Mark Tells His Story Ch. 4

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As we spend more and more time together over the next week, we talk often about our past relationships. Melissa seems to want me to know as much about her as possible. She told me about an abusive boyfriend she had during her first semester. He was not physically abusive. But he abused her mentally and emotionally. He was the ‘big man’ on campus at the time. He used her with no regards for her feelings. It hurt her badly at the time.

I explained the things that happened with Debbie. I was fearful that she would think I was a wimp for putting up with her cheating as long as I did. But she seemed to understand how I felt. She told me she admired me for trying to make things work out. After I told her what she finally did to humiliate me, I saw a tear roll down her cheek. She was hurting for me. We consoled each other over past events. But we also grew very close. A strong bond was forming very quickly between us. We fell in love with each other.

I knew I wanted her to be my girlfriend and more. I believed then that she wanted me just the same. When I did ask her for a commitment to be my girl exclusively, she finally made a very shocking confession to me. That confession about being sexually involved with her parents made no difference to me. I was deeply in love with this girl. I wanted her to be mine now and for years to come.

I asked her for that commitment and she gave it to me. She swore to me that she would never intentionally hurt me. She swore that she would never cheat on me. She swore that she loved me deeply and wanted to be with me for years to come as well.

“Mark, I’ve never ‘cheated’ on a boyfriend. Yes, I’ve had sex with my parents and some couples as part of swinging. But I’ve never had an affair while I had a boyfriend. I promised myself years ago that I’d never do that to a guy. I won’t cheat with my heart. I promise that to you as well. I promise to tell you about anything that happens with my parents and to include you in everything we do.”

“I trust you, Melissa. I’ll never cheat on our love. I have all I could ever hope to have with you. I’ll never hurt you like that either.”

The faith I have in her is very strong. Her confession to me alone tells me how much faith she has in me. There is little jealousy between us, which has allowed us to be open and share our thoughts and desires. The bond between us grows stronger and stronger each day.

My love for her has grown over the weeks since she became my girlfriend. Her confession to me about her sexual involvement with her parents stunned me at the time. But since then, I have discovered that the idea of them having sex is very erotic. I have even jerked off thinking about Melissa having sex with her parents! She has offered to let me join in with them sometime soon. However, we have yet to have a real opportunity to try a foursome with them. But hope springs eternal.

Since her confession, we’ve discussed about becoming involved with group sex and swinging as a couple. Melissa told me more about the couples she has been involved with before we began dating. She and I both believe we can enjoy sex with others as long as it’s something we do together as a couple. Neither one of us likes the idea of being away from the other while having sex with someone else. Sex is something we enjoy together, not separately. Melissa has a great grasp on how to separate love and sex. The love we have for each other makes our sex better than it can ever be with anyone else. There may be guys with bigger cocks or longer lasting than me. But they will never have what I have, her love.

Melissa says I’m the first guy she has ever truly been in love with. That certainly gives me one hell of an ego boost. But she also told me that I’m the first guy who could make her have orgasms regularly from just fucking. Now I’m not huge in the cock department, but I’m not small either. I’d say I could compete with or beat any average guy in the size department. I know Melissa has fucked guys with bigger cocks than mine in the past. But she says that I have something that those guys did not, her love. Melissa told me one time that size does matter. But the size of a man’s cock isn’t the primary thing either when it comes to enjoying sex. Most importantly to her are the feelings and emotions she shares with the person.

She told me after the first time we made love, “you are a perfect fuck!” I asked her what she meant by that, and she said that I am just the right size for her, that I know what to do to more than satisfy her. I told her that I bet she wouldn’t turn down a bigger cock if the opportunity were there. She surprised me when she said she would turn it down for a cock smaller than mine, depending on the man.

Melissa and I spend most evenings together. Many nights we end up sleeping together at one of our apartments. Needless to say, sleep comes much later than the time we go to bed! Melissa is insatiable. I swear, I believe she could fuck and suck continuously for the rest of her life if at all possible. She is always ready for more! I always trabzon escort wear out before she does. I told her one night that I was sorry I had not satisfied her. She looked at me and smiled saying she was as satisfied as she could possibly be.

It’s not unusual for me to wake up to her massaging my morning erection before either taking me deep in her sexy mouth or her tight little pussy. What more can a man ask for than a beautiful sexy girl that adores him, along with being a slut in his bed!

This morning is no different. As I begin to awaken, I can feel Melissa’s hot mouth and tongue working on my rock hard cock. She loves to lie between my legs so she can lick and suck on me while also staring into my eyes to see my own satisfaction. Opening my eyes, I see my gorgeous lady smiling at me while rubbing my cock back and forth across her sexy lips.

“Good morning, handsome.”

“Oh fuck, baby … you know just how to get me ‘up’ in the mornings!”

“I wish I could claim credit for making your sexy cock so hard. But it was already standing tall when I woke up. I’m just putting it to good use!” she says with her cutest smile.

“Mel baby, it’s rock hard because of having your sexy ass laying with me all night long. You’re a fucking dream when asleep or awake!”

“Flatterer! I think you’re just kissing ass so I’ll suck your cock off for you … maybe even let you fuck my innocent young pussy too?” she says teasingly before licking up and down my cock a few times.

“I’ll kiss anything you have, baby … please don’t stop what you’re doing … oh fuck yes!”

Watching her mouth descend over my cock is one of the most erotic sights I’ll ever witness. Just the thought of my cock being inside the mouth of this woman would be enough to make some men loose control and blow their load too soon. Sometimes I close my eyes because of the vision. Watching is almost as good as the feeling of her sexy lips sliding down my shaft, almost as good.

She knows just how to bring me so close to exploding, but not taking me over the edge. She is very talented at taking my cock completely into her mouth and throat. She knows that I can’t take too much of this early in the morning though. She enjoys swallowing my hot cum but I know she wants her pussy to be filled instead.

I somewhat reluctantly pull back from her mouth.

“Don’t take my play toy away from me!” she says with a very sexy pout.

“Don’t worry my sexy lady. I’ll be putting your play toy someplace else for you to enjoy soon. First, there is something else that needs taking care of,” I say with a mischievous smile.

I forcefully turn her over onto her back and move between her legs. I love her so much, but sometimes I just want to pound her body with my cock. Melissa loves this kind of rough sex though.

I found this out not long after we started dating regular that she likes her man to take control of her during sex. Outwardly, Melissa is anything but submissive. She hates to feel that someone is controlling her. But in the bedroom, she wants her man to take control of her.

The first time she went out and fucked Eric before she became my girlfriend, I was somewhat angry with her. She had not done anything wrong at the time. But I was in love with her. The next night when we were finally alone was when I discovered her desire to be controlled while fucking. She taunted me into treating her rough. Not rough in a manner that she gets hurt. But in a way that both of us know she is at my mercy. She likes to be fucked hard and even spanked at times. Once again, spanking not in a manner that leaves bruises. A spanking where she is submitting to her man completely is different. I could see the lust in her eyes as I spanked her sexy tight ass, talking to her like a bad little girl. Now, she will look back at me as if to say don’t you dare stop, but also letting me know she trusts me to not to really hurt her.

As my eyes gaze at her lying naked and spread open on my bed, I want to devour her just as she did my cock.

I begin kissing her soft lips passionately, my tongue finding hers in our open mouths. After kissing down her chin and neck, my lips find a hard nipple while my fingers find the other. She loves to have her nipples bitten firmly and pinched. I want her to feel all the pleasure I can give her. She moans as I chew gently, alternating between each nipple. My mouth trails down her firm stomach. I lick and gently pull at the ring in her pierced navel with my teeth. Looking up into her eyes, I see nothing but pure lust and desire for me.

I kiss and lick my way down between her firm slender legs. I kiss and lick the insides of her thighs, tantalizingly close to her very wet pussy. She is moving her hips, trying to make my mouth touch her most precious treasure. I don’t make her wait any longer as my tongue dances lightly over her delicate lips. I intentionally avoid her clit, as I want to tease her just a little before I make her scream in pleasure. My tongue snakes between tunceli escort her outer lips. I use my thumbs to spread them apart to look at the wet hole that so many men would give anything to fuck just once. It is mine for now. I extend my tongue into her cunt and feel her juices flow over it. Her moans and pleading grow loader as her pleasure builds. She grabs my head with both hands to hold my mouth to her luscious cunt.

I give her what I know she wants badly. I move my lips to surround her clit and begin sucking gently. My tongue flutters across her sensitive bud, bringing forth a long deep wail from her lungs. I continue my assault on her throbbing clit as she pushes her pussy hard against my mouth. Her orgasm consumes her; she can’t take any more of this stimulation.

“Oh God yessss … I’m cumming babe! I’m cumming on your tongue! Oh God, Mark! … lick my pussyyyyyyyyyy!

I only give her a few moments to enjoy her strong orgasm before I move up between her legs and begin to push my own throbbing shaft deep inside her very tight cunt.

“Fuck me, lover … fuck my pussy so deep and hard … take me, Mark!”

Her moans grow load as her eyes grow wide from the sudden penetration. I can feel her cunt squeezing my cock so fucking tight as she goes through a small orgasm. I begin a steady rhythm of fucking her body. Her pussy lips drag tightly along my cock as I fuck her precious pussy. She looks at me, telling me to fuck her harder and deeper.

I begin pounding into her body with mine. My cock feels like it could explode at any moment from the way her pussy squeezes it so intimately. She grabs me by my hair and demands that I fuck her even harder.

“Ohhhh fuck Mel! I’m so close to cumming deep inside your fucking tight pussy!!”

“Fill me with all of your cum, lover … fuck me full of your hot sperm … fuck me hard and fill me now!!”

Feeling her arms and legs wrap around me to pull me deep into her cunt as far as possible, my cock explodes as I moan loudly into her shoulder.

“Here it comes babyyyyy!!! Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yesssss!!”

Feeling my cock erupting causes her to scream out her own orgasm. Her pussy keeps spasming around my cock as my cum fills her to overflowing. We collapse into each other’s arms. My cock is still buried in her cunt. I can still feel this insatiable girl’s pussy squeezing my cock over and over, milking every last drop from it. She looks at me with nothing but love in her eyes.

“I love you so much, Mark. I want to always feel this way. No one has ever made me feel like you do. No one. No one ever could.”

“I love you too. I feel like just lying here, holding you all day, never letting go of you. I can’t imagine a day without you in it. It would seem so meaningless.”

A tear forms in her eye, a tear of happiness. How can two people be any more intimate? How can two people love each other more? How can either of us do anything to hurt the other? Looking into each other’s eyes, we know we could never do anything but love each other.

We both hurry out of bed to jump in the shower to wash off the smell of sex from last night and this morning. I just love watching her in the shower as she touches her body and soaps it up. If we didn’t have to go to classes this morning, I would fuck her again right now! We hurry to finish our shower. Melissa wears very little makeup; she just doesn’t need it. She put on this sexy yellow top that really shows off her firm tits. She slips on some sexy shorts and before long we are headed out the door to go to classes.

As we leave the apartment and close the door, Melissa says she’ll drive her car too. She wants to go by to see an older lady that she knows well, who just got out of the hospital. Melissa says she didn’t know her friend was in the hospital until yesterday when she found out she had been discharged. I ask her if I know the lady and she says she doubts it. We’re both in a bit of a rush or I would have pursued it further. But I really was not concerned as she has many friends I still have yet to meet. She kisses me quickly with a look in her eyes promising me much more later today.

Classes move along at their normal pace. I get to see Melissa a few times between classes, but usually we only have a few minutes to see each other. We usually try to talk but sometimes it becomes a quick make-out session too! She finishes classes about an hour before I do, so she usually waits around on me.

Melissa catches up with me before my last class. She tells me she will go ahead on to see her friend so we will have the afternoon to ourselves. She tells me to call her on her cell phone when I get out of my last class. Standing outside my classroom, she kisses me like she usually does, passionately. It seems that whatever she does is always done with passion. She doesn’t ever seem to care that we are in public. She has told me she loves me deeply and doesn’t care that others watch her express it. How can a guy argue with that!

She begins walking down zonguldak escort the hall away from me. She keeps looking back and smiling at me, the smile she only gives to me. Looking at her I can’t help but think how lucky I am to have her. I watch other guys turn to stare at her as she passes them. They can see the beauty just as I can. But the look she gives me with her eyes and smile lets me know that only I can have her heart.

I run on to my class only to discover that the professor has canceled it. The first thought that pops into my head is maybe I can catch up with Melissa. Maybe we can go see her friend together and then have the rest of the afternoon to ourselves. I begin running across campus to the parking lot just in time to see her pulling out in her car. I figure I can follow her to her friend’s place and then let her know about the canceled class. I realize I don’t have much time though. I need to catch up to her because she didn’t say where this lady lived.

Luckily, Melissa gets caught at the first traffic light and I’m able to get a few cars behind her. I think, ‘Why not call her on her cell phone?’ I decide to wait and surprise her though.

I follow her toward a familiar apartment complex. At first I don’t think much about this. I assume this lady could live just about anywhere. As she pulls into the entrance to the complex, a thought overwhelms my mind. This is the complex where her last boyfriend, Daniel, has an apartment. I slow down out of some instinctive curiosity to see exactly where she is going. Her friend could easily live in one of these apartments. I watch with increasing curiosity as she parks in a very familiar place, in front of Daniel’s building.

I pull into a space down from her; just to see what apartment she’ll go too. In my mind I know this can only be a coincidence. There is no way she’ll be going to Daniel’s apartment. She couldn’t. She would never do something like that to me. I watch as she gets out of her car. She has a handbag that I remember seeing in her backseat a number of times, but I never think to ask what is in it. She walks a few steps toward the building. She stops for a few moments to look around the parking lot as if to see if she sees anyone she knows.

From where I’m parked, she can’t make out that I’m there watching her. I feel like I’m now spying on the woman I love which gives me a very uneasy feeling. She almost seems worried that someone she knows will see her. I begin getting a very sick feeling about what I’m watching. After she looks around for a few moments, she walks toward the building. She begins walking up the steps quickly to the apartments that are upstairs.

Each building has four apartments, two upstairs and downstairs. Daniel’s is one of the two upstairs. The sick feeling I have grows worse. She won’t go to Daniel’s apartment. She can’t. My heart begins pleading for her to go to the other apartment.

As she reaches the top of the stairs, she stops for a moment and looks at Daniel’s apartment door. Then walks toward it. I watch as she knocks on the door, which almost immediately opens. I can see Daniel and it is so obvious that he is expecting her. He has this big smile on his face as she walks past him into the apartment. He looks like a guy that knows he is about to get what he desires most, my girlfriend! She steps inside quickly and just as quickly a smiling Daniel closes the door.

My Melissa is now inside her old boyfriend’s apartment. She told me she was going to see a sick lady that just got out of the hospital. Daniel looks nothing like a lady and he looked to be smiling too much to be sick. He looked like someone that was feeling wonderful. He looked like a person about to feel even better, with my girlfriend!

Tears begin to flow from my eyes uncontrollably. The woman I thought loved me so much is cheating on me. The woman that promised she would never deceive me has lied to me and is now with her former lover in his apartment. I feel numb and sick. How could she do this to me? How can she go behind my back like this? How long has this been going on? Am I that blind that I did not realize she was cheating on me with Daniel? How many lies has she been telling me over the past month? I thought I knew Melissa. The way she looks at me when she says she will never hurt me is so honest and convincing.

I sit in my car just staring at the apartment door praying she will come out of it. After about thirty minutes, I decide I can’t sit waiting any longer. But I can’t bring myself to go up those stairs and confront Melissa and her lover. I start my car and decide to drive somewhere, anywhere. I just can’t sit and watch that damn door any longer!

I drive around for about thirty minutes with my thoughts and emotions overloading my mind. I want to hurt her. I want to kill her. I’m scared of my feelings. I love her.

I can’t drive away from her like this. I have to go back. Good or bad, I have to confront her. I have to know why. Why did she lie to me? Why did she deceive me? She seems so in love with me but yet she runs to her old boyfriend behind my back. She said she has never deceived a boyfriend with her heart. I guess I should feel special that I’m her first. The sex we had last night and this morning was incredible. Why is she not satisfied with just me? Tears continue to roll down my cheeks.

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