Maid To Take Ch. 02

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Maya was insatiable. Or, maybe I was. In any case, we fucked around a hell of a lot.

I would patiently wait till Nita, my wife, would leave for school. My children left earlier, so that was no problem.

Maya would be standing in front of the kitchen sink, working. I would walk up to her, lift her sari and fishing out my cock, thrust into her. She loved this. Fucking from behind.

She would simply hang on to the shelf above and in front of her, twist her head around to suck on my tongue while I fucked her hot cunt like a man possessed.

After that first fuck of the day, she would spin around and go down on her knees to take my spluttering cock in her mouth to swallow my juices. Invariably, she would almost always have her first orgasm within a space of a few hard thrusts from my cock.

I showed her an illustrated book with clear pictures and she wanted to try all positions. She was obsessed with the Woman on Top position and when I fucked her in the doggie fashion.

When I showed her a book depicting a porn story, she excitedly asked me if they make such films. When I said yes, she just couldn’t wait to see it.

I got a CD from a local video dealer the next day. When she glanced at me, I winked and nodded. My wife was still to leave for her school.

I have never seen somebody so impatient. As soon as Nita left, Maya walked out from the kitchen to the living room and whispered excitedly, “Where is it?”

I put on the VCD and when she saw the first scene, her mouth opened with shock.

A pot-bellied, buck-naked guy was watching two busty porn starlets make it out while he jerked off his cock.

“Oh my god,” she breathed. “Do girls also do it together?”

I laughed. “Of course some do,” I smirked, and added, “They even suck each other’s cunts.”

She watched with wide eyes, breathing heavily. Her massive tits heaved up and down. Sitting next to her on the sofa, I casually put my arm around her shoulder and caressed her tit on the far side through the cotton blouse she was wearing.

When the camera zoomed to a close up of one girl licking the other’s pussy, she shuddered and pulled down the border of her sari. This way I had easy access to her tit. I pushed my hand through the top of the blouse and encountered her bra. She hunched her shoulders together so that I could push my hand inside the bra to fondle her naked breast.

She shivered with passion when I pinched her erect nipple. She carried her hand to my bulge between my legs and squeezed my erection through my pajama. I wasn’t wearing any underwear and she moaned when she felt my throbbing cock inside the pajama.

“Take out my cock,” I told her.

She immediately pulled the string that held my pajama at the waist. It slid down over my thighs and my erect cock popped out.

So while I fondled her tit, she played with my cock, and the two of us continued to stare at the screen where the man had now walked up to the girls. He offered his cock to one girl who immediately took it deep in her mouth.

“Oh my God,” Maya whispered, her hand instinctively clutching my cock harder.

I had my hand deep inside her bra by now and I was feeling her big tit with my palms. When she clutched at my cock, I immediately drew my fingers together and pinched her erect nipple.

The man on the screen now held the girl by the back of her head and began to thrust his hips to and fro, fucking her mouth. The camera zoomed to the other girl, still licking the first one’s cunt.

“Suck my cock, you little slut,” I whispered to her.

Without having to be told twice, she immediately leaned down into my lap. She did not take her eyes off the screen and simply opened her mouth so that I could guide my hard on into her. She closed her lips around the shaft, forming a perfect seal there.

That made my knees buck up. Plus there was this feeling of her wet tongue swiping all over my shaft as she held it firmly inside her mouth.

I managed to settle down and allow her to bob her head up and down rhythmically as she began to deep throat me.

She had twisted her body around to look at the TV while she sucked on me. I pulled my hand out of her blouse and began to unbutton the hooks that held her blouse together.

When the last hook flipped out, I could see her black bra and I drew the straps together to unhook it too.

“Just back up a little, bitch,” I groaned.

Still staring at the monitor, she pulled back, allowing my cock to flop out of her mouth.

I nearly tore away her blouse and bra to expose her huge sexy tits.

“Suck my cock again, slut,” I çankaya escort whispered harshly.

She went down on me again and I immediately captured her naked tits with my hands, kneading them, pinching the nipples.

She hummed around my cock as I teased and squeezed her heavy tits. We continued to watch the TV.

By now, the guy was force-feeding his cock into the second girl’s mouth and was french kissing the first one. Occasionally, they would stick out their tongues and lick them in an exaggerative display of hardcore sex.

I have seen hundreds of porn videos and most of them are so predictable, I can tell what’s going to happen next. With the exception of a very few really well made movies, almost all of them follow a peculiar sequence of events. The duel between tongues, the swaying of the girl’s body as she undresses, the guy licking her twat and then fucking her mouth and finally, the girl taking his cock up her cunt from behind, or with her on back and him holding her legs high up in the air. It almost always culminates with the guy coming all over her mouth.

But for Maya, it was a first experience. Her tongue began to swipe over my shaft as she bobbed her head faster and faster over it. It was enough indication of her state of arousal.

I slipped one of my hands from her tit down her body and pulled up her sari, exposing her creamy thighs. I dragged her panties down her legs, holding the sari bunched up at her waist.

She drew my cock out of her mouth and began to rub the pre cum over her cheeks. Her eyes were still fixed on the TV screen and when the guy pushed his dong inside the first girl’s cunt from behind, Maya gasped.

“Oh god, it is so big!”

I cupped her hairless cunt with my palms and squeezed powerfully. She cried out, lifting her ass up the sofa to push her wet cunt against my palm.

“Ugghhh, aahhhh, oh yes, yes, yes,” she panted; now slapping her face with my cock. She still did not let her eyes drift away from the TV.

I caressed her cunt lips till my fingers were wet with her juices and then, without warning, I thrust three of them into her tight pussy.

Her back arched up, her eyes widened even more and her mouth opened. I shuffled forward and crammed my cock into her mouth and her lips clamped around the width as she commenced to suck me off.

“God,” I grunted, shoving my fingers in and out of her hot pussy. “I want to fuck your cunt!”

I grabbed her arms and spun her around. She rose to her feet facing away from me, eyes still on the TV where the guy was alternately fucking one girl’s cunt and the other girl’s pussy.

I spread my legs apart looking at her tight shapely ass. I tugged at the sari till it was lying on the floor next to her panties and my pajama.

“Lower yourself down on my cock, bitch,” I muttered harshly.

She pushed her hands behind her to rest them on my shoulders and lowered her body onto my lap. My cock was erect, pointing up at the ceiling. I cupped her ass as her cunt approached the tip of my cock.

She pushed one hand between her legs and felt for her cunt lips. She opened the lips with her fingers. I grasped my shaft and rubbing the head over her slit, finally found her hole.

Before I could thrust upwards to sink my cock in her pussy, she slammed her ass down hard onto my lap.

“AARGHHH…” I shouted.

“OHHHHH…” she cried out as in one swift thrust, my cock was buried right to the hilt in her wet tight cunt.

She was quite short; far shorter than I; so I could see the threesome on the TV over her shoulders when she rested her ass on my lap. She paused after the first down stroke, letting my cock luxuriate in the depths of her pussy.

I slipped my hands up her curvaceous ass cheeks, past her smooth waist till I was cupping those heavy monstrous tits.

She moaned when I pinched her nipples and raised her ass off my lap till only the tip of my cock was lodged inside her cunt. I was holding her hard to me by her tits, so that she had to raise only the lower part of her body.

When the guy on the TV, standing behind the girl slammed his cock into her cunt, Maya lowered her cunt back onto my shaft.

“Fuck my cock, baby,” I gasped, rolling her nipples around my fingers. “Fuck my cock with your cunt now. Ah yes, you little whore, yes, yes, faster, faster, you bitch, fuck me, fuck me!”

And the horny bitch did exactly that. As I lay back on the sofa, no longer interested in the TV, she rode me furiously, uttering small and harsh moans every time that my cock entered her cunt.

“Oh, oh, oh, ahh, ahh, ugghhh, escort çankaya oh, yes, yes,” she babbled as she began to ride me faster and faster.

I slipped one hand down her flat belly and when I flicked her clit with my fingers, she cried out, her body stiffening. She plunged down till my cock was buried inside her and her fingers tightened on my shoulders.

I knew she had climaxed. I felt her juices flooding over my cock.

She twisted her head around to me, her mouth open. I kissed her violently on her lips with my open mouth and felt her tongue stabbing inside me. I rubbed her clit harder and faster as she began to buck up and down wildly over me.

Finally, she tore her lips away from mine and swung her head back to watch the screen. This time, I too looked at the TV. The two girls knelt on either side of the man as he furiously masturbated himself.

When the guy came, he did so in buckets. Literally. I don’t really know how these guys produce so much spunk when they fuck for the camera. I had read somewhere that these blokes take something called Clomid to increase the amount of juice that they let fly when they come in front of the cameras.

The guy shot so much of juice that he had thoroughly painted both the girls’ faces and still had enough to fill their mouths. This set me off.

“Oh my god,” I yelled at the top of my lungs, wildly slamming up till my cock was buried deep into her pussy, “I am going to cum!”

Swiftly, she disengaged, slipping down to her knees after spinning around. She crouched there and no sooner had my cock fired the first salvo, her face was directly under it. She kept her eyes and mouth open as I began to erupt.

She grabbed my twitching cock in one hand, milking it furiously while using the palm of her other hand to smear the liquid over her face.

I looked down, astonished that I was cumming so hard and so much. The cream was sufficient to anoint her entire face and continue to dribble down her chin to her heaving chest.

She licked off my juices off her hand before taking my cock back into her mouth. This time around, she did not suck: she merely swiped her tongue over the shaft.

I was thoroughly satiated and all I could do was to watch her clean me up.

“There’s some on your tits too,” I told her.

Without taking her mouth off my cock, she dipped her fingers between her tits and scooped up the cream lying there in a puddle. She drew back to smear it over my flaccid cock and took me back into her mouth.

When I had first forced her into having sex with me, I hadn’t really imagined that she would be so promiscuous and sexy. A few sessions with her and she was as much in a perpetual state of horniness as I was.

I continued to sit on the sofa while she lay sprawled on the floor, the back of her head resting against my crotch. She was done with cleaning my dick off the juices and was now back to watching yet another episode on the TV screen.

I crouched low on the sofa and captured her heavy tits. I just couldn’t seem to ignore those beauties.

One of the two girls in the earlier movie was now seated beside a pair of different guys. While they were unbuttoning her top, she had pulled down their zippers and was fondling both the cocks with her hands.

This brought another gasp from Maya.

“My god, two men with one girl?”

She was naïve. But that was only to be expected.

“There’s a lot of things these people do,” I smirked, cupping her tits and kneading them.

I watched her thrust her hands down her legs and soon she was fingering her pussy. She pressed her head back against my crotch. In effect, this squeezed my dick between the back of her head and my belly.

I brought my knees together to clamp her sexy body between them.

“You are feeling hot, hah?” I queried unnecessarily.

“I wonder what it would feel like to have two cocks at the same time,” she replied.

I laughed. “Where would you want them?”

“One in my cunt and another in my mouth,” she shot back.

I raised one hand off her tit and fed her mouth with a finger.

“Suck that and pretend it’s a cock.”

She began to slobber on my finger.

I let the other hand drift down her belly till I had a finger inside her pussy.

“Now feel the other cock fucking your slut cunt.”

She lifted her hips to let my finger thrust right inside her hot cunt and sucked harder on the other finger in her mouth.

Watching her, I began to get hard again and pressed my cock against the back of her head.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned.

“As çankaya escort bayan you do that, I think it would be a great idea if I could fuck your jugs,” I told her.

She drew her head back and turned to look at me.

No further words were spoken as she arranged herself with her back on the sofa. I rose and stood in front of her, poking my cock against the giant tits. I thrust one finger in her mouth and as she arranged her boobs over my cock, slipped a finger of the other hand down her belly to slide it in her hot cunt.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, sucking on my finger and lifting her hips to take the other inside her cunt.

She cupped her tits together, wrapping them around my cock. With my fingers working furiously inside her mouth and cunt, I began to rock to and fro, fucking her tits.

“Oh baby, you little bitch, you little hot cunt,” I groaned, watching my dick slide to and fro between her heaving chest. “You are a hot slut, you little fucking whore!”

I glanced at the TV and watched the girl rocking between two cocks; one in her cunt and the other in her mouth.

That, I decided, was just a film. I had the real thing in my hands!

She slurped my finger, getting it thoroughly wet and bounced up and down on the other finger. With these movements, it was natural for my cock to slide between her tits. I felt the soft and firm flesh of those massive beauties scraping against the flesh of my shaft.

It was glorious. It felt like my cock was fucking a cunt.

I quit plunging to and fro and allowed her to rock up and down. The sweat from her brow mixed with her saliva dribbling out of her mouth and very conveniently landed between her tits, providing just the type of lubrication needed for my hard dick to feel more and more like it was fucking her hot cunt.

She slid her body till it was across the sofa to allow my cock more access to fuck her tits. In this position, I could also see her lips sucking on my finger as well as my two digits (I had added a finger) slamming in and out of her cunt furiously.

“Oh yes,” I panted, realizing that I wouldn’t be coming so soon this time; I already had dumped my first load earlier and was pretty sure it was going to take much longer this time around for me to come.

“Fuck my cock, you little sexy whore,” I continued, “Ah yes, like that, press your tits together harder, you slut, like that, yes, and don’t stop sucking my finger!”

She grunted as she redoubled her efforts. Her ass began to move up and down and I felt the muscles of her cunt almost biting off my fingers.

I pulled back to take my prick out from the valley of her tits and shoved the tip in her face. She pulled out my finger and replaced it with my cock. I thrust to and fro, fucking her face a few times, and as soon as I pulled it out, she promptly put my finger back into it.

I rubbed the tip of my cock now over her nipples and over the top of her melons before thrusting it back in her cleavage.

I felt her legs bucking up and down faster and faster and knew she was on the verge of her climax. I added a third finger and increased the pace of my finger fucking till she was moaning like a bitch in heat.

“Oh, oh, oh yes, oh yes, I’m going to come,” she cried out.

I manipulate my thumb till it was rubbing her clit and that did the trick. She convulsed and screamed as her cunt shot out her juices over my fingers.

She had arched her neck up when she came and that meant that she was no longer sucking my finger. Aware that I had drained her (at least temporarily), I pulled out my fingers from her cunt and now grabbed her tits. She reached to fondle my balls as I cupped her tits, wrapping the soft flesh around my cock.

“Now, you little bitch, you are going to get it,” I hissed, beginning to plunge my cock back and forth in the valley of her breasts.

I pinched her nipples cruelly, eliciting a stifled scream from her, as I banged her boobs savagely.

I could have gone on but suddenly, I wanted to come. When I reached the point of no return, I pulled my cock out from between her tits, shuffled forward and shoved it in her open mouth.

My first wad burst out even as she was still trying to get her lips around my cock. Most of it splashed her nose and her cheek, but she was quick to cram the length of my cock deep into her mouth.

I rested the tip of my finger against her throat to feel her swallowing my load. When I realized that I was almost finished, I pulled out from her mouth and stuck my still jerking cock between her tits.

I loved to make her tit valley wet with my cream and I always made sure that she got at least a couple of blasts there.

“Ahhhhh…” I groaned as she rubbed her tits up and down over my cock.

And then, the goddamned door leading to the basement, and now hardly ten feet away from our writhing bodies, opened.

In walked my wife, Nita!

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