Lovin Mouthful Ch. 06

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The phone was ringing.

“Jessica? Jessica?” I was in the middle of watching a playoff game and really couldn’t stand the distraction of getting up and answering the phone. “Jessica? PLEASE!!”

“What’s the matter? You break your leg?” Jessica yelled back from the kitchen, “Oh! I forgot. You’ve got the game on! Sorry, I forgot that that getting up, walking three feet to the desk, and answering the fucking phone would ruin the entire game. Jeez! It’s probably a beer commercial anyway!”

I hesitated to comment that in the time it took her to rant about my not answering the phone she could have picked up the extension in the kitchen and stopped the intrusive ringing. But why escalate the conflict? The call was probably for her anyway.

The call WAS for her. That made me feel smugly satisfied. I was right and I was right. But, I found, it doesn’t pay to be too right too often, especially if one one tries to gloat.

When a time-out did come up (and ,yes, the break was for a beer commercial) so I went into the kitchen to see what Jessica was doing. Well, for one she was gingerly holding the phone between her thumb and forefinger on her right hand holding it near her ear and attempting to talk. She was in the middle of baking and she had shortening or some such substance all over her hands. Chagrined, I mouthed “I’m Sorry” and, finding a non-greasy spot on the phone, plucked it from between her fingers, hit the “speaker” button on the handset, and put the phone on the counter so she could talk “hands-free”.

Jessica carried on without missing a beat. “Sure, Laura! I think that would be fun. Let me get cleaned up and I’ll meet you at your place…..Yeah…..O.K…..In an hour…maybe a little more….Yes….O.K….No, I’m sure it’s fine….Yes….See you soon.”

Jessica motioned to me with her gooey fingers to turn off the phone, which I did straightaway rather than risk further wrath. As I wiped off the phone with a dish towel, Jessica returned to her baking task and with swift efficiency put together two sheets of cookies and slid them into the waiting oven. No wasted movement there!

I walked back into the living room and picked up on the game again. Damn! In the brief interlude in the kitchen, the other team ran back an interception for a touchdown. Damn! There went my point spread. The game wasn’t over but, knowing their opponents, it was too close to the end for my team to recoup. I switched the TV off and went back into the kitchen.

“What’s up with Laura?” I tried to sound nonchalant but I was very curious, knowing what I did about Jessica and Laura.

“Not much. She just wants to do some shopping.” Jessica sounded too matter of fact to be ‘up to anything’, “There’s an after-hours sale going on at (a store in the next town) and she wants me to go with her.”

“Just shopping?” I queried. “I mean you’re going shopping and not ‘shopping’, right?”

“Yes, silly boy.” She was peevishly condescending. “Yes, just real shopping! Beside that, you know I’ve got my period and that pretty much precludes any fun and games.”

Yes, I did know about Jessica’s period. But, if I got a blow job this morning like I did, how is it that Laura might not get similar treatment from my oral-sexy girlfriend? I think Jessica was reading my mind.

“Laura’s got her period now, too, so you can put the stopper on your lurid imagination right now, mister.” Jessica knew she got me with that one. “I suppose it is just synchronicity, huh? Our periods just brings out the shopping bug in both of us.”

Jessica put some dishes in to the sink, tidied up the counter a little, and hung her apron on a hook on the side of the refrigerator.

“Watch the cookies. They will be done in fifteen minutes.” Jessica was in her elementary school teacher mode. “Take them out of the oven- -USE the oven mitts- -and put the cookie sheets on the stove top to cool. I’ll be in taking a shower. I won’t be long.”

I followed directions to the letter and was standing there looking like a third-grader who had successfully completed a school assignment when Jessica wafted back into the kitchen looking all scrubbed and fresh.

“All done. See?” I motioned toward the stove top. “Perfect? Right?”

“Yes, very well done, Marco.” That school teacher tone again, “You didn’t miss a thing–except for turning the oven off, closing the oven door, turning off the oven light, and hanging up the oven mitts again. Perfect!”

I could tell she was being facetious. How was I to know to do those things? They weren’t in her instructions. Jeez!

“Marco, Marco, Marco!” Jessica twitted me, “You’ll never be a woman- -at least when it comes to cooking!”

“So, Jessica, what am I supposed to do while you and Laura are gallivanting all over town?” I suppose I was trying to make her feel a little guilty. “The game’s over and I’m pretty much at loose ends now. You want me to try to bake another batch of cookies?”

Jessica looked horrified. “No, No, NO! No baking cookies! I couldn’t take coming home to the mess that I’m sure I ankara otele gelen escort would find if I let you do that. Why don’t you just clean up a bit yourself and come along. You and Lu (Lurecia) can plot something while Laura and I are on our spree.”

Did I detect something sly in her voice? Or, was I just imagining things again.

No matter, I went in to the bathroom, gave my self quick rinse off, slapped on some cologne, and put on some respectable clothes and left with Jessica.

We chatted in the car on the way over to Laura and Lurecia’s place.

“Jessica? That night we had with Laura and Lurecia was pretty spectacular, huh?”

I was fishing for a response for we hadn’t talked a lot about it since then. Almost as a reaction to the over-the-edge character of that experience, Jessica and I returned to a pretty much routine sex life for a few weeks- -well, at any rate, sex as it had become routine for us. That included a spectrum of activity from plain old fucking, to oral sex, to a little dildo play, both ways- -me and her- -and a little dress-up, too. We had gotten the cum-swapping/cum-eating thing down pretty well and it had become pretty much a staple of our sex life. I really enjoyed it and, in fact, I felt a little cheated when for some reason we didn’t do it as part of our love-making. But we hadn’t gotten real wild and certainly hadn’t indulged in anything like the orgy that the four of us had that night.

“Yes, Marco. It was spectacular.” Jessica sounded wistful, almost as if she were reliving it in her mind’s eye. “Spectacular, memorable, and- -for that matter- -hard to top!”

That was the problem with experiences like that: Once you’d done them one time, you could never do them again for the first time. It did tax one’s imagination to keep coming up with better sexual scenarios. But over stimulation had its price. It made ordinary sex seem like something less than satisfactory. Just as sex had become a couple of months ago before our escapades, it was again becoming a little prosaic.

“We need to spice things up again, Jess.” I took an affirmative approach. “Let’s dream up something, O.K?”

“Sure, baby! I’ve already got a couple of ideas but…” She looked down at her crotch, “Right now there is a significant impediment that’ll take a few days to remove itself. After that…well….lets do some plotting of our own. O.K.?”

Before I knew it, we were at Laura’s place. We took the elevator up to the eleventh floor and Laura was there at the door waiting for us as we got off.

“C’mon sweetie,” Laura addressed Jessica, “Let’s just get going. O.K?”

With that, Laura waltzed Jessica back into the elevator and punched the button for the garage.

“Marco? Lurecia’s in the apartment. You two have a good time while Jessica and I are out.” Laura said that as the elevator doors closed so I couldn’t answer back. But, if she could have heard me, I should have aid something like, “Is Lu a football fan?”

For some reason, the thought of sex left me cold. Besides, Jessica had worked her magic on me that very morning with one of her patented nut-busting blow jobs and cum-swaps. I guess I was just ultra satisfied.

Then I turned and headed toward the apartment. Lurecia was standing just inside the doorway looking like someone had lit her up with about ten megawatts worth of incandescent light. She was literally glowing. Part of that, I saw, was the fact that she was standing under the crystal chandelier in the entry way but the other part of it was that she was just glad to see me.

“Come in, Come IN, COME in!” Lurecia was ebullient. “We’re just gonna have a great time, Marco!”

“Lu, I’m not feeling all that perky.” I thought I’d back him/her off at the outset. “My team lost today, I didn’t beat the spread, and I’m just plain old down.”

“My baby’s down? ‘Down’ did he say?” Lurecia pointed a slim index finger with a long, polished nail at me. “Well, let’s GET down then.”

Lurecia turned her hand over, palm up, and beckoned me with all four of red tipped fingers, one at a time and in sequence almost as if she were trying to cast a spell on me.

Lurecia was lithe and energetic. She laughed, shimmied her body, and went through a series of dance moves as she headed toward the living room. There wasn’t any music on, it was a beat she heard only in her head. In a way, I was glad of that. I don’t know if I cold have stood any music with that strange of a rhythm.

“Well, if my baby’s feeling down…I mean down, down, DOWN….then I’m going to have to help get him up, up, up!” Lu was chanting in time with the same music to which she was moving that she could hear only in her head.

“Lu, sweetie. I’m not really in the mood. Sex with you is fun but I’m just not ‘up’ to it tonight.” I tried again to deflect her.

“Oh, Marco! Who said anything about having sex?” She smiled another ten megawatt smile at me. “I just said I’m going to make you feel good. You come with me….with me….with me.”

She öveçler escort summoned me again but this time with both outstretched hands and dancing fingers. It was all so unusual that, in a way, I did feel entranced so I followed her as she led the way weaving and dancing backward all the way to the master bathroom.

I was a huge room for a bathroom, probably 15′ X 15′. It was done in marble and chrome, had double sinks beneath a mammoth mirror, with a immense tub, and a separate oversized shower with fixtures on both sides. The rugs on the floor were the whitest sheepskin I’d ever seen and towels were plush white with gilt monograms. The lighting was intense, not at all soft. and I cold tell it raised the temperature of the room.

Lurecia went over to the tub, leaned over and turned on the faucets, tested the temperature with her fingers, made an adjustment or two, and began to let the tub fill up with warm water. She reached over and picked up a crystal cruet and poured a milky liquid from it into the water. It began to foam and bubble and I could detect a scent of what? Lilac? Gardenia? Plumeria? All three? It smelled wonderful, especially in moist air of the wafting up from the warm water. I was going to get a bubble-bath?

I stood there immobile as she began to undress me. She unbuttoned my shirt and peeled it off of my arms and tossed it onto the floor. She deftly undid my belt buckle, unbuttoned my pants, unzipped my fly, and tugged my pants down until they were around my ankles. She held my shoes while I slid my feet out of them and freed them from my pant legs. One by one she removed my socks and then came my briefs down my legs and off onto the floor with the rest of clothes. I was standing there naked. It was odd, though. I didn’t even have a hard-on.

She quickly slipped out of her clothes, much easier for her because she was braless under her halter top and thongless/pantiless under her loose fitting silk pants. I was transfixed by her chocolate brown body, so taut and trim with her perfectly rounded breasts, and (it was no surprise now) her perfectly shaped cock. She didn’t have a hard-on either.

We stepped into the tub holding hands for balance. The water seemed hot on my feet and legs, not too hot but hotter than I’d expected. We eased our way down until we were sitting in the water which came up over our legs and half-way up our tummies. Lurecia turned the water off and we sat there luxuriating in the warm water with only the sound of sloshing water around us.

Lurecia reached over the side of the tub and came up with a can of shaving gel and a disposable, double-bladed razor. What did she have in mind? Her body was pretty smooth, no hair around her cock for sure. Then she prompted me to lift my right leg out off the water. I was too relaxed to resist. He lathered it up and commenced to shave all of the hair off of it quickly with long, deft strokes. She repeated the process with my left leg and then addressed each of my arms with the gel and razor, including removing the hair from under my armpits. I was pretty smooth and my skin glistened as she rinsed off all of the lather. She eyed my crotch. Her look was, “Oh, YES! That, too!” I stood up in the tub and she applied the gel to my privates and whisked my pubic hair away with the razor. She was very careful and gentle as she worked on my scrotum and the area underneath between my legs. By the time she finished, my body was as smooth as a baby’s butt.

We stood up together and she grabbed one of those large white towels from the rack and wrapped it around me drying me off. She used the same towel on herself. She took two white robes off their hooks and handed one to me as she put the other one on herself.

“We’re not finished yet, Honey Boy!” She cooed as she found a vinyl covered stool underneath the sink. “Sit down here, Sweetie.” She patted the chair with her hand.

She picked up the can of shaving gel again and applied it to my face making sure that she covered all of the areas where my beard might be: cheeks, chin, upper lip, throat, and neck. Then she produced an old fashioned straight razor, not one of those double bladed plastic things, but an honest to goodness single blade straight razor. I was taken aback by that. Who knew how to use those things in today’s world.

Lurecia sensed my discomfiture. “Honey Boy, I learned to use one of these a long time ago. Not to worry.”

With all of the skill of a practiced barber, she began to remove the beard from my face. With sure strokes she moved down each cheek, up my neck and throat, across the contours of my chin, and finally with short strokes finished with my upper lip. I reached up and felt my face. I’d never given myself a shave that close- -ever. And there wasn’t a nick or cut anywhere. It was a perfect shave.

She began to daub some liquid on my face and rub it around. I could see in the mirror that there was some color to it. It was the same type of thing that Jessica had used on me when we did our dress-up, role reversal caper. It was pendik escort then that I realized what Lurecia was doing. She was making me up to look like a woman!

After the foundation, she applied a little blush, and then used the eyebrow pencil, the mascara, and finally the lipstick. Then came the nylon stocking cap and the flowing burette wig, the same one that Jessica had put on me before.

As I looked in the mirror, I saw the face of an attractive woman- -from the neck up. From the neck down, I saw my very male looking body- -granted, hairless but male looking nevertheless.

Lurecia glided out of the bathroom with me in tow. We went into the dressing area just off the master bedroom. She stood me in front of a full-length mirror. She reached into the closed and produced a black cocktail dress, a black bra, black panty hose, and low heeled black pumps.

“Here, put all of these on.” Lurecia was gentle but insistent. “You’re gonna look goooood, Honey Boy!”

I put the padded bra on just like Jessica had shown me, pulled on the panty hose which had what I identified as a “control top”, the shoes followed, and then slipped the dress over my head and smoothed it down over my body. Lurecia was in back and zipped it up.

I looked in the full-length mirror, You could have fooled me. A very attractive, tall, slim, exotic, brunette stared back at me. I had only the vague sense that it was me. She was making me more than a little horny.

“YOU are looking good, Honey Boy….I mean, Honey Girl.” Lurecia was impressed with her work. “You ARE looking GOOOOD!”

“One more thing, Honey Boy.” Lurecia opened a drawer and produced a bottle of red nail polish. “Your hands don’t look all that girly. We’re gonna take care of that.”

Quickly but precisely Lurecia applied the polish to each of my finger nails. It was very, very red. I was amazed at the difference it made. My hands did begin to look “girly”.

“Now, you don’t do anything with your hands for a few minutes. Just sit there!” Lurecia said as she got up and went into the dressing area.

I could see her shed her robe, letting it drop to the floor. She had a marvelous body for a…well….a man/girl- -very shapely, very smooth, very sexy. She slipped on a thong she took out of a drawer in the closet, grabbed a dress from the clothes rod, and slipped it over her head. It was a black one, not too different from the one I had on. She selected a pair of t-strap high heel sandals and wiggled her feet into them.

“Voila!” she said, “I’m almost ready. Don’t you move your hands, now!”

Lurecia quickly brushed on some make up, gave her eyelashes a quick curl, and put on some lipstick. She looked at herself in the mirror as if to confirm that everything was in place and then looked at me to do the same thing.

“Let me see those hands, ‘girl’. Yes, they look just fine.” I got a look of approval. “We are a pair of FINE look’n women, FINE look’n.”

She took me by my hand and led me toward the living room.

“Let me see you walk.” That was almost like a drill sergeant’s order. “C’mon, back and forth now.”

I walked up and down the living room trying to get used to he low heeled women’s shoes. I guess I wobbled a little but that wasn’t what troubled Lurecia.

“Sway a little, girl. Don’t pace, don’t trudge. Just glide and sway.” Lurecia demonstrated by walking back and forth herself. “See, SASHAY! I know it’s going to feel funny but you’ll get used to it. Besides, they’ll be mostly looking at me and you can get by with a little awkwardness that way.”

That took me back a little. “They? THEY, are going to be looking? Who might ‘THEY’ be?”

“You’ll find out. Just follow me.” Lurecia led me by the hand to the door. “We’re gonna have some fun GIRL!”



About fifteen minutes later, we were pulling into the parking structure of a high-rise building downtown. Lurecia had filled me in on our plan during the drive. We were headed for an upscale club at the top of the building. This was the kind of place where the second tier “beautiful people” hung out. No celebrities here, no captains of industry, no film producers, no mega-bucks folks. But there were some people of modest affluence who liked to sample some night life that was a cut above the regular clubs. These were lawyers, stock traders, real estate deal makers- -the upper middle class. Most of them were self-absorbed, loved to be complimented, and loved to put on the dog to have a good time. Perfect for our purposes.

Even though she had gotten the parking ticket that was automatically dispensed when we entered the garage, the type that was usually paid upon exiting, Lurecia stopped at the parking attendant’s enclosure and motioned him over to the car. She gave him the ticket and a bill from her purse. They exchanged a few words that I couldn’t hear but I did hear her say, “So, my regular space is open?” The attendant nodded. “Goood man!”

She wheeled her SUV down the ramps until she got to the bottom most level and then drove clear to the end of the aisle. There weren’t many cars there but she still went all the way down. There was an orange cone placed in front of the last parking space, the one next to the concrete wall. Lurecia got out of the car, moved the cone, got back in and then backed into the parking space.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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