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It was a Sunday and I was all alone in my one bedroom apartment. It was already 11 AM and I was still lying on my bed naked. I had come home last night very late from a party given by my boss at our office. I had taken in lot of alcohol and water. I had been lying awake from the immense pressure of my bladder. The cold weather that the rains bought held me on to my bed. But I had to go to the urinal really bad. My laziness gave me an idea. Lying on my back I took my semi hard cock in my hands and started a slow but gradually strengthening stream of piss. The warm water hit my chest and it continued for sometime wetting a large part of my body and bed. I was feeling a special sensation all over my body; I then masturbated and spewed a large amount of sperm on to the bed.

I then stood up and went to wash myself. I took the piss soiled bed sheet and put it in the basket to wash later. After freshening up, I made myself some juice. Since getting interested in water-sports I have started drinking lots of water and fresh juice, so that my urine didn’t give very bad odor or taste. I have also started taking less non-vegetarian food too.

I have a maid who comes during Sundays to clean up my apartments and wash my clothes. That day I had asked her to come in the afternoon, so that I could sleep late after the late night party. I had planned to wash the bed sheet before she came home, but some calls kept me busy till she came. I then went to a nearby hotel for my lunch and was back within an hour. I had forgotten the bed sheet entirely and it was lying in the basket with other soiled clothes. But by the time I reached back she had already started washing my clothes along with the bed sheet. The bathroom where she washed my clothes was adjacent to my bedroom and was not closed fully. I went to my room to change and then I noticed that the bed was made and a fresh bed sheet was on it. She must have noticed the not so dry spot on the bed. I was quite embarrassed by the situation.

Leaving aside my worries, I changed into the shorts I wore while I slept that night. My maid was sitting on a stool in the bathroom and she had her work clothes on (a light yellow colored churidhar I had bought her). She was washing the same bed sheet that had been soiled by my urine and sperm. Sensing my presence, she looked at me. “Babuji, aap shaadi karona, phir iss ki sarurat nahi padegi!” (Sir, get married, then you won’t need to do this), she had a knowing mischievous smile on her face. I was surprised to see an impish mood in her; she usually had a mood of indifference towards me.

“Aap jaisa ek achisi ladki mile tho, sochuoonki” (If I get a girl like you, then I will think of it) I teased her.

“Hum to garib he babuji or tho or utna kubsurath bhi nahi. Aap keliye to ache se ache ek ladki milegi” (We are poor and more than that I am not so beautiful. You will get a wonderful bride.) she kept her eyes on me.

“Laila, muje tho thum achi lagthi ho” (Laila, but you are the one I like.) I kept the talk alive. “Tho aap muje shadi karo, muje tho bilkul pasand hae” (Then you marry me, I do really like you.) she retorted back. I smiled at her and went to my office room. I was watching some porn when she came to clean the room. From the look of her face, she seemed to have understood what I was doing, though I had switched off the monitor fast. She started her work without saying a word. I sat there and started noticing her; she was good looking in a simplistic way. She had a lean body, her butts were round and perfect. She had small breasts but they were well rounded and full. I then noticed that her pants of the churidar were gone and she was now wearing a skirt that just reached her knees and the top of her churidar was all wet after the washing. Her black bra showed through the wet churidar and I got a good view of her lean but smooth thighs.

My semi-erect penis sprung into life at this view and I had hard time keeping away my boner from her view. She peeked at me occasionally. In desperation I stared at the computer monitor for some time to change the mood, but the erection remained. When I looked at her, she had smile on her and looked straight at me. The top most button of the churidar was open now and it gave me a chance to view her boobs. The upper part of her boobs was clearly visible as the bra pursaklar escort cups were small.

I was totally confused at her behavior, but really wanted to fuck her. I managed to pick some courage and walked towards her. She stopped her work and knelt on the floor looking at my bulge. “Aap mujhe shaadi karne jaa rahe ho, kya?” (Are you going to marry me?) she looked at me with a knowing face. I got bit nervous then and was afraid to proceed with this fun anymore. But the next remark from her changed everything. “Agar aap chahe tho hum shaadi kiye bina pathi-pathni ke jaisa rah sakthi he!” (If you so wish, then we can live like husband and wife without marrying) she stood in front of me with a mischievous look. I reached, took her hands in mine and kissed on them. She leaned towards me and kept her head on my shoulder.

My erect penis was touching her thighs, through the wetness of her churidar top I could feel the erect nipples of her breasts. Reaching down I touched her left knee and started rubbing up her thigh. She looked into my eyes and like a possessed woman kissed on my lips. I entered my tongue slowly into her inviting mouth and we kissed deeply for a minute or so. “Babuji, chodo muje. Kitne din se me yeh pal keliye tharas raha tha!” (Sir, fuck me. For many days I was waiting for this moment) she was becoming a delirious woman. The indifferent woman I knew turned out to be a really sexual and wild woman.

Slowly I pulled her skirt down, she wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy was shaved clean. As my fingers reached to touch her pussy, she withdrew from me. I reached to touch her, but she left the room without taking her skirt. I ran behind her, her nice bottoms swaying inside the churidar top that reached just below them. She went to my bed room, turned towards me and invited me to my bed. I walked to her and held her in a tight embrace. I kissed her on the forehead and withdrew from her. She removed her churidar top and bra. I removed my shorts, but left the underwear on. Taking her in my arms I placed her on the table near my bed. Bending down I kissed her pussy and licked my way up to her boobs. I sucked on her hard nipples and bit on them without hurting her much. “Zor se chos ley, babuji” (Suck it harder, sir.) she was almost screaming.

Reaching down I swirled my tongue inside her belly button. She softly drew her hand through my hair and pushed me towards her pussy. I was only happy to oblige. “Mere fudi khaley, babuji” (Eat my pussy, sir) her words only came as a soft whisper. I licked the entire length of her love hole. Her love juices were flowing heavily. Working my way inside her pussy I sucked on her clit. Her clit was bigger than any of the women I had slept with. It stood like a fully erect penis. I had great pleasure in eating her out. Remaining there for some more minutes I reached up and kissed her lips and sucked on them. Her tongue reached into my mouth and licked clean any remains of her pussy juice from my mouth.

Then I put her on her feet and turned her back towards me. I kissed and sucked on her neck, and slowly licked down to her firm, round butts. Separating her ass cheeks I kissed inside and licked over her ass hole. She wriggled in heightened sexual excitement. Reaching my hands to her front I cupped both her breasts from behind. Laila shivered and pushed her butt cheeks into my dick that was all hard from the way things were. I started squeezing her small, firm breasts gently and felt them thoroughly. Her hard nipples were poking into my palms and I moved my hands in a circular motion, lifting each tit and squeezing it; she was moaning feebly. Then she brought both her hands behind my neck and started playing with my neck and hair.

She was bending towards me more and more as I continued to pleasure her boobs. I told her to turn around, so that I can suck on her breasts. Laila moaned as my lips touched her tits. We hit the bed a few minutes later. She was lying over me and my hard dick was pressing on her pussy through my underwear. I could feel the wetness of her pussy on my dick. Reaching between us, she took off my underwear. Surprising me, she licked my nipples that were hard due to all the excitement. She slid down and reached my midriff; kissed on the sides of my inner thigh. She then took my balls rize escort in her hand and softly squeezed them. It gave me pain, but much pleasure too. As I opened my eyes to look at her, she kissed the tip of my erect dick. Next she sucked my balls into her mouth. I was moaning and wriggling in great pleasure. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her actions.

The sudden sensation of her mouth on my dick gave me a jolt. She was sucking my dick when I opened my eyes. She withdrew from my dick and gave a smile. “Babuji, mera kaam pasand aye kya?” (Sir, are you happy with my work?) she inquired.

“Bil kul, thum se acha aaj thak mera lund kisi ne nahi chusa!” (Certainly, nobody has sucked my cock this better before!) I confessed. She brought her lips over mine and sucked them into her mouth. I could taste my pre-cum from her mouth. I too sucked her lips hard and plunged my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues met and wrestled with each other. She then returned to sucking my dick. Within minutes my dick was fully engulfed in her mouth.

I was starting to have the familiar sensation on my dick. I had the urgent need to pee. I stopped Laila and told her about my condition. “Babuji, aap ko moothna he tho ek kaam karo. Mera uppar mootho.” (Sir, if you need to pee, then pee on me) I was really startled to hear this. This was one of my fantasies since I was taken to water-sports. Till now none of my partners were willing to be so adventurous. I was in real luck with this one, I thought. Seeing my expression, Lalila continued, “Aaj jab dhone keliye bedsheet liya tha thab malum pada ki aap us pe peshaab kiya huva he. Mere pathi ko ye pasand tha, hum aapas me ek dosare par peshaab karthe the or ek dosre ke peethe bhi the. Wo abhi gusarke theen saal ho gaya.” (Today when I took the bed sheet to wash I could see that you have peed on it. My husband also liked to do so, we used to pee on each other and drink each other’s pee. He passed away three years back). “Bathroom me jayenga ya idhar hi karenge” (Do you want to do it here or in the bathroom) she looked at me in a desiring way.

“Aap jaysa chahe” (As you wish) I invited her. She spread herself on the bed facing me as I knelt in between her legs. Taking my dick in her hand she directed the slow flow of my piss on to her pussy. Then as the stream got stronger she directed it on to her breasts and face. Still holding my dick she reached just below my dick and placed the piss straight into her mouth. She drank a few mouthfuls till the stream of piss started to get less. Getting her up on her knees I kissed her wantonly on her lips and tasted my own piss from her mouth. She transferred some of my piss into my mouth along with her saliva. I was really on the verge of an orgasm just from this little escapade.

“Babuji, aab der math karo, muje choodo” (Sir, I can’t wait any longer, do fuck me now) she whispered in my ears licking on them.

“Kyun nahi, meh bhi ab tharas raha hun” (Why not, I am also ready for it) I put her down on the bed that was wet and warm from my piss. Reaching between her legs I placed my throbbing hard dick on her pussy. I gently pushed into her hole and started stroking slowly. After some moments I increased my speed and thrust. Her pussy enwrapped my dick fully. She was a bit tight which heightened my pleasure. Her loud moans ensured me of her pleasure. I bend down and took her nipples in my mouth without breaking the rhythmic thrust in her pussy. I could sense my orgasm building up. Within few moments my sperm filled her pussy. I continued to thrust into for few more seconds. Then her scream informed me of her orgasm; looking into my eyes and holding my face in her hands she smiled at me with content.

We laid there for some more time holding each other in deep embrace. My dick slowly came into life lying nestled between her thighs. I brushed her hair and told her, “Ab se mujhe babuji math bulavo, sirf Arun hi bulavo!” (Don’t call me sir from now on, only Arun) she just smiled at me and gave a soft kiss on my forehead.

She then left me and went to the bathroom. I went behind her enjoying the view of her lovely butt. We both entered the bathroom and she went to the commode to pee. I stopped her and took her into the bathtub. Asking her to kneel above my head I laid myself in the tub. Placing herself above ankara rus escort my face she started to pee. The warm liquid hit my face a few moments later. I drank her piss, it was a bit hard and slightly smelly but I had no issues. I loved every bit of it.

Then she turned around and sat over my dick still pissing. The warm piss made my dick hard. Bending down she took him in her mouth. Her ass and pussy was in front of me. I squeezed her ass cheeks gently. Caressing it I reached with my face and licked her ass hole first. Then I slowly reached to her pussy. Her pussy lips were protruding out, I took them in my mouth and softly chewed on them. Licking and sucking her pussy I made her come for the second time. It was a small but exciting orgasm for her. Meanwhile I was getting ready to shoot my load into her mouth. A few more sucking and I sprayed my warm cum into her waiting mouth; she drank it without any hesitation.

We cleaned ourselves after that and she went into the kitchen to make some coffee for both of us. She was fully naked when I walked into the kitchen. I took of the towel I was wearing and reached behind her. She was washing glasses. I took her breast in my hand from behind and kneaded it gently. Turning her face towards me she looked into my eyes; our lips met in all the intensity of the moment. “Babuji…” she started to speak and I stopped her by putting my finger on her lips.

“Na, mein bola tha naa… ab se sirf, Arun” (No, I told you earlier, only call me Arun) I squeezed her left ass cheek.

“Teek he baba, ab mujhe coffee banana do” (Okay dear, now let me make some coffee) she requested. I stood back and admired her ass. Getting an idea, I knelt behind her and started slowly licking both her ass cheeks. Ignoring her plea, I started to lick through the crack of her ass. Concentrating on her asshole I tried to push my tongue into the hole. I was like a man who went all berserk then. “Arun, mujhe saaf karne do udar, us ke baad kya karna he tho karo” (Arun, let me clean there, then you can do whatever you want.) Laila stopped me. I stood up as she went into the bathroom adjacent to the kitchen. It was the one she usually used. A few moments later she came back.

I took her in my arms, kissed her French style and laid her on the dining table face down. I straight away started to eat her asshole and squeezed her ass cheeks with my hands. Putting my tongue inside her ass hole I started to enjoy what was in front of me. I stood up, took my dick in hand and placed it at the entrance of her asshole. I pushed into her, but it was not easy. “Kuch thel laana padega, shayad” (You might need to put some oil there) she suggested to me.

I applied some of my saliva there to ease her asshole for my dick to enter. Still it was not entering, so as she suggested I took some oil from the kitchen. I applied on to my dick and massaged some into her asshole. First I put my middle finger in, then one more. After some time I tried to enter her with my dick. Now things were far easier. “Aap ko dard he kya” (Are ou in pain) I asked her.

“Ha, thoda sa, magar rukho mat” (Little bit, but don’t stop) she looked back at me. I gently pushed the whole of my dick inside her asshole. Then lying on her I kissed and licked the back of her neck. She wriggled in excitement under me. After giving few minutes to her asshole to adjust to my cock, I started to thrust in and out of her asshole. She was starting to enjoy it too. I came in her asshole after a few more strokes. I withdrew from her and kissed her ass cheeks.

After cleaning ourselves we sat on the sofa in the drawing room drinking coffee. I asked her to sit on my lap and she obliged. We talked about our future and the past. I then came to know that she is leaving alone on the street next to mine and works in 5 households. Her brothers are in a village far from the city. She has no kids from her marriage. Her husband has left her with some wealth in their village. She was 3 years elder than me.

The next day, she shifted her things to my flat and lived, fucked, exchanged and drank pee with me from then on. She stopped her maid-work after that. We lived like husband and wife without marrying for almost two years and then I asked her to marry me. She informed her brothers in the village and they were only happy to get their sister married again. She is a wild flower and she had many facets to her sexual personality. I came to discover most during the years that I shared with her. The future is unpredictable, but in the present we are a happy couple living an adventurous and kinky sex life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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