Maria and Siobhan Explore Together

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Maria had arrived first as usual. She was waiting near the check in point at Gatwick for her old friend Siobahn to arrive. They were meeting up having planned this holiday together for awhile after reconnecting their friendship on social media. They were going to a remote resort in southern Turkey that had had good reviews, for people who wanted a quiet getaway with lots of sunshine and endless beaches.

Maria hadn’t seen her Siobhan for over 3 years now. They had been the best of friends, always together at school, always liking the same boys, music and had many other interests in common.

Siobhan had a bad habit of stealing Maria’s boyfriends, but Maria always forgave her in the end. They probably weren’t worth much anyway, she had always thought to herself, if they didn’t want to stay with me. After school Siobhan had moved away due to work and Maria had stayed and, as often happens they had lost contact for a while.

But now they’d reconnected and Maria was so excited, for one they were going on holiday and secondly, she had realised how much she had missed her old companion. Siobhan had always looked after Maria when they were younger, she always took the lead in their adventures and Maria had always followed Siobhan and looked up to her for guidance in most matters…

“Maria, Maria!” called a familiar voice “Over here, over here!”

Maria looked around expecting to see Siobhan more or less as she remembered her. What she actually saw, was a taller slimmer, version of Siobhan, with long golden, gentle, curls of blonde hair around her shoulders. She had matured, grown and not just taller. Siobhan was wearing a fairly low cut red, stretchy top, which clung to her figure and how that figure had grown!

It was impossible not to notice, Siobhan’s breasts seemed to have doubled in size and Maria’s gaze was drawn to them. She couldn’t understand how her friend had grown so much whereas she seemed to have stayed more or less the same height and shape.

Maria herself was very slim and pretty, she had Elfen features, very full lips and beautiful eyes with long straight, dark hair. She always remembered how similar their body shapes had been but now there was a taller voluptuous, lady towering over her and she found it a little disconcerting.

“Siobhan, you, you, you’re so big!” Maria stammered.

She wished she’d found a better word than big as Siobhan threw her arms around her, squeezing her tightly, but the sight of that enormous chest had thrown her more than just a bit.

“Oh these” Siobhan replied, looking down at her chest from side to side.

“Yeah, I just kept growing I suppose” she laughed “But you haven’t changed a bit!” she continued. “We need to check in right away or we’ll be late!”

“Typical Siobhan,” Maria thought, smiling to herself, “I’ve been here ages, she turns up and now I need to hurry because we’re late, she’s so cheeky!”

The two girls clattered in their heels over to the check in and went through the usual process with a petite girl on the front desk, who gave them both a bright smile, she was very pretty, but had used way too much make up with very bright red, lipstick. She looked very sexy though, in her stylish uniform and little hat.

Maria noticed that as the airline employee dealt with their passports and tickets, she kept darting sly glances at Siobhan’s red top, her eyes like lasers as they burned their way directly to her heaving chest, she was breathing heavily with all the rushing about she’d just done, to get there on time. Siobhan however, seemed oblivious to her admiring glances.

In fact as they passed through the inner area of the airport, Maria noticed that her old friend seemed to attract glances from quite a few people, nearly everyone in fact. As they passed through to the hand luggage inspection area, the guy on duty couldn’t take his eyes off her, as they put their bags and shoes on to the conveyor belt to be examined.

A large girl, with cropped hair in a very masculine looking uniform at the other end of the belt singled Siobhan out immediately, for a body search and Maria watched, as Siobhan placed her hands above her head, as the woman slowly patted Siobhan down, her hands expertly roving around her body as she went about her business. She took what seemed an age as she searched and felt Siobhan up and down until she was satisfied, in more ways than one probably, Maria thought.

As they trotted quickly to their gate Siobhan exclaimed “I always get searched, every time” she complained, “And it’s always by a woman like that, never a nice looking one” she continued.

Maria wondered why that mattered but she didn’t think anymore of it as they rushed to get their flight on time. They made it with a few minutes to spare and the pattern continued, no-one could do enough for Siobhan and Maria started to feel hurt and a little jealous of her oldest friend, but she knew it wasn’t her fault, “Mind you” she thought “She could do up her jacket and cover them up poker oyna a bit”

On the flight, they were greeted by more painted ladies, the company seemed to insist on heavy make up for all their female staff. As they passed to their seats Siobhan told Maria to sit by the window as she didn’t like to see outside. “What if I didn’t like that” Maria said to herself, smiling as she remembered how Siobhan had always bossed her around like this. Secretly she liked it though, Siobhan always took charge of most situations and Maria felt safe with her around, she realised again how much she’d missed her.

As the plane began to take off though, Maria felt Siobhan’s hand reach out for hers and hold it tightly, “I’m sorry Maria, I always get a little scared” she whispered to her, her fingers entwining with Maria’s delicate hand. As the plane began to lift, Maria reached over and took her hand firmly with both of hers together and gently massaged her fingers and palm, Siobhan smiled and mouthed a “Thank you” to Maria while bringing her other hand together with Maria’s and they held each other tightly as the plane leveled out.

As they both sank back into their seats, Siobhan kept a tight hold of Maria’s hand nearest to her. Maria didn’t mind, it felt nice having Siobhan’s hand on top of hers and when Siobhan started to caress her friends hand, rubbing her fingers in Maria’s palm and occasionally allowing the two sets of fingers to lock together she allowed it to happen, it felt nice and it seemed to relax them both greatly.

Maria said nothing as she knew her friend was probably still scared a little and smiled at the hostess who passed them both and clearly saw them holding hands. She smiled back and Maria could have sworn she gave her a little wink, as she noticed them holding hands together, but she passed on quickly before anything more happened.

Eventually they fell asleep, Maria resting her head on Siobhan’s shoulder, she was so close she could smell the sweet perfume on her neck and Siobhan lightly let her head to gently fall down against Maria’s head as they slept until the plane landed.

This time she was really afraid and Maria had to calm her down, Siobhan buried her face into Maria’s neck as Maria put her arms around her and comforted her friend , caressing her head and running her fingers in her hair and smoothing it down to soothe her.

“Don’t be scared” Maria whispered into her ear “It’s ok, don’t worry I’m here.”

She held Siobhan even more tightly and kissed her, very lightly on the cheek, until it was all over and as the plane rolled to a stop, they drew apart and smiled at each other.

Siobhan looked deep into Maria’s eyes and Maria felt unable to to break this moment and look away, Siobhan seemed to know that she had power over Maria, which had to be reasserted after this moment of weakness she had shown to Maria.

“I only ever get scared on flights, I’m sorry I should have warned you about it.” Siobhan said.

An apology from Siobhan was a rare event and Maria should have milked it. But she always wanted to please her friend and instead smiled weakly back at her.

“Siobhan you’re my friend and you always looked after me in the past,” she continued “It was so nice to be able to help you for once and it made me remember how much I’ve really missed you all these years.”

Boldly she reached up, as she said these words and gently stroked Siobhan’s cheek, which she remembered so recently, she had actually kissed,. Siobhan took this hand and held it tightly in her hands and then moved to embrace Maria.

“Maria thank you so much, you are my bestest friend I will always be there for you, I missed you so,” Siobhan said, as she returned the kiss to Maria while holding her close. Their lips almost met this time and Maria felt a strange tingle she’d never experienced before, like a small electric shock, but nicer. Before she could think about Siobhan broke the moment.

“Come on Maria, we aren’t here to sit on a plane for two weeks, let’s get going.” Siobhan said,

They passed through and out of the plane and onto reclaim their suitcases. Having passed through customs without more drama they made their way to the outside of the small airport to where the buses were waiting. A kind lady who worked for one of the airline companies showed them to the right bus and as the driver loaded their bags they got onto the coach.

They were like two excited kids as the bus drove along an exciting stretch of road. There was the long beach which seemed to go on forever and on the other side of the road it seemed there was a dense forest leading to a set of cliffs in the distance. It looked so beautiful.

Eventually they arrived at their hotel and left the coach and almost ran into the lobby in their haste to get to their room to check it out. The eyes of the young guy on reception nearly popped out of his head as he looked at the two beautiful women who had invaded his territory. Maria had a secret smile on her face, canlı poker oyna as they went up to their room as he had paid a lot of attention to her and very little to Siobhan.

“What a rude boy he was, he virtually ignored us” she moaned, unable to admit that another man had preferred Maria and not her. “He’s probably gay anyway.” as she finished off that line of conversation.

The porter showed them into their room and they gave him a little money. Finally they had made it. Straight away though it was very obvious that a mistake had been made.

“Well what have they done,” exclaimed Siobhan, as they both looked at the big double bed where they were expecting two single beds. “I clearly asked for a twin room, this is ridiculous we aren’t a couple.”

Maria replied “Oh come on it will be fine we can share, I don’t know about you but I’m not here to try and meet lot’s of men, we will have plenty of room.”

Siobhan nodded in agreement, “I’m definitely not here for any man, no matter what” she said, “Ok Maria why not, now let’s take a shower and go down for a drink, I could certainly use one.”

Siobhan told Maria “You shower first, I want to arrange my things into the cupboards and drawers,” she said, pulling her suitcase up onto the bed.

Maria did as she was told and popped her case onto the bed too. She opened it and drew out her toiletry bag. She pulled out a plastic bag and shook it open. She then kicked off her shoes and began to strip off her clothes and put them into the bag to be washed later. Soon she was naked and scampered off to the bathroom to shower.

Maria was proud of her trim figure and she felt no shame at being nude in front of Siobhan, in fact she rather enjoyed it and felt very liberated as she showered, calling out to her about how nice the water felt, through the open door of the bathroom.

When she returned with a towel wrapped round her, she saw that Siobhan had put on a very long elegant, dressing gown, she also held some new clothes in her hands. Siobhan smiled and went into the bathroom closing the door behind her. Maria thought this was a little odd, but obviously Siobhan felt less comfortable about being naked in front of people.

Siobhan returned eventually wearing some more formal clothes, a pair of black slacks a navy top and a dark purple jacket which she had done up to the neck covering her large chest completely. She’d made herself up too and looked very classy.

Maria had done her best too, some stylish ripped jeans and a stripy top, she’d just used a bit of shimmery pink lipstick, she now felt under dressed compared to Siobhan, but she was used to being upstaged by her by now. They picked up their bags and went downstairs.

They’d been in the bar less than two minutes before a couple of guys came across to where the two girls were sitting,

“Can we join you” one said. He smiled sweetly at Maria.

“No you can’t” snapped Siobhan “go away!”

Maria was surprised by the forceful way Siobhan had spoken to the men. “They seemed ok,” she said.

“Ah they’d get what they wanted and move onto another couple of girls as soon as they could, we don’t need them,” said Siobhan, “If they really like us they’ll try again.”

Within a few minutes, the two guys had found another table and were already sat there talking to another two girls.

“What did I tell you,” Siobhan snorted triumphantly “Men, they are all the same, I hate them!”

Maria said nothing, but it seemed to her that Siobhan was obviously hurting about something, maybe a failed relationship she wondered. She reached out for Siobhan’s hand again and ran her fingers over it lightly.

“Siobhan, are you feeling ok, you seem a little upset?” she inquired.

“It’s fine, I’m just a little tired,” she replied, “what do you say we buy some wine and take it up to the room?”

Without waiting for an answer, which Maria knew would happen, Siobhan marched to the bar and ordered a big bottle of white wine and two glasses. She made for the exit and Maria had no choice but to follow. She didn’t mind as she wanted to see what she could do to help Siobhan out, as she was very sad about something.

Later in their room, they’d drunk nearly all the wine and were more than a little merry, Maria decided to ask why Siobhan seemed so hostile towards men, She’d always enjoyed their company when they were younger, quite often she’d enjoyed the company of Maria’s boyfriends a little too often.

“Siobhan what’s wrong, why have you decided men are all horrible,” she asked “has something happened to you that you want to share with me.”

She smiled sweetly at Siobhan, to show she was being sincere.

“Oh Maria, if you only knew the truth,” she whimpered “Maybe one day I’ll try to explain it to you, but now all I want to do is go to sleep.”

Maria agreed seeing how upset Siobhan was. Maria was one of those people who always slept naked. She couldn’t sleep if she had any clothes on, so she quickly internet casino got undressed and got into the bed which felt so soft and inviting.

She watched from under the sheets, as Siobhan took her smaller bag into the bathroom.

When she returned, Maria was very surprised to see what her friend was going to wear in bed, seeing as up to now she had not seemed comfortable wearing anything too revealing apart from her red top.

Siobhan had on a lemon yellow baby doll set, that was very pretty. It was comprised of three parts. A little lacy camisole that stretched out over her stupendous breasts, that were barely held in place by a tiny yellow bra and finally a pair of sheer frilly panties. The camisole didn’t even reach her panties and she looked absolutely stunning.

“Wow Siobhan, any man would want you wearing that outfit” said Maria “You look so beautiful and so sexy.”

Siobhan smiled at Maria for the first time in a while and she laughed, raising a hand to her lips and gently biting her finger which she did when she was nervous.

“Well Maria, no man is going to see it anytime soon, I promise you that” she replied.

She walked slowly to the bed as she was a little drunk still and Maria watched as Siobhan’s enormous breasts swayed gently as she came closer. Maria pulled back the cover, to let her friend into the double bed. Siobhan slid into the bed and took the covers from Maria and snuggled up to her.

“Maria, I’m so glad we are here together, I promise I’ll be more fun tomorrow” she said apologetically.

“I know you will,” replied Maria “Now let’s get some rest.”

She kissed Siobhan sweetly on the cheek and turned over to switch off the light. As she laid her head onto the pillow she felt Siobhan move closer behind her and she gently reciprocated, moving her body back towards her until she could feel Siobhan’s body against hers. She felt safe and especially happy as Siobhan put her arm around her waist and held her gently until they drifted off to sleep together.

The next day Maria awoke to find that Siobhan was already up and about, she had put on a flowery bikini and was gathering things together, in order to hit the beach. Her bikini was quite reserved, totally covering her boobs and had thick shoulder straps. The bottom half fitted her well as she was very slim really. She’d just applied sun cream and handed it towards Maria

“Come on Maria let’s get down there early we can beat the crowds, get out of bed lazy!”

Maria did as she was told and fetching her case she stood over it totally naked, as she rummaged through it, until she found her little two piece. She covered herself with sun cream and then she quickly put it on. It was a gold bikini, very tiny indeed. It just about kept Maria legal!

“You look so sweet,” said Siobhan “Come on, let’s go I’ve got everything we need,”

Maria knew this would be true as Siobhan always thought of everything, she had a drawstring bag which was filled with everything they’d need for sunbathing. They jumped into their flip flops and walked down to the beach together.

There were already quite a few people at the part of the beach nearest the hotel so Siobhan suggested they walk further along to find a quieter spot. Maria had noticed that Siobhan just did not want to be around anyone at all. She knew she had to press the point to her.

“Siobhan, this can’t continue, why are you so bothered about being around people these days, you never used to be like this?” Maria asked.

“Haven’t you worked it out silly, it’s these!” she answered, pointing at her huge bosom.

“Everyone just stares at them all the time,” she sniffed, “I hate them sometimes, I wish they’d never grown like this, you are the only one who doesn’t do it. I wouldn’t mind if you did, but everyone else can go to hell!”

Maria thought for a moment and had an idea. By now they’d walked quite a long way and were totally alone. She reached behind her back and undid her top, she pulled it away from her releasing her shapely boobs completely.

“Siobhan look.” she said “They are just part of my body I’m not ashamed of them at all.”

She felt incredibly free as they continued, the light breeze making her little nipples stiffen and she began to feel rather turned on by the feel of the wind on her skin.

“Maria, you are amazing, your breasts are so beautiful, I wish mine had stayed like that, they are so big and ugly.” exclaimed Siobhan sadly.

At this moment they reached a small river that ran out into the sea from the woods up from the beach. The cliffs they had seen from the hotel bus seemed quite close here and Maria thought that if they followed the river they would probably come to a waterfall. She’d seen waterfalls on TV and had always had a dream to stand under one.

She explained her idea to Siobhan who agreed with her and they started upstream.

Maria now felt suddenly bolder now she understood Siobhan’s problem and taking the bull by the horns, she had another suggestion for her friend.

“Siobhan there is no-one for miles around, Why don’t you try going topless like me, you will love how it feels!” she suggested.

“Oh Maria I don’t know,” she replied.

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