Manipulative Sister Pt. 01

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There were a three months out of the year when my sister and I were the same age. This was in the summer, after my birthday but before hers. The summer that we were both eighteen, she started to tease me.

When it first started, her favorite thing to do was have me give her foot massages. She would lay her feet on my lap expectantly, often arrogantly in gesture, and wiggle her toes or rock her ankles to wordlessly demand what it was that she wanted. The assertiveness indifference in which she did this—pealing her socks off, tossing them across the room, and raising her eyebrows at me as if to say, “Well, get started,”—created an almost natural compliance. It was the same way a business man might walk into a room and take immediate control of a meeting without hardly uttering a word, just by sheer magnetism, force of will, and personality. Chloe had this force of will and Chloe had this magnetism.

Her feet were soft, warm, often damp with slight perspiration. I was a virgin, and though I pushed it out of my head, I couldn’t help but find it erotic as my fingers danced between her toes or up and down the curve of her arches, or when I was instructed to prod or tickle as she playfully moaned or laughed. This became our nightly routine during the long summer break before school started again, and by the end of the first week, try as I might, I couldn’t stop my cock from hardening in my pants the second she sat down next to me, looked over, and began to slowly unroll her socks.

What I didn’t understand at the time was how she was manipulating me. I’m not sure if she really even understood it herself. But I am sure that she was doing it on purpose. And what Chloe was really doing to me, was creating a fetish.

Alone and unexperienced, my only sexual outlet became my sisters feet. And as the days passed she didn’t hesitate to make the entire act more and more blatantly sexual. With nothing much to do over the summer, the two of us would often find ourselves staying up late to watch some old movie on TV or just to sit there and stare at our phones until we found ourselves tired enough to make it off to bed. This was the time of night that it was common for Chloe to have me touch her.

This specific night, almost a week into summer break, Chloe came home wearing shoe. She had had them on all day, which was an unusual thing to do while still in the house. But tonight, routinely, she waited until our parents made their way to bed, then came to find me in our den, resting her mostly clean white sneaker on my lap.

I knew what I was supposed to do, and while still keeping my eyes on the television set as if I were accustomed or uninterested in the act, I began to loosen and untie my sisters laces. She settled in, laying back on the sofa and ignoring me for her phone as I grabbed her heal and lifted off her shoe. I saw immediately that she hadn’t been wearing socks. She had been in her sneakers all day, jogging in the morning, walking around and hanging out with her friends in the afternoon. I hadn’t thought anything of it at the time, but as the slightly sweet, slightly pungent smell of her sweat reached my nose I again felt my cock growing uncontrollably hard in my shorts. My hand was almost trembling as a popped off her second şerifali escort shoe and allowed it to lazily thunk on the carpet. My fingers found their usual spots between her toes, rubbing and caressing, and for the first time I had the unmistakable urge to slide her big toe into my mouth and suck the moisture from it, to rest her heal on my chin and breath in the sweet scent of her sweat. She had been in those cheep plastic sneaker all day, and her feet were still wet.

I kept my eyes on the television the entire time, instead watching her out of my peripherals. She let me rub her for well over an hour, until I began to wonder if my cock might actually just explode in my pants.

“Aren’t your hands tired yet?” she eventually said, pulling both her feet out of my grasp and off my lap. She had been ignoring me for her phone the entire time, but looked at me now with an almost intimidating confidence. She smiled knowingly and went off to bed.

The moment I heard her door click I unzipped. My balls had begun to ache, and I couldn’t even stand the wait to get to my room to release it. I held my left hand to my nose and smelled the lingering scent that was on my fingertips while I stroked my cock with my right. It hardly took sixty seconds before thick ropes of cum erupted out and on to my shirt. It was the first time that I had ever jacked off to my sister.

The next night was then the first since the start of summer break that she did not come to me. Chloe had stayed out late with her friends, and had gone to bed as soon as she got in. That made sense and I didn’t think anything of it at the time. But the next night, after I took my usual spot on the sofa after our parents dismissed themselves to bed, she again stayed away. I began to get worried. Maybe I had gone too far the last time I touched her. Maybe she noticed my boner, or the eagerness with which I massaged her feet. Or maybe more horribly, that wasn’t her door I heard gently click close that night. Maybe she left the room intending to shortly return to watch the end of the movie or just get a glass of water, and stumbled instead on her brother with his cock out, sniffing his fingers and he splashed himself with wads cum. Maybe, horrified with what she just saw, she silently slipped back out of the room and never returned.

Without Chloe’s feet to touch, I actually began to feel the claws of sexual fetish digging even deeper into me. I was eighteen, I had an unbelievable sex drive, but for those few days she stayed away, all I could think about were her feet. I wouldn’t allow myself to think about any other part of her body, or fantasize about her in any other way. Her being my sister, I wouldn’t allow it. So in that way my desire became even more focused. More fetishized. All I could think about was her smell, and all I wanted was to touch her skin.

The next evening, I couldn’t take it anymore. Our parents had been out all that Sunday, and had returned tired and went to bed early, leaving Chloe and I alone in the family room. I hesitated as long as I could, which I admit was not long at all, before asking, “Hey, don’t you want a foot massage?”

Chloe stopped and looked and me knowingly. She didn’t say a word and I began suadiye escort to think that she was eventually going to shout that I was a pervert and storm out of the room.

But after making sufficiently sure that I was squirming in fear, she broke into a bubbly smile and answered, “Okay!” She lay back and roughly plopped her feet right on to my cock. I shifted them both away, giving myself room to grow hard, and pealed off her socks myself.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d think that you actually like doing this,” she said, pulling out her phone.

“I don’t mind it,” I answered. I didn’t want to give her the chance to hear the lie in my voice if I said otherwise.

Chloe looked at me over the top of her phone and smiled. Then she winked.

I kept rubbing her feet, exuberant that I hadn’t blown it, that I again had the chance to touch them. I was wondering how I might work my face a bit lower, what excuse I might think of to bend down a little, maybe close enough to smell her, when Chloe began to moan.

She would always moan a little when I touched her. But not like this. As I worked she began to flutter her eyes and her breath quicken into short, almost panicky gasps. I turned to watch her. With her eyes closed she couldn’t tell. Chloe was tall and skinny, thin faced and framed. Her skin was naturally sunkissed, her hair blonde and, at the moment, messy. She was rocking her hips slightly, breathing harder. She began to cry out softly, “yes, yes,” as I touched her.

I could hardly stand it. I was afraid my cock was going to leave a wet spot on the outside of my pants. But I was more worried that our parents would wake up. Chloe’s moans were getting louder and louder, almost shouts. And they were obviously orgasmic. I was wondering if I should stop before I found our mom and dad standing in the hall, wondering what the hell was going on, when Chloe suddenly stopped herself.

She snapped her eyes open, catching me staring at her, and began to laugh hysterically.

“What, were you getting off on that?!” she said, sitting up and quickly pulling her feet away.

“What? No?” I said. “Of course not!”

“Why were you staring at me?”

“Well, why were you moaning like that?”

Chloe’s eyes never left mine. She looked right at me with unbreaking confidence, even as I looked away, my view dancing around the room to only occasionally meet hers.

“Why do you have a boner then?” Chloe asked. She leaned in intimidatingly close.

“What? I don’t.”

“What’s this?” And Chloe, unabashed, reached out and pinched the obvious bulge in my shorts.

“I don’t have a boner!” I pointlessly lied.

“Then—what—is—this??” Chloe said again, this time grabbing my cock through the material of my pants, and this time not letting go.

My eyes were bulging out of my head, and I could see again that Chloe was unwilling to break eye contact, or even that arrogant grin she was now throwing at me.

“You fucking pervert,” she said, squeezing my cock even harder, the direction of her grip pulling my foreskin back slightly. The sensation was blissful. “You fucking little loser,” she said, smiling, laughing a little, though without anger. She let go of me suddenly. ümraniye escort My cock already hard, began to swell even more.

Chloe bent down, picked up her socks that I removed, and put them back on. She sat cross legged staring at me, my cock an exclamation point between us.

“Well,” she said, looking down at tent of my pants briefly before again meeting my eyes, “I guess you better take care of that.”

I sat silently for awhile, almost a minute. When it became apparent that Chloe planned on saying nothing else or even moving, I asked, “What? Take care of what?”

“You know what I mean,” she said. “You better take care of that thing. It looks like it’s about to explode in you pants. You’re going to get blue balls if you don’t jerk off.”

I sat motionless, not knowing what to do, but knowing what I wanted to do. Knowing that I wanted to obey, to slip my cock out right in front of her and jerk off while staring at her legs or her thin naked arms, which were the only parts of her body now exposed. But I didn’t move. I almost didn’t believe her.

Finally Chloe gave me her look. She raised her eyebrows and shrugged her shoulders, as if to say, “Well, get started.” It was the same look of arrogant assertiveness that got me to touch her feet the first time.

Shaky and still unsure, I got up so I could undo my shorts and drop them to my ankles. My cock was standing on end, clear beads of precum glistening on the tip. For the first time Chloe broke eye contact, instead staring at my rigid cock, a thin smile haunting her lips.

I sat back down and took myself in my hand. I started to rub as she watched. Immediately I felt the urge to cum. I held it back, thinking how Chloe would call me a loser if I blew my load after two pumps. I was afraid too that our parents would come out, that one of them would choose this inopportune time to come out for a glass of water. I tried to focus on that, how humiliating it would be to be caught, in an attempt to slow down my orgasm. But it wasn’t working.

Chloe could see this, see that my grip on my cock was paper thin and my strokes short and shallow. She began to snicker.

“It’s okay. Cum if you need to.”

And with that my seed came erupting out. I was even between strokes. A violent flow of gooey cum came spurting out, splashing my belly and dripping between my gripped fingers, down onto my balls and the sofa. I was dizzy with the force of it. But my head cleared a few moments after my orgasm. I hadn’t been aware of it, but Chloe was laughing at me with no attempt whatsoever at keeping her voice down.

“I can’t believe you did that!” she said as she continued to laugh and rock herself on the sofa. “Jerking off while looking at your sister! I wasn’t even naked! You really came just from me looking at you?” I was beginning to feel stupid suddenly. I just jerked off while staring at my sister and thinking of her feet. I couldn’t believe it myself.

Chloe bent down, her face literally inches from my plump but now softening cock. “And look how much you blew!” she shouted, again almost daring me to ask her to keep down. “Your cum’s everywhere!”

She laughed again, got up, and turned to walk away. She looked over her shoulder to give me one last, scathing look, then winked before disappearing from the room. With that I felt my fetish for her deepen. I didn’t want other girls. I wanted my sister. I wanted her to tease me. I wanted to rub her feet. And I would do anything for that.

It was going to be a great summer.

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