Loving Family Pt. 03: Marie

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I woke slowly as morning light filled my room. I had just had the hottest dream about giving my virginity to my dad, and then having my mom ravage me with a strap-on. I wanted to believe it had actually happened, but Mom and I were still working on the details of getting Dad to accept, and act on, my desires.

The sun streaming through the window as I lay there should have been my first clue that something was different. I suppose it’s understandable since I was still half asleep. The sun was directly in my eyes, so I rolled over escape.

There, in front of me, was Dad.

I sat up a bit and looked around. This wasn’t my room. This was my parents’ room. And there, on the other side of Dad, was Mom. The sheet was only pulled up to her waist and her breasts were bare.

Suddenly, Mom shifted, raising up onto her elbow. I tore my gaze away from her breasts to see she was smiling at me.

Suddenly, the reality of the situation forced itself into my sleep fogged mind. It wasn’t a dream! I celebrated in my mind. I actually fucked Mom and Dad!

Mom pulled back the sheet, revealing Dad’s naked cock, still soft as he slept.

“Why don’t you suck on him until he wakes up?” she suggested.

I lay my head on his lower stomach and slipped his penis into my mouth; with a hand, I began to massage his balls.

As Dad’s cock hardened, I heard my mom move, coming into view as she positioned herself between his legs. Once she got settled, she began licking and sucking Dad’s balls. Feeling that my hand was in the way, I began caressing her head, gently pulling her against Dad.

We continued like that for a few more minutes, until I felt hot cum spray out of his cock. I kept as much of it in my mouth as I could, swallowing a little to keep it from running down my chin. I let my father’s dick slip from my mouth, then shifted to kiss my mother, sharing his cum with her.

“That is a damn good way to wake up,” my dad said.

Mom and I continued to make out, our tongues caressing each other. I was massaging her breasts when she climbed over Dad, helping me to lay down. When I was lying flat, her hand slipped down to my pussy and played with my pubes; gently combing, pulling, and petting. I spread my legs, inviting her further. She quickly accepted the offer, sliding her hand across my wet pussy and driving a finger into my aching vagina.

I was so lost in what Mom and I were doing, it was a surprise when I felt Dad slip his head between us so he could suck on my tit. Mom pulled away from our kisses, giving her full attention to playing with my pussy. Their combined ministrations quickly led me to my first, small düzce escort orgasm of the day.

As my orgasm faded, I felt Dad making his way down my body; kissing, licking, and nibbling across my stomach. Mom slid her hand from my pussy, giving him access.

As Dad licked my cunt, Mom climbed off the bed and, grabbing the strap-on from the floor, headed to the bathroom. I heard the sink running and then some shuffling sounds before Mom returned, holding the strap-on.

“Do you still want a turn using this?” Mom asked.

“Uh-huh,” was all I could muster with Dad licking my pussy.

“Let her up, Sam.”

Dad got up, but not before giving my pussy a few parting licks. After he had backed away, I stood and Mom held the strap-on harness out for me.

“Step on in, baby,” she encouraged.

I obeyed, and she slid it up my legs. When it was almost all the way up, she grabbed the dildo on the inside and lined it up with my pussy, making sure it slid right in as the harness was settled over my hips. Once it was in place, Mom snugged the straps.

It was interesting the way the big dildo on the harness rested on my pubic bone. As Mom began playing with it, her motions caused slight shifts in the harness, which in turn caused the dildo in me to shift slightly.

“How do you want to use this?” she asked me.

Uncertain, I responded, “What do you mean?”

“Well, you can just fuck my pussy or ass; if you work with Dad, you two could spit roast or double penetrate me —”

“Spit roast?” I interrupted.

“A cock in my mouth, and one in my pussy — or maybe my ass,” she answered, still stroking my psuedo-penis. “Or, if you’re up for it, you could try fucking your father in the ass.”

“I think I’ll start with your pussy, and see how things go. Can we do doggy style?”

“Mmmm,” purred Mom. “Sounds fun.”

Giving a final tug on the plastic cock, Mom climbed on the bed, getting on her hands and knees. I climbed up behind her, but I was having trouble getting things lined up.

“Let me help,” said Dad.

He climbed up next to me, guiding the dildo into Mom’s pussy while he pushed on my ass. Then, once I had pushed in as far as I could, he got behind me, his erection pressed against my ass.

“Follow my movements,” he coached.

I tried to keep my ass snug against him as he began a thrusting motion. After some false starts, I started getting into the rhythm. When he realized I had Mom well taken care of, Dad pulled away and stepped back to watch.

“I bet Mom would like to suck your cock,” I suggested.

“Fuck, yes,” she agreed. “Feed me your edirne escort cock, Sam.”

I’m sure I wasn’t very good, but Mom was loving being fucked by her daughter. Before long, she came, moaning around Dad’s cock. As her orgasm subsided, it was clear she couldn’t hold herself up any longer, so Dad and I slowly backed away, giving her room to collapse.

While Mom recovered, Dad came over and returned to sucking my tits. It felt good, but I wanted to enjoy using the strap-on some more.

“Can I fuck your ass, Dad?”

“We can try,” he answered. “I’ve never had more than a couple of your mother’s fingers, or a small plug up my ass. I’m not sure if I can take this dildo. Just take it slow and warm my ass up with your fingers.”

With that, he reached over to his nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube, which he handed to me. Then, like Mom had done, he got down on all fours. I lubed up my fingers and dripped a little extra on his ass, then started trying to push a finger in.

“Hold on,” he cautioned. “I’m not quite ready for that. Try just massaging my asshole, first”

I did as Dad instructed, using my well lubed fingers to rub his back door. My fingers moved in lines and circles, sometimes firm sometimes gentle.

“Ok,” he said, “now slowly try working one finger in. If you feel resistance, pause for a moment, pull back a little, and try again.”

It was slow going, but following his instructions, I was able to get my finger buried completely in his ass. As I moved my finger in his ass, I felt his muscles start to relax.

“Try another,” he moaned.

I pulled my finger mostly out of him, then used the same technique to work two fingers in my Dad’s ass. This time, I started getting ready for a third finger before he asked. As he began to relax even more, I added more lube, having previously heard that you could never have too much lube.

Finally, I lubed up the dildo on my harness and pressed the tip against my father’s asshole. He pushed back against me, and before I knew it, his ass had swallowed the whole thing.

As I slowly thrust in and out of Dad’s ass, Mom shifted over so her ass was right in front of his face. Without hesitation, he began licking and kissing her asshole; each of my thrusts pushing his face firmly into her ass.

On a whim, I reached down and pushed the button that started the vibrator. Dad moaned noisily into Mom’s ass and I whimpered my own pleasure as the vibrations moved through both of us. After a minute, Dad pulled back from Mom’s ass.

“Too much,” he panted. “Turn it off.”

Lost in an orgasm, I wasn’t able elazığ escort to follow his instructions, so Mom crawled around and turned off the vibrator. When I came to my senses again, I realized that I still had my fake cock buried in Dad. I slowly backed away, and as he collapsed in exhaustion, I noticed the streaks his cum had left on the bed. Feeling tired myself, I collapsed next to my well-fucked dad.

While Dad and I lay there, Mom gently removed the strap-on from me and took it to the bathroom. When she came back, she wore the freshly washed psuedo-cock.

Mom coaxed me onto my stomach, then onto my knees. I heard the snap of the lube being opened, then felt it drip cool onto my ass. As the lube warmed against my skin, Mom began massaging my anus. Before long, she had one, then two fingers softly gliding in and out of my ass.

Suddenly, she pulled her fingers from my ass. There was the sound of the lube opening and closing again, and the hard end of the strap-on was pushing at my back door. I began pushing back, and the dildo slipped in a short way. I rocked forward, letting it slip from my ass a little, and pushed back again, taking a little more of the unforgiving toy into my ass. Eventually, my ass made contact with Mom’s stomach as my ass swallowed all of the strap-on cock.

As I sat there, enjoying the feeling of fullness in my ass, I saw my dad stroking his hardening cock as his wife fucked his daughter’s ass.

“Fuck my pussy, Daddy,” I pleaded.

He worked his way underneath me and lined his dick up with my pussy. As he pulled me down on him, I was overwhelmed by the sensation of having both of my lower holes stretched.

“Give me a moment,” I asked as my pussy wrapped around his cock.

After I had adjusted, I started bouncing back against my parents’ penetrating members. They took my queue and started fucking me in earnest.

Then, Mom turned on the vibrator. I could feel her fake dick vibrating in my ass, rubbing against Dad’s real cock in my pussy. Before long, I was coming hard, my ass and pussy clamping down hard.

“Fill my cunt, Daddy!” I yelled.

“Take it, baby!” he answered back, as I felt him pumping his cum deep inside me.

“Aaah!” screamed Mom as her own orgasm erupted.

We collapsed in a heap, both my parents still penetrating my body. Soon, Dad began to go soft, his penis slowly slipping from me. When Mom had recovered her wits, she reached down and turned off the vibrations. Then she slowly pulled the strap-on out of my ass, leaving me with a strange empty feeling.

As I lay there, Dad’s cum leaking from my pussy, I was happy beyond words. I had a loving, intimate relationship with my parents. I might one day find someone to share my life, but I vowed then that, no matter what, I would never let anyone or anything interfere with the relationship that I was building with my parents. We were a loving family, and we would always remain one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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