Lunchtime Picnic

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What a wonderful lunch we had yesterday. I loved surprising you at your office. I could tell when I knocked on the door and it slowly opened that you were surprised to see my silhouette with a picnic basket full of unknown temptations. I heard you breath in deep as you still found me new and exciting. I must admit the day was warm and my little black and white checked sundress left little to the imagination. The see-through quality of the fabric and my bare legs slightly kissed by the new spring sun made you grow anxious inside, I am sure of that. I have been with you long enough to know what you are thinking.

I could not wait to sit with you. I dropped the basket on the floor, closed the door and crossed your office to your lap. I gently dropped myself down while your arms encircled my waist and we kissed deeply drinking from each of our emotional wells and inhaling our natural scent. Your hand slipped down from my waist and slid under my dress to rest momentarily on my hips. I love the feel of your hands on my bare skin, it makes me so tingly and turned on. Your hand went up my back further and we kissed longer. Our embrace was so comfortable and strong that I felt myself start to waver and feel heady.

In a moment our “hello” was relaxing, your hand dropped back down and came out from under my dress. You then reached up and with both hands untied the strap behind my neck that held up my bodice. As the straps fell, my breasts were revealed to you. You could see that I was already very turned on, my nipples were very hard. You gazed at me and I felt hot under your look. It is amazing that every time is like the first time with us. My breasts yearned for your touch but after only güvenilir bahis a cursory gaze you reached under my dress and began pulling off my underwear. I had to lift my dress up a little higher and rise up off of your lap to assist you. As I moved around and shifted my legs and weight you noticed my pussy lips covered by a fine down of blonde hair. As you pulled my underwear off with one hand you freed your other hand to lightly run your fingers from the bottom of my lips up, just lightly teasing me. You felt the heat and moisture that had began when I saw you looking at my silhouette in the doorway. The feel of your hand made me squirm and giggle and you smiled at me and kissed me again.

With your hands at my waist you lifted me up to the edge of your desk. I leaned around and helped push things out of the way so that I would have plenty of room, I knew what you wanted. You pushed your chair back ever so slightly and spread my legs and gazed at my pussy which was by now shiny with moisture. You licked your lips, leaned forward and lightly & softly kissed my pussy before running your tongue between my soft yielding lips. You then teased and licked me without going near my clit. I sank back with a sigh, softly breathing your name with pleasure until I was laying down on your desk with my legs on you shoulders. I reached down with my hands and placed my fingers on my lips to spread them further to help and encourage you to my most sensitive spot. You knew what I wanted and toyed with me some more before you concentrated on my clit, sucking and licking until I was breathless and moving my hips in ecstasy.

With one hand you placed two fingers inside my swollen and hot pussy and used türkçe bahis your thumb to continue stimulating my clit. With your other hand you unbuttoned your pants and brought out your cock. While slowly removing your fingers you stood up and brought your cock close to my pussy and placed your hand on the side of my hip.

By now I was wondering what you were doing since there seemed to be a pause, so I raised back up and with one hand on your shoulder and one hand on the desk I looked lovingly at your wondrous cock. I pulled you to me so that we could kiss while I reached down to stroke you. Your cock was so beautiful and hard and had almost a life of its own with a large drip of your juice ready to slide down the length. I touched the end where the moisture was and used it to slowly stroke the head. I tried to pull it closer to my hot pussy. My lips were screaming to be wrapped around it while my pussy sucked it deeper.

As we continued to kiss passionately you allowed me to help you place your cock right at the entrance and press slightly on my swollen opening. Slowly and easily you moved it in very small circular and back and forth motion up between my lips, lightly pushing them apart. My hand and fingers felt your head against my soft wet pussy lips as I used my fingers to stroke myself while we continued to enjoy our kiss. My pussy lips and clit felt your head the whole length of it as you gently stroked and teased me with it while we kissed. I was all the way at the edge of the desk and my pussy was screaming for you to enter me.

You placed the head at the velvet opening again and applied the appropriate amount of pressure to slide all the way in. I watched you slide in güvenilir bahis siteleri and gasped out lout when you reached the end as I could feel the pressure that your cock’s head made inside me. You only turned my head back up and pulled me closer for another harder kiss. I had both of my arms around your shoulders and neck holding you so tightly.

There was a knock on your door and you whispered, “Did you lock the door?”

I giggled slightly and said, “Oops,” while you hissed, “Fuck!”

You shouted at the door that you were busy and to come back later. You then looked down at me as if to scold me but instead you began to pull out.

“No baby” I pleaded. You placed your hand over my mouth and pushed your cock back in. Again and again you plunged into me. I reached down with my hand to feel you sliding in and out and my hand became covered in our love juice. You took my hand away and made me lay back down on the desk and with both hands on my hips fucked me harder and harder and harder. I was breathless and wanting more. I spread my lips with one hand while you continued to fuck me. I used my fingers of the other hand to tease my clit and stroke the silky juice between my lips.

I started to feel myself begin to cum and moaned in ecstasy.

“Ohhh baby, I am ready, cum with me” I softly cried.

You continued to thrust in and out of me while my pussy contracted all around your cock. You felt me cumming and it only fueled you to push harder and deeper into me. The juice and wetness was flowing out of me with each stroke you made and each moan of ecstasy I gave until it was dripping down your balls.

When I was almost finished cumming you continued thrust between my lips. I could feel the head of your cock growing bigger and harder. You then pulled it out and with an ecstatic fierceness your cock pulsed and spilled its cum all over my belly.

“Next time,” you said “Lock the door!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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