Making My Friend Use Me as Toilet

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Ever since I was a teenager, I was fascinated by the thought of a nice girl kneeling with her ass above my face and shitting directly into my mouth.

Along the years, while I was getting older, up to the age of 26, I was thinking – how can I make this imaginary scenario happen in real life?

So I thought how can I make this happen, and finally I got it – let’s try to make one of my female friends do it to me. Thus I won’t need to invest a lot of time on a real long-term relationship, and also I would be able to avoid doing it with a total stranger.

My friend from school, Lilly, would be the perfect choice.

Lilly is a pretty thin. She is blond-haired and a quite a beautiful girl. We have been hanging out to some bars drinking beer a few times in the recent years, sometimes having long talks in my car after it. If we hang out and have a talk in the car later, I would be able to lead the situation into my target.

In that very day, I texted Lilly and asked her whether she likes to go drink some beers in the bar. She accepted and we were hanging out at the bar the same night. Later, we drove to her home by my car, and had the usual talk.

I said: “They are always talking about the bad results of watching porn, you know.”

She said: “Yes, that’s right. Some men always try what they see in the movies on their wives, and it pretty sucks.”

I answered: “Right. For example, in most of the movies, the man finally cums into the mouth of the girl. This is not something most girls like.”

She said: “Yes, you’re right.”

I asked: “Can I ask you a little private questions?”

She answered: “Go ahead!”

I asked: “Do you think cumming in the mouth is sexy?”

She looked a little embarrassed of my question.

She finally answered: “To be honest, I think it is quite sexy, but only when you’re in the right mood.”

Shen then asked me: “What is your opinion about it?”

I said: “I think it can be very sexy, but as you just said, only when you’re in the right mood.”

Then I added: “I am envious of you girls.”

She asked: “Why?”

I said: “Because, when we men cum, we squirt and you can have it in your mouth. But when you girls cum, we get nothing of it into our mouth. We cannot feel your cum as close as you can feel ours.”

She asked: “So what are you saying? Do you want a girl to ‘cum into your mouth’ although she cannot do that?”

I said: “Exactly. I want to spoil a girl like girls spoil Ataşehir Escort men. I want to give head to a girl, and then, I want her to ‘cum into my mouth’.”

She laughed hardly for a long time of what I said.

She said: “But girls cannot usually squirt into your mouth… This is funny!”

Now I was ready for twisting the talk to the actual thing that I wanted.

I said: “You’re right. Girls cannot ‘cum into my mouth’, but they can do something else, similar to cumming in the mouth.”

She asked curiously: “What is it?”

I said: “It may sound strange, but at the right time, at the right mood, after a girl cums, it could be very sexy if she pisses into your mouth.”

She said: “What? A pee? I can’t believe you say that!”

I answered: “Why? What is wrong with it? It is something that comes out of your genital, just like men’s sperm.”

She said: “Right, but it is not the same thing. Sperm is much more clean, and is not a waste liquid like a pee is.”

I said: “I agree. I just say that only at the right time and at the right mood, it could be so sexy, such that I’d forget it is actually pee.”

She asked me: “So how do you imagine it? How do you think it could happen?”

I asked: “Do you want to hear the full detail of my imaginary scenario?”

She answered: “I don’t know… ok go ahead!”, and laughed of embarrassment.

So I described her the scenario, trying to make her horny about it:

“I imaging the girl that I want to spoil and give love to, lying on the bed in front of me. I am kissing her and taking off her pants slowly. Then, I am starting to gently kiss and lick her legs, aiming my mouth to her panties…”

She stopped me: “Wow, that is quite a detailed story. Ok , go on…”, her face telling that she likes it so far.

I continued: “Then, I am taking her panties off and starting to kiss and finally lick her pussy.”

She said: “And that’s it?”

I said: “No, wait, there’s more!”

She said “OK, go on…”, curiously.

I continued: “Then I am lying on my back and asking her to come above me, and actually, to sit on my face, so that I can lick her pussy better.”

She said: “OK.”, trying to hide the fact she became somewhat horny.

I continued: “Then, I am licking her pussy very hardly, until she cums.”

Then I said: “And then she says to me to open my mouth, so that she can ‘cum’ into it.”

And continued: “And then she is pissing Kadıköy Escort into my mouth, slowly and gently, and I am swallowing it and feeling as horny as ever.”

She said: “It is the first time I am hearing a man speaking that way. Your imaginary scenario is very sexy!”

After some time in the car and a talk about the topic, she said: “What do you think about coming up to my room?”

I said to myself: “Yes! I am on the right way!”

Then I said to her: “Ok, why not!”

We went into her house and got into her room.

She sat on her bed, and looked like she was waiting for me to start applying my story on her. She looked at my eyes. I came closer to her with my face, and finally started kissing her.

We were making out for a few minutes. Then, our clothes stated getting off. I started licking her pussy, and like in my story, she finally got seated on my face, while I am licking her pussy.

Finally, she came. She remained seated on my face, while I was kissing and playing with her pussy using my mouth.

She then asked me: “What about cumming in your mouth? Do you want it?”

I said: “Yes, amazing girl. I want it from you!”

She said gently: “OK. So open your mouth.”

I opened my mouth slowly, starting to get very horny. She looked excited.

She asked me: “Are you ready?”

I said: “Yes, baby!”

She said: “It is coming…”

Her piss started flowing slowly and softly from her pussy into my mouth. This was amazing and magical. She had a smile of excitement on her face. I tried to swallow everything – it was just like a dream.

Finally she poured into my mouth her last drops and asked me: “How was it?”

I answered: “It was amazing! I liked it a lot!”, and kissed her pussy a few times.

I asked: “Did you like it?”

She said: “Oh, yes! I have never done anything like that. It feels so good!”

I continued kissing and licking her pussy for a while, while she was still sitting above my face.

Then, I tried to continue to the next stage.

I started touching her pussy with my hand, so that my mouth becomes available for something else.

She started moving herself all over my face, while I started moving my tongue towards her ass hole.

Finally, my tongue touched her ass hole and I started licking it gently.

She asked me: “What are you doing? Are you licking my ass hole?”

I said: “I think so… Does it feel good?”

She Bostancı Escort said: “Wow! It is feels amazingly good!”

She placed her ass hole right on my mouth and I could now bury my tongue inside it.

We both enjoyed it a lot. For more than a whole hour, she was sliding with her ass on my face, while I was kissing and licking it all the time.

Finally she said: “I think I need to go to the bathroom.”

I said: “Baby… Just a little while ago, I was licking your pussy and you finally pissed into my mouth”

She said: “Right.”, smiling of excitement.

So I said: “And now I am licking your ass hole… you know…”

She said: “Right… So what?”

So I said: “I thought you would like to let me taste also your ass hole cum.”

She said: “What?? What do you mean?”

I answered: “When you were pissing into my mouth, it was a huge pleasure for both of us!”

She said gently and in a horny voice: “Right!”

So I asked: “So what do you think about not going to the bathroom?”

She said: “Do you mean… You want me to …?”

I said: “Yes baby! Yes, amazing girl!”

She said: “Are you sure?”

I said: “Sure!”

She said gently: “Ok, so open you mouth.”

I again opened my mouth slowly.

She said: “Are you sure, baby?”

I said: “Yes baby. Give it to me!”

She said: “Ok, I think it is coming.”

I could see that brown thing starting to come out of her ass hole. It was very stinky, but I was too horny to let it interrupt me.

Then, I felt it starting to accumulate in my mouth. It was a pretty big shit. It took her about 5 seconds to fill my mouth up. Then she stopped for a few seconds, and continued shitting over my mouth.

She asked me: “How are you feeling?”

I tried to say I am doing well, but could not talk, as my mouth was full. I started chewing it and finally succeeded swallowing about a half of it.

Then I could talk a little bit, and asked: “That’s it baby?”

She asked surprisingly: “Do you want more??”

I said: “Sure!”

She then continued, shitting her last pieces into my mouth.

Then, she sat near me and pet my chest, while I was licking and swallowing the last pieces from my mouth and from my face.

I said: “Baby, it was amazing! But you forgot one thing!”

She asked surprisingly: “What did I forget?”

I answered: “You didn’t wipe your ass!”

She said: “Right, I will go to the bathroom to do it now.”

I said: “Baby, come here… I want to lick it!”

She smiled and naturally sat again with her ass hole on my mouth, and I was licking her ass for a long long time.

Starting from that night, we were meeting many times, to enjoy our new secret kind of sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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