Manda Ch. 1

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I lay on my stomach, my elbows propped, my chin resting in my hands, as I gazed out over the beautiful, small, tree lined lake. I could feel the warm sun caressing my body, and it felt good. I giggled at the thought that this was the first time I had ever been totally naked outdoors, and at the realization that I was actually enjoying this enforced holiday, something I’d certainly never expected when it started.

It was an enforced holiday because I guess you’d say I’d been something of a naughty girl recently, and I’d been sent out into the country as a punishment. It was all my parent’s fault really, at least I thought so. Just a week ago I’d celebrated my 18th birthday, I’d wanted to have a small party with a group of my own friends, but mom and dad had insisted on throwing a big do at home for all their friends and neighbors, showing me off as their darling only child all grown up. Well I’m afraid a lot more got shown off than they’d anticipated! I guess I was still quite angry with them, and the party was boring, and I’d managed to sneak a couple of alcoholic drinks while they weren’t looking, so half ways through the evening I decided to liven things up. Putting on a real loud, rock CD I jumped up onto the table in the middle of the lounge and loudly proclaimed that it was striptease time, then I proceeded to gyrate my body in what I fancied to be a sexy, sophisticated manner and started to unbutton my blouse.

It took a few moments for the people close by to realize what was going on, and there were a few shocked looks from the females and a few sheepish grins from the men, but the news soon spread and most of the talking faded away as people turned to look. I actually found that I was starting to enjoy it, the feeling of power as men’s eyes started to turn and focus on me. Mom and dad were out in the kitchen, so it took a little longer for them to realize that something was going on, but eventually daddy poked his head around the doorway and gave out with a loud gasp as he saw me gyrating on the table with all the men starting to gather around. By this time I was swirling my blouse around my head and tossing it out into the crowd (I noticed mom’s best friend’s husband grab it and quickly stuff it inside his jumper!), and by the time he’d managed to push himself through the gathering throng I had my bra in my hand and was doing exactly the same thing, swirling it around my head and throwing it into the crowd, to a huge whoop and some applause.

Of course, this meant that from the waist up I was completely naked and all the men in the neighborhood were getting a bird’s eye view of my young, but not so small breasts, firm, high and extremely perky! Particularly the nipples, which had suddenly hardened with my growing excitement. Barging unceremoniously through the last row of people, daddy grabbed me by the waist, slung me over his shoulders and almost ran out of the room and into my bedroom, to the accompaniment of some whistles, catcalls and even a few boos. He dumped me on my bed and pointed at me with a finger quivering with anger, “I’ll deal with you later” he said, and marched out, slamming and then locking my bedroom door. I burst into tears and buried my head in my pillow.

Later, as I lay on my bed listening to the faint sounds of the party winding down, I knew I’d gone too far, and I knew that there was going to be some horrendous punishment, daddy was a stickler for discipline, oh, not in a physical way, but he always believed that a punishment should fit the crime, and he probably couldn’t think of a worse crime than being made to look foolish in front of his friends and neighbors. Eventually I fell asleep, but had a troubled night wondering what was in store for me.

I didn’t have long to find out. Breakfast with mom and dad was incredibly strained, they didn’t bother to ask why I’d done what I’d done, didn’t actually mention my striptease at all, merely pointed out the extreme embarrassment I’d caused them, and how long it would take them to live it down with all their friends, and of course they felt they had to make a severe example of me. I just kept my head down and nodded, but it shot back up with a complaining gasp when dad announced that he’d already rung his brother David, who lived out in the country over in the next county, and he’d agreed for me to go and stay there for an extended summer holiday.

I protested loud and long, but once dad made up his mind, there was no turning back, so a few days later I was rushed onto a plane and sent off to Uncle David’s.

I was determined to hate every moment of my enforced vacation, but quickly realized that Uncle David and his wife Jenny were nothing like mom and dad, nothing at all. When we sat at the table for dinner the first evening he smiled as he asked what horrendous crime I’d committed to warrant being sent to the middle of nowhere, and when I told them exactly what had happened at my birthday party, they practically rolled on the floor rize escort laughing. “Oh yes, I can see my brother having a fit when that happened, oh boy I wish I’d been there ” he said in between his laughter.

“Oh yeah, I bet” said Jenny, “You’d have been in the front row hoping to catch the bra” she said, and they both grinned at each other. “Did you ever get your blouse or your bra back, Manda?” she asked.

I found myself infected by their laughter, “No!” I spluttered, “The last I saw of my blouse it was disappearing up the jumper of mom’s best friend’s husband.” That set them both off laughing again.

“And the bra?” asked Jenny.

“I’m honestly not sure,” I said. “About that time daddy grabbed me and hauled me out over his shoulder, but I think his boss caught it”

David almost whooped “Oh yes, he would, old Bickley, I used to work for him too, always had an eye for the breasts he did, never known him to employ a flat secretary! Bet he loved it!!”

After that, I found myself starting to enjoy their company and feeling a lot less resentful. The next day Jenny took time off from her job and took me on a tour of their property. It was surprisingly large and had lots of places of interest, especially this beautiful lake set amongst a small forest of trees, so peaceful and private, as I lay there reminiscing over the events of the past week, it was as if there was no one else in the whole world.

But there was, as I soon found out, because my daydreaming was interrupted by Uncle David’s gentle voice. “Mmmm such a beautiful sight” he said.

I gasped in surprise and half turned to look at him, he was staring out over the lake, a warm smile on his face, then he turned his head and looked down at me, and grinned, “Correction” he said, “Two beautiful sights!”, and I saw his eyes sweep over my naked body from top to bottom and back again. I felt a flush of embarrassment flood my face, but at the same time a slight thrill at the fact that he thought I was beautiful. Then he turned to face the lake again, “Mmm looks quite inviting, have you been for a swim?” he asked.

“No” I muttered, “I just like being in the sun”

“But you won’t mind if I take a dip” he said, and moved back out of sight. I felt another flush of embarrassment flood through me as I heard the sound of a zip and then the rustle of clothes, no, he wouldn’t, not all the way, I thought to myself, but a moment later he came back into sight walking briskly to the water’s edge, and a small gasp welled from my throat, Uncle David was totally naked!

I watched him walk into the water without hesitation, even though I was sure it was quite cool, then he dove forward and stroked away towards the centre of the lake. I was still in a state of slight shock at the fact that he’d taken all his clothes off, something my dad would never have dreamed of doing, but then the more I saw of Uncle David the more I realized he was as different from dad as chalk is from cheese. Dad was around 43 and I new Uncle David was quite a few years younger, so I guess he would be about 36, but he sure had a nice body. Grief, what was I doing thinking things like that. Something in my head told me I should move, take the opportunity of him being in the lake to put on some clothes and perhaps return to the house, but I just lay there propped on my elbow and watched him swim, and even when he turned and started to make his way back to the shore, I didn’t move at all. As he reached the shallows and stood up to walk out, I guess I could or should have looked away, or stretched out flat with my eyes closed, but I stayed where I was and watched him come towards me. Mmm he did have a nice body, not overly muscular, but no fat on him either, and such a gorgeous cock! Even soft as it was it looked to be quite large, and I blushed again at the thoughts running through my mind.

The other aspect of being perched up on my elbows was that as he walked towards me Uncle David had a good, clear view of my firm breasts, and he made no attempt to hide the fact that he was looking straight at them. In fact he gave me a brief grin and a nod, as if to say “Nice!”, and I felt that thrill of pleasure run through me again.

Then he’d passed me again and I heard the sound of a towel being briskly applied to his body, and realized with a slight feeling of surprise, that he’d come prepared for his swim, knowing I was already up here! Mmm, interesting.

Then he was standing alongside me again, and from the corner of my eyes I could see his gorgeous cock swinging slightly in front of him, and I gulped at the sudden heat that went through me. “You need to be careful Manda, that city skin of yours isn’t used to this country sunshine, did you bring any lotion?” he said.

I turned my head slightly to look up at him, my eyes moving slowly over his swinging cock, and I gulped slightly and stammered, “Err, no, Uncle David, I never thought of it”

“No sakarya escort harm done, I always make sure I have a bottle with me, would you like me to put some on for you?”

I felt my throat going completely dry, oh god, Uncle David was going to touch my naked body, I was amazed at the feelings that were suddenly flowing through me, and all I could manage was a quick nod before I turned my face away to hide it’s redness.

He placed his towel alongside mine, then knelt on it and squeezed some lotion form the bottle onto his hands and rubbed them together, then leaned down and began to apply it to my shoulders and my back. I jumped at the first contact of his hand on my skin, and he hesitated a moment, but then he let his hands stroke slowly over my back, and with a sigh of absolute pleasure I moved my elbows sideways and folded my hands beneath my head and lay down flat. Mmmm his hands were so gentle as they slowly stroked the lotion into my back, it felt so good, so relaxing, but at the same time, so exciting too and a grin flitted across my face as I thought ‘if daddy could only see me now! completely naked, being fondled and caressed by a totally naked man! Some punishment this!’

And then Uncle David’s hands were on the cheeks of my ass, and I realized that I was indeed being fondled and caressed. Usually lotion was rubbed in quite briskly, but Uncle David was stroking slowly and lightly, at times hardly touching my skin, and it was proving to be incredibly sensuous, incredibly sexy. I could feel the heat start to grow in my pussy and in my breasts, and I knew his touch was turning me on, what I didn’t realize was that it was turning Uncle David on too, until he told me the back was finished and I lifted and half turned towards him to tell him how wonderful it had been.

Uncle David was on his knees, sitting back on his heels, and his cock was rock hard and pointing straight up into the air! I gasped when I saw it, and I did notice a slight blush come onto his face, but then he was grinning at me and shrugging his shoulders, “Sorry, Manda, guess I couldn’t cope with your beauty as well as I thought” he said. But I hardly heard him, I was staring fixedly at his rampant cock, god he was bigger than any of the boys I’d seen, not huge, like you sometimes read about, but big and beautiful, mmm such a lovely shape with it’s cropped head, circumcised, I think they call it. As I looked it seemed to swell even more, and I knew that was because he could see me looking at it, “Guess, I’d better not do the front then” he said, a slight laugh in his voice, and I jerked my head up to meet his eyes.

I could see the hotness in them, see the excitement and the desire, and it was doing crazy things within my body, and within my mind too, as without a word I turned all the way over onto my back, “Why not?” I finally whispered, and saw the shudder run through him.

Then he was squeezing lotion onto his hands and leaning forward, and I watched him come, our eyes locked together as his hands stroked gently over the front of my shoulders and neck, and a shiver ran through me too. Then his hands moved down and gently cupped my breasts, and I groaned with sheer delight. His eyes left mine and moved down to stare at my breasts and his hands stroking and caressing them, “Mmm so this is what you were showing to the crowd at the party” he said, a grin coming to his face, “Somehow I don’t think any of the men that were there will ever forget, they are just so incredibly beautiful, so ripe, so firm, so beautifully perky. Mmmm and these nipples, so, so succulent” and he took each one between finger and thumb and rolled them gently, causing them to stiffen and swell instantly, and I gasped.

He glanced up at me and grinned, “Mmm you like that, Manda? they are just so sensitive? and so exquisite when they’re all hard like this. Oh no. none of those men will ever forget, even if your dad banished you here for life!”

I giggled at that thought, and the thought of all those men remembering and drooling, Mmm made me feel so good, but most of all I just melted under his caressing hands, and felt my own desire rising. Then his hands were gone from my breasts and were moving down over my stomach, down towards my pussy, and I felt myself tense slightly in anticipation of his touch there, but it never came, instead his hands stroked the lotion down each of my legs to my feet, then back up along the inside of my leg. When he got to my knee he lifted it slightly and moved it away from him, opening up my pussy to his eyes and his hands, and I just lay there and watched him, feeling totally turned on, totally horny, and I almost felt like crying out for him to hurry, for him to touch me. God, this was totally crazy, but I was lost in it, completely lost.

Then instead or running his hands over my eager, waiting pussy, he pulled back and sat for a moment staring down at me, looking deep into my eyes, samsun escort as if trying to read something there, then he squeezed a little more lotion from the bottle onto one finger and lifted that finger and placed the lotion on to the tip of his tongue, and my eyes almost popped out of my head! No, he wasn’t going to! he couldn’t! he wouldn’t!, but as I watched wide eyed, he leaned down and spread the lotion over my pussy lips with his tongue! And I exploded!! god, didn’t I half explode. My whole body lifted off the towel and bucked upwards, and he had to move his face quickly with me to avoid losing some teeth, but he kept his tongue locked on my pussy, licking and lapping away as my pussy flooded with gallons and gallons of juice, and I screamed wildly.

His tongue seemed to be everywhere, one moment lapping up my juices, the next lashing against my swollen clit, the next thrusting deep inside my pussy, and I kept on cumming, over and over and over again, waves of pleasure and delight washed through my body. His hands came up and softly caressed my breasts and occasionally tweaked my nipple , and that seemed to send my body into even more raptures, and I came and came and came, until with a final monumental shudder I lost all awareness of what was going on.

My next recollection was of a cool cloth being pressed against my forehead, and when my eyes opened I saw a slightly worried looking Uncle David gazing down at me, “Are you ok Manda?” he asked.

“Mmmm never felt better” I said, and reaching up I slipped my arms around his neck and drew his head down and pressed my lips to his, and I kissed him more deeply, more passionately than I’d ever kissed any one before in my life, and his hands automatically moved back to my body and started to stroke me, and I arched to greet his caresses, my tongue darting out and dancing with his as we kissed and kissed and kissed. When he finally pulled away, dragging in deep shuddering breaths, I looked down between us and grinned, his cock looked as if it was just about ready to explode, and I reached down and cupped my hand around it and stroked it from base to tip, and his whole body jerked and shuddered. Then I looked deep into his eyes, “Please, Uncle David, I want you inside me, I want you to fill me up” I whispered as I continued to stroke his big, hard cock.

I saw the agony and the ecstasy, the desire and the uncertainty battling away in his eyes, and I kept on stroking his cock, “Please, Uncle David, you know you want me, you know you do, fill me up, fill me with your juices, please?” I whispered hotly.

Then a huge groan was wrenched from his body and I knew the battle was won, and he slid his body over mine and I guided his throbbing cock to the entrance to my eager, wet pussy, “Now Uncle David” I cried, “NOW!”, and he thrust forward, burying his big cock ball deep into my pussy, and I arched and screamed. For a moment he hesitated, thinking he may have hurt me, but I cried out again, urging him on, and he began to fuck me, long, hard, deep strokes, ramming his big cock faster and faster into my writhing pussy, and I was loving it, absolutely loving it!

I’d only had sex once before and that had been with a 17 year old boy that didn’t really know what he was doing, and he was nowhere near as big as Uncle David either. David certainly knew how to use his cock, and after that first involuntary burst, he settled in to a rhythmic stroking that soon had me exploding into orgasm yet again. He was so big, and my pussy was so tight that it was like I was milking his cock on every stroke, wow, the heat and the friction were absolutely incredible. He was lifting my ass cheeks off the ground with his hands and pounding his cock into me, and I was shuddering and screaming and clawing at his back, urging him on, “Oh yes, Uncle David, fuck me hard, fuck me good, oh David, David, that’s soooo goood, fuck me fuck meeeeeeee!”, and I was cumming again wildly.

That seemed to be the catalyst for him too and he was screaming out as well, “Oh Manda, can’t hold back, too fucking good, gotta cum, oh baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m CUUUUUUMMMMMIIIIIINNNG!!” and his cock suddenly seemed to expand to twice its previous size and explode, cascading hot liquid deep into my steaming pussy like an erupting volcano. And I was shuddering and screaming as he spurted and spurted and spurted, filling my pussy with his hot juices, driving me up and up and up until I exploded even more mightily that I had that first time, and once again I lost all contact with reality, just floating in a purple haze of ecstasy. I didn’t even feel when his cock softened and slid from my pussy, or when he lifted himself from my body, I was floating, floating, in a sea of pleasure that I never wanted to leave.

Once again I came back to reality to the feel of the cool wet cloth on my forehead, and Uncle David sitting alongside me, gently stroking my face. Then he leaned down and kissed me gently, “That was so, so special” he said, “I don’t even know how to begin to say thanks”

I grinned up at him and drew his lips down to mine again and kissed him, “Oh I know” I said, “I know exactly, this is going to be the best holiday I’ve ever, ever had” and I took his hand and placed it on my breast.

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