Manmakers Ch. 02

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Suddenly Bonnie was awake. She rolled to face her still sleeping husband and looked past him, out the window. The sky was just starting to lighten. She rolled back over to the night stand and checked her phone for the time. It was just before 6am. George had gotten his itinerary after dinner last night. His flight left at around 9:30, so she figured she should wake him soon. For now, she just admired him while he slept. He might have been getting a little out of shape recently, but he was still a fairly handsome man. She lay her hand on his chest and smiled to herself. Things had been a lot better since she had remarried. She watched his chest rise and fall for a moment, and thought about how she’d have to spend the next few nights without him.

Bonnie had a relatively high sex drive, so four days was going to be a long time. Hell, even one day is too much. Thought bonnie as she looked down to see if he had any morning wood she could take advantage of. Well hello, there. He’ll enjoy waking up to this. She smirked at her naughty idea. She always appreciated her own playful side, and George definitely seemed to as well. She slithered under the blankets and gently pulled down his pajama bottoms, careful not to wake him up just yet. It was a pretty nice cock. About 5 inches long, but definitely thicker than average. Plenty to satisfy Bonnie on most nights. Sure, sometimes she craved some deeper penetration, but that’s what toys are for, right? Still smiling wickedly, she gently licked up the bottom of his shaft toward the tip of his penis. Then she licked with a little more pressure, using the whole flat of her tongue. She heard George stir a little, but he was still asleep. He was already pretty hard so she took him in her mouth and started to suck on it.

George awake rather suddenly after that. He was disoriented for a moment, but when the sensation in his dick caused him to moan, he realized Bonnie had decided to treat his to his favorite wake up call. How did I ever get so lucky? He wondered. He loved Bonnie’s sex drive and when they had first started dating, he had been able to keep up with her. Lately though, his work had taken up more of his time and energy. Now he had to go out of town again and he was not happy with that. Bonnie’s lips on his dick brought him back to earth from the brief mental deviation. He propped himself up on his elbows and peeled back the covers to watch her work.

Bonnie sensed George was awake and was already looking up toward him when he pulled the covers off of her. He was so turned on, it almost made Bonnie laugh to herself at how hot she could get him. She knew he wouldn’t last very long. Good. George, like most guys liked to last as long as he could. Bonnie, on the other hand, loved making men come before they want to. It made her feel that she was so hot she could make them lose control. She loved when they lost control.

George was enjoying his morning BJ from his very attractive wife. She was very skilled and enthusiastic, even softly moaning and cooing on his cock. He felt himself getting close and started to warn her. “Baby, if you keep going like that, I’m going t-OH FUCK!” George really should have known better by now. As soon as she could tell he was trying not to cum, she cranked into high gear. She sucked in her cheeks and put her hand on his shaft right in front of her mouth so she could stroke him as she started bobbing her head up and down at an impressive speech. George’s body went rigid and he was completely speechless for what seemed like a solid minute before he grunted loudly and unloaded down hear eager throat.

She continued to suck and stroke him as he came and his eyes rolled back. When he was finally done convulsing, she gave him a pat on the thigh and came up and kissed him. When George caught his breath, he finally spoke.

“I wish I didn’t have to go”

“I know, hun. You don’t need to explain. I know you’ll miss me.”

“Damn right, I’ll miss you” He pulled her into an embrace and lightly grabbed her ass. “Every bit of you.”

They lied there for another little while before the alarm went off on George’s phone. They reluctantly got up and dressed. Once George had double checked his baggage, they both walked down to the kitchen.

Mike woke up on the floor. He had a vague sense of what he was doing there. Some images from last night. He remembered wanting to leave his room… he remembered being hungry. And then he came downstairs and… Oh, god. As he sat up, Mike took in the mess he was lying in. Casserole dishes, Styrofoam containers, to-go boxes, but not a scrap of food to be seen. He craned to look behind him. Some good luck, at least the fridge was closed. He got to his feet and opened it. Nothing but condiments. He closed the fridge out of shock and disbelief before opening it again to confirm that it was empty. He couldn’t have eaten all the food, could he? Closing the fridge, he looked at the dishes on the floor.

Suddenly a noise came from upstairs. Shit! They’re awake. I gotta clean this up. The questions ceased siirt escort and Mike focused on gathering the dishes and consolidating them in the sink. Even though he was in a rush, he couldn’t help but notice the dishes were not only free of food scraps, they had been licked clean. Wow, exactly how hungry was I? That’s not normal, is it? He had cleared the floor, and the dishes were arranged in the sink in somewhat organized stacks. Feeling he was almost there, he grabbed a wet rag and made a pass over the floor where he’d been lying for half the night.

He tossed the rag in the sink and tried to quietly walk up the stairs. And now I have to pee? Dammit! Okay… instead of heading into his room, he ducked into the bathroom on his left. As he closed the door, he heard the door to his parents’ room open across the hall. He took a breath and went over to the toilet to relieve himself. As he did, he thought about how to handle this. After all, there was no way either of his parents wouldn’t notice that the fridge had been completely cleaned out overnight. A knock on the door startled him so much his stream grazed away from the bowl for a moment. Great, another mess to clean up.

“Honey?” It was his mom. “Honey, are you in there?”

“Yeah” What was wrong with his voice?

“I’m taking George to the airport and then I have some errands to run. I’ll be home around noon. Don’t forget to take your allergy meds. Love you!”

“Thanks, mom. Bye.” Another break! I just hope they don’t go to grab something from the fridge before they drive off. Mike finished up and wiped up the pee that had gotten on the rim and the floor. He heard the familiar sound of the front door closing. He went to the medicine cabinet and pulled out his prescription. Remembering last night, he read over the label again. He was looking for ‘Increased Appetite’, but couldn’t find it. He shrugged, opened the bottle and took two pills out. After he knocked those down, he realized he was still very tired. The adreniline from getting rid of his mess this morning was finally starting to fade. He just felt so heavy. He decided to slump off to bed. Laying down and closing his eyes, he started to drift off. An image popped up in his head. Blurry at first, it was a female figure. As the details came into focus, he saw his Physics teacher, Mrs. Murphy. Mike didn’t have many crushes, but Diane Murphy had a body that couldn’t escape notice. She mostly wore plain, knee length skirts and a sweater, but her ample curves made the somewhat conservative clothes almost obscene. As he absentmindedly started to stroke himself, for some reason his dick felt…heavier? He fell asleep.

When he woke up this time, Mike felt better. A LOT better. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this good. Especially considering how he felt after… huh. What was it that happened again? That’s weird, I remember being really bummed out about something. ‘Bummed out’? What the fuck?

Shrugging off the thought, went over to his closet. He grabbed a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt and threw them on the bed. Then he pulled down his sweatpants, and as he bent to pull them off his ankles he stopped cold. His legs looked alien to him. Though he was fairly tall, Mike had always been very skinny for his height. Now, his legs were layered quite nicely with muscle. But it was what hung down between his new thighs that gave him pause. He remembered the heavy sensation in his hand as he fell asleep. And now he was looking at a dick that was easily twice the size of the one he saw every morning before this one. Easily 4-5 inches flaccid.

This is insane. I have to… I have to… Find a mirror! He dashed to the bathroom and closed and locked the door behind him. Standing in front of the mirror, he took off his clothes and his heart started racing when he saw a powerful looking stranger staring back at him. His eyes had a fierceness to them that far contrasted his normal apathetic gaze. He was also pleased to find that his upper body had kept pace in this transformation. His lack of fat had always given him some tone, but somehow he had grown a good deal of mass over a couple of sleeps. God, could I really have gained…? He went over to the scale. Normally his 6’3″ frame came in at a worrying 150 lbs. Today, he was an even 190.

Going back to the mirror. He felt a wave of calm. Well, I did empty the whole fridge last night. Man, that’s kind of funny. Could that be it? Yeah, that makes sense, right? Totally. ‘Totally’? That’s weird. What’s with me today? Nothing bro, just enjoy it. Look at you. He had to admit he did look good. He actually looked like someone who worked out now. He could feel himself starting to get hard and he looked at his expanding penis. Not quite fully hard and it was at least 7″ long by his estimates. So whatever it was causing it, it couldn’t be that bad. He decided not to worry. After all, he did have a lot to eat that night.

The very instant that thought crossed his mind, Mike’s stomach roared with a vengeance. Speaking of… haha. sinop escort He went back into his room, he changed and got his backpack. He decided to throw on one of his bigger sweatshirts. After all, he’d always rather be too hot than too cold. As he went through the kitchen to go to the garage for his bike. He spotted the dishes in the sink. Oh right… He checked his phone. 9:45. His mom wouldn’t be home for a little while yet. Pulling up her contact, he texted her.

-Hey mom, just so you know I found some mold in the fridge. I think I cleaned it out, but do you think I should throw out any of the food?

He figured that would cover it. After all, better safe than sorry, right? Who wouldn’t buy that? Grinding noises filled the quiet mid-moring suburban streets as the garage door opened and Mike tore off down the road on his bike. He had plenty of money saved up from that dumb inventory job over spring break. So he set out for the nearest food joint he could think of with the single goal of eating until he felt like stopping.

George had checked in for his flight and now was waiting by his gate, cup of coffee in hand. Suddenly, a chime sounded from his pocket. He took out his phone and saw his stepdaughter calling.

“Hey, Les. How’s it going, kiddo?”

“Hi, dad.” Leslie had started calling him ‘Dad’ shortly before she left for college. It had surprised George at the time as it wasn’t something he needed or expected from the kids. Hearing it did wonders for making him feel welcome in the family. “I just finished my last pit stop, so I should be getting to the house in about 2 hours.”

“That’s great sweetie. I know your mom and brother will be very glad to see you.”

“Yeah, I bet. But what about you?”

He sighed. “I got called out of town for work for a few days. Hopefully I’ll get to see you before I have to leave again.”

“Aw, that’s too bad. So is someone gonna be there to let me in?”

“Your mother went to run some errands, but she should be back by noon-ish. If she’s not there, Mike should be. He was still crashed out when I left this morning. Text me when you get there.”

“Got it. Love you, dad.”

“Love you too. And be sure to check in with your brother. He’s going through a rough time right now.”

Mike pulled himself up from his plate to take a deep breath. He had been eating as though his life depended on it. And now as he saw the manager head over to his table, he knew he had only a few seconds to finish what was on the table.

After a brief, slightly heated exchange with the guy in charge, Mike left his third buffet of the day. As with the first two, he had exceeded the inappropriately named ‘all you can eat’ limits of the establishments. His body felt bulky and rigid. His breathing had become heavier. He felt like he was wearing shoulder pads or something. Not only that, his shirt had shrunk over his torso and was now stretched across his chest almost obscenely. He checked his phone.

There was a text from his mom. “Oh no! Better safe than sorry when it comes to mold. Go ahead and throw it out. I’ll pick up some groceries while I’m out, but I might not get back until 1.”

It was 11:30. I should probably get home. He knew Leslie was due in soon and he didn’t want her showing up to an empty house. He got back on his bike and sprinted toward his house.

When he got there, there was no sign that anyone had arrived. He checked the time. 11:53?! It took him half the time to get back as when he’d left just this morning. Shrugging it off, he went in through the garage and went upstairs to shower off. He felt grimy from the bike ride and all that intense eating. He felt like he still had stains of sauces on his face. After the shower, he got out and finally caught himself in the mirror. Parts of him were shocked.

He was still Mike. He recognized his own face and he was the right height, his hair was the same. But the rest of him wasn’t. He had expanded. Where before he had been lanky and willowy, his limbs had been packed with muscle. His pecks stood out proudly from his chest and he looked down to find that his view was now obstructed by them. His midsection had been lean before, but now his wide back formed a pleasing tapir down to his starkly defined Adonis belt. All of this drew the eye to the thick piece of meat that lay limply against his leg.

He spend a minute exploring his body in the mirror, poking and prodding this and that to ascertain the realness of what was going on. His phone buzzed next to the sink. It was a group text from his sister.

“Hey guys! Almost home, someone come greet me!”

His mom responded “Still out doing errands. Mike will let you in.”

Shit! I should get dressed. Mike dashed to his room and immediately started looking for the largest clothes he could find. He didn’t have a lot of time so he threw on some basketball shorts that he used for sleeping when it was hot. Then he found the biggest tee he had and found that it now fit him rather well. Still probably a şırnak escort hair too tight, but it didn’t look like he was ‘hulking out’ or anything. Just then he heard a knock on the door.

Leslie smiled to herself as she pulled up to her childhood home. It was always a mix of emotions of course. This was where she grew up and shared amazing times with her friends and family. It was also where she lost her father and had to learn a new definition of family. She sighed softly and got out of the car, coming around to the back to get her suitcase. It was just a few days, but she always packed a little extra.

It’s a pity there wasn’t anyone outside to see her walk up to the front door because she was a vision. At just over 5’9″ she had a pretty athletic body. When her mom had gotten into weightlifting, she had followed suit and started taking group classes at the same gym. She opted for more cardio based work so she wasn’t quite as stocky as her mother, but she definitely looked strong. She normally had brown hair, but had been playing with her look in college. Right now she was sporting a platinum blonde pixie cut that showed off her angled face and beautiful, slender neck. It was a warm day, so she had worn a pair of short shorts and a cut up workout shirt over her sports bra which was seemed a little small for her 36D breasts.

Her outfit made her feel cute, which right now she kind of needed. She had just broken up with her long-time boyfriend of two years. His name was Evan and he had come from a strict religious household. As such, he had wanted to two of them to wait until getting married for them to have sex. Leslie was a little more progressively minded about it, but respected Evan’s wishes. She finally broke him down two years in, claiming they needed to see if they were sexually compatible before they decided to keep the relationship going.

Leslie was very thankful they had as it ended up being the worst sex of her life. I mean, there was a certain amount that she could attribute to inexperience. But Even would get frustrated every time she tried to give him any kind of feedback. He even tried to convince her it was her fault, but she knew enough to know better. So she cut it off before it got any more toxic. Maybe she could track down one of her old high school boyfriends while she was in town.

She knocked on the front door and after a few seconds she could hear some heavy steps coming down the stairs. The door opened and she instantly barged through it and threw her arms around her brother.

“Lil Bwuddah! Good to see you, champ!” She paused. Something was off. Normally her brother felt like hugging a pole, but today she couldn’t even get her arms all the way around. She pulled back a bit and saw a massive chest in front of her that couldn’t possibly belong to bean pole Michael. Her hands found purchase on his biceps as she breathed in a heavy, musky scent. Her head started swimming and she felt a sensation in her stomach. She looked up at him. “Mike?”

The face was definitely her brother’s. What had happened to him?

“Hey, Les. It’s really good to see you.” Mike regarded his sister. She looked a little shocked. Of course he could understand why. He had never seen her caught off guard like that. He had to admit she looked pretty. Even hot. His eyes drew to the cleavage poking out the top of her tank. It was so thin, he could see the color of her sports bra. He felt a twitching in his shorts. Damn, man. That’s your sister. Calm down. He shook it off slightly and went in for another hug. A voice in the back of his head said So what?

Leslie’s head was still swimming as she was pulled into another embrace by this Adonis who looked a lot like her brother. He held her tight to him and as she breathed in his musky scent again, she melted into his touch. Damn, bro. When did you get so…manly? As the word crossed her mind, she felt something unmistakable against her stomach. She felt dizzy. The tub of flesh that pressed against her felt bigger than anything that had been inside her, real or toy. I wonder… nope. That’s your brother. Nope. Nope Nooooope.

She halfheartedly tried to break the hug, but he held on for another second. When they parted, they locked eyes. Each of their nostrils was filled with the scent of the other. Neither felt like they could think straight. They just stood and stared at each other for a moment. Mike could feel his breathing get more intense. Leslie was desperately trying to hold it together as she felt a heat build between her legs.

“So where’s mom?” Finally she felt like she broke the tension. Man, she needed to rub one out before her thoughts got any more depraved.

“Getting groceries. She should be back in about an hour.”

“Oh… ok” Maybe she’d have a chance to relieve herself.

“Want me to help you unpack?” She looked at her brother again, scanning his new and improved body. Her mouth betrayed her.


Upstairs, she put her suitcase on the bed and unzipped it. Her room was still much as it was when she left. She opened the dresser and started loading clothes into it from her luggage. Her brother was assisting, though not really providing much actual help as he seemed to be focused on her body. It made her a little uncomfortable, but she couldn’t manage to tell him to leave. Then she remembered.

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