legs while mostly flat were slightly spread. Her arms were sprawled out. One was in an L angle above her head, while the other was just pointing out at an acute “angle” from her side. What caught her eye, however, was that her back was not entirely flat. Looking closer, she saw that Jessica had fallen asleep on the side of the blanket underneath her. It had the effect of arching her back a bit and pushing out her chest.

Turning back for a brief second, while she found the sight of Jessica sprawled out on the bed kind of sexy, she also felt an overwhelming need to cover her. Something about the image before her made her feel guilty. The lewdness of the display, no matter how innocent in nature made her feel a bit uncomfortable.

Just as unexpected, Jessica shifted a little in position and let out a coughing sound. This froze Jacqueline in her tracks. Now thinking better of the situation, she decided that the girl really needed her sleep and now was the best time to hastily make her exit. Too much movement on her part and she believed that she would soon wake her friend.

So ever so gingerly, she shifted her feet along the padded floor toward the door. Grasping hold of the handle, she made a quick turning motion of the wrist and ever so carefully pried open the door. Looking once more over her shoulder, she saw that Jessica was still found asleep.

Stepping out into the hallway, she slowly shut the door behind her and set the lock. Now moving away from the door she had the sudden realization that she really had no idea what she planned to do. The only thing she had pocketed before leaving the door was her dorm room access card, which was in the interior pocket of her black shorts.

The hall was dark with only minimal lighting. The floor was cold. This was a stark contrast to her room, which had been like a sauna. A chill ran up her spine as she continued to walk down the long spacious corridor. A chill ran down her spine. She felt kind of bare. She really should have put on a bra before leaving she now believed. Her nipples were very hard, and it wasn’t from having naughty thoughts about Jessica. No, this was caused purely by the environment that she had stepped into. Well, mostly anyway.

Honestly, she had just needed to get some air, which now felt a bit silly given that the hall was not exactly a bastion of free circulating air flow. Sure, it wasn’t as humid as her room, but there was no breeze. What had seemed like a good idea at the time now didn’t. She had thoughts of turning back, but decided to push on.

At the moment, however, she really had no idea where to go. The only two choices seemed to be the student lounge or the bathroom. There was no way she was going outside in what she had on. Nothing really drew her to the lounge either. It was much too late to turn on the television. It was doubtful that anyone was still up.

So with the decision pretty bursa anal yapan escort much made up for her, she headed onward to the bathroom, which was now visible to her eyes. Something gave her pause though as she walked past a room on her left. Quiet laughter, almost giggles filled the air. From the best that she could make it there seemed to be at least three of them. Honestly, she didn’t really know how she knew that, but something seemed to give her the impression of three unique voices from within the room.

Further, something about the nature of their laughter intrigued her and she momentarily stopped. The laughter was faint, but one could hear it when standing near the door. Feeling a bit guilty she glanced around to make sure that no one was coming her way. The hall was of course as empty as she had remembered it only moments before.

A follow up giggle that was more of a groan caught her off guard. Feeling a bit tingly with nervousness she stepped back, before moving forward once more. She had just begun to walk on when something that was said stopped her dead.

“Oh… that feels so, so good,” a woman moaned.

“Sshhh Michelle,” another woman added in. She had been almost as loud as the first woman.

“I can’t help it… it feels…. so good,” the woman uttered matter-of-factly.

Laughter followed and Jacqueline decided that she was being too much of a perv for her own good. Whatever the girls were doing, while intriguing was simply none of her business. Still, her mind ran wild with a few possibilities as she continued onward. She now felt a sudden need to relieve her bladder, and maybe…

“Oh, Johnny… oh, fucc-kk ye-a-ah!” another woman moaned. It stopped her cold. This room was a few doors from her destination. It was on the opposite side of the hall.

Jacqueline wondered ever so briefly if the voice might have been from a television, but quickly dismissed that idea. It was too rich and clear. Something about the vibration it gave off seemed as if the mysterious woman was trying her best to be quiet, but failing miserably at it. Maybe they were having phone sex? It was possible. This wasn’t a Coed floor. No guy was supposed to spend the night. In truth, however, the RA… RAs really were not that strict, and she had heard plenty of stories, though had very little first hand knowledge of something like this.

It was, however, not at all shocking when she heard the male voice respond with a choked, guttural groan, “Oh, baby… just… just like that, I love the way…” And then it suddenly got quieter.

That was a bit strange. Jacqueline didn’t really care though given that it sounded a bit too much like a cheesy porn movie. Honestly, she had half expected to hear the woman talk about Johnny being “so, so big” and then announcing to him only seconds later in utter clarity that she was “cumming.”

Making her way into the bathroom, she decided against turning on a light as not wanting to draw attention to herself. Walking past the line of sinks, she made her way into a bathroom stall. Not exactly sure why, but she found herself locking the door behind her before slipping down her shorts, panties and taking a seat to relieve her swollen bladder.

A moment later, she was wiping herself and found that she was pretty sensitive. Her clitoris was kind of buzzing. A quick check of her panties confirmed the obvious. She was wet, like really wet and not the feeling of just being so. Jacqueline was actually a bit embarrassed by it. It wasn’t something that was all that common with her. Sure she got wet up there, but usually not down there.

Oddly, the thought of fingering herself had not even crossed her mind. It turned out to be a good thing; because no sooner had she stood and slipped up her panties and shorts when she heard voices.

This sent numbness down her back and to her thighs. The voices were coming her way, and the lead one was clearly female. Thinking back, she remembered her roommate Leah telling her about a late night bathroom adventure that had happened to her once.

Leah had described it in detail one night when the two of them had a bit too much to drink and were returning home from a night out on the town. She had been in the bathroom late at night to take care of her “business” when she had heard voices. At first she had dismissed it as a couple of women returning to the dormitory and making a stop before going their separate ways for the evening.

However, then she had heard a man’s voice. It was a guy and his girlfriend. Luckily the bathroom was rather dark, and they were not all that sober, so they either hadn’t noticed her or just didn’t care.

What had begun as rather interesting, watching the two of them make out quickly turned into a tortured adventure of unnecessary endurance. She was stuck in the stall as long as they were out in front, and to her horror they didn’t seem to be making a quickie out of their little adventure. karacabey escort

At the moment, mostly out of panic, Jacqueline was a bit short on the details, though she did remember bits and pieces of what Leah had told her. Most of it focused on the girl getting taken from behind by her boyfriend, while she placed her hands out in front of her to rest against the sink.

Leah had said it was pure torture to be trapped as the two continued on, and on. It went on for over twenty minutes with him pistoning in and out of her. Over and over again they continued. Even Leah, who had been mildly intrigued in the beginning just wanted it to end.

Leah had given a detailed description of the couple’s little tryst. He had pulled out of her pussy and she got down on her hands and knees. The guy stroked a couple of times and then ejaculated over her face. Leah was indifferent to it, but Jacqueline found the idea of the guy doing that to be repulsive. It felt like a wolf marking his territory, totally unnecessary and frankly, just gross.

Thinking back, she remembered the only time something like that had happened to her. It had been during her senior year of high school, she had turned eighteen about two months prior, the guy was a year older than her.

After giving him a rather “good ride” he had pulled out and slipped off the condom. She hadn’t really been paying attention to his actions and it was then that she felt him ejaculate on the side of her face. It had been most unexpected. She had held her rage for a moment, while she attended to her face. He had mistaken this passiveness as her having enjoyed his little performance. She hadn’t.

When he had moved in for a kiss, she had hauled back and slapped him. It was a hard slap across the face. He went numb. Over the course of the next twenty minutes she tried to explain to him how demeaning that was to her. For his part he had even listened. Something shocking for a high school boy in her experience. Well, the ones that she had dated anyway.

By the end of her rant he had apologized at least four times. Smiling internally with herself, she had then gathered her clothes and left him. After, he had called and texted her throughout the week, but she waited until the following week to return any of his calls.

Now her stomach felt queasy and not in a good way but just from a memory of what had happened. Relief, however, came several seconds later when she heard a second and then a third female voice. By now, she was almost positive that it was the three girls from down the hall that she had heard earlier.

Intrigued, and not wanting to be seen, she put the toilet lid down as softly as possible, sat down and lifted her feet into a squatting position. With this awkward arrangement, she might not be able to see exactly what was transpiring, but she would likely hear some of their talk.

“Oh wow you really know how to give a good massage woman,” an overly cheerful woman gleefully said.

“No kidding Michelle, you seemed to be enjoying yourself so much it kind of looked like Natasha gave you an orgasm or something,” another woman said. The voice sounded very familiar to Jacqueline. Like the voice was right on the tip of her tongue, and she just couldn’t place it for some reason.

“Oh shut up,” Michelle mocked. “To you everything is always about orgasms and stuff… It’s not like that, I just enjoyed her giving me a m-a-s-s-a-g-e,” Michelle continued.

“Right…” the mystery woman responded.

“I’m seriously Amanda, I’m straight, remember, and besides… I’ve got a BOYFRIEND!” Michelle mimicked sarcasm.

“I know, I known… But can’t a girl dream?” Amanda warmly stated. “Well, I’ve got to back to my residence; my girl is waiting outside for me.”

“Goodnight,” the girls said in unison.

Jacqueline heard footsteps as if something was walking out. It was only one of them, however. Amanda. She still couldn’t believe that it was her. The very girl of her fantasies had been right outside the stall door or so she was led to believe.

“Don’t think too much about me when you’re going down on your girlfriend tonight,” Michelle chided.

“Cute. Something tells me that will be the last thing I’m going to be doing this early in the morning,” Amanda sighed.

Nothing more was followed up on her statement, it was simply left to die in the air. The girls seemed to be waiting for Amanda to leave before they picked up their conversation.

Jacqueline was kind of hoping for some juicy conversational details. She didn’t get any, at least none that she really wanted to hear.

“I’m really worried about my stats test. I didn’t really poorly on the last one,” Natasha said.

“Don’t worry, you’re like a whiz at math,” Michelle chimed in.

A long silence passed between the two of them. It was as if Natasha was searching for the right words. “I know; I know… I thought so to in the past. I got A’s in both of my Calculus mudanya escort classes.”

“See,” Michelle reinforced.

“I got a 51% on the last exam; I barely passed the first one. I am afraid I might end up by having to drop the class,” Natasha pouted.

“Oh, shit that serious,” Michelle said in concern.

A heavy sigh filled the air. “I really could use some help,” Natasha stated matter-of-factly.

“Don’t look at me sweaty. I barely passed college algebra and elementary stats. I think I got like a C- in stats.”

“I’m so screwed,” Natasha sulked.

Jacqueline was beginning to feel a cramp in her side coming on and she hoped that the two girls would hurry up and finish their conversation. It was not to be, however, at least not for the moment.

“Maybe what you need is to get laid,” Michelle teased.

“I don’t think that would be such a good idea. I really need to concentrate on my studies.”

“Well sure, but maybe if you got yourself a little something, something once in a while you might not be so stressed,” Michelle said. “Maybe putting out a bush fire or two might allow you to relax and study a bit more.”

“Sure,” Natasha groaned in disapproval.

“Why not, it’s done wonders for my studies,” Michelle responded. “We need to find you a new man, someone that isn’t like your-last-boyfriend or maybe, a w-o-m-an-n.”

“Hey now, just a minute. That’s was just a dream. I’m not really into other women. I was just confused or something,” Natasha hissed.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t tell anyone about your little confession. Honestly, I thought it was kind of cute. I would have probably found it kind of sexy.”

Natasha let out an audible sigh again. “Sure, but Michelle… Everything makes you…”

“Not true,” Michelle remarked.

Natasha ignored her. “Hell, tonight you probably did get off on Amanda giving you a massage.”

“No!” Michelle answered a bit too defensively. “Well, maybe a little.”

“Just a little, huh?” Natasha left the question hang in the air.

“Yesss! It didn’t really get hot or anything, it just felt good and made me, maybe a little warmer.” Some laughter followed from Natasha. “Besides this isn’t really about me, it’s about you. So when was the last time?”

“Got laid?” Natasha cut her off.

“No… When was the last time that you had an orgasm?” Michelle inquired with serenity.

“Are you kidding me? You want me to tell you when the last time that I climaxed?” Natasha miffed aloud.

“Why not?” Something dead silence filled the air, and than Jacqueline heard water running. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll go first. It was last night for me. A pretty good one, eh ones if I do say so myself.”

“I can’t believe that you just told me that,” Natasha giggled. “Are still going strong with that boyfriend of yours, huh?”

“It wasn’t actually with my boyfriend,” Michelle said under her breath.

It seemed to occur to even Jacqueline before Natasha caught on. “Oh… Oh, wow. Huh.”

“So how about it?” Michelle asked again.

“I don’t know,” Natasha coyly responded.

“Seriously?” Michelle chided.

“I am being serious. I have no clue. It had to be weeks ago… It was before I broke up with…”

It was only then that Jacqueline realized that the girls were taking the conversation into another part of the bathroom. This was followed by swinging of the door that led out into the hallway.

Feeling a sense of relief coming over her, Jacqueline got down off the toilet seat and stretched. A sense of remorse consumed her briefly. She really didn’t mean to listen in on their conversation, but she couldn’t really help it. To announce her presence would have only made things worse given what they had been talking about when they had first walked in.

This initial guilt was quickly replaced by cramps in her thighs. Stretching was required for some time before she felt comfortable enough, as in stable enough to make the journey back to her dorm room.

The walk back to her room had been rather uneventful. She heard no voices, and saw no shadows. The hallway was still cool, but now she was more adjusted to her environment. Her nipples were barely noticeable.

Arriving at her door moments later, she swiped her key-card through the reader and the lock opened. Jacqueline braced herself for what she might find on the other side of the door when she slipped inside. Relief, however, met her along with a hot blast of warm, humid air. Jessica was now partly on her side, but she was still sleeping.

Carefully approaching the bed, she nimbly slipped in under the outstretched body of Jessica. The girl let out a bit of a moan and she froze for a second, but otherwise seemed to still be sound asleep.

It would seem that the walk did her a little bit of good after all. Her mind was more at ease. Her thoughts were no longer racing. She was comfortable in the position she was in with Jessica’s arm draping over her body and Jacqueline pressed lightly against her. Even the smell of her perfume was relaxing. Suddenly her eye lids felt very heavy. It seemed that the rush of emotions was wearing off. Not more than minutes after her head hit the pillow she was truly asleep fully for the first time that night.

(By the Dawn of Early Light… Morning Shadows)

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