Marco and Nancy

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Nancy slammed the passenger door on her husband’s car closed and waved bye to him as he drove off down the busy street. She watched as he turned around the corner and disappeared from sight. Then the petite white-blonde 24-year-old headed up the stairs of the old historic building, her purse over one shoulder and her jacket over her arm.

Up the rickety elevator she went, opening the iron gate once she got to the penthouse at the top floor. And already, blushing, Nancy rapped lightly on the soft maple-colored door.

The door opened and there stood Marco Desmaines. Nancy looked at the man, slightly older than her, and then looked down shyly.

“Ready for our next lesson?” he asked, ushering her gently into his suite. Nancy followed.

Marco closed the door behind them, then took Nancy’s jacket, hanging it on an iron hanger in a closet near his door. Then he led her into the large open living room. Nancy’s blue eyes gazed around longingly at the beautiful, sparsely decorated space. The floor was made of long, thin hardwood planks, differing in color but all of the same grain of wood. Here and there was an antique chair set against the walls, done in an almost horsehair like material. They looked soft, welcoming, and fragile with their dark wooden legs and pink coverings. Next to some of them were thin legged shelves, carved red oak to offset the pink chairs. Other than a few large plants, the room was empty, stark but beautifully so.

Nancy turned and looked at Marco, blushing as she took in his handsome and chiseled European good looks, his tanned skin and solidly sky blue eyes. He had a dazzling smile and made her feel small and precious with his six-foot height.

“Are you nervous?” he asked her gently.

Nancy nodded.

Marco smiled softly and walked over to the young woman, lifting her chin with his fingers.

“This is what you wanted,” he said quietly. “This is what you need. You cannot be so nervous, each time you come to me, my dear.” With that, the man dropped his lips to hers.

Soon, Marco’s hands were playing across Nancy’s neck as he kissed her. And then his fingers were snaking in her hair. He had told her when she first came to him that he loved her hair unbound.

“Unbound, you look like a nymph of the wheat fields, a true North American beauty!”

And so she always wore her tresses free when she came to Marco for a session.

His fingers twined in her hair, tugging lightly. Then he released her, his palm pressing against her neck as his mouth sucked at hers. Marco tilted his head, and his kiss became deeper, more passionate. He moved his hand down Nancy’s neck, pressing over her breasts now through her white blouse. She felt her nipples hardening beneath her tight brassiere and a thrill went through her.

Marco slipped his strong hand around Nancy’s slender waist, pulling her suddenly tight against him. She lost her breath into his mouth. His other hand still held her by her chin, tilting her head back as his lips pressed against hers, as his tongue sought for hers. Then, he was pulling away. His eyes never left hers until he reached a far wall. From there, he lifted a heavy rolled rug. Then he returned to her. Nudging her lightly, Marco began to unroll the rug.

It was their special rug, he’d told her. Marco never failed to treat Nancy like a goddess, and the rug was as thick as a rich luxurious carpet, a white and light blue pattern that felt so soft beneath the skin.

Marco bent to Nancy’s feet, and kissed her nyloned toes as he removed them from her heels. Then he knelt up and removed her slacks, slipping them down. His pouting ataşehir escort lips pressed against her flat abdomen, but pulled away as he removed her simple silk panties. Marco’s hands went up as he stood, and watching his own fingers, he undid each button of Nancy’s blouse carefully. He tossed the shirt aside, and for a moment looked upon her small but round breasts. Then he removed her bra, undoing the clasp in the front.

Nancy’s breasts bounced lightly as the bra came off, and Marco looked at her nipples, adoringly. The sudden fire in his gaze made Nancy blush again. Marco dropped his mouth to each breast, kissing them tenderly as the nipples grew hard once more, sticking out like stiff red-brown pebbles on her pale flesh.

“You are so beautiful, like cream,” he whispered, then he stood and kissed her again. With his hands on her back, Marco slowly lowered Nancy to the rug, laying her there naked and waiting. He stood up and began to undress, letting Nancy watch. A smile of arrogance and confidence flashed across his gorgeous profile as he slowly undid his own slacks, unzipped them and let them slip down his strong legs.

His underwear were next, and then his shirt followed. Now he stood over Nancy like a god.

Nancy wondered if he would ask her to give him oral pleasure. She licked her lips and eyed his now rigid man meat. His cock was perfect in every way. His testes were completely hairless, his scrotum slightly wrinkled, and his shaft curved upward. But Marco, rather than be embarrassed about such a common flaw, preferred to excel in using it to his advantage; and to the advantage of his lover.

For a moment, he stood there with his hands on his slender hips, letting Nancy’s eyes roam over his well-muscled torso and back down his legs. His cock bounced, signaling its own hunger. And Marco lay next to Nancy. She moved to curl her body against him, lifting her leg to place it over his groin, but he stopped her.

“No, my precious love,” he whispered. “That is not what we do today. Let me show you.”

Marco put a strong hand on each side of Nancy’s waist, lifting her until she was over him. Then she was straddling him, her small legs stretched over the flat of his lower stomach. She gasped. She had never done something like that before.

Behind her rounded bottom, Nancy could feel the strong constant heat from Marco’s groin. Beneath her thighs, she could feel the soft downy hair that covered his entire body, minus his genitalia, tickling against her sensitive flesh.

“Lean forward,” he said softly. Nancy put a hand on either side of Marco’s head, resting her knees on the rung now beneath them, a knee on either side of the slender man.

“Keep your ass up,” Marco said, and Nancy lifted it from where she had been resting it on his belly.

Marco’s hands went behind her now, one resting on the small of her back, caressing her spine through her goose flesh covered skin. His other hand crept down her bottom as he looked up into her eyes. Nancy wondered if he knew her fear, saw it there. But he did not, he never did; or if he did, he ignored it. By ignoring her ignorance in things he was so knowledgeable on, Marco made it impossible for Nancy to back out of the situations he put her into. He knew she trusted him. And he used that against her, and yet, for her.

Marco’s fingers tickled over one of her buttocks, then slipped down. She felt him moving his hands beneath her. Then he was holding himself between her spread ass cheeks. She could feel the thickness of his shaft there now. She could feel the avcılar escort teasing of his bulbous head against her anus.

My gods, she thought. He can’t think I’m ready for that.

But he did not.

Stroking himself, he pressed the length of his shaft against Nancy’s flesh, heating her anus, her perineum, and her sex.

“Now move up and down, here,” he guided her.

Nancy lifted her bottom slightly up, then lowered it. She could feel the veins on Marco’s cock. She could feel the fat taut-skinned head of Marco’s dick pressing against her. Then she realized he was moving, too. His hips were going up and down, matching and moving opposite of her own.

Nancy tilted her head back, her long straight hair hanging like flax down her shoulders, touching over Marco’s chest.

Then, with a careful nudge of his fingers, Marco pushed his cockhead downward just as Nancy lifted up, and then down. With ease, his cock slipped inside her puss, warm and wet and waiting for him.

Nancy groaned, freezing in time.

“Shhhh,” Marco said, his fingers moving to Nancy’s lips, petting them gently. “Do not stop moving. From here, my sweet love, you can be the guide. You control how deep into you I go.”

Nancy gulped, looking down into Marco’s eyes again. She was in control now?

She moved her body lower over his cock, pushing her hips down towards his. He was right. His thick member, swollen and rock hard, slid up her only as far as she went down on him. Testing this, she lifted her body upwards along the shaft. It only came out of her sheath as much as she pulled it out.

The pleasure, the feel of control and power, made Nancy tremble.

“Move quicker,” Marco whispered, his voice fevered.

And Nancy did. Learning her own rhythm, Nancy began to ride Marco. She used her hands near his head for support, her manicured nails digging into the thick rug. Up and down went her behind, Marco’s fingers playing over her cheeks, caressing her.

She looked down at him, her hair a veil on either side of his dark face. His eyes were closed, and she knew he would cum soon.

“Stop,” he whispered.

Nancy kept going, feeling her own fires rising.

“No, stop, my love,” Marco said.

His fingers grasped at her hair and he pulled her sharply off of him.

“You must learn control,” he said to her, panting as he released her. “Now, turn around, and face away from me.”

Marco’s voice was soft, but firm, commanding. And Nancy did as she was told. She straddled his hips, then carefully turned herself around, putting her back to him.

“You are so beautiful, so perfect,” the man breathed heavily.

Nancy could feel his hot breath on her spine, his fingers moving over her shoulders. She looked down between her thighs. Marco’s thick cock was there, bouncing against her inner leg.

“Rest your knees on my legs, and put your hands on the rug behind you.”

Nancy did as she was told, spreading her legs wide and putting her hands behind her. Her back was arched now. To curve her spine more, Marco put a hand in her flowing flaxen locks, tugging her head back. Her breasts were jutting out, hard and excited nipples pointing to the ceiling.

Marco’s free hand went beneath Nancy. He held his cock, stroking himself to an incredible hardness. Nancy panted, arched, waiting for his next move.

And there it came.

Marco moved his cock against her slit, rubbing at her folds and teasing her wetted budding clitoris with his cock head.

“Now I am in control again,” he whispered, avrupa yakası escort his voice dark, deep and almost dangerous sounding.

As if to make this clear, his fingers tightened in her hair. Nancy groaned again, trying to push herself downwards but unable to. With quick fingers, Marco moved the head of his cock away from her, preventing her from impaling her hungry crevice on him.

“Please,” she panted.

She could almost hear him grinning.

“Soon. Let me tease you. You like it.”

With no mercy, Marco dragged his cock head over and over Nancy’s slit. She struggled, trying to push him inside her but failing. She whimpered, her sex becoming wetter, hotter, and hungrier.

Finally, Marco released her hair lightly. Nancy, at last, pushed herself downwards. Marco didn’t take his hand from his cock, the width between Nancy’s sex and his own groin so wide he could keep it there, stroking himself.

Nancy began to move again, remembering the rhythm from her previous position. She moved up and down, feeling the drag of her hair over Marco’s face and chest as she kept her head tilted back.

He moved his hand from his shaft, his other from her hair. Strong fingers curled around Nancy’s waist now. She moved up and down, up and down, slowly lifting her head and straightening her body and spine.

Now he was moving her over him, lifting her. She leaned forward, her knees slipping from his legs to rest on the rug. Her hands moved to his thighs, gripping them hard as she pushed herself onward. Marco’s fingers played over her hips, his thumbs caressing the tops of her buttocks.

Then, as she worked harder, moving faster, he let her go, cupping her round ass cheeks, spreading them, mashing them as she moved.

Now, Nancy realized, she was in control again.

The speed was decided by her, the depth was decided by her. She led this dance. Behind her, Marco was moaning softly, wincing as he inspected her bottom, teasing over her anus with his careful fingertips. She was tormented in her imagination, wondering what it would feel like if he entered her there.

Another time, she thought. For now, she had to focus on this.

She bit her bottom lip, moving furiously now.

“Gods, you feel so good!” Marco cried out.

Then he was pushing up with his hips, grinding into her sex. Nancy pressed down on him. She could feel his shaft swelling, throbbing deep inside her. He was cumming now, washing over her.

Still Nancy kept moving, forcing the thrusting, throbbing cock further and further up inside her even as it spurted seed against her walls. She felt herself releasing, felt the drag of the curved shaft against her sheath. Her own body spasmed, and suddenly she was writhing out of control. The only thing that held her on top of Marco were his hands quickly gripping her suddenly slippery hips. She flexed and shook, orgasming above him, her hair flying around as her head tossed.

And then she was curled above his legs, spent, exhausted from her ecstasy and his. Behind her, Marco was slowly rubbing her back.

“Lay next to me, sweet love. You did well.”

Nancy slowly peeled her ultra-sensitive body from Marco’s groin, feeling the slickness of their lovemaking oozing between them. Then she lay next to him, curled on her side. She napped for a short while, until he woke her and led her to his showers. There, he cleaned her, gentle and tender, while she struggled to stay standing.

At last, her long hair dried by Marco’s careful hands, Nancy picked up her purse, put her jacket over her arm, and headed back downstairs in the elevator. At the curb, her husband met her in the car.

“So? How was your yoga session?”

“Wonderful,” Nancy said, gushing.

“Ya know, our sex life sure has perked up since you started this yoga class.”

Smiling, Nancy grinned and closed the passenger door.

“You’ll love what I learned this time,” she said coyly as they got on their way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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