Lovers Meet Ch. 03

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I arrived outside the club to find my lover waiting for me, we entered the club by the main door, and after paying the £30 per couple entry fee, we checked our coats into the cloakroom, and looked about us, On the this floor were the club’s communal rooms, and spotting a sign for the lounge bar we made our way there and ordered drinks, we were both nervous, this was the first time that we had been to this type of club, and we were both pumped up a little bit, we were a little excited and the high adrenalin levels coupled to the sexual tension which we both felt, had made us a little heady.

Moving to a table in a quiet corner we settled down with our drinks, “I hope we enjoy this!” I said, you look at me for a moment before replying, “We talked this through before we came, it’s a little late to be having doubts now”, you say as we finish our first drinks, and I went to the bar and ordered more drinks.

The second drinks arrived and we found that we were starting to relax, and after a few moments of small talk I asked you if you were wearing knickers, “Yes”, you reply, “You could say that, I’m wearing a thong but it is so small it hardly covers me, you have already noticed that I am not wearing a bra, so apart from that it’s just me under this skirt and blouse, I came prepared to be really sexy, and didn’t want to waste time later”.

With our glasses replenished for a third time, we sat in silence for a moment or two, casually you move closer to me and rest your hand on my leg, I am very conscious of the heat from your hand, I glance down as you began to stoke my leg lightly, your hand moving closer to my groin with every stroke, “You like doing that?” I ask you as I rest my hand in your lap, knowing that your prick will be hard, moving my hand lightly I caress your hard shaft through the fabric of your trousers, in reply you start to caress my breast through my blouse, I feel my nipple harden immediately to the touch of your fingers, I look down and can see that both my nipples are standing hard and proud, my breasts are lush and full, the blouse is straining to contain them.

“God! I have to touch your lovely wet cunt.” You say lustily as I feel your fingers between my legs. I feel your hand stroking the inside of my thigh above my stocking top. Your fingers so near to my hot, wet pussy,

“Take off your thong” you whisper in my ear, I feel your breath warm on my neck, sending a shiver down my spine. “What? Here?” I ask, I hear a slight quiver in my voice. “Someone might see us” I say, looking around, as if suddenly aware of our surroundings, but also excited by the thought of removing my thong.

I can feel my heart pounding away in my chest, I feel so excited, and I know you will watch me as I take it off.

“Yes, here” you reply, as I look into your eyes. “I want you to take off your thong, I want you to take it of slowly and provocatively, I want to watch as you take it off. I want you to wipe it up your hot wet pussy lips, so that it’s soaking wet with your cunt juices when you hand it to me.” You say, sounding slightly breathless.

My face feels bright red as I take in your request. My clitoris twitched and pulsated as my pussy became wetter, contracting at the thought of how hard your cock would get if I did this for you here while you watched. I laugh nervously, and search your face but I know that you are serious. I look round nervously, but there is nobody around to see. You kiss the back of my neck sending waves of desire over my whole body. “You want my thong?” I whisper, moving my arse in a slow sexy circular motion, my hands slide down over my hips and I tease my skirt up just enough for you to see the black lacy stocking tops against my white skin. My eyes are closed and I am completely lost in this wanton display of lust. slowly I gather up my skirt and loop my thumbs around my thong and slowly raise myself to remove it, slipping it slowly down my legs I pass it over my feet and hand it to you, you fold it into your hand so that you can see the gusset where it had been nestling next to my cunt, “lovely!, it’s nice and wet and still warm”, you whisper to me as you smile at me, you hold it to your face greedily taking in my scent. You breathe in my pussy smell and then suck the juices that have soaked through it. “Mmm, your cunt really tastes good.” You tell me leaning forward to kiss me. I can taste my cunt juices on your lips; casually you put my thong into your pocket, “I am saving that for later, in fact I may keep that, take it with me as a memento of the evening” you tell me.

I want you so much. My cunt is twitching furiously; I want you to take me here, fuck me hard.

I raise my skirt higher, I gasp as I feel your finger gently part my sticky wet lips and your thumb nudges against my clit. I can smell my pussy juices as you bring your fingers up to my lips for me to taste. We kiss frantically, both sharing my love juice as our tongues dart madly around each others mouths.

“Shall we finish these drinks and move on to the next Ataşehir Escort room?” I ask you quietly, “Yes” you reply without any hesitation. Leaving the empty glasses we move to the end of the room and pass through the single plain door into a small anteroom with a set of stairs leading down to a dimly lit room. We are alone. I let my hands slide down over my breasts, I cannot help but shiver slightly as I feel my erect nipples jutting through the material of my thin blouse, I want so much for you to touch them, Your hand snakes around my back pulling me close to you and I can feel your breath on my neck as you whisper sweet nothings in my ear, telling me that you can’t wait to make love to me. My nipples are now painfully hard, and my breathing quickens as I feel your hardness pressing against my thigh. You kiss me deeply, as your hand brushes lightly over my left breast, a tremor runs through my cunt, your right hand finds its way under my skirt and gently caresses my naked buttocks as you kiss me, I feel a familiar feeling starting in my groin, the noise of a door being opened disturbs us, a tall, curvy woman stands a few feet away. She is smiling, not the least embarrassed by what she has interrupted, and obviously in no hurry to walk away. Her long black hair falls over her green eyes, her lips, crimson with lipstick are full and fall open as she speaks “Oh! Sorry! I, errm, I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“We should move on anyway” you remind me, as you reluctantly release my ass; taking my hand in yours you lead me down the steps into the dimly lit cellar area. “Would you have liked it if she had wanted to join us?” He asked me, the thought was already in my mind as I pictured her big heavy breasts falling free from the confines of her bra, her nipples hard and stiff like mine, her pussy, wet and sticky, hot and inviting, our tongues, fingers, I can imagine you with your cock deep inside her cunt, fucking her while I watch.

We are sat in a cosy fire lit corner on the most comfortable sofa I have ever sat on. I cuddle into you and your arm falls around my shoulder, “Let’s have a drink.” You say with a cheeky glint in your eyes. “Mmm, I wonder what you are up to!” I reply, a new anticipation and more images building in my sexual fantasy, your hand is resting just above my breast. I will you to touch me, to feel my hardened nipples with your fingers, stroke them through the soft material of my blouse, my skirt has risen up around my thighs due to the depth of the sofa and I sit up and modestly attempt to pull it down to my knees. You pull me back into you and this time your fingers dance over my nipple as your arms rests over my shoulder. My skirt rides back up as I settle back and cuddle in once again, this time I leave it be, I am a little past caring what people can see up my skirt now “Stroke my cock” you whisper into my ear. “Feel how hard it is” I run my hand up the inside of your thigh. Heat radiates from your bulge and I can feel your massively hard cock straining against the tightness of your trousers. I touch you gently, fingertips just dancing over the material, just enough for you to feel my touch. I look up at you, your eyes stare straight back into mine, I feel incredibly horny now,

“Harder, stroke me harder” you command me; I trace your cock with my fingertips and then spread my palm over the length of your cock, rubbing and stroking, firmer and harder. “Do you want to suck this big hard cock, would you like me to cum in your mouth, give you some nice thick spunk to taste?” you ask me.

“Oh God Yess!” I reply.

“And do you want me to fuck you with my big hard cock?” you ask, “Ohh Yes” I reply breathlessly “I want to feel your cock deep inside me, fucking me hard, I want your cock to feel the spasms in my cunt when I cum.” I say, my breath now coming in short gasps as I remember how you prick feels inside me.

My eyes open and I am looking around me, your hand is still stroking my nipple and your other hand is slowly sliding up the inside of my thigh, I open my legs for you as your hand strokes my inner thigh, up, toward my sex, just brushing my lips, then moving down, away, teasing, you are driving me crazy. “I want you” I whisper. “I need you” I say looking up at you. Your eyes are fixed firmly on the bar. I follow your glance and my eyes rest upon the tall, curvy woman. She is alone, she sits at the bar, confident, alluring, and she has her eyes fixed on us, she has been watching you touching me, and I realise that you knew all along that she was watching, I wonder if we have turned her on, if she is as aroused, is her cunt is as wet as mine.

“Kiss me” you say as I settle back on the sofa beside you. We kiss and you sigh deeply as you taste the soft sweetness of my lips, our hands are exploring each other with urgency, each aware of the others arousal as I breathlessly stroke your hard thick shaft. We stand up and walk slowly towards the far end of the long room.

The woman watches us as we leave, kissing as we walk, Ataşehir Escort Bayan I wonder if she is here with someone or is she alone.

When we reach the end of the room, I can see that this end is divided onto reasonably sized niches, one wall of each which was covered with a large mirror, and simply furnished with a platform about six feet by three feet, and a large settee, quite a number of niches were occupied by people in various states of undress, a lot of them were naked, there was a lot of sexual activity going on, it looked very exciting, I felt my cunt twitch.

We picked an empty niche, “Lay down there,” you tell me pointing to the platform. I lay down.

“Pull your skirt up” you tell me, I pull my skirt up above my knees, “All the way up” you order me.

“Now open your legs wide, show me your cunt, I want to see how wet you are” you say.

I open my legs, the contrast of my hot wet pussy feels cold exposed to the air, and I can imagine how I look.

“Pull your pussy lips open and show me deep inside your pussy” you say. I reach down; my thighs are wet where my juices have run from my pussy. I touch my outer lips. They are swollen and sensitive and very wet with my juices, I pull them open, wanting to expose my inner pink flesh, show my deepest intimacy to you.

“Did I do that to you?” you ask, a look of raw lust on your face as you gaze at my wet, open sex.

“Yes” I murmur, recalling your fingers there just moments earlier and wishing so much that I had allowed myself to come, I slide a finger into my aching cunt, I am dripping with my juices, It feels wonderful,

My clit is throbbing and my pussy aching I need you to fuck me, to enter me so deeply and thrust even deeper until we both explode, our wetness soiling the sheets and mingling with our hard earned sweat.

“Do you want to masturbate until you come?” you ask me as you watch me fingering my cunt.


“You want a really good fucking though don’t you”

“Oh yes! I want you to, I want you to fuck me, I want you to slide your cock into me and…”

“Shush” And you walk towards me. Your fingers brush against my cheeks as you gently tuck my hair back from my face. You lean forward and kiss me so gently I can hardly feel your lips on mine.
“I am going to blindfold you now” you whisper in my ear, don’t be frightened, I will be here with you.

I am in darkness.

You take my hands and tie them, one at each corner, binding me to the platform, and then you do the same with my legs. I am aware that my legs are now held apart, my most intimate parts will be on display to anyone who come near, I feel someone unbutton my blouse, then I feel a gentle tug as my blouse is pulled open releasing my breasts for the first time that evening. Leaving them exposed to the cool air, jutting up towards you. I feel a disturbance in the air near my almost naked body, I breathed deeply, knowing that there were many people watching me and staring at my unfettered breasts. They were probably touching themselves, I thought, getting off at the sight of me in this room. A wanton lust began to fill my senses

My senses are on fire without the aid of my sight. I imagine small sounds, I am waiting for you to touch me, I know you are there, just inches from me; I need you to touch me. I wriggle forward, my legs open, revealing everything, my exposure and vulnerability reaching out to you. I want you to do to me whatever you want.

I am lost in my desire, your cock is there, just in front of me and I can smell you, I open my mouth and part my lips ready to take your hot hard cock into my mouth. God I want it so much. I am so lost in my dark world I don’t hear the others as they gather round my almost naked body. My tongue roams over my lips, slowly, side to side, I want your cock inside me, my mouth, my pussy, so much I am just waiting for you to take me now, I am yours to use as you want, to do anything you want with me, my trust in you is absolute.

“You look so sexy” you tell me, and I am back, the images gone from my mind, my senses fully alert, waiting, panting now, anticipation building, pussy pulsing, I am writhing on the bed, my hands and feet tied my legs open. I feel the bed shift and know you are coming to me. I feel hot breath so close, closer. I wait to feel your mouth, your tongue dip into my pussy and tease me into oblivion.

I feel you, your fingers stroking my legs, your lips gently kissing and licking from my feet to my thighs. It tickles, it makes me my heart pound in my chest, I can feel my nipples standing hard and proud, just waiting for your touch. I am aware of only one sound in the room, my moaning. I want you and I am telling you.

“Oh God Please! Lick me, taste me, I want you to fuck me, make love to me, take my mind and body.”

“You want me to take you now, fuck you?” you ask.

I sense you are smiling. I know you are and I wonder why I hear you so far away. Your fingers are now Escort Ataşehir so close to my pussy but your voice is not. A finger slides in and I gasp, I know straight away it is not you. I know your touch, this is somehow different, softer, and suddenly I know it is her – the tall curvy woman.

I am blindfolded – darkness encompasses me, I revel in this new sensation, unable to resist responding.

“Oh! That feels so fucking good” I moan as the finger delves deeper, pushing up and stroking my g-spot.

You like that?” you ask. “Oh Fuck yes!” I reply, “I want you to fuck my mouth” I gasp.

“Is she going to make you come” you ask,

“Oh yes it’s lovely, but I want you in my mouth, I want you to come in my mouth when I come”

“Fuck Yes. I want to shoot my spunk into your mouth, deep in your throat, just let it all go” you say

The woman responds to my words by pushing her tongue deeper inside me, tasting me, lapping at my juices, I know that she is tasting me, I have a sudden urge to taste her, I want to taste her love juices on my tongue.

She reaches out with her hands and plays with my breasts, massaging them, circular motions, her tongue mimicking her hands as she moves on to my clitoris. Her fingers tweak my nipples and her mouth sucks my clit. She moves faster – and so do I. It’s almost as if we are in tune with each other. Then the rhythm changes, becomes slower, harder, I can feel her face being pushed into my cunt, I realise that someone is behind her fucking her as she kneels between my wide spread legs lapping greedily at my cunt, She is driving me crazy and I am driving you crazy, intense, erotic, wanton, on the edge of orgasm we both cry out it feels so good.

I feel the powerful waves rushing towards me, my inner walls clenching and unclenching, faster, my heart beats faster, my breath comes in short sharp gasps, my face contorted by the pleasure I am feeling, my pussy is wet, pulsating, gripping her tongue. I suck harder, faster, my tongue flitting crazily, up and down your shaft, but I have no control – you are fucking my mouth now, your cock filling my throat with every thrust.

You know I am close to Cumming and you are thrusting your cock deep into my mouth. My orgasm shoots through me like an electrical charge, my body bucking, shaking and then slowing down to a quiver as I cry onto your cock, breathing short hard gasps, still sucking. I feel your cock at the back of my throat and can almost swallow you. My arms ache from being tied and I arch myself up towards you, desperately wanting you to cum now, I need to taste your cum, to drain you of the last drops of your hot thick spunk.

She is still there between my legs, greedily licking up every drop of my cum, she starts to moan and I hear her partner grunting loudly, I can feel each thrust he makes as her tongue is thrust deep into me as he cums.

“Take off my blindfold. I want to see” I say as I lie there panting heavily.

“Hmmm, not yet” you reply. I want to watch her lick your pussy clean, I want to watch her lick you clitoris to the point of no return, until you cum, I want you to come again for her while I watch. I want to see your gushing love juice all over her face.

“I want to see! Take this fucking blindfold off!!!” I yell at him.

You come towards me and I can smell you. You lean forward to remove the blindfold and I seize your cock into my mouth again. Sucking it into my tight wet mouth I wish so much I could squeeze your balls but my hands are still tied. My tongue darting up and down your shaft with every downward motion, sucking tightly and filling my throat with you, tasting you, my eyes take a second or two to adjust to the light before I can see properly, I am surprised to see several people in our little niche, all of them naked.

I see both of you… She is laying between my legs, her hair pulled to one side and her face so close to my pussy. Her fingers are playing inside my cunt, slowly, teasing and her lips are painted bright red, parted and her tongue is dancing on her full lips, ready to plunge into the musky sweetness of my aching twat. I turn my head and look up. Your balls are full, straining and a deep red colour. Your cock is in my mouth.

Her eyes look up at us, capturing the scene and waiting for your imminent spasms.

“Lick his balls” I tell her. She moves up the bed, her body on top of mine, her tits against mine, sending a jolt through me as her nipples brush against mine. Her nose and chin are dripping wet and shiny from her greedy guzzling between my legs. Her lipstick no longer visible, all washed away with my cum and her saliva. She reaches forward and cups your balls. I can feel her hands resting on my chin as she starts to squeeze them. You are pumping faster now. You are fucking my mouth like never before. Still grasping your balls tightly in her cupped hand she reaches her wet face forward and flashes her tongue out, just enough to graze your balls. You gasp, stiffening as though in pain. Again, her tongue darting randomly over your balls, just inside the crease of your leg, back to your balls, squeezing them, her nipples are still touching mine, rubbing, filling me with wonton lust as she leans forward and back again with her tongue dancing all over your balls.

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