Lust in the Heat

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By the time she walked in through the door, she was dog-tired. She undid the tight chignon of her hair and scrubbed her scalp with her neatly trimmed nails. The pencil-skirt had had its desired effect on the men working out in the construction site. She’d felt in power because they were distracted by her feminine shape, accentuated by the fine tailoring and materials. But being sexually appreciated while appearing totally unaware and inaccessible had its toll. She needed to make sure all the men saw her as a professional superior, not someone they could easily coerce into a little after-work playtime.

She stretched and adjusted her stance, taking off her heels, rubbing her feet one after the other. Before she passed the laundry basket she reached beneath her pencil skirt and pulled off the thong which had been annoying her all day. She would prefer to go commando, but that kind of intimacy was too much. Some of those men, she knew she didn’t want to seem accessible to them. But sometimes when they came into her office for a ‘chat’ and her tiny room filled with the stench of their sweat and the sun-kissed earth they’d been working in all day. Their muscles bulging and lightly playing with their hard-hats. Sometimes she just needed to be touched, and not having her thong on would be torture for her.

She leant against the door frame into the kitchen. Stroking the skin of her arm through her silken blouse she sighed and brought to mind one of her favourite workers. He was a polish man who hadn’t been in the company long. Perhaps one season or two. Not longer than a year. He’d recently been promoted to a team leader, so she knew he was good with his job.

He was quiet with her, but she already knew his laughter. She didn’t feel like she was being unclothed with his eyes. Which was unusual, the other men, she sometimes felt dirty because of their mentally undressing her constantly. But this Polish lad, what was his name? Gregor. Gregor looked at her as if he didn’t need to undress her to know her. His gaze felt like he already knew her, already possessed her.

She shivered and moved to the freezer for her favourite after work treat, plain ice. Her office was too hot, she really needed to get someone in to see to her air conditioning. She popped one frozen cube into her mouth and ran the other over her collar bone, undoing the top two buttons of her blouse, and dipped it into her cleavage, turning slowly, eyes half-closed in bliss.

She started and dropped the ice, Gregor stood in her doorway.

“Gregor? What are you doing here?”

“I’m sorry, you left your purse onsite, and I thought you might need it. Your door was unlocked and as you didn’t answer the first knock, I thought it would be okay to come in. I apologise. I will leave.” He turned on his heel, and she impulsively ran after him, grabbing his arm and making him turn to her.

“Don’t leave, Gregor.” Her hand was still on his sizeable bicep. With effort, she removed her hand and then swallowed drily. “It’s a long journey here, and I thank you for your thoughtfulness, but I couldn’t let you go without insisting you stay for at least one drink.” What was she doing? She was practically indecent, her hair all a-tumble, her blouse undone to reveal the top of her ash lace bra, and she wasn’t even wearing underwear for goodness sakes! But, she was still prepared to attempt the dutiful hostess role, despite her dishevelled appearance. She stuck her chin out a little further and dared him with her eyes to not take her seriously.

“A cool glass of water wouldn’t go amiss, thank you.” He strode into the kitchen and sat patiently at the breakfast bar, looking for the entire world as if he’d been living here for years. Her plan was foiled; she’d hoped to straighten herself out here while he reclined in the den. But, she would have to improvise.

She swiftly fetched the glasses and placed them before Gregor, two tall, gleaming high balls. Then she returned to the freezer to fetch the ice from the bottom shelf, cursing herself for being lazy and putting it there. She’d have to bend in two to retrieve it, giving Gregor a good view of her rounded ass in the tight skirt. She could feel his eyes on her, and it brought a blush to her cheeks.

Then she went to the other side of the room to reach up for the tall jug, to mix the drink in. She stood on tip-toe, suddenly remembering that she usually stood on a chair to reach it – something she wasn’t prepared to do in front of Gregor. Suddenly a hand appeared above her own and easily took the glass jug from it’s shelf and placed it neatly in her hand. She turned swiftly and found herself very close to this tall man. Her nose maslak escort was exactly level with his chest and she was forced to stretch her head all the way back to see his face from this angle.

She knew he had the perfect view of her cleavage and her breasts. Her breath quickened, her skin flushing as it screamed to be touched by him. She was showing much more skin than she ever would at the office, and she could sense that he was struck by her. Things would move rapidly in one of two directions now. They could make a move and something could happen, or they could step apart and act like nothing was between them. But with her body telling her to step forward and her brain telling her step back, she was caught like a rabbit in a bright light.

He swallowed, and she saw his gaze flick to her lips and then her breasts. He took the jug from her hands, knowing he was in charge of this, and put it on the counter behind her. His fingers had been itching to touch her since he’d seen her through the glass door strip those tiny panties from beneath her skirt. He could see in her eyes and could feel with every atom of his being she needed, ached to be touched, but that she was also scared of it. He decided to test her.

He drew one light, glancing finger across the top of her breasts. Her eyes flickered shut for a millisecond and then reopened, while she licked her lips to a brighter red.

She was ready. He took a step closer, encircling her, not with his body so she was still free to escape if she needed, but with his presence. She was brought up short by the counter, her buttocks perched nicely against the edge. He did not touch her still.

“I have often wondered,” he murmured, never taking his gaze from hers, “what you wear beneath those teasing skirts.” It got the desired effect, her mouth dropped open in a small ‘o’ of perfection. Without allowing her to respond he bent his head to her and kissed her thoroughly. He wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass now he had her.

He felt her slowly relax against him, opening up bit by bit, until she was greedily lapping at his tongue, molding her small frame against his. He held her lightly by the waist and lifted her so she sat on the top. Slowly, as if not to scare her away, he began to trail his fingers down her leg, reaching imperceptibly for the hem. She was so lost in the kiss she barely noticed.

Her breasts crushed against his hard chest, her nipples already erect through the thin fabrics and being teased by the movements of his torso. Before she was ready, however, he pulled back. She was barely able to realise her state. Two more buttons had come undone on her blouse, showing her flimsy bra. She clung to his broad shoulders and his hips were wedged between her knees. He had both hands either side of her skirt, ready to rip it upward. She gasped as she realised his plan.

“Now to find out.” The fabric wasn’t made to go upwards, so it made a terrific tearing noise as Gregor yanked it upwards to her hips. She was angered by this momentarily before remembering the reason he had done it, he had found his prize.

Her pussy was open to him, in an instant he was fully hard. She laid her hands on his chest as if to stall him.

“Gregor, I-” She went wide-eyed as his hand landed on the inside of her thigh, fingers caressing softly along the skin.

“Yes, kochanie?” She just gasped and her eyes fluttered again. “Please don’t tell me you don’t want this. Because I can sense how wet your pussy is for me from here.” He ran a nail up her inner thigh to punctuate his words. Her head almost fell back with the pleasure of it. “Now, don’t lie to me. I can just give you the pleasure you hunger for, but you’re going to have to agree to something for me. If you want something, and I ask you if you need it, you cannot lie to me. If you say you don’t want it, then I will not give it to you, and you will hunger for it. That said, if you truly don’t wish for it, then say so, and I will hold myself back. But for now, trust me and I will show you the pleasure you so desperately hunger for.” His fingers switched sides, brushing just millimetres from her swollen, damp flesh. She whimpered. “I need an answer, kochanie.”

Marnie opened her eyes and looked deep into his. “I won’t lie.”

He pushed his fingers against her tender flesh and felt the wetness there. She leant backwards against the sideboard as he worked her. His fingers ran circles around her clit and teased over her labia, never in the same place twice, never using the same pressures. He raised her breathing until she was arching to him. She spread her legs further, sarıyer escort so he could have greater access, but it wasn’t enough.

He pulled her from the side, cradling her and almost blindly racing through the small apartment to try to find the sitting room. Finally he found somewhere suitable, and as he sped through the door he saw something he wanted. He grabbed the silk scarf from the back of the chair without drawing her attention.

He stood her facing from the sofa and bent to growl in her ear. “Do you trust me, little one?” She swallowed and hesitantly nodded. “For the next few hours you are mine, do you agree?” She nodded again, slightly more eager. “Then don’t struggle as I do this to you. I will reward you if you are good, my hungry little slut.” She gasped and almost turned, but somehow stopped herself.

His breathy, barely controlled husky voice had awakened something inside her. She knew this man was skilled enough to bring her what she craved, and she was almost powerless to obey. She was intrigued.

He carefully took her hands behind her back and tied them with the scarf at the wrists. He was careful to use a knot that she’d be able to escape if she really tried and didn’t tie them too tightly. He wanted her to feel confined, not trapped. He put his hand on the back of her neck and pushed her head downwards, so she was bent in the middle, facing away from him. Then he sat back to enjoy the view he’d created.

When she heard his fly undo, she sneaked a peek at him, but he noticed. It earned her a quick slap on the arse cheek. “Did I say you could move?” She shifted quickly back to her former position. Another slap on the other arse cheek. “I asked you a question. Did I say you could move?”

“No, sir.” She wasn’t sure why she’d added the ‘sir’ but it seemed to placate him. He rubbed his hand over her cheeks. The slaps hadn’t hurt, but the sound had been startling. She heard him resume his relaxed position on the sofa and listened intently to sounds to decipher what exactly he was doing. She heard him sigh and heard a shushing, followed by a wet sound. She suddenly realised what he was doing. He was wanking! While eyeing up her bared ass and pussy!

She supposed she should feel humiliated by this realisation, but instead it caused a rush of heat to flood to her groin.

“Oh?” He said inquisitively. “And just what were you thinking just then, young lady, which made your juices flow afresh. I saw them ooze from your cunt. Tell me.” He leant forward and blew lightly across her backside, making shivers run visibly up her spine. “What was my little slut think of that made her oh so very needy.”

She remained silent, not wanting to say, and not wanting to lie. He blew again on her, this time closer, so it was more concentrated. Cool air ran over the heat between her legs.

“Not saying? Maybe I could remedy that silence.” He pushed his face forward into her pussy, licking deep into her. She yelped, not expecting the sudden contact and intense pleasure as his tongue ran along her most intimate areas. Soon she was pushing back into him, grinding her hips against his tongue.

He drew back. “Oh my, I have discovered a greedy one, haven’t I? Well, you’d better see what you’ve created in me. Turn around.” She turned to look at him. Her breasts had all but fallen from their cups, her hair even worse now than before, her ripped skirt stuck round her waist. Only her stockings remained in their correct place, but that seemed to excite him more.

One of his arms was stretched lazily behind his head, gripping the back of the sofa. The other slowly stroked up and down his hardened shaft, purple head tipped with clear precum. Marnie licked her lips with expectation. He chuckled at her reaction.

“Would you prefer to suck it or ride it?” He asked nonchalantly. Her gaze grew sharp on his. “No lying, remember.”

“Ride it.” She whispered.

“Speak louder, babe.” His eyes were growing heavy lidded as he worked his own flesh, she could feel another rush down low as she imagined him inside her.

“I want to ride you.” She said more confidently. Without warning he was standing beside her. He swiftly removed her skirt, and even undid the scarf binding her to remove the grey silk blouse. When he settled again on the sofa she wore nothing but her bra and stockings and the scarf around her wrists. He surveyed her for a moment, then seeming to find her satisfactory he turned her and sat her down on his lap.

He drew her up his chest so she lay against him, and nudged her legs open with his knees. She could feel his length against the small of beyoğlu escort her back, close to where her hands were. But he made no move to be inside her. Instead he ran his hand along her torso, outlining every contour. While his breath was hot on her neck he moved his hands over her, drawing her heat out. He yanked back the delicate lace cups so her breasts bounced out. He ran calloused finger tips over her already erect nipples until she begged him to stop for the pleasure of it.

He finally drew his hands towards the core of her being, slowly, teasingly, he knew how wet she’d be when he got there, but he was making it last for her. He was already hard against her back, but he needed for her to be at the same place he was. He dipped one finger into her wetness, circled once, and then retreated.

Then two, this time circling a few times, roughly pressing her clitoris and then retreating to run his nails along the insides of her thighs. He drew her heels up on to the sofa, so all her weight was in his lap. He shifted her so his cock now lay beneath her hips, all she need do was tilt them and he could be inside her, but he pushed that thought back out of his mind.

He unleashed the full force of his onslaught. He had one hand between her legs, rubbing, probing, always moving, and one on her breast, nipping and teasing at the sensitive flesh there. And then he sank his teeth into her neck as an anchor. Her back arched and went rigid as he felt her climax was close. She pushed her buttocks down so her pussy was out of his hand’s reach, but instead found his bared cock. She sensed this was a time she could take some control.

Marnie pulled herself from his grasp, yanking on her ties until they came lose. She leant forward and supported herself on his knees as she rocked back and forth along his length, once.

“What the-?!” His surprise was cut off as her hot, wet pussy met his cock. He desperately needed to be inside her, why was she prolonging this? He tried to shift her, but she stubbornly ran herself along him again. He was defenceless to stop her. The pleasure she caused was intense.

She increased her tempo, and he noticed that her breathing had gone heavy too. His hips bucked involuntarily when he realised he was pleasuring her too. For a moment, the tip of his penis breached her opening, but she moaned and angled herself so it slipped away again. Gregor held her hips, hoping that a similar movement would get him deeper. He bucked again.

This time the entire head slipped inside her. She gasped, but moved so as he pushed forwards he slipped out again. She heard the frustration in him. But she wasn’t going to let this go, for more than an hour now, he’d teased her to within an inch of climax, and then stopped to tease her some more. It was payback time.

Marnie reached down between her legs and cupped his balls for him. She heard his sharp intake of breath. She massaged them at the most tender parts until he bucked once again. She used her other hand to circle her clit, while running his cock up and down her slit, spreading the ever-growing wetness. She began moaning with the pleasure, she was so very close.

As she was distracted, Gregor tried once again to be inside her. He pulled her hips down and twisted slightly so the angle was right, and like a glove he slipped inside. Instantly she cried out in pleasure, and he felt her pussy grip him tight as waves of pleasure rolled over her. Bucking and grinding against him, she rode every last wave. Once she was spent, she realised he’d ground his teeth and endured it, not joining her in pleasure.

She turned her head and nibbled his lips, tasting herself on him. “If you need me to be your slut, you can fuck me now. What do you want me to do?” He moaned as his hands set to work over her body.

Still joined as they were, he could easily access all the best parts of her. She tried to protest his actions, but he sank his teeth into her neck once again and growled. She whimpered and lay still, knowing that fighting would be useless.

Marnie allowed him to work her body to a fine tune, until her hips met every thrust of his. Her pussy opened up for him as she cried out his name. The second time she came she pushed herself down on to his cock, digging her nails into his hips. “Come.” She commanded, and with one final thrust, he bucked into her and released himself. He felt her pussy hold and claim him. He knew he was undone.

They lay side by side on the sofa afterwards, not paying heed to the mess they’d need to tidy up soon. He held her close to his chest, and she lay perfectly content in the circle of his arms. “How long have you wanted to do that to me?” She asked.

“Since the first time I saw your perfectly shaped arse in one of those wicked skirts. I’ve wanted to bend you over my knee and give you a good thrashing for distracting my men so easily every day.” He grabbed her ass as if to punctuate his words. “But, I suppose that’s something to look forward to.”

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