Lucy and Her Neighbour

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I was only ten years old when my parents separated. As the only child I struggled to cope and understand on my own as I watched my parents tear chunks out of each other emotionally and financially. Both had good jobs but it was Dad who moved out and bought another house on the other side of the city.

Despite their initial hate for one another my mother allowed me to spend every other weekend with my father and over time they lost pretty much all contact with each other. By the time I was eighteen my parents had no real reason to speak so it was up to me to fill in the blanks for them.

I’m not quite sure to this day how the divorce affected me? I craved male attention but only seemed to attract it in the sexual sense. Looks and leers from men and boys. I guess it’s normal, but I found it hard. Whenever I stayed at my father’s he would often get some DVDs for me before leaving me alone while he went out with his friends or piece on the side.

That’s how weekends at my father’s house were often spent, on my own. Until one particular summer holiday when I had just turned eighteen and finished high school.

Mum went away on holiday so I was to stay with my father for a fortnight. It was a rare spell of hot weather for the school summer holidays so I decided to make the most of it and sunbathe in the back garden.

After dosing my body in sun lotion I slipped into my orange bikini, grabbed a book and headed into the garden.

As I led my towel on the short grass and sat down on top of it I noticed one of the neighbours was already out watering his plants. His name was Eddie and he was also divorced in his fifties. I had only seen him a few times over the years and we had only said a few words to each other. Not even my father knew that much about him.

We didn’t acknowledge each other but as I slipped my sunglasses on and opened my book I couldn’t help notice him leering at me over his watering can.

A small wall separated our gardens with a fence on his side with large gaps in between the planks making the separation a little higher. But it was quite easy to look into one another’s gardens with little to no obstruction.

I immediately felt uncomfortable. I was eighteen, with a slim body, 5ft 5 or 165cm if you prefer. I weighed 50kg or 110 pounds with body measurements 32C-23-34. I know this because my mother was a health freak when it came to weight and diet, plus always insisted I had made to measure bras.

Anyway, despite being a virgin and timid around boys I had kissed a few and allowed my only ex-boyfriend to feel my breasts, so I was aware of what Eddies leering meant. He was checking me out.

I could see his eyes wandering up and down my body, but naively I felt any attempt to cover myself would make it obvious to him that I knew he was watching me, and then that would make me feel even more uncomfortable.

Eddie then moved towards the fence, still watering his plants.

“Another fine day, isn’t it?” He spoke.

I turned politely towards him but did not remove my glasses.

“Yes, yes it is.” I replied. Shocked he was making conversation.

I turned back to my book hoping, praying that that was the start and end of our conversation.

“So, what are you reading there?” He asked. I was wrong.

“Oh, just a romantic novel,” I told him nonchalantly, not taking my eyes from the page.

“A young fine woman like you should be out with her friends.” He chuckled. “Not reading slosh like that.”

I couldn’t believe what he had just said to me. In shock I smiled meekly, again not looking away from the page. In fact I wasn’t even reading. I was lingering on the page, waiting for the moment for him to leave me alone.

For the next hour he pottered around his garden watching me as he muttered under his breath. I couldn’t concentrate on reading as I instead glanced through my sun glasses at him. After all the years living next door without saying so much as hello, he was now suddenly taking an interest in me. I never wanted his interest and I certainly didn’t want it now.

However, once he stopped speaking to me I relaxed; I grew used to his leering and started to appreciate it. I had always been uptight before. But here I was in my bikini and this older man was wishing he could have me. He never would have me of course, so I finally went back to reading my book and ignored him.

That evening I cooked dinner for me and my father. Sitting opposite each other he asked about my day and I told him I had been sunbathing gaziantep escort bayan tanıtımları for most of it.

“I spoke to Eddie today,” I told him, a little shakily, “he seemed chatty for the first time ever.”

“I’m not surprised having an eighteen year old in a bikini to look at.” My father laughed.

“Dad!” I barked across the table.

“What did you talk about?” He inquired.

“This and that,” I mumbled, looking down at my food.

“Did he say or do anything?” he asked, sounding more curious than concerned.

“Well, he was looking and maybe flirting a little bit.” I told him, unable to look my father in the eye.

My father chuckled dismissively. “You sure it’s not your young imagination? After all you do read a lot of that romantic trash.”

Typical for my father to be completely misunderstanding of a situation.

“Whatever, dad,” I shot back.

“If he is making you feel uncomfortable I’ll go see him and tell him.”

“No, you’re probably right anyway.” I sulked.

After dinner I cleaned up and headed for a long soak in the bath while my father went out with some of his friends. As I led in the soapy water I closed my eyes and the images of my day in the garden filled my thoughts. I realised I had enjoyed having an older man looking at me, especially in my bikini. I had been on the beach plenty of times and noticed guys ogling me. But as they were ogling all the women on the beach it never affected me the way Eddie had.

Cupping my left breast with my left hand and gently massaging it, I slipped my right hand down between my legs and gently stroked between them. I was wet, and not from the bath water. Imaging myself topless in the garden while Eddie watched from his window I suddenly climaxed in the bath.

The next day I cancelled my day out with my friends and decided to lie in the garden again. This time I was in a blue bikini and it didn’t go unnoticed with Eddie.

“Blue suits you better than orange, Lucy.” He shouted over the fence. “Although orange looks good on you too.” He chuckled.

“Thanks,” I smiled at him, determined to show him that I would not be intimidated today.

“So, where’s your boyfriend?” He asked, brazenly.

God, he had some nerve I thought. “I’m free and single.” I replied, trying to be clever without realising I was only fuelling his fire.

“Oh,” He smirked, “you must get lonely during the holidays.”

“Not really,” I said, “I read instead.” Holding my book up like a nerd.

Finally taking the hint Eddie left me alone and went back inside. After a while I put my book down and applied some more lotion to my body. I don’t know how long Eddie had been watching me but up in his bedroom window I could see a figure watching from behind the blinds.

Smiling at myself I remembered my fantasy in the bath as if it were coming true. The only thing missing was me topless. No chance I thought, but instead squirted the lotion onto my chest and tummy before leaning back slightly to rub it in. I wasn’t going topless but at least I could tease him a little.

I told my friend on the phone the previous evening about Eddie and she laughed at me, telling me to tease him as he would probably run a mile if I played along.

On the third day I was back out in the garden and again Eddie was at it. I answered his questions innocently, pretending I didn’t understand his under tones and innuendos. I wondered if he knew I was playing along or if I was genuinely naive. I guess it was a bit of both to be honest.

It was reaching lunch time when Eddie approached the fence and I asked if I fancied a ham sandwich with some fresh lemonade.

“Made the lemonade myself,” he proudly stated, “not like that crap you get in the supermarket.”

I was already standing up to go in when he asked so when I turned to politely decline he waved his hands at me and insisted I try it.

I was suddenly nervous again. I was no longer the girl next door winding the neighbour up from behind the fence.

“Come on, Lucy, you’ll enjoy it,” he persisted, “just come through the side gate.

With little time to clear my mind I walked to the side of the house where a gate separated our gardens and where Eddie was standing with the gate open to welcome me in.

I walked past him and thought I heard him smell me. I turned to look at him but he quickly closed the gate and told me to go inside his kitchen.

When gaziantep escort bayan telefonları I stepped inside his kitchen I was greeted to a ham sandwich neatly cut in half and a fresh glass of cloudy lemonade. The small snack looked inviting as I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since breakfast. I stepped towards it and politely picked up the glass before taking a sip.

“Mmm,” I genuinely groaned. “It’s delicious.”

“Thank you.” he said, looking at my cleavage before looking up at me.

I suddenly realised I hadn’t put my shorts and t-shirt on. I had willingly entered his house to eat his food and drink in just my bikini. This time I hadn’t been playing along, I was now very nervous but even more nervous trying to hide it.

Taking a bite from the sandwich I looked about the kitchen thinking of a way to excuse myself and leave when suddenly Eddie reached over and gently touched the top of my right breast with his finger.

“What the …” I started, but then Eddie apologised as he held up a small piece of lettuce that had fallen there from the sandwich.

He was grinning from ear to ear as he placed the lettuce into his mouth.

“I think I should leave.” I said placing the sandwich back onto the plate.

“But you haven’t finished your lemonade, Lucy.” He said, handing it to me.

I took the glass from him and gulped some of it down before he closed the door, locked it and drew the blinds.

“You’re a tease, Lucy.” He said, pulling down his shorts.

I stepped back wide eyed giggling. I was giggling at the outrageous situation and I now found myself in. A moment ago I was scared but remembering the telephone conversation with my friend I stayed strong.

“Have you seen one this big, Lucy?” He grinned at me, taking out his semi-erect cock.

“I haven’t seen one before.” I told him truthfully.” Not in real life I hadn’t anyway. Not even my ex-boyfriends.

“Really, so you’re a virgin then?” He grinned wider.

“Yes.” I said with pride in my tone.

“Bullshit!” He shot back. “A hot piece of arse like you, lying in the garden teasing your neighbours in a bikini, I don’t believe it.”

“Don’t believe it,” I fired back defensively, “but it’s the truth.”

Bizarrely this situation was arousing me, I was arguing with an old man with his cock out over whether or not I was a virgin.

“You like it don’t you, Lucy?” He said calmly.

I was staring down at him, unable to turn away as I watched him stroking it. I was mesmerised as it grew bigger and bigger in his hand.

“Touch it,” he told me, stepping closer towards me, “feel how hard it is for you. You have caused this, Lucy.”

I felt a sudden tinge of excitement when he said that. My body began to feel hot, hotter than normal and it wasn’t the weather.

Eddie reached over with one hand whilst still stroking his cock with the other and grabbed my hand. He then pulled me towards him and placed it around his cock. It felt strange. It felt wrong. It felt exciting.

Do you like how it feels in your tiny hand, Lucy?” He asked, removing his hand and leaving me to stroke him.

I nodded and grabbed him a little tighter, squeezing him with my palm.

“Ohhhhhh yes girl, that’s it.” He groaned.

I smiled and suddenly felt powerful. I couldn’t explain the feeling inside of me as they intensified.

Eddie leaned closer and placed his hand between my legs. “Open up for me, Lucy.” He told me, and I obeyed his instruction.

I shuffled my legs apart slightly, allowing him easier access as he rubbed his finger tips into my lips through the blue fabric of my bikini.

“Oh!” I sighed loudly as for the first time a man was rubbing me down there.

His touch caused me to catch my breath and increase the speed of my stroking. It wasn’t intentionally, I didn’t know if what I was doing was right. I was just doing what felt natural; my body was in control now.

With his free hand Eddie pulled down the straps of my bikini top. The left strap first quickly followed by the right one. He left the straps dangling there, my breasts barely covered as he took in and appreciated the view.

“Take it off, Lucy.” He instructed.

Letting go off his cock, I reached around my back and unclasped the bikini top.

Eddie grabbed his cock and was now tugging on it hard. Moaning and grinning before I let go of the clasp and bared my breasts inside his kitchen.

“Oh yes, gaziantep escort bayan videoları Lucy!” He gasped, letting go of his cock to grab my breasts with both hands.

He wasn’t gentle and for some reason I liked it. He was grabbing and squeezing them before pinching and sucking my nipples. All I could do was gasp as I tried to catch my breath.

With Eddie feasting on my young flesh I went back to stroking his cock. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the feel of it in my hand. It was hard but also soft. It was warm and I loved how it pulsated in my hand.

“Are you really a virgin?” He grunted in between taking mouthfuls of breast.

“Yes,” I gasped from the sensation from my nipples.

Eddie groaned louder.

“My cock is bigger than average at eight and a half inches’, Lucy.” He warned me, before slipping his hand back between my legs.

This time however, he slipped inside my bikini bottoms and rubbed my clit before slipping one of his fat fingers inside my body. My heels lifted off the floor before slamming back down again. The sudden intrusion was an unexpected surprise.

I was moaning now as my excitement grew and I desperately wanted to climax on his hand. The feeling of his finger inside was driving me crazy. I could feel myself tensing around it wishing it to go deeper.

“Are you ready, Lucy?” He asked. “Are you ready for your first cock?”

“Yes,” I panted, not really sure what I was agreeing to. My mind was awash with pleasure and excitement. I would have said yes to anything.

Eddie quickly led me towards the kitchen table and told me to lie on top of it as he helped me up. I led back flat as he hooked his thumbs inside my bikini bottoms and pulled them down my thighs and off my legs.

Completely exposed to this older man I cupped my breasts and closed my eyes. I could hear Eddie panting as he rubbed his cock up and down my shaven slit. I was soaking wet but feared the pain I had so often heard about during a girls first time.

The first inch slipped inside easily but then it suddenly felt very tight. I winced and gritted my teeth as he pushed further and then the pain disappeared. It felt good again before he withdrew.

“You weren’t telling lies, hey, Lucy.” He grunted sliding back inside my body. “Sixteen and a virgin,” he seemed pleased with himself.

“Ohhh god,” I moaned, “Oh yes.”

I felt so full. So tight as he gently rocked back and forth between my legs. I was so wet I could hear the squelching as our bodies were locked together.

“Fuck your tight, Lucy.” He grunted above me.

“Oh yes, you’re in me,” I panted. “It’s deep.

Grunting and groaning Eddie started to fuck me and I finally knew what all the fuss was about. This was why everyone loves sex so much I thought as he seemed to go deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Eddie then placed my legs on top of his shoulders and it felt even tighter before he knocked my hands out of the way and grabbed my breasts. I couldn’t move, I didn’t want to, as Eddie had me trapped in that position while he continued to fuck me.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I cried out, over and over again.

The sensation deep inside me was rising and rising. I could feel it climbing up my body towards my head before suddenly my mouth went dry and …it happened. I exploded into an almighty orgasm, thrashing around on his kitchen table, my pussy convulsing, my lungs unable to fill with enough air, but Eddie didn’t slow down. He kept going, his cock deep inside my womb before it became too much for him.

“Arghhhhhh … fuck! Lucy!” He shouted with one final lunge.

It was a strange feeling inside me. My orgasm was intense and amazing. But feeling Eddies cock deep inside me pulsing in time with his grunts felt different. I knew he was ejaculating his sperm into my womb.

Once he finished, Eddie helped me up from the table as a large dollop of blood stained fluid literally dropped out of me and landed on the floor between my legs. More poured out of me before the rest trickled down the inside of my leg.

I looked at Eddie and gave him a disgusted look. He laughed before passing me my bikini bottoms and telling me to go shower. I slipped back into my bikini and quickly left.

I ran upstairs to my bedroom feeling ashamed of what I had done. I kept telling myself I had enjoyed it, which I had, but then removing my bikini bottoms once more I felt the large semen stain in the gusset was screaming whore at me. I had just given my virginity to an old man.

Later that night laying in bed the guilt waned slightly. Thoughts of Eddie’s kitchen table came flooding back and I wanted to be there again. I remembered how his cock had felt in my hand, and then how big it felt inside me.

I reached over to my bedside table and picked up my long handled hair brush. Giving the plastic handle a seductive suck I quickly slipped the object inside my body and pleasured myself.

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