Mabel’s Enlightenment

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Blue Hair

To call Mabel a prude would be a massive understatement – a bit like saying that the Pope is ‘sort of interested’ in religion. She was so uptight that it was hard to imagine how she coped with her bodily functions, and the idea of connecting sex and Mabel was quite clearly ridiculous. However, as she had twin children, a boy and a girl, clearly she had parted her legs (and probably held her nose at the same time) at least once.

She was the daughter of Arnold Wilson a very wealthy land developer who had bought out a family owned medium sized construction company. The owner of this outfit, Gus Strong, had been struggling for some time, and as the takeover had happened on terms which he found quite favourable, he was keen to get on good personal terms with Arnold. The wives of these two men were very friendly, as both of them were committed members of the local church, and they decided that it would be a good thing if Mabel Wilson should marry Gus Strong’s son Chris, and when this pair got together, they formed a formidable lobby. After some gentle hinting turned into definite harassment, it became clear that if Chris resisted this proposition too strongly his father’s position in the Wilson empire was likely to suffer, while a marriage would certainly result in Chris getting a good position and probably a directorship.

Chris, although a very astute business man was very easy going in his private life, and would do anything to help his father, so he went along with the marriage plan, though he was little attracted to Mabel. As for her, she only wished to be a married woman with a family, and the man in any relationship would be unimportant, as long as he was “suitable”. Thus, a marriage of convenience was arranged, and nine and a half months later, the aforementioned twins were born.

As already noted, Mabel was a prude. She was also a misandrist, though perhaps it would be more accurate to say that she held men in contempt, rather than hating them. Her mother had inculcated in her the belief that all that men were useful for was to bring in the money to support women and it was with extreme reluctance that she accepted the necessity of the injection of sperm to produce children (preferably girls, of course). The corollary of this belief was that sexual intercourse was disgusting and should only be used for procreative purposes. This attitude was strongly supported by the Church of which she was a member, which clearly regretted that virgin births were, to say the least, uncommon, and that any form of artificial insemination was unnatural and against God’s word.

As far as the marriage between Mabel and Chris was concerned, sex lasted for about a month, at the end of which she was missing her period and surmised correctly that she was pregnant. What passed for love making was a matter of pulling up her nightie – under the bedclothes in a darkened room, of course – and him climbing on top and fumbling around till his cock found her pussy entrance, a quick shove and an uncomfortable few moments till he ejaculated and immediately withdrew. And that was that. He was relegated to another room, and never made any effort to repeat the performance.

As it happened, although Mabel was a virgin (untouched by human hand, to quote an advertising slogan) Chris was not. They were both in their early twenties when they married, and Chris had lost his virginity to a randy aunt when he was eighteen, and since then had had several enjoyable sexual relationships without any emotional involvement. He had not anticipated that his physical relationships with Mabel would be particularly exciting, but neither had he anticipated that they would in fact be zero, and for some time he was reduced to manual stimulation. However, he was able to find a solution that kept him satisfied with little chance of Mabel discovering.

As part of his work as financial controller for the company, he had to make regular visits to a subsidiary situated in the north of the country. He soon made friends with the manager of the company, Roy, and after a few visits he was invited to go to his home for dinner. Roy was somewhat older than Chris, in his early 40s, and was married to Maureen, with whom he had two children, both now having left home. Their home was shared with Maureen’s younger sister, Amy, who had been widowed some years before. Chris enjoyed a pleasant evening in their company, and was very happy on a later visit to be invited again to dine. On the first visit he had been very careful to restrict the amount of alcohol he imbibed, due to the risk of losing his driving licence, quite apart from his desire not to drive in a condition where his driving ability might be impaired. However, on his second visit, when he again refused a second glass of wine Maureen had a better suggestion.

“Look, why don’t you stay here for the night? We’ve got spare rooms, so you can relax and have another glass.”

“I must say that is a very tempting offer, thank you. If it’s no problem I’d be delighted to stay bakırköy escort and enjoy more of your excellent company, not to mention this very excellent wine.”

The rest of the evening passed in a pleasant way, till it was time to retire. This was when Maureen dropped the bombshell.

“Right, time for bed. Now Chris you have a choice of the blue room or the green room.”

“Go on, what’s the difference?”

“Well, the main difference is in the colour of the decorations in the furnishings. There is another small difference – the blue room has a double bed, but you have to share it with Amy. It’s all right, she doesn’t take up a lot of room.”

Chris naturally assumed that this was a joke in not very good taste, but, as the two women left the room, Amy looked back over her shoulder and gave him a big smile, accompanied by just a trace of a wink. He turned to Roy seeking confirmation.

“She was joking wasn’t she?”

“Why, don’t you fancy Amy? She’s not too ugly and she’s great fun in bed. But if you prefer to sleep on your own, that’s up to you.”

“She certainly not ugly, in fact she is most attractive – so is her sister. But how do you know she’s fun in bed? Are you just assuming that she takes after her sister?”

“Sorry Chris, I’d better come clean. Maureen and I have a fairly open marriage, and Amy is part of it. Since her husband died and after she had got over the original pain it was just natural for her to come and live with us and for us to swap beds from time to time. They are a lovely pair of girls who enjoy sex without any hang-ups, which makes for a very happy relationship?”

“You don’t find it too tiring, looking after the pair of them?”

“I don’t have to all the time, they look after each other as well. Anything else I can tell you?”

“No thanks, I’ve got the general idea. I really could do with a good night’s sleep, but it would be discourteous to turn down an offer from such an attractive lady, so I’ll go and share the double bed with Amy and hope I’m not too much of a let down for her.”

From that time forward Chris’s visits to the northern company became the highlight of his life. Maureen and Amy were two very attractive women with very pleasant bodies that he was happy to savour. Roy was quite happy that he should make love to his wife as well as her sister, and they had many joyful discoveries. The end products of all this were that relations between the parent company and its subsidiary were happy, and that Chris could accept that he had no physical relationship with his wife without feeling over frustrated.

Meanwhile – every story should have a meanwhile – back to the activities of Mabel who is, if not the heroine of this story, certainly the lead character.

One of the many complaints Chris could have made about Mabel, if he had bothered, was her devotion to the Church. This organisation was of the evangelical type, run by charismatic priests, who practised a sort of mind control over their congregation, particularly of some of the more gullible female members. There was a suspicion amongst some of the husbands and fathers that the control might be a bit too much over the body as well as the mind, but this never seemed to be nailed down firmly enough for any action to be taken. Another complaint with some of the male appendages of the church devotees was that there seem to be an awful lot of activities which required financial support, and there was some doubt as to the lifestyle of the priests concerned.

The priest of the branch of the Church to which Mabel was devoted was Ebenezer Grant,a man in his late 60s who had been resident for the last thirty or so years, and had thus had a considerable influence on Mabel from a very early age. He was a hellfire and damnation preacher, and as far as she was concerned, his word was God’s word and therefore to be obeyed without question. It wasn’t known to his congregation, but he had had an early and very unsuccessful marriage after getting a girl pregnant. This relationship had soured him somewhat and it seemed that his mission in life was to inflict his misery on any other marriage that he could influence. The consequence of this that quite a few of his flock on the female side were firmly of the view taken by Mabel that men were only there to provide financial support and beget children.

Then everything changed. Some of the rumours about the behaviour of some of the priests had got strong enough for the elders of the church to seriously question the suitability of some of the incumbents, and as a result, Ebenezer Grant’s days as chief wrecker of marriages were terminated. In his place a much younger man was sent to the parish, a man with a very different outlook.

James Kent was in his early forties, with a young wife, Mary who was just thirty. James was an inspirational preacher, but, unlike his predecessor, he preached happiness and joy, not misery and damnation. Needless to say, some of his flock were bakırköy bayan escort unhappy with this change of style, but most of them were so indoctrinated to accept whatever was wished upon them by the elders of the church that this had to be accepted as being sent from God. Therefore Mabel and most of her fellow disciples of Ebenezer Grant reluctantly realised they should no longer be miserable all the time, though it would take some time before the women were prepared to accept that men had uses other than that of providing a satisfactory income.

Although the church was Protestant, there was an alternative to the catholic confession system whereby those who felt in need of support due to their inadequacies could seek one-to-one talks with the priest. As far as Mabel was concerned, she felt the need to grovel regularly and had had fortnightly meetings with Pastor Grant, and she approached the new man with a request that he should now hear her confessions. James had a pretty shrewd idea of the hold that his predecessor had had over Mabel, but decided that it would be a good idea to have a quiet word with her husband first.

James had discovered that Chris was the captain of the local golf club, and as he was a keen player himself he had met him on one of his rare attendances at church and had queried what the possibility was of getting membership of the club. Chris had told him that it was traditional that the priest should get free membership, along with the leaders of the other churches in the area. As he said, you never know whether a little help from above could come in handy, particularly when you got a bad lie of the ball. As a result James had visited the club and played a round with Chris, during which he raised the tricky question of how to deal with Mabel.

“It’s like this, vicar. She is a pain in the butt, and friend Grant had made her even worse. She used to come back from sessions with him with a face like thunder and spend a considerable time pointing out my many errors of omission and commission. You have my full permission to do anything you wish with the woman, and if you can turn her into a human, you deserve sainthood.”

“We don’t do Saints in this church and I can’t guarantee that I’ll change her in any way for the better, but hopefully it won’t make her any worse. I’ve got a good idea of what went on with friend Grant, and it will take quite a lot of effort to convert her to a more civilised behaviour pattern, but I’ll give it a go. Some of the methods I propose to use employ somewhat unusual therapies, so you’re sure you don’t mind me trying anything?”

“Be my guest. You couldn’t make things any worse, so if your therapies include some light beatings, have fun.”

“Really Chris, that’s a bit excessive. Mind you…”

When Mabel attended the first session with James she was met at the door by Mary, James’s wife, who ushered her into his study at the back of the house. The furnishings of the room had been completely changed since Mabel’s last visit. Pastor Grant had had a taste in furniture of a very austere pattern, with hard chairsand little comfort. This was now very different, and Mabel was sat down on a large, comfortable settee, facing the easy chair on which James sat, while Mary joined Mabel on the settee.

“It’s good to see you here Mabel, and I hope our little session together will be beneficial for both of us. As you know, several unfortunate and unpleasant allegations have been made about some of the clergy in our church, and Pastor Grant was one of them. There have been suggestions that he and others have had inappropriate relations with some of the ladies of the church, and even some of the younger men. I don’t propose to risk such allegations being made against me, and while I’m confident of your integrity, I have decided that when I’m doing this sort of session that Mary will be present as a chaperone. I hope you’re happy with this idea.”

“I can’t say I’m really happy. I feel that this sort of session should be strictly one-to-one, but I understand the potential problems so I will accept what you’re proposing.”

“Good. Before we start on any positive activity, I need to establish exactly how your sessions with Pastor Grant took place. Please give me an idea what went on between you.”

“It was quite straightforward really, a bit like a Catholic confession. I would tell him all the sins that I committed and he would administer an appropriate punishment.”

“You mean a bit like the recitation of Hail Marys that our Catholic brethren dish out.”

“No not really, it wasn’t a bit like that.”

“So perhaps you will tell me just what the punishments were.”

“I don’t think I can tell you that, they were very personal.”

Now James had a pretty good idea of the sort of punishments that had taken place. He had heard from other parishioners that it was suspected that the pastor had used physical punishments that were certainly not approved by the bayan escort bakırköy Church, and he wanted to hear from Mabel herself just what had happened.

“I’m sorry Mabel, but I think you really must tell us what went on. It is vital for me to establish whether any harm has been done, and how best to move forward. So please, let’s hear what happened.”

“But it’s too embarrassing, I really can’t.”

“I do understand your feelings. Perhaps you can show us what he made you do.”

“You want me to actually demonstrate?”

“Exactly. Please go ahead.”

Although horrified by the prospect of doing what James had asked, her obedience to the word of the church was so profound that she went ahead to demonstrate what she had done with Pastor Grant. She stood up and walked across to a corner of the room, standing with her back to James and Mary. Then she put her hands up under her skirt, and pulled down her knickers, and stepped out of them. She spread her legs wide, then bent down towards the floor, as she did so lifting the hem of her skirt and slip right up over her waist. Her final position was with her hands touching the floor and her legs and bottom totally exposed to James’s fascinated, not to say delighted, gaze.

What he saw was a tribute to the exercise routine which Mabel followed. She regularly swam in her father’s indoor heated pool, and exercised on the gymnasium equipment in the adjacent room. As a result her legs, which were naturally pleasantly shaped, were firm and well muscled, without being excessively athletic. They were covered by seamed nylon stockings – Pastor Grant considered that tights were the work of the devil – supported by suspenders. Above these statuesque columns were the two delightful round globes of her buttocks, between which could be seen the pale brown form of her arse hole, with puckered skin around just the tiniest dark gape. Below were displayed two plump outer lips of her vulva, surrounded by wisps of curly hair and almost hiding her inner lips, of which just a pink trace was visible.

James sat fascinated by this startling view, and it wasn’t until Mary coughed discreetly that he remembered that this wasn’t a porn show but a serious religious consultation. He tried to ignore the fact that he was starting to get an erection, and considered what would be the most appropriate question to ask. He guessed correctly that what had followed was the infliction of pain rather than that of intercourse.

“Would I be right in thinking that he smacked you after this? And did he use his hand or an instrument?”

“He spanked me with his hand.”

James couldn’t resist the opportunity offered to him. He walked across to her and administered a fairly gentle smack on one shapely buttock.

“Like that?”

“Much much harder than that.”

“I see. And how often did he hit you?”

“That depended on how serious he thought my sin had been. He never told me how many there would be, and after each blow he would leave his hand on my skin, and his fingers would move a little.”

James smacked her again, still quite gently, but this time he left his hand resting on her skin, and gently caressed her buttock, his fingers coming very close to her anus.

“Did he go any further than this?”

“Yes… he sometimes touched me on my…on my…on my…thing.”

He slid his fingers closer until he was actually touching the puckering of her arse hole, and he pressed gently inwards till he could feel he was starting to penetrate her. He quickly withdrew.

“Is that what he did? Is that all the touching that he did?”

“No not all. After he had smacked my bottom may be twelve, maybe even twenty times he would hit me once more but a different way.”

“Different how?”

“He would put his hand down between my legs and smack upwards.”

“You mean onto your private parts? And did he leave his hand there afterwards? Like this?”

James reached beneath her and brought his hand up smartly onto her vulva, not hard enough to be painful, but then left his hand cupping her between her legs. He felt the warmth of her pussy and, as he moved the finger gently between her outer lips he felt a moist sensation. He was very strongly tempted to investigate further, but again Mary coughed quietly to remind him that this was far soon, and he took his hand away.

“Stand up please Mabel. I’ve got a good idea now of what it was that Ebenezer did to you.”

Mabel stood up and returned to her seat on the settee next to Mary.

“Right Mabel, now that we have established the punishment inflicted on you, I need to find out just what sort of sins you have committed, or at least what you confessed to. Perhaps you should give me an example or two. Let’s start with one that induced him to give you the maximum punishment.”

“I suppose there was one that he kept coming back to over the years, reminding me of what I’ve done and punishing me again.”

“That sounds like the sort of thing I need to hear. What was it about?”

“Well it was about my bosom. It started when I was feeding the twins.”

“But that was nearly twenty years ago.”

“Yes that’s right. The twins are at university now.”

“So explain what it was about your feeding the twins that was considered to be a sin?”

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