Making Friends With An Old Nemesis

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Big Tits

Let me start out by saying this: I hated my ex-girlfriend’s sister. She was the “golden child” of the two and could get away with murder. As such I had said some things about her that made it to her ears, so for a long time we had been enemies. That is, until Kelly and I had broken up. Then Jenna, her younger sister, had finally tried to make amends. Which really didn’t go over well with me.

So I suppose descriptions are in order. Kelly, my ex, is fairly short, and weighing in at about 140 pounds, she has quite the curvy physique. She has a round face with small puffy lips and rosy cheeks. He hair is shoulder length, dark brown with blonde streaks. She always wore here black plastic “emo glasses,” which I though always looked great on her. Her curviness was amplified by her big D-cup breasts that had, for five years, been a great obsession of mine.

Her sister Jenna, on the other hand, was around the same height, but two years younger. She was a bit on the overweight side, around 170 pounds, making her quite curvy to behold. She dyed her hair a bright red, her curls coming down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. She always wore a bit too much bright-coloured makeup around her eyes (usually green to contrast her hair) and she had freckled rosy cheeks. She had a big round ass and thick, tree-trunk like legs from her hobby of swimming constantly. But her big beautiful rear wasn’t what grabbed everyone’s attention. It was her huge, E-cup breasts. They were absolutely massive, and, frankly, hard not to stare at.

I had fantasized about that stupid girl a lot, mainly about those gargantuan tits. But after Kelly and I broke up, it had worn off. I hadn’t thought about her sister in a long time. As an artist, I had drawn pictures of Jenna as I imagined her, trying to think of what her nipples would look like. I never thought I’d actually get to see them. That’s what this story is all about, however.

The leaves were just starting to turn on the fall day I found myself at Kelly’s parents house. I had gone over to watch movies and play games with her and her sister, thinking it would just be the same old sort of event. I had only been there for five minutes or so when Kelly headed downstairs to set up a movie on their huge flatscreen TV. I made my way towards the kitchen to get a drink when I heard a voice mumble form behind me in the living room.

“You know, I wish I could make you hate me a little less,” Jenna, said after Kelly went downstairs to set up the movie we were all going to watch together. Jenna was hugging a huge fluffy purple blanket close to her, regrettably stifling any hopes I had of staring at her massive tits in the black tank-top I knew she was wearing.

“I don’t hate you. We just don’t really get along because of your parents favouring you,” I said, shrugging and opening the fridge.

“Yeah but that’s not exactly my fault, now is it?” she asked, sounding peeved.

I sighed and pulled out a beer, closing the fridge door, “I know that. I guess it just really bugs me,” I stated.

As I popped the lid off of the bottle and took a swig of beer, Jenna lowered her arms and held the blanket at her stomach. She looked away in thought, letting me glance fleetingly at her impressive cleavage, the cleft between her huge breasts perfectly visible. She looked back at me and I looked away, and I heard her mumble, “I wish I could get you to like me more…”

I shrugged again and said, “so do I. But I can’t Samsun Escort think of anyway to improve our relationship.

Jenna rubbed the back of her neck, staring at the floor in thought, “hmmm…” she muttered. And with that, I headed downstairs.

When I got downstairs I had to go to the bathroom, so did so, and when I came out Jenna was sitting in the middle of the large couch next to Kelly. I sat down on Jenna’s right and asked, “why’s she in the middle?”

My ex rolled her eyes, “she’s really cold, so let’s all curl up in the blanket so we all warm up.” I shrugged and pulled the blanket over my lap, pulling up my knees to my chest. I cocked an eyebrow at Jenna as she did the same.

Kelly hit play on the movie, the new Grinch movie, and I sighed with distaste, thankfully masked by the opening score of the film. I really hated the movie, but the two sisters loved it, so I kept my mouth shut.

About five minutes into the film I felt a hand slide onto my thigh, and, realizing it couldn’t be Kelly I looked over at Jenna. She was still watching the movie intently, so I decided to see what she was doing. Her hand slowly slid onto the crotch of my pyjama pants, and she began rubbing slowly up and down, my cock growing harder by the second. I was worried the movement would be obvious with blanket movement, but having the blanket over our curled knees masked what Jenna was doing in secret.

As my hard on finally reached it’s peak, Jenna slid her hand down the front of my pants and boxers and gripped my bare cock lightly in her soft hand. I bit my lip in pleasure and slowly moved my hand into Jenna’s lap. I saw her mouth open a bit in surprise, thankfully not noticed by Kelly as she laughed along with the movie.

I laughed at something in the movie as I played with the elastic waistband of Jenna’s pyjama pants. She continued to masturbate my raging cock wordlessly under the blanket as I slid my hand down her abdomen and into her panties. She bit her lip to keep from making a noise as my middle finger slid down her juicy, soaking wet slit. I couldn’t believe how wet she was. It felt like she had wanted to be intimate with me for a long time.

My ex-girlfriend’s sister nervously picked up the pace, jerking me off faster under the blanket as I slid my finger slowly into her dripping wet, tight little cunt. I felt my cock begin to get a little slick as she worked it up and down, pre-cum dripping from the tip and down my shaft.

I brought up my thumb and began rubbing up and down Jenna’s hard little clit as my middle finger continued sliding in and out of her tight little pussy. I saw her visibly bite her lip harder and her hand clenched my cock tight as she got close to having an immense orgasm. I just prayed she could keep quiet.

All at once I felt Jenna’s tight little cunt clamp down on my finger and she shuddered but once as she wordlessly orgasmed. I couldn’t believe she managed to keep quiet as she violently orgasmed, her soaking hole dilating and releasing madly around my dripping wet finger.

As Jenna’s orgasm subsided her free hand pushed my hand off her ravaged pussy, and, gripping my wrist, she made me wipe my hand on her panties, covering them in her own slick juices. She looked at me, wide eyed, with pure lust, and I pouted dramatically as she let go of my throbbing cock, pulling her hand out of my pants. I read her lips as she silently mouthed “meet me in the bathroom,” and then Samsun Escort Bayan she brought her hand up and licked her fingers of the pre-cum spread on them. I licked my lips and nodded once.

“I gotta go up to my room for a few minutes, can you pause the movie?” Jenna asked, turning to Kelly.

“Sure,” my ex said, doing so. I thought for a second as Jenna got up and started to head towards the stairs.

“I gotta go to the bathroom,” I grumbled, getting up and following her sister.

“M’kay,” Kelly said, not suspecting a thing.

When I got upstairs I headed straight to the main floor bathroom, opening the half-closed door to find Jenna standing their waiting, “thanks for that… I thought I was going to scream,” she said with a smile. I just smiled back, and with that she closed and locked the door behind me and dropped to her knees in front of me.

Jenna brought her hands up and undid the button on the crotch of my pyjama pants, and I couldn’t say a single thing as she did so, staring straight down the top of her tank-top at her huge breasts, heaving as she breathed heavily. She raised her eyebrows in wonder as she pulled my rock-hard dick out the front of my pyjamas. She wordlessly stared at it, then closed her eyes and leaned forward, opening her mouth and sliding her soft wet lips onto my hardness.

Now Kelly could never really suck on my dick because she has a tiny mouth and a gag reflex, but Jenna had a huge mouth and apparently no gag reflex, as she continued pressing onto my cock, her lips sliding down my shaft until the tip of my cock rubbed the back of my throat. I groaned quietly in pleasure, and I heard her chuckle quietly.

And then my ex’s sister started sucking my cock better than I could ever dream of. She slid her lips upwards all the way to the tip while her tongue swirled around my shaft deftly, then she would put her tongue underneath it and push her head back down, impaling herself on my raging hard-on. She began to pick up her pace as my legs shook slightly, her head bobbing furiously up and down while her tongue worked me over. I grabbed onto the door frame to keep my balance while she gave me her heavenly blowjob.

And then all at once, Jenna stopped, her lips at the base of my cock, its tip rubbing the back of her throat, and my blood went cold as I heard a knock on the door, “you okay you douche?” Kelly asked.

“Y- yeah,” I stammered, “my stomach is bothering me.”

She replied, “oh. Anything I can get you?”

I bit my lips and answered, “no thanks. I’m okay for now.”

There was a good ten seconds pause, neither Jenna nor I moving at all, my cock still shoved firmly in her mouth, before my ex asked, “any idea where Jenna is?”

I shuddered as her nibbled my cock gently as if to remind me to refrain from saying, ‘her lips are wrapped around my dick.’

I quickly composed myself and replied, “no idea.” So she said she was going back downstairs, and after about thirty seconds I finally spoke.

“God that was close… Man I want to cum so fucking bad…” I said, squirming.

Jenna pulled her head off my raging hard on and cocked an eyebrow in thought before saying, “I know what might help with that.” Nothing could prepare me for what she did.

My ex-girlfriend’s sister grabbed the top of her tank-top and yanked it and her bra down, and her massive tits spilled out, bouncing in front of my cock. My eyes went wide Escort Samsun with surprise, and Jenna just looked up at me, smiling, and she grabbed her breasts, pulled them up, and then let go, letting them fall and bounce on their own.

Her nipples were big and puffy, but hard with arousal, and I could think of nothing but sucking on them when Jenna asked, “that do anything for you?”

I nodded furiously and began jerking off like my life depended on it. My cock, slick with Jenna’s saliva, throbbed wildly as I worked it over as fast as I could, my hand a blur of motion as I jerked off to the sight of finally seeing Jenna’s mammoth breasts.

Jenna chuckled and then began playing with her huge tits, putting on a show. She squeezed them tight in her hands, pushed them together, jiggled them from side to side, bounced them up and down. She put on the best show I have ever seen, her tits constantly in motion, and I groaned as my orgasm grew nearer.

At one point she brought up her right breast and leaned forward, rubbing her puffy nipple against the head of my cock, a thing rope of pre-cum being pulled off my cock when she pulled away. Then my ex’s sister began bouncing up and down on her knees, kneeling up and sitting down, her huge tits bouncing up and down in a perfect rhythm. I knew I was about to shoot my load, so I aimed my cock up so my load would spill into my own hand.

Jenna knew what I was doing so she grabbed the sides of her massive tits and pushed them tightly together, asking, “are you going to cum on them or not?”

Right on cue, I aimed down, my balls shuddering suddenly, and my body shook as the first rope of my hot cum shot over my target, spraying against Jenna’s lover lip and chin. She began to lick it off her lip as the second and third shots blasted in between her heaving, pressed together breasts, creating a pool of white hot cum in between them. And then I began to shake uncontrollably, and my hand shook as I continued cumming, shot after shot of my thick seed spraying uncontrollably all over my ex-girlfriend’s sister’s huge tits, covering them top to bottom and side to side with my seemingly unending load.

Jenna chuckled as my orgasm finally subsided, and I let go of my softening cock so I could regain my balance. “Mmmm…” She murmured as she put her hands underneath her huge cum-covered tits and brought them up towards her mouth. Her tongue snaked out and she began licking, sucking, and slurping every drop of my cum off her big breasts. My eyes were taking one of the sexiest things I had ever seen.

When Jenna was finished, she opened her mouth to show me the ridiculously huge load of cum she had gotten off her breasts, her mouth practically full, and then she let it slide down her throat slowly, savouring the taste. “Yummy!” she said with a grin when she had finished swallowing.

She pulled up her bra and tank-top, rearranging them over her big tits, then asked, “so how do you feel about me now?”

I smiled shyly and replied, “a lot better.”

She chuckled and stood up, “good, because you’re a lot more fun than most guys. No one will even fuck me in the ass!”

I cocked an eyebrow and scoffed, “and you think I will?”

She turned around and pulled down her pyjama pants and panties, giving me a perfect look at her big, round ass. My ex’s sister grabbed my hand and pressed it against her ass, making me squeeze it tight, asking, “what you don’t like it? I mean, you’d get to play with my titties while you did it too… ” She let go of my hand, pulling up her pants and pouting comically at me.

I scratched my chin dramatically in thought, “well… When you put it that way…” I winked and opened the bathroom door.

To be continued?

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