Make Me Yours: BoyxBoy

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*Act One*

__Prince in wolf’s clothing__

Brayden Bishop is a prince at our school.

At the elite academy known as Princeton Prep, every high schooler knows his name, his face, and even his schedule. Most people here come from well off families, many students holding the title ‘rich’, but even to them Brayden is on a whole different scale.

He is charismatic, a top student, and has the looks that could easily land him a job modeling. He has my ideal body type: tall, well built with nice muscle tone, not overly bulky but noticeable enough that every shirt fits him like it was sewn for him. I can’t help but be envious, myself standing at 5’6 with a small, slender frame. He has thick blonde hair that covers to the back of his neck, his normal style with it pushed back up off his forehead, leaving the longer front strands falling to touch his ears. He is a jewel in the eyes of every girl, and a goal in the eyes of all the guys.

I was the same. Caught up in his aura like everyone else and respecting him for holding a spot light I could never dream of standing in.

That is… until that day in the bathroom.

Third period, I had excused myself from class and headed to the normal 1st level bathroom, but I’d spotted the cleaning lady and had decided the 2nd floor bathroom would have to do. This bathroom was not as updated as the others and was out of the way for most classes, so students didn’t bother with it.

Once I got there, I ran into a scene that I’d not expected.

I was already in the process of undoing my belt when giggling erupted from the last stall.

“Someone’s in here.” I startled as a girl’s harsh whisper filled the narrow room.

“Is that a problem?” A guy’s voice followed hers.

Then the stall door opened and out the two came. A girl was being held up by a guy, her legs wrapped around his waist. I recognized Brayden in a heartbeat, his icy blue gaze daring me to speak as he glanced over at me.

My eyes shot escort şişli down to the urinal. I couldn’t take back looking at them, but I could pretend I didn’t see anything.

“Now you’ve got us caught,” the girl said, but her voice didn’t reflect a hint of worry or embarrassment.

“Just give me one more kiss and I’ll let you go.” Brayden’s low voice beckoned her.

I wanted to disappear from there, but at the same time my eyes were drawn back to them. She was still wrapped around him, their lips now connected, but as he kissed her his gazed once more flicked over to me. My face flamed, and I whipped my head back around to stare ahead at the wall.

What was I getting so embarrassed about? I’d seen people kiss, and yet my heartbeat would argue that fact.

I told myself to go ahead with my business, but I couldn’t bring myself to do so. Not in front of some random girl. I wouldn’t call myself a gentleman, but that was beyond me.

I heard her feet touch the tile, and she continued to giggle as she walked past me and out of the door. I felt relieved, at least until Brayden came over to stand beside me.

“Am I interrupting you?” he asked.

I felt a chill go down my spine. His voice didn’t sound angry, but I had just walked in on him in the middle of something.

“No, I- um. Sorry.” I sputtered.

He leaned against the wall with his elbow, his body turned to face mine. “Don’t apologize. I guess you weren’t expecting a show in the restroom.”

I tried to laugh, but I wasn’t sure if the sound made it out of my throat.

“Your face is awful red.” His voice held amusement as he leaned his head down towards me. “You’re in my art class. Riley, right? I’ve seen you look at me quite a bit. Tell me, maybe you’re wanting me to kiss you too?”

My eyes grew wide in shock. What was he saying?

“You’ve got a pretty face, you know. Even nicer than most girls’,” he said, his body coming closer to mine.

“I’m not kağıthane escort interested. Thanks.” I managed to reply as I stepped back.

But he startled me again, grabbing me by the collar of my shirt and pulling me forward. At the same time his hand came up to my face, tilting it a bit to the side.

I was too shocked to move, not understanding how things had become like this. Who was this guy? This was not the Brayden everyone knew.

He gazed down at me, his eyes bright with laughter. “Even your ears are red.”

Humiliation rippled through me. I couldn’t stop my body’s reaction.

I slapped his hand away from my face. “Shy people blush easily. Nothing special.” I tried to pull his hand from my shirt, but his grip was tight. “Would you mind letting go? This isn’t funny.”

In one quick motion he slung me around until my back was to the wall. He pushed his body against mine, holding me in place.

“Who’s laughing?” He spoke right into my ear.

Every hair on my body rose. Goosebumps danced over my skin.

“What kind of game are you playing?” I asked, my voice rising.

“I gotta say, it’s cute that your words don’t match your body.” He smiled down at me, his hand grabbing my jaw. “What’s the problem? We’re both eighteen. Two adults that might have some fun.”


My words were cut off as his lips overtook mine. His kiss was not gentle, it was hot and uncontrollable. His tongue sliding into my mouth before I knew what was happening. His leg came up between mine, pushing me up and off balance. My hands went to his shoulder to catch myself, and he pressed me back harder into the wall.

My mind went into a whirlwind. His kiss stealing my reason, his tongue plunging and swirling, my face braced between his palms. Every once of fight left my body. I was frozen and burning all at the same time.

When his mouth finally pulled back from mine, his cocky smile was the first thing I could focus on. His lips looked escort ataköy like he was getting ready to speak, but his expression began to change as he stared down at me. His smile began to fade, his eyebrows furrowing. His hands relaxed, his grip loosening. One hand slid further up my face, brushing back some of my hair.

My hands clenched his shoulders, my mind screaming for me to shove him away, but I was too late. He leaned down and kissed me again.

An arm wrapped around my back, pulling me flush against his chest and I slid further up his leg. The unmistaken bulge of his pants pressed against me, causing me to regain some of my sense. I shoved against his chest, but he his grip around my waist only tightened.

His head tilted, giving him a better angle to thrust his tongue deeper still. He pulled me up further, harder, grinding into me. He sucked my tongue into his mouth, and my thoughts once more evaporated.

He nipped at my lips, allowing me to slide down enough for him to grab my belt. His palm pressed over my throbbing cock. I flinched, the contact sending currents of pleasure charging through me.

“Don’t fight me.”

His ragged voice had turned into a growl, enveloping me in heat I couldn’t think through. His head lowered to kiss my neck, his tongue burning a trail down to my collarbone.

My half-undone belt was quickly unhooked, and I felt his skin graze mine as the tips of his fingers brushed just above my boxers. Both his hands now gripped my pants as he worked to free the button. I watched in a haze as the button gave way and his hand slid inside my boxers. The feel of his warm fingers wrapping around me was almost too much to bare. I lowered my head to his chest, realizing the will to resist was nowhere to be found.

The shrill ring of the school bell had us both freezing in place.

A hiss of aspiration escaped him, followed by a sting of curses as he removed his hands from my body. When I was suddenly standing on my own again my legs felt disconnected from the rest of me.

He headed for the door.

“Let’s get to knew each other better next time, Riley.”

Then he was gone, and I was left to wonder what the hell had just happened.

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