Management Training Ch. 3

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I cheerily ‘waved off’ the Fire Brigade, eased the sticky material away from my crotch and set off back to my office. I was eager get back on the job and get my lips and tongue back to work kissing and lapping the contents of a certain lacy, black bra that was waiting patiently for me back in my office. I first went to the staffroom to get my ’emergency’ clothes. I was very much looking forward to Judith soiling that outfit too…In the quiet of the changing area I put my starchy new kit on. As I reached my office A familiar ‘Hi Mum!’ reached my ears. It was Maxine, (Max) my youngest daughter, what was she doing here?? The tearful look on her face told me all was not well with her as her arms folded round me, and she began blubbering into my chest. Without thinking I took out my key, pushed open the door and led my sobbing daughter into my rather hot office.

For just a moment I froze as a partly dressed young girl shot noiselessly past us, heading somewhere behind me. The smell of female juices filled the air, but Max seemed too busy blubbering to notice the smell or see the tight bottom covered by stained knickers slip by her and dive into the large stationery cupboard. Unbelievably I regained my composure very quickly and I gently settled my trembling daughter into my recently vacated office chair. Max told me of her ‘Horrible morning’ as she failed to get the job that she’d secretly been interviewed for. The local bank had advertised a post, but apparently the manager had hinted that her ‘overall appearance’ was the main reason why she hadn’t got the job.

I felt really sorry for her, it’s hard just ten days after your eighteenth birthday, to be rejected in such a way. I know that I was her mother, but Max was stunningly pretty, if a little on the ‘thin’ side. I truly STILL believe that Max will be a ‘total-stunner’ when fully developed,. she had a little more growing to do. She was always nicely turned out as far as I was concerned with as many of the latest fashions items that I could afford. She didn’t use make up, but she had the sort of complexion that didn’t really need it. Maxine was beautiful in my eyes, and I could feel the motherly tears welling in my eyes as she sobbed in my arms. I tried so hard to find the right comforting words, but I somehow couldn’t find them… I began to feel useless…when my intercom spat into life again…

It was Val again this time informing me that Area Manager Marcia Douglas was here wanting details of the fire inspection…Again my brain went to jelly…I couldn’t put the A.M. off… but what about Max?? At that moment a cheery voice rang from the stationery cupboard ‘I can’t find the spare trousers Mrs Holland, I could nip home and get some of fresh ones!!’ Inspiration leapt into my head, and I heard my authoratative voice calling ‘Yes Judith, that will be fine…..Oh yes could you take my daughter home for me, she’s had a bit of bad news and she’s a bit upset..?… ‘ Drop Max off, then konak escort pop home’, was my management instruction.’ A cheery face appeared in the cupboard entrance, pulling MY squash shorts over her wet knickers. With a wicked grin on her face she agreed to my request as she finished fastening the shorts up.

I have NEVER quite been able to find out exactly what happened that afternoon, although our THREE lives were significantly changed as a result of it… The exact truth was never fully revealed to me. The next part of my tale is as near true as I can make it, bearing in mind the lack of information I was suffering from. It was three o’clock before I could get rid of the fussy Ms Douglas, and only then did I discover Judith’s non appearance for the afternoon shift. I was glad that Jude was there to ease my daughter’s discomfort… If only I knew the sort of comfort that Jude was administering to my daughter… Being the boss, I booked myself off early, and headed off home. I was ahead of the ‘rush – hour’ and only took twenty or so minutes to drive home. On opening my front door I was hit by that familiar intimate smell. The ‘pungent’ aroma of ‘aroused females’ thickened the air in my empty living room. There was no sign of life…but for the two pairs of panties that lay strewn on the hearth rug.. I recognized the plain light blue ones as Judith’s, and a facial application confirmed this. To my shame I didn’t recognize the pretty pink pants, and their odor and dampness only confirmed arousal………..But I could guess who’s they were all right… The large damp patches on the sofa covers, gave me further suspicions….I set off upstairs, I somehow knew where they’d be.

I crept up to Max’s bedroom door which was slightly open. I eased it a little wider….unsure what my next move would be. The overpowering aroma of female ‘sex’ made me certain what I’d find… but no.. only Max’s best interview dress was there,, screwed up on the floor….with a large frontal ‘damp-patch.’. Clearly it had been hastily discarded. Suddenly I was aware of muffled noises coming from across the landing… in my room. As quietly as I could I crept as stealthily as my body could manage, across the narrow passage, desperate not to creak any floorboards,.. I was starting to feel excited, I could feel myself sweating and my heart was ‘thudding’ in my chest as I reached my bedroom door. The door was half open. The muffled sounds were coming from inside the room all right, along with the ‘squeak’ of my bed springs. Once there….I eased myself into the gap to give myself the best ‘view’ that I possibly could. What a sight met my eyes!!

My daughter was crouched on all fours with her trim white bottom raised in the air. Judith was knelt on the bed behind Max with her face immersed in my youngest’s butt -hole!! Max had her small hands behind herself, prying her own ‘cheeks’ widely apart, affording Judith unhindered access deeply into manisa escort her dark, puckered, intimate little ass hole. I could see Judith’s stiff little tongue easing into that tight place, making a musical ‘plop’ each time it was withdrawn. I should have felt anger, betrayal…something!!! The only thing I did feel was jealousy….I was wishing that it was my large ass-hole getting the ‘deep tonguing.’

The aroma of female ‘sex’ was thick the air.. I should have felt rage, spite ALL manner of things, but the tingling rush between my legs gave away what I was really thinking!!! My daughter’s squeals told me of her heightened state…I was nearing the same state myself. My fresh pants were ruined in the huge tingling rush that was suddenly invaded my trembling body. For the first time in my life I came without touching myself, or being touched.. and OOHH! did I come.. Wave after wave of delicious deep surges had me gasping,… loudly………..Yes I’d been heard… Max lurched forward, curling herself into a ball. She was trying hard to cover her modesty with her thin little legs, but in hauling her knees to her chin she had exposed her most ‘private’ place to me as she toppled onto her side. I didn’t know what I was thinking, but the sight of my own daughter, naked, vulnerable and soaked with cum and perspiration was the most erotic sight I have ever encountered.

Judith must have sensed my disposition, and beckoned me to join her on the bed. Without a seconds thought I crossed to the bed, kneeling alongside her, both of us facing the wide eyed Max. Judith’s hands got quickly to work and my ‘Safe-Save’ jacket, grey pleated skirt and clean, white blouse were very quickly ‘floor fodder.’ Judith began fumbling clumsily with the clasp on my bra.. At first I couldn’t fathom why she was struggling with a garment she had easily removed before…. Then I suddenly understood!….Lookimg pleadingly at Max, Judith’s plaintiff ‘Help Me Max!’ had my daughter levering herself up from my duvet. They were both quickly at work behind me, and nimble little fingers flung my limp bra onto the floor with all my other clothes. Two eager sets of hands were now tugging at my tights, and along with my sopping knickers, they came down. With a little help, my shoes, tights and knickers finally fell to the floor. I was suddenly aware of our nakedness, and I was the imperfect one of the three of us. I tried to cover my saggy breasts and ample belly, as well as my unkempt bush, but I simply didn’t have big enough hands. My face reddened as my embarrassment grew, I felt I was going to die of embarrassment , surrounded by such youthful perfection..

Judith sensed my embarrassment, and probably saw the tears welling in my eyes. A small hand rested under my chin, raising my head. ‘There’s plenty of room for three here, isn’t there Max?’. Max nodded her agreement as Judith began kissing my lips and face. Suddenly both girls were there, menderes escort eagerly kissing and licking my neck, and lower…As a eighteen year old fastened onto a breast each, I was drifting off to Paradise. It was no longer of any consequence to me that one of the two girls was my own daughter, I just hoped that my pussy was next on their list of places to visit. Deliciously, it took long minutes to work their way down there. Their joint embrace at my navel had me ‘gushing’ again.

The sight of my ‘teeny’ lover and teenage daughter exchanging tongues over my wet ‘bush’ was more than I could stand. I reached forward and took hold of the nearest head, and pushed it hard between my legs. Judith’s wicked smile made me realize that I’d pushed my own daughter down on my engorged clit. I thrust my hips and sopping sex hard into Max’s face, spurred on by the little squeals and grunts that accompanied each push. I held her neatly cropped head in my hands. I was pulling hard at the hair I’d spent years brushing, combing and styling, just to increase my own sexual gratification. Did I feel guilty?? Did I hell!! For a moment I lost sight of little Judith, until her pretty face appeared above my daughter’s heaving little bottom. Judith was determined to have that ass!! I could see Jude’s head thrusting into Max’s ass, and each thrust from Jude resulted in an even deeper thrust into me from Max’s stiff tongue…and now her fingers.

On and on went the crescendo of pleasure….but all too soon exhaustion began to overtake me….I lost count of the tingly waves of exquisite pleasure that had flooded over me, but as I began to flag, I felt my ‘raw” clit starting to dry. I eased Max up from between my legs and brought her face up to mine. ‘I love you Mum..-..Let me show you just how much!’ was her throaty greeting just before her tongue plunged deep into my throat, and three fingers roughly forced their way into me. Suddenly Judith was there. Her tongue was coated with Max’s butt juices, Max’s tongue was dripping with the last of my cum, so a glorious pungent cocktail was formed in my mouth. The taste was an unbelievable nectar, and it was intoxicating…. We rolled around kissing, sucking, probing and lapping one another for a long time.

My tongue ached and my delicate lips were sore due to excessive lapping of those two rough tongues. My ass hole was burning due to furious action of those same two eager young tongues…OH! the exquisite pain! We grudgingly had to stop as my husband was due home from work, and our discarded clothing needed moving, furniture needed cleaning, beds needed changing and most of all aerosols had to try and mask that unmistakable aroma of women. Max didn’t try for any more jobs, she came to work with me . Judith and Max made sure that my office door spent a lot of lunch times snapped shut…

My husband left me… He suddenly felt isolated at home and went to his aged mothers…but…Judith moved in!! We live together happily now as a threesome… I know it can’t last forever, but for now life is wonderful, and the thought of sampling the intimate areas of two such ‘willing’ , lovely young things is just too delicious to pass up. Life is wonderful for now…..and I wouldn’t change a thing!

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