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Big Tits

It’s summer of COVID-19 and I just turned eighteen. My mother remarried last September and I moved out on my own. Still at home is my sister Maddie and our two stepbrothers. Anyway I left home just as COVID began and jobs were hard to come by. Lots of girls like me had no money to buy food or pay the rent. Things didn’t turn out all that bad for me though. I found a nice little apartment and mornings I worked at the restaurant two doors up. All we could do because of COVID was takeout so we started making up breakfast sandwiches and coffee and selling them down at the dock to fishermen heading out to fish or pull traps. I wore my thong bikini and guys bought every day and we made good money.

Before I left home I stole money they had hidden away. They questioned my sister, my stepfather tying her to a chair in the nude and beating on her trying to make her own up. They decided it was me and I knew when I went home I would be getting a licking. And I did later that summer. When the town closed down many girls like me were broke and bosses began to pressure girls to exchange sex for jobs or rooms to rent. I knew people, being local, and they would help me pretty much so I wasn’t bothered, at least at first. But the yearly crew of girls from Ireland suffered badly. That’s when I met Ciara, a black haired, very pretty, well built Irish girl. Girls I knew from town did what the bosses wanted but Irish girls like Ciara were virgins and wouldn’t come across and was punished by being forced to take it in her bum.

That’s when I first met her. She was at a low point so I took her in for a week and later she became my second female lover, which is it’s own story. Only other note is that I missed going to the gym, closed by the pandemic. The gym owner was young and kind of nice looking and actually was kind of a friend of mine so I offered him a blow job in exchange for a key to the closed up gym. But he asked instead for me to pose nude for some bodybuilding pictures and I happily did.

Finally just before the Fourth of July the family figured out their money was missing, my sister was beaten because of it and I went to see her. I was found out and finally got my punishment, having my well formed ass whipped while I hung by my wrists completely naked. That’s where we start.

My sister cut me down and I fell into her arms only about half alive. She splashed some water on my face and tried to get me to drink something as I came round. I finally woke up and she dressed me and she took me to a car and put me in the passenger side and we were off to my place. By the time we got into town I was lucid. All I knew was my whole body hurt like hell. We bought a pizza up the street from my house and since they knew me they let us eat inside even though it was five minutes before closing.

Back outside we found the streets deserted even though it was the night before the Fourth Of July. There were no parades because of COVID and there were no fireworks except a few floating up over the harbor from some boats. We walked up to the corner to the main street. The cruiser came by and we talked to the cops because I knew them all from my coffee selling string bikini adventures every morning at the docks. They told me there had been an attractive nuisance complaint about my wearing my thong in public but the chief quashed it. Probably one of our competitors but most merchants liked it because there was nobody coming into town so the chance to see my almost bare ass was good for the local economy.

Speaking of my almost bare ass we talked about the gym being open kastamonu escort again and low and behold they had seen my nude bodybuilding photos. I didn’t blame the gym owner. It’s business. He had told me he wanted a girl who looked good but not outrageous so other girls would want to come work out so they could look the same. At any rate as the days went by I found more and more people had seen the pictures and I was becoming rather well known.

Actually I was already fairly well known around town from standing at the docks for two hours every day something close to naked. Guys would come up to me and say aren’t you that girl that … etc. Sometimes cars would slow down and the occupants would stare at me as I walked down the street. I started being careful walking home so no one could follow me, like walking into the mall by one entrance and going out the other or walking down the next street and cutting through the parking lots.

I made good money anyway and now that my whipping had taken place the rest of the summer looked like clear sailing. I had money coming in and a decent place to live and friends and acquaintances who would help me if I got into trouble. There were boys around if I wanted one but I really didn’t. Most of them knew nothing about me except that I had a decent body and I kind of wanted something a little deeper. If I just wanted to get fucked I could go to the bicycle shop two doors down from my house and enlist a boy there who had already serviced me admirably.

Maddie and I went to my place because by now I could hardly stand from fatigue and the after effects of my whipping. Once there I stripped naked and she inspected my bruises. Some of the redness had faded but there were lacerations on my bum and a few on my inner thighs and then there were those marks left by the tip of the whip my stepfather used. I had the same markings on my tits but they looked worse because the whip had cut my nipples and there was dried blood pretty much all over my bare chest where the whip had picked up the blood and spread it around. And everywhere the whip had hit me still ached this dull ache.

I knew I could not do my job in the morning. If I was properly dressed no marks showed but I couldn’t appear in a thong bikini. It was mid summer and unlike in the cold of the previous March I couldn’t wear my Eisenhower jacket to hide the marks and a regular bikini bottom even wasn’t enough to hide the marks on my ass. Plus there were my inner thighs. Maddie got me off the hook by offering to stand in. I’d fill the orders in my nighttime shift and she would hand over the drinks in one of my bikinis. She had more than enough body to fill one so nobody would complain. The customers would probably think I was on the rag or something.

I needed help getting cleaned up so Maddie stripped and we went in and started the shower. She had marks too, from when she was interrogated about the money but by now they were faint enough so she could get away with being practically naked in public. Besides the weather prediction was not good for the Fourth so it would be overcast and make what bruises she had harder to see. By far the worst marks she still had were on her wrists where he had tied her arms behind the chair she was tied to. As I said some of the Irish girls were starting to get the worst of it and it was in the papers that one had been tied to a chair in the nude and left there until she came across. So that’s where the idea came from.

So we got in the shower and she had me turn around and stand kayseri escort under the shower ’til my hair was wet and then washed my hair and had me get wet again to wash away the shampoo. I turned back around and she carefully washed my face and my neck. Then I did the same for her. It was great. I of course saw her nude often when we lived in the same house but never for this long or this intimately. I wanted so badly to just touch her pussy and remembered when we used to go exploring just like this.

She started to soap up my boobs and gently clean up the dried blood. There were still welts across them from the whip and marks from the tip. Some of them lasted for days. The hot water and her gentle touch on my bare breasts felt delicious and my nipples got hard and so did hers. She had a marvelous bosom, not the biggest tits in town, maybe, but firm and high with nipples that stuck out through just about anything she wore if she was turned on.

She finished with my bosom and started down the front of me right underneath it just cleaning up the blood spots. She got down to my belly button and tickled it and then went down a little further and stopped just above where the top of my pubic hair would be if I had any. Then she gave me the cloth she was using so I could do her but I got another one ’cause this one had the blood on it.

I soaped her up gently and was amazed at how soft her boobies were. I put the cloth over my shoulder and caressed her with my bare hands but I couldn’t look her in the eye while I did it. Her nude body was such a turn on I couldn’t fuckin’ believe it. I wanted her so bad. She took me by the hands and turned me around so she could do my back. He hadn’t really hit my upper back much, just enough to let the tip of the whip sneak around my body and hit me on my breasts. She soaped my sides and then went down my back to the top of my ass.

My bum was a project. She soaped it from top to bottom and gently rubbed off whatever dried blood and sweat there was with her bare hands and they just felt loverly softly massaging my ass cheeks. Then she stuck the cloth in the crack of my ass and soaped it from the top down, rubbing my asshole gently when she got there almost like she was thinking about having it ready for future use. I thought of poor Ciara having her hands tied behind her back and then having some guy ram his dick up inside her bottom. Then she had me spread my legs slightly so she could do right in between them right up inside but she changed the cloth so she wouldn’t touch my genitals with the same cloth that cleaned my asshole. And I felt the gentleness of her fingers on my girlhood for the first time since I didn’t know when.

My bum done and the backs of my thighs cleaned she turned me around to finish the job in front. She soaped the cloth and for what seemed like hours softly massaged the area around my genitals and then finally explored my bunny hole and found my clit and stroked it up and down. Then she took her two longest fingers and still more gently put them inside of me. I almost died. When I stumbled slightly she steadied me and hugged me and lightly felt my bum.

“Now me,” she said.

And I did my bit. Having already done her ample bosom I had her turn round to do her backside. It was soft and smooth and snow white. I soaped the crack in her ass and changed cloths to go down under and do her bunny hole from underneath. She spread her legs willingly. I reached around in front of her with both hands and worked my way slowly down her crotch to the promised kıbrıs escort land. She shivered and closed her eyes and kind of lifted her head. That was enough, she was pretty clean to start with. I turned her around and hugged her and she hugged me back and we snuggled.

Later we slept together in the nude for the first time in a good long while. And I had my first girl. At first we just kind of wrestled around for a while and kept sticking our knees in between the other ones legs so she could rub and we both had just a loverly time. After a while I laid her on her back and bound each of her wrists to the bed posts. She didn’t resist. Finally I kissed her mouth and bit her lips and sucked on her bubblegum tongue. Then I started down to her boobs and kissed them and caressed them and bit her nipples. And then down to her belly button and tickled it with my tongue and down further to her girlhood. I spread her thighs and lowered my hair onto her tummy and kind of tickled her with it and just nibbled my way down to her soft pink lips.

And all I could smell was her and the smell of her sex and the wetness all around and rubbed my nose on her clit felt her body stiffen and heard her cry and I licked her pussy lips all round then kissed them all round and then I could taste nothing but her and I kissed her everywhere I could reach and after that long kiss I nearly lost my breath and then I stuck my tongue inside her mountain flower and could taste her just like I tasted myself after I took my fingers out of myself and she just moaned and cried and I could feel her wet all over my mouth and I could just feel the wonder of a girl’s body and what it could do and I kept working on her clit with my tongue and she kept scrunching her bottom and trying to pull her hands loose from where I had tied them so she could use them like she wanted and I stuck my fingers into her just like I did myself only my fingers were aligned wrong so took my fingers out of her and went back to my tongue on her clit.

I pushed my head up until my lips were hard against her cunt and she pushed back on me and started to hump my face and I kept trying to like her clit and I stuck my own hand down between my legs and she just kept rocking herself up and down and I pushed back with my mouth and then she started to cum and she just came and came and then so did I and it felt like my whole body was fire and the tight spot above my cunt just released and I just couldn’t stop cumming myself and neither could she and it was just tremendous and I was so happy I could have cried and it just seemed to go on and on and I could feel the heat of her body next to me and it seemed like it lasted for an hour but it was really only maybe some minutes and then finally, slowly, I started to come back down to earth again and I just sort of watched my sister with her chest heaving and out of breath and my breasts all flush and sweat coming off both of us in the hot room.

Finally after a while we just lay there breathing hard and after a while I just fell asleep with my head between her thighs and her still tied to the bed.

At five my alarm went off and now we were together and kind of hugging each other and my arm was asleep trapped underneath her. We got up and kind of stood there together and hugged and felt each other up and then finally we started to get ready for work. She fit nicely into one of my bikinis with ties so we could adjust it because her tits were bigger than mine and so was her ass, but in a good way. And the suit had a bottom because she didn’t want to do the thong bit in front of a crowd. At twenty of six we went next door and grabbed a bite to eat and at five past six we were in my bosses truck heading to the dock. A few guys asked why I wasn’t in my bikini so I pleaded the crimson wave but once they saw Maddie in my bikini they were happy again. And we made record tips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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