Maria’s Final Gift

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Maria held on to the edge of the vanity with her hands and her upper body bent forward. Her son sank his penis into her wet vagina. Almost in a trance, Luke’s arms circled his mother’s waist and the palms of his hands cupped her hanging breasts, kneading the soft flesh and nipples. He looked in the mirror and saw his mother’s mouth opened in a gasp as he pushed deep inside her body.

Their eyes locked and she said in a whisper, “No, not in there. Fuck me in the other place.”

She dropped her eyes from his gaze as her heart pounded in a rush of shame and foreboding anticipation of anal lovemaking which she had never experienced before.

Luke felt his mother’s body flinched when she uttered those taboo words. He had wanted to fuck her there ever since their incestuous union began but did not have the courage to ask her. There were moments during their sexual mating, where he had rubbed the tiny opening with his finger, when slick with her secretion. He had managed to penetrate her slightly. She neither protested nor stopped him and had only grunted as his finger entered her anus. When she groaned, Luke quickly pulled his finger out and continued to rub against the tiny star, which made her breath unevenly.

Hearing her utter the unimaginable, Luke gripped his mother’s naked body tightly and pounded into her squishy vagina with staccato jerks, pressing each penetration flattening against her buttocks.

He pulled her to the upright position so that they were standing, together looking into the mirror. He had to bend his knees so that his penis remained embedded in her vagina. In the rarified lust of the moment, Maria glazed eyes saw her son’s hands on her breasts as she felt him tweaking her engorged nipples. Then she felt the bumping against her buttocks and the stiff organ fucking her, sometimes lifting her onto her toes as he pumped into her.

Her head fell back onto his left shoulder. His lips against her ear, Luke said, “I wanted to fuck you there so badly mom, I promise I will not hurt you. Let’s go to your room….Maria.”

That was the first time he ever called his mother by her name. It shocked her but it sounded so right. She was now not only his mother but also his woman. He had the freedom and liberty of her body and soul, his to kiss, to touch, and to fuck whenever he wanted her.

Gently he withdrew from her swollen vagina, which he had thoroughly fucked, licked and sucked over the past two hours. The inner flesh of her thighs was wet with her secretions and his sperm, which he ejaculated twice earlier. Her pubic hair was also matted. Taking her hand, mother and son walked to her bedroom, two naked lovers in the throes of self-destruction down the road of no return. He released her hand and went into the bathroom to retrieve the tube of KY sivas escort jelly.

The sight of his mother as she climbed onto her bed made his penis hardened and twitched. The yearning and wanting just by looking at her body intensified. The vision of the gentle sway and bounce of her breasts when he fucked her from behind earlier, convinced him that there was no other woman in the world he would ever want other than this woman lying on the bed before him.

The moment had arrived. Luke was about to take something away from his mother that no one had done before and Maria was about to surrender her body to her son’s lust and complete ravishment. They had already made love twice but the hunger he had for her was overwhelming.

He stood at the edge of the bed. She looked up as he knelt beside her. He kissed her mouth with an urgency that made her hold onto his neck. He devoured and invaded her mouth, seeking and sucking her tongue. His right hand reached down and caressed her soaked crotch. Her slick wetness allowed him to insert his thumb into her vagina while his fingers stroked her clit. His mouth moved from her lips to her breasts, sucking her nipples alternately, making Maria twist her body in exquisite sensation.

Luke gently pushed Maria to lie on her side, facing away from him. He pushed her knees upwards towards her chest, in a fetal position. Luke caressed his mother’s firm buttocks. He gently spread apart the fleshy hillocks. He felt his penis jerked spasmodically as he stared in awe at the tiny crinkled hole. His head bend down towards his mother’s anus. His tongue snaked out and rasped against the opening.

Maria felt the wonderful sensation when the soft wet tongue rubbed against her star. She hunched her legs tighter towards her chest, allowing Luke better access to her anus. The soft firm tongue was pushing insistently against her, seeking entrance. Her brown opening was palpitating as her anal muscles clamped tight with a life of its own. She groaned when Luke sucked and stick his tongue out and finally the tip of his tongue penetrated her rectum ever so slightly.

She was breathing unevenly when Luke left her buttocks and sat up.

Luke opened the tube of jelly and squeezed a generous spread onto his middle and second finger of his right hand.

Maria shivered slightly when Luke rubbed the jelly onto her anus, spreading it around and she felt his finger poking against her small opening. Gradually he gained access into her rectum, his finger gently pushing in and pulling out, penetrating a few inches at a time. This allowed her to get used to something foreign entering her backside. As she began to accept her son’s finger, Luke pushed in deeper and deeper until the length of his middle finger was inside his tekirdağ escort mother’s rectum. He began slowly to finger fuck her backside, amazed at the tight grip she had on his finger.

The feeling Maria felt was something she never experienced before. Her buttocks began to move against Luke’s finger. Soon, she felt him inserting another finger inside her. Her anal muscles accommodated and accepted the second intrusion.

She had read about anal sex and always felt that it was something dirty and illicit and only perverts performed such acts. She cannot imagine how one could force such a big organ into such a small opening, without seriously hurting the recipient. However, that was before her carnal sin with her son. Even then, it never crossed her mind that Luke wanted anal sex with her. When he first touched her anus, she did not associate it with his sexual need. She thought it was just accidental caresses during their lovemaking. The caressing of her forbidden hole became more insistent. Luke never tried of fuck her there but being a mother, she knew what he wanted.

Maria felt his fingers pulled out of her rectum.

Looking down at the slightly gaping hole, Luke quickly pushed the nozzle of the tube against the opening and squeezed a glob of KY jelly inside her mother’s asshole. He took his turgid penis in his hand and coated it with the slick jelly, especially smearing a fair amount onto his engorged knob.

He placed the head over the small opening of her ass, his pre cum smearing the tiny orifice. Luke pushed and Maria elicited a groan. Her buttocks clamped tightly refusing to accept his enormous bulbous head.

Maria gasped, suddenly realizing the enormity of what she had agreed to offer her son. She knew the size of her son’s penis could really hurt her. Her vagina was different, but not her anus.

“No, Luke, we can’t, you are too big,” she said haltingly, clamping tight her ass cheeks.

Luke responded by holding her hips tighter and pushing against the stubborn hole but to no avail.

His heart was pounding so hard. The yearning desire to fuck her in the anus was the ultimate aphrodisiac. He turned Maria to lie on her stomach and pushed two pillows under her. Straddling her buttocks, he placed his knob onto her hole. His insistent thrusting finally penetrated her asshole. Maria cried out in submission as she surrendered her last bastion of virginity to her own son. He had lodged the knob of his penis inside her rectum.

Wiping the cold sweat from her forehead with his hand, Luke did not move, allowing his mother to get used to his penis inside her. He knew that she was in pain. She had to learn to relaxed, and then the pain be replaced by fulfillment. She was excruciatingly tight and he felt tokat escort like spurting. He controlled himself by lying prone on her back, kissing her cheeks and not moving a muscle.

“I love you so much, Maria. God, you are so tight,” he spoke softly into her ear. “I know it hurts but I promise you it will only get better,” he continued.

Maria breathed deeply. Mother and son lie silently together, joined incestuously by his knob inside her. Flashes of sinful acts played on her mind. She could not help but think how similar they would have looked, just as dogs stuck after coupling, unable to separate until the knob attains its normal size.

After awhile, the dull pain subsided, replaced by an odd feeling of fullness in her posterior region. She allowed her anal muscle to relax and the tightness loosened.

Softly she said, “Fuck me, but please be gentle.”

Luke raised his upper body off her back. Holding her down by her shoulders onto the mattress, he sank his penis slowly, deeper into her backside. Her sphincter tightened each time he penetrated her deeper, making him stop to allow her to adjust to his invasion. It took him about ten minutes until the complete length of his penis was inside Maria’s bowels. She never felt such fullness except for the time she was pregnant with him.

He pulled out about an inch and pushed in again until he was tight against her buttocks. He did this slowly, pumping into her.

“I want to fuck you now,” he said.

She turned her face towards his. Her eyes looked longingly at him and she nodded her acceptance.

Luke pulled out more and pumped back into her backside. She lifted up her head as he began to fuck her. The room reeked of an earthly odor, the smell emitting from her anus. This heightened their sexual lust as Luke fucked his mother’s behind. She was incredibly tight as he felt the girth of his penis swell to greater proportion.

Maria’s mouth opened as a tremendous orgasm broke in the depths of her nether region. Her head snapped back as she began to tremble. Luke knew that his mother was close to fulfillment. He circled his arms around her breasts and raised her to a kneeling position. She was shaking as her orgasm hit. Her head was flailing about. Luke held her tight; all the while fucking into her rectum.

As her orgasm began to subside, she drooped limply in his arms. At that moment, Luke stiffened as gob after gob of his sperm erupted deep inside his mother’s bowels, coating the insides of her rectum. He thought he would not stop spurting. Even when he stopped squirting, he kept fucking into her, the sticky wetness of his ejaculation making the inside of Maria’s rectum smooth and silky. Her anal opening was loose and relaxed. His pumping made a squeaky sound; her hole filled with his sperm.

Complete exhaustion overcame mother and son. He had expanded all his love juice into her body and tiredness engulfed them.

The smell of sex hung lazily in the air as sleep overtook them. As lovers, they slept still attached to one another, his softening phallus embedded in her anus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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