Madam! I Am Sorry!

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Sometimes it pays to implement an idea in a different way. I was reading in a religious journal that a man confessed before a religious preacher that he was thinking of stealing some money to buy medicines for his ailing mother. Impressed by his honesty, the preacher gave him money for the treatment and his mother was cured. Now you must be thinking as to what relevance this has in a supposedly erotic story. Well! To know more read on.

I had just celebrated my 21st birthday, was in the third year on college with a new English lecturer; Mrs. Shivani. Well! To introduce her, there is only one word in the language “BEAUTIFUL”. All 5’7″ of her were chiseled to perfection; her vital stats read 38-27-37, weight 60kg, complexion FAIR, features SHARP, eyes BLUE, lips ROSY et al. We would often refer that God must have created her on a holiday which happened to be a full moon! To sum up she was perfect 10 in every field; beauty, voice, subject etc. She was married for the last three years, her husband was working in a MNC and she was yet to have a kid. In her lecture we used to study less and watch her more. Even girls too were impressed by her beauty and dress sense and tried to emulate her.

One fine afternoon I overheard two other teachers talking amongst themselves that those days Shivani was alone in her house as her hubby had gone on a 15 day tour abroad. While trying to sleep that night, I do not know from where the incident I read in a magazine (discussed in opening Para) came to my mind. I formulated a plan, thought over it for two days and transformed it into reality:

I was lucky that I was in her good books as one of her good students and would often go in her room to discuss something or borrow books. It was Saturday morning and after the lecture, I walked into Mrs. Shivani’s room.

“Yes Sunny! What can I do for you?” she asked.

“Madam! I want to meet you at your residence in the evening,” I replied.

“Tell me here only,” she wondered as I had never asked her for an appointment at her place. We would always discuss the things in her room.

“No! I can’t tell here,” I sounded somewhat adamant.

“No problem, tell me. There is no one around,” she asserted.

“Sorry. Please tell me what time I can come,” I was more assertive.

She finally gave way and asked me to come at 7 in the evening. She tried to know about the issue but I altogether avoided it. (I bet that for these 7-8 hrs she would have been restless and wondering as to what I have to discuss). I made a mental rehearsal of how the things may turn out and how should I proceed.

I took a bouquet of white flowers (a symbol of apology), rang the bell and waited impatiently for the answer. In a couple of minutes Mrs. Shivani came to open the door.

“Good evening!”

“Good evening. Come inside. I was waiting for you.”

“Why these white roses?” she felt amused.

“Wait! I will tell you.”

“OK then! Please have a seat. I’ll be back in a minute. Let me finish a telephonic conversation I was having.”

“Sure! Please take your time,” I sounded not to be in a hurry.

“Meanwhile please make yourself comfortable and help yourself with water.”


She was wearing a light pink saree with matching accessories and from the blouse I could sense that she was wearing black lingerie. She came back after five minutes and a general conversation started off. After about 10-15 minutes she asked me directly, “So what was the thing you wanted to discuss?”

I came closer to her, handed over the white roses, knelt near her and said in a soft voice, “Madam! I …I…I am SORRY!”

“What happened!” she sounded surprised (even though she accepted the bouquet).

“I cannot tell you out rightly. But, I am sorry. Please forgive me. I will not do it again.”

“No! First tell me what happened.”

“Please do not force me,” I requested.

“No way” she asserted with a hint that she will throw me out of her house.

“Ok. Actually …I …I…I…masturbated,” I said shyly with my face down.

“Its normal for a boy of your age,” she tried to comfort me.

“I also wrote some erotic fantasy stories.”

“No problem. But why are you telling me?” she still could not make out.

“See for yourself as to why I am telling you,” I said handing over some papers to Bostancı escort her (these were the erotic stories I wrote fantasizing with her as the female and me as the male).

She took the papers and started reading them. She blushed and slowly her face started to turn pink; similar to the colour of her dress. She was so absorbed in reading the pornographic stuff that she forgot that I am in the room. She started fondling her boobs with one hand and even rubbing her thighs/pussy (all from outside of her saree). Meanwhile she also started biting her lips and even opened a few hooks of her blouse. Bingo! I was right; she was indeed wearing a black bra! I was watching the whole scene and my cock began defying Newton’s law of gravity. It would have burst out of my pants had I not unzipped it and allowed it also to witness the fondling the boobs by his fantasy queen! I took some courage and handed over my stiff tool to her which she grabbed instantaneously and unconsciously started moving it back and forth (as if masturbating me).

Her one hand held the papers (my porn fantasy stories) and the other hand playing with my tool and she was on a journey on an ecstasy path. She came to senses when after about 5-6 mins, my cum shot out and “decorated” her arm, her blouse and her face. When she realized what all had happened/what she was doing she felt embarrassed but she handled the situation in a very mature way. She got up adjusted her dress and asked me to leave, “You may please leave now. We’ll discuss the things some other time.”

Having no other option I left.

Around ten minutes later while on my way back, I realized that I have left my cell phone at her place. I immediately turned around and headed towards her apartment. Since the door was open, I did not feel like ringing the bell. I entered the lobby and there she was, reading the fantasy stories and one hand in the pussy. But, this time, she was a bit more vigilant and saw me instantaneously.

“What brings you back?” she shot the query.

“Sorry! I forgot my mobile phone,” I gave a submissive reply.

I do not know what happened at that very moment that she looked into my eyes and I looked into hers and she just commanded – “SIT DOWN!”

“How long has this been going on,” she shot the question in a commanding tone.

“Ever since…ever since…………” I struggled for words.

“Go on,” was her order.

“Ever since you joined this college,” I answered courageously.

“How do you know about my lingerie make and size along with the brand of sanitary napkins I use?”

“I ……I just collected the info from somewhere,” I tried to avoid the details.

“Where from?!!” she roared like a tigress.

“The general merchant from where you purchase this stuff is a friend of mine” I replied like a kitten.

“Oh! My God!”

“I even know that your period ended yesterday,” I murmured.

“What?” she asked. I repeated the above sentence.

“What the hell are you up to? Can you turn these fantasies into reality? See these.”

(It is often said that people confuse sex with intercourse. Actually sex starts long before and continues long after intercourse which is just a part of sex. Accordingly, my fantasies did not always end up with the pole in the hole. Many a times it was only foreplay. I had given a unique title to all the following stuff that I had written with kinky details:

1.Nipples go sore:I had a full session only with her 38D boobs. 2.Six shots in mouth:She gives me six blow jobs. 3.Ass gets red:I fuck only her ass that night. 4 shots. 4.Pussy gets sore:I give her 5 big and long shots. 5.Six and Nine: 69:We spend a session in 69 position. 6.Dark Night:We have a session in a pitch dark room. 7.Copy cats:We follow what we saw in a XXX movie. 8.Role reversal:We cross dress and reverse the roles. 9.Role play:She plays a student while I am the teacher. 10.Golden Showers:We have a nice golden shower session. 11.Bath Session:We take a hot shower together. 12.Venus Garnished:I garnish her body and lick jam and cream from her belly. 13.Massage:We give each other a nice body massage.)

“Yes! Sure I can turn all these into reality if you co-operate,” came my confident reply.

“Do you have the experience of all this stuff?”

“Yes! Some of the things I know practically while Anadolu Yakası Escort some others only theoretically as I have seen them in porn movies but always wantdd to try them. However, I promise you that given a chance, I will not leave you unsatisfied,” I told her empathetically.

She ordered me to get into action right away. Now came the question as to where from to start i.e. which fantasy to turn to reality in the first instance. I suggested that we can have draw of lots. She brought a pack of cards. She numbered each story from 1 to 13 (as mentioned above), separated all cards of Hearts and shuffled them. She asked me to pick the card; I opted for the third from the top. It was the Queen of hearts and hence we proceed for “Venus Garnished.”

I asked her to take a bath while I searched for her kitchen, dining room and refrigerator. She was fresh in about 10 minutes and I was ready with the items. I freed her body from the clutches of her dressing gown and asked her to lie down. For a few minutes, I was totally “shocked” by watching her body. I wondered as to where there was some fault with her body but I could not find any. Her nipples were inviting me for some action and so were her red upper and pink lower lips whereas the ass was also hoping to get lucky!!

“Strip off,” she commanded.

“Please do the honors,” I replied back.

She complied removing my garment one by one and when the brief came off, she just said “WOW!” Even though she had just masturbated me, but she paid attention to my tool now. She tried a lot but could not restrain admitting that my tool was bigger than her hubby’s both in length as well as girth. Since oral sex or even penetration was not a part of the story, she just kissed it. Now, we were both as naked as we were born.

She again lay on the bed waiting for the “garnish.” I started off with her boobs, applied cream on them and near the nipples, I placed a strawberry each. The stomach area was covered with mixed fruit jam (red colour) and I drew a heart with white cream and wrote an S (for Shivani). I mashed all the available fruits; banana, papaya, mango etc. to form a pulp and the same was applied to her legs. The face was garnished with tomato puree and for the pussy; I selected “Chilly Chutney.” I asked her not to move since the garnish would be disturbed. The whole body was feeling cool but for the pussy which was “burning.” She tried to protest but I was working as per the written story. She admitted that she had read it but could never imagine how much will the chutney hurt and burn.

Now, it was my turn to lick her clean. I started off with the legs and licked the nutritious mixed fruit pulp. She giggled in between and even moaned. From the legs, I straight away traveled top north and licked her face clean. She requested me to lick the pussy but it was destined to be at the fag end of the session. I resumed by eating the strawberries from the nipples and then licking the cream off the boobs.

“Suck the nipples and fondle the boobs,” she commanded.

“Sorry! Not today. Not a part of the fantasy,” my reply was clear cut.

“Please…………,” she moaned

“Sorry for today! Next time.” She accepted my point.

Now the only garnish that remained on the body was the jam on the stomach and the chilly chutney in the pussy. I started to lick the jam and she began a journey on the ecstasy path. The area under the boobs and near the navel was too sensitive and she moaned and even shivered when my tongue went inside the navel. A similar reaction was noticed when I licked just above the bush. It took me about 15-20 minutes to wipe her body clean of the garnish except the pussy.

Finally, I licked her pussy clean of the chilly stuff and now it burnt more and she cried with water coming out both from her eyes as well as pussy. The feeling on her face was a unique blend of pain and pleasure. It was now the time for a body wash. I asked her to stand up and handed her a bottle of mango juice and asked her to pour it between her boobs slowly. The thick juice slowly traveled through the cleavage, stomach, navel, the hairy bush and the pussy before entering finally in my mouth which was placed just near the lower tip of the pussy. The burning in her pussy that the chilly had caused was being relieved with the sweet mango Kadıköy Escort juice.

The cool juice made her pee (even though it was not planned) and my body was gifted with a warm stream of the yellow liquid which could be termed as the rehearsal to the “Golden Shower” session. Now, I was experiencing a unique blend of chilled mango juice and warm pee and the taste was very unique. She felt a bit embarrassed and sorry for this involuntary act but I made her comfortable by saying that I enjoyed it (I really did). After pissing off, she went to have a bath with the bathroom door open so that I could have a full view.

She came out in her dressing gown and requested me to have a fuck shot. I resisted by saying that it was not a part of the session we had planned. She admitted but gave her argument that since she is not used to have a session like that without a fuck, I should reconsider since the session was over and this could be just a bonus. She also promised that this should be only a one time relaxation and she would abide by the written fantasies in the remaining 12 sessions. I agreed for a fucking session. She asked for some erotic, crude and dirty talk during the act.

“Strip off, you whore,” I commanded.

“Try it if you have water in your balls,” she shot back.

I caught her from behind and tried to open the string of her gown. She held it tight and did not allow me easy access. I fondled her right boob and this made her grip on the draw string a bit loose. I immediately pulled it and took off the gown making her nude once again as she was not wearing any under garments.

“Worship my tool. Suck it,” I ordered her.

She took hold of my tool and very in a very cool fashion worshipped it in true Indian tradition as if worshipping a deity. She then kissed it followed by a lick and finally sucking session. Before I could react the whole of the tool was in her mouth. The glans was exploring her mouth and was hitting at one place after another. Today was really my cock’s day. Since I had nothing to do at the moment, I gripped the inviting nipples and gave them a good squeeze. She reacted by gripping my cock more strongly in her mouth. I thrust the cock in her mouth and squeezed her nipples and her eyes just watered as she was feeling some pain and helplessness.

“Stop sucking it you bitch, leave it to satisfy your hole too.”

She stopped sucking it and requested me to fuck her in doggy style.

“Can you do it in doggy style?” she asked me.

“Sure! Bitches get fucked in this style only.” My sentence was double meaning.

She just smiled and acknowledged the double meaning dialogue and was soon on her knees with her wet cunt desperately inviting my cock. I fingered to check the wetness. It was very wet and warm inside. I slowly inserted the glans and she moaned, “Harder…please…insert more of it……insert it completely……”

I pumped harder and harder for 6-7 minutes before ejaculating on the bush (another garnish). We came almost together and she admitted that this was the first time that she had experienced an orgasm. She thanked me with a long smooch and licking my tool clean of the residual cum. Since I was exhausted she got up and served me a glass of lemonade to cool off.

Since it was nearing midnight, she requested me to sleep with her and I accepted the invitation. Before we slept she gave a detailed account of her sex life with her hubby. His tool was normal but mine was bigger and he was not very romantic. Their sex routine was almost fixed; Strip, fondle the boobs; fingering the cunt till cock was hard and pussy was wet, enter, pump, ejaculate, and doze off. We slept nude with her hand gripping my tool and my finger in her wet and sticky pussy. Before I left in the morning, she gave me a parting fuck, but this time she was on the top. She brought my tool to life by sucking it and rode over me putting her nipples-one by one in my mouth. This session too lasted for about 10 minutes.

She told that she too would write some fantasies and after the 13th session (as per my stories), hers will follow. Over the next 3 months, whenever her hubby was away, we would plan a session with the selection with the playing cards and fulfilled all the 13 stories. Now, she is writing her fantasies and when she completes her 13, we will resume these sessions. Meanwhile, we are having occasional sex, exchanging naughty jokes through SMS and I forward hard core snaps to her through e-mail.

In case any of you wants to know the details of any particular session, he/she may please contact me with real mail id. Looking forward to your response.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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