Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 50

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Dear faithful readers,

It’s finally here, the Wedding Ceremony. I think to tell their wedding story with the care it deserves, the wedding will be presented in three acts, as there is a spiritual ceremony, a legal ceremony, and a reception to celebrate their love as well.

It might seem long to some of the readers who are not as interested in their story, but I thought for those who really love these two, and want to see the connection between them grow and develop, it was extremely important to include a high level of detail.

You all have loved this story and rooted for Leif and Lynne all along, and I think you deserve to be let into their innermost thoughts, the anticipation they feel, the love for one another, the love they share for their families, the romance, the passion, the sexual feelings. I tried to capture it all, and I hope by the end of the three acts you feel as though you were actually there, in their heads watching them get married. I drafted several versions, and this was the one I came up with. Hope you like it.

Your comments and feedback have inspired me so much, I have decided to take a writing class to hone my craft further.

Thanks to each and every one of you.

Mich80new 🙂


It was the big morning. His buddies had warned him, and even his father had said it would be normal to feel cold feet, but remember that he was doing the right thing, because of the love he felt for Lynne. And yet, Leif didn’t feel any cold feet at all.

And so the first thing he did was send his baby a text message

No cold feet. Today begins the happiest days of my life. Today you become my wife.

He sent a picture of himself wearing a sleepy assed smile.

He knew he wasn’t supposed to see her before their private vows, but he couldn’t help communicating with her.

He loved her so much, wondered what she was doing, if she was up yet, if she was dressed, and dreamed about how much he loved the scent on her neck and her pussy early in the morning, while she still smelled natural, and heavily, like musky sugar cookies.


Lynne’s response:

“No cold feet here either! Woke up excited. Could barely sleep last night. Tossed and turned and dreamed of you and our wedding today so much. It’s the happiest day of my life too. Can’t wait to see you at both altars. I love you,” she added.

She took a picture of herself wearing a big grin.

They were having two ceremonies, one spiritual, which they were conducting at the beach, and the official ceremony in the church.

Only the bridal party and a few close friends and relatives would be at this spiritual ceremony.

When Leif suggested this idea, Lynne thought it was romantic as hell. Leif felt that because what they knew about god, and religion, and even marriage was so subjective to individual human experience, he wanted them to have their own marriage ceremony, just as he imagined the first man and woman probably did, where they officiated it, and pledged their love. That was all that he felt was probably involved in the first few marriages. It was a contract between man, and wife, and whatever higher being the two believed in.

The license, and all of that other stuff, the ceremony conducted by someone else, the marching in the aisle, and the other traditions, he felt like that was secondary to their spiritual and emotional union. So he wanted a spiritual wedding that they did on their own as souls uniting privately with no legal matters, and nothing else in the way, but their spirits uniting and marrying. They had their own special vows, their own things they wanted to do in this private ceremony, where they determined the ritual and the spiritual symbol of their love, unpolluted by man made traditions. They still wanted the minister present to give a bit of direction, but when Lynne told her about their ideas, the minister thought it was simply beautiful. It felt good to have her support.

After their spiritual wedding, for legal and traditional purposes, they would have their beautiful wedding in the church. Lynne sighed with happiness, when she thought about the spiritual union of their love. He was so damn sensual and deep, and she supposed that when their bodies came together later in the evening, that too would be like a physical manifestation of their marriage vows. She couldn’t wait to be in the limo with him, to tell him that.

She was going to have her hair and makeup professionally arranged for the church ceremony but she was doing her own makeup for the pre-ceremony on the beach. Leif had wanted her to look natural, like she normally was. She’d gotten a pretty, cotton like sundress to wear, and she’d set her hair on rollers the night before after Leif put her to bed, and she painstakingly combed out the pin curls. Later on, for the second part of the ceremony she couldn’t wait to see what the hairdresser would do with these abundant curls. They came out lovely.

The house was quiet, and no one was yet stirring so Lynne knew she was the first up, and their pre-ceremony Side Escort vows would occur soon after the sunlight. Lynne put on some concealer, some nude pink lipstick, very light pale sky blue eye shadow and just a smidgeon of blush.

She wanted to look beautiful, yet earthy and natural for Leif. The plan was for the two of them to meet each other on the beach, and bring the respective members of the bridal party, and members of the family to witness their private spiritual “wedding” before the wedding in church.

Lynne loved Leif so much, and she felt like the luckiest woman in the world. She thought her heart would burst before she even made it to the first altar. She was glad when she heard stirring in the house, and realized that Leif’s family and Janelle were finally up and getting ready. The noise and their stirring occupied her mind and quite literally kept her from bouncing off the walls with glee. She didn’t feel any cold feet either, just an anxiousness to get the ceremony started, so she could enjoy the day with the man who would be her husband, and finally get to experience the fierce, greedy loving that her soul craved.

First thing Janelle did was swallow her in a hug.

“I can’t wait to see how this hippie dippie wedding shit turns out. When I saw you two, six months ago, at the coffee shop, and how you were vibing and shit, I knew then that you belonged together. But I didn’t imagine you two would be tying the knot so soon. Just the fact that you all have this whole wedding planned out the way that you do…it’s beautiful as hell, and it suits the two of you,” said Janelle.

“I think it suits me too. I can’t wait to see him,” said Lynne.

Janelle arranged Lynne’s hair a little bit around her shoulders.

The hairdresser had already styled Janelle’s hair, pulling her huge afro back into beautiful, elaborate cornrows which finished with an afro puff. Janelle dressed in a casual sundress in the same color as the formal bridal gown she would be wearing later in the day. Lynne had decided on a multihued wedding.

She wanted the different colors to symbolize the many facets of their love, and the beautiful blending of colors and cultures that she felt would represent their union. So Janelle was dressed in Lynne’s favorite color as her Maid of Honor, wearing a beautiful dress in a midtone blue, which showcased Janelle’s chocolate skin beautifully. The second color for her Caucasian High school girlfriend was a beautiful emerald, which shimmered against her ivory skin in a gorgeous way. Next, she had a vivacious red color for her Caucasian girlfriend form middle school. Lastly, her nightclub associate wore a beautiful dark pink dress. Since she had a caramel colored complexion, the dark pink dress was a nice accent to her complexion as well.

Leif loved the color pallets. He said they were like all the pretty colors in a Crayola crayon box. It reminded him of their love, and it made the wedding decorations and the theme a festive one, that popped with bright colors, but yet, everything blended, and he felt that was reflective of their love. She was touched that he’d loved the color pallets she’d selected so much, and understood the care that she’d put into finding the right color scheme. Planning the colors and each facet of the ceremony meant everything to Lynne, since that type of planning was forbidden in her formal lifestyle. Weddings in her former cult like church were supervised down to the final detail, including the music choices (had to be hymns from the church), length of dresses (nothing above the knee, no backs or cleavage to show, woman must wear a head covering or veil), and the vows (no custom vows, wedding must be performed by pastor of church).

As a creative soul, the freedom to plan her own wedding ceremonies, their colors and actions something she thought she’d be deprived of almost since birth, was so beautiful that she got teary eyed when Janelle helped Lynne get her first dress for the day, out of the closet. Lynne had chosen a beautiful, white, cotton tank style dressed with elaborate pleats and piping that sort of resembled the stiches of a quilt. The dress was shorter, stopped about mid thigh, and while in no way immodest, made good use of showing off the pear shaped body that she had, hugging her curves, all while leaving a little to the imagination. It was a beautiful, pure white summer dress, a little bit fancier than a dress that a woman would wear to a nice evening dinner at a restaurant near the beach.

She also had beautiful white wedged sandals, only to ride in the limo which would drop them off at the beach. She and Leif had opened to go barefoot for this first, spiritual ceremony. They’d wanted to be in touch with mother nature, and felt that the appropriate way to do that would be to feel the earth under their feet as they performed their very own spiritual marriage.

Janelle had proceeded to lift Lynne’s dress out of the dry cleaning bag and set her shoes out, because Lynne was crying.

“Oh Now, honey don’t be nervous. This is normal. Just Manavgat Escort think about how much fun you’ll be having tonight. We don’t even know where you are going Leif got that shit so secret, but it probably doesn’t matter anyway, that boy has his head so far up your ass you’ll be lucky if he lets you out of the room. He’s probably gonna stuff you full of room service, liquor, and pot, and keep you up all night long, slamming you against the bedframe. You’ll probably need a week of Epson salt baths to soak your sore little self after your honeymoon,” chided Janelle.

Lynne laughed through her tears.

“I’m not nervous. Is that part normal? I feel full and I just can’t wait. I hope we don’t beat him out there to the beach, because I guess that would look weird, but I already can’t wait to marry him. I feel so full. I got to pick my own colors, my own dresses, our own vows. I’ve been supported and loved by each of you, in your own way, each and every day leading up to this shit. Leif, hell, he’s spoiling me rotten already and already promising me more. My mother in law has taken me under her wing, treating me like a daughter and helping me pull pranks. My only fight with my father in law is that my husband doesn’t want to accept so much generosity because he wants the space to become his own man financially. My brother in law keeps teasing me because he wants us to be the first in the family to have a baby so he can have a test run as the uncle, before he has his own kid. Janelle I’m so full in my heart right now. I never imagined it could be so beautiful if I just trusted Leif. It’s just the opposite of all the hate, hurt and fear I’ve ever been taught, and I’m so lucky I just can’t stop crying. I haven’t even really started in on how I feel for Leif, but look at this experience he has created for me. You have created for me, and his mother, and the day has not even started yet,” said Lynne.

“Well guess what, you deserve it. You’re a beautiful person Lynne. I loved you like a little sister from the moment we met in college, you were just so damn shy in the beginning, but once we got over that, I couldn’t imagine having a better friend. Now, I knew this shit was going to happen. You’ve ruined your makeup. Start again and I’ll make sure nothing needs to be ironed on your first dress!” said Janelle.

Lynne looked at herself sheepishly in the mirror. She did streak her whole face with tears.

She went in the bathroom, washed her face with cold water, and started again. She couldn’t think one thought about how much she loved Leif, or she was done, and water works were on again.

She patted her face dry and miraculously the puffiness disappeared from under her eyes as she powdered her face with light concealer and started again on her nude makeup. She saw Janelle watching her out of the corner of her eye and smiling.

“Your face is always gorgeous as hell. One day, I’m gonna learn to apply makeup like that. I guess it helps that you’re so pretty too,” said Janelle.

“I can’t believe you are buttering me up so good girl. I must be getting married today. You’re gonna look gorgeous too,” said Lynne.

“Yeah, I know, but today is your day. I never thought it before, never wanted to get married, but I’m happy as hell for you Lynne. And, what you’ve got planned today, the shit seems like it’s going to be so beautiful and fun. It’s not even my wedding day and I can’t wait. Maybe it would be nice to be married some day. Will you check in with me in six months and tell me how much you like married life. Man, I can’t even see myself setting down with a brotha,” said Janelle.

“I can. When you find your soulmate like I’ve found it in Leif, you won’t want anyone or anything else around to fuck it up. Hell I wanted him to ask him to marry me after he got me off the first time. Thank god my hormones and heart calmed down enough to be patient. But…it turned out with Leif I had nothing to be afraid of. You’ll know when the time is right. But I better be maid of honor on that shit or I’m never talking to you again,” said Lynne.

“Who the hell else would put up with my crazy ass and planning a wedding but you,” teased Janelle, helping Lynne zipper her dress.

Lynne’s cellphone flashed with a text message. She and Leif were supposed to coordinate their arrival to this spiritual ceremony so it occurred at the same time.

So she was startled to already be receiving a message from Leif, looking gorgeous in wide legged, dressy type white silk skater pants, and his white open silk shirt, which they’d chosen for the spiritual part of the ceremony. He had beautiful shells on the tips of his dreadlocks, and he wore his hair in a ponytail pulled up off of his hair slightly. This would have significance during their spiritual ceremony. The background clearly showed he was already on the beach.

“I know I was supposed to text you when I was ready to leave. I left the limo and the guys behind. I walked. I’m sorry. The limo driver took too damn long. I just couldn’t wait to get there baby, so I can marry Alanya Escort you in spirit first, and then in flesh at the church. I just couldn’t wait to get to the altar and be your husband. I’m sorry I was bad sweetheart. You can punish me, all night on the honeymoon,” he added with a wink emoticon.

The phone started shaking and trembling in Lynne’s hand. She hugged her own shoulders to fight the urge to cry. It was so damn beautiful, and she was more full than she’d ever imagined. Imagine that. Most men were afraid to go to the altar. Most tales were about men escaping and running away. Her man loved her so much he ran like a naughty little boy to get to the altar because he couldn’t wait, like she was such a present to behold, and something so precious and true that he was about to lay claim to, and he didn’t want to hesitate for a second. And it also signified something else. That he’d always be there for her. He was going to be there for her before she got there. He wanted her to know that he was going to be there, and he wasn’t going to let her down, not even for a moment. So different from what she’d learned from her parents. If she didn’t want the church, they were ghost. But her new family, with this man she was marrying, he wanted to be there. And it wasn’t out of duty or obligation. It was because he loved her. She finally felt so worthy. She loved him that same beautiful way.

“What’s wrong, you looking at your phone, looking like you have turrets or something, I know you and Leif aren’t playing kinky with the phone this morning, do I need to leave the room,” snapped Janelle playfully as her mother in law rounded the corner.

“Oh, you two, you think you’d cut it out for once. What do you young people call it? Sexts. No sexting this morning, save that for later. You better be serious and organized, I thought you two wanted to get to the altar at the same time for this spiritual union. I think this idea is beautiful. I hope you don’t mind if your father in law and I steal this idea for our fifteen year anniversary. And we want you and Leif to conduct our ceremony, since you two are learning so much about married love. But, put the phone down missy. Are Leif and the guys ready? The limo driver for the boys is already here, and our Limo driver should be here pretty shortly. It’s a short ride to the beach,” said her mother in law as though checking off every task.

She was so organized, just like Lynne, the opposite of Leif, and it was a clear case of Leif being attracted to qualities that he’d seen in his mother within Lynne.

“Leif…your son…my husband, he couldn’t wait for the Limo driver. Said he couldn’t wait, and he just sent me a text message where he is already at the altar, waiting to be my husband. Said the limo driver took too damn long. Can you believe he snuck away from everyone else and walked to the altar and took a twenty-minute walk to the beach because he couldn’t wait to marry me. Damn, I’m so lucky Mom, and I wish I’d thought about sneaking off to the beach too. He didn’t want me waiting for him ” said Lynne.

“I don’t. All this damn work with the spiritual ceremony, you all might get started without us, and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. And god forbid the minister catch you two rolling in the sand and starting on the grandbabies. I mean, I know she’s liberal, but there is only so much that she, and my own eyes can take,” said his mother playfully.

Lynne chuckled.

“Oh Linda, your son is so beautiful, thank you for sharing him with me. I guess the boys, and our girls better get down to the altar. I don’t want to leave my husband waiting too long,” said Lynne and she winked.

“Oh brother. You can have Leif, no need to share. I take it he does the laundry so you don’t have to smell his socks, otherwise you would know why I’m giving him to you, no sharing involved. Yeah, you can have him, just come back every few months or so to visit,” said Linda.

Lynne chuckled while Linda straightened her dress on her shoulders.

“You’re going to make a pretty spiritual bride, or whatever you two are calling it,” said his mother playfully.

Lynne giggled more.

“Thank you for understanding what this means to us,” said Lynne.

“Oh I’m just happy to get to share in this day. Leif is always in the neighborhood of a mess. Running away to the altar on his own time! It’s typical Leif, he always has to do things his way. And he can’t wait. Lynne when I looked in his eyes at the airport, when you two were off playing together before you saw me, I knew he’d marry you. I saw such love in his eyes. I’d never seen Leif look at anyone, or anything like that before. Except maybe a Guinness or a cheeseburger, or a guitar. I knew that, if Leif would ever settle down it would be with you. You mean everything to him, even when he’s being gruff and masculine. He worries to death about you and cares deeply for you. I know you know this. Don’t break my son’s heart. And if he breaks your heart, I will break his knees, that is a promise to you. I’m glad that after today, you’ll be my daughter legally but just know that you were always my daughter in my heart all along. I’m not even going to say anything crazy about grandchildren, I can’t believe Garrett is already demanding that you name the first born son after him,” said his mother playfully.

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