Marriage Lessons Ch. 02

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“Alex?” A soft, feminine voice was pulling Lady Alexandra Beaufort from her fitful sleep. “Alex, it’s time to rise, sleepy head.” With a slight jarring of the bed next to her, Alex slowly blinked to consciousness, and to the full light of day streaming through the windows. Her eyes snapped shut at the shock of light invading her sleepy peace.

“Ungh… wh… what time is it?”

“Twelve noon, dearest.” With a chuckle, Alex’s sister Maggie threw back the bed coverings, and barely managed to conceal her surprise at seeing her youngest sister’s completely naked form sprawled across the bed. Her tiny waist gently flared to rounded hips and offset her swollen breasts, which were tipped with pink, puckered nipples. She had a triangle of soft, curly, dark auburn hair between her legs that was beaded with moisture.

The shock of cold air was exactly what Alex needed to rejoin the world of the living. Her first reaction was to try to rise, but instead she hissed in pain and curled back into a fetal position; her bottom hurt excessively.

“What’s this, Alex? Are you suffering ill effects from your ball last night?” Maggie had an inkling what Alexandra was suffering from, and if her suspicions proved correct, it had nothing to do with an excess of dancing.

“What? Oh… no… The ball was wonderful. It’s… I’m just a bit overtired, I think.” Memories of the events of earlier that morning rushed through Alex’s mind: crying out in pain, tears streaming down her face, and her father’s excruciating invasion of her bottom. A hot wave of embarrassment washed over Alex, and she hid her face. Marriage lessons had not gone as Alex had expected, and she feared she had proved an ignorant pupil.

“Overtired? From sleeping until midday? Tell me what vexes you Alex. Are you ill?” Maggie gently sat on the bed next to Alex and reached a hand out to stroke her sister’s flushed cheek. Tears sprang from Alex’s eyes and she turned her head to look pleadingly back at her eldest sister.

“Oh, Maggie!” Alex exclaimed through sobs, “I fear I shall prove a most unworthy wife!”

“Of course you shan’t!” Maggie’s eyes softened, and she climbed onto the bed, spooning behind her sister. She gently stroked Alex’s arm and brushed her raven hair behind her ear. “Did Papa begin your marriage lessons then? Tell me what happened.”

As her sniffles abated, Alex began urfa escort to explain how the events of the early hours had transpired, sure to detail all her father’s words and actions. Maggie’s stroking of Alex’s arm became just a touch more insistent through the telling, and her breath became hot on the back of Alex’s neck. “But Maggie, when Papa’s member was inside my bottom, it did pain me so very much, and I cried out, and he pulled my hair, and… and I think perhaps he was punishing me. Have I done wrong?”

Maggie smiled at Alex’s innocence, and resumed affectionately brushing her fingers through Alex’s dark hair. “I think you’ve done very well, Mouse.” Alex sighed at the childhood affectation given her by her older sisters. “It is difficult for Papa as well, you know. The lessons.” Alex turned in Maggie’s arms to look quizzically at her sister. The Duke had certainly seemed strained in his attentions; perhaps that was because it pained him as well.

“Difficult? How?”

Maggie drew in a breath, unsure how to begin. “Well, a man must relieve his member regularly, like Papa did inside your bottom. If he goes without… release… for a long time, it is painful for him. And it is very difficult for a man to control himself when this happens. So, you see, you are helping ease his pain, dearest.” As she spoke, Maggie lightly rested a hand on Alex’s taut stomach. “Mouse, does it hurt today?”

“Yes, I think. At first, I thought I would burst from the pain, and then I thought I would burst from pleasure. I am sore now, but…” Maggie’s fingers gently circled around Alex’s navel, “…but I am so looking forward to my next lesson.”

“I can make it feel better. Would you like that, Mouse?”

Alex’s breath caught as Maggie’s hand moved lightly to her breast.

“Yes. Very much.”

Maggie bent forward and gently took one nipple in her mouth. Alex’s head arched back with the sensation of her sister’s hot mouth on her breast. Maggie caressed her sister’s soft breast with her lips, rolling over her nipple with her tongue as Alex’s breath came in a heated rush. Maggie’s hand began to roll and pinch Alex’s other nipple as she pressed her corseted bodice into Alex’s hip.

Maggie raised her head to look into her sister’s eyes. “Does that feel good, Alex?”

“Yes.” Alex sighed.

Maggie raised herself uşak escort up to a seated position and looked down at her youngest sister. “Get on your knees, Mouse, and bend over.” Alex did as she was told, and rested her hands against the mahogany headboard. “Good. Spread your legs a little. There.”

Maggie lightly caressed her sister’s back and bottom, crawling toward her from behind. Placing gentle kisses on Alex’s rump, Maggie began to massage her sister’s soft folds. “Alex, your cunny is very wet.”

Alex sighed into the headboard, overwhelmed by her sister’s ministrations, when shock registered on her face as she felt Maggie’s wet tongue circle her anus. Softly lapping at Alex’s rosetta, Maggie continued to caress Alex’s wet cunny with her fingers. And when Maggie’s probing tongue eased into her tight asshole, Alex couldn’t help the moan that escaped as her fingers groped for purchase on the headboard. Maggie circled and teased Alex’s slippery little clit with her fingers, and it wasn’t long until Alex was flushed and panting heavily, the heat building inside her.

“Mmmm…” Maggie hummed into her sister’s ass, which caused Alex to moan afresh, pushing her face into the headboard and riding the crescendo wave of sensation. When Maggie began lapping at Alex’s puckered rosebud, Alex could no longer withstand the wave after wave of electricity rocketing through her body. With a yelp, Alex pushed her bottom back into her sister, desperately searching for some unnamed release.

At that moment, Alex became dimly aware of her bedroom door swinging open. Maggie quickly withdrew from her sister, and as Alex turned around to admonish the interruption, she saw her father.

The Duke of Exeter loomed over her bed, his face unreadable. He silently took in the scene: Alex’s naked, flushed body on all fours on the bed, and Maggie, face glistening, eyes slanted, regarding him matter-of-factly.

The silence seemed to stretch forever, and then, “Alexandra. You are awake. I see that you are ready to continue.”

Alex’s heart soared. “Yes, Papa.”

“Good. I will show you exactly how a marriage is consummated. Margaret.”

Maggie immediately began unlacing her corset, her eyes darkening. Alex looked from her sister to her father, who was also beginning to disrobe.

“Alexandra. Take my cock into your mouth. van escort You need to prepare your husband for this act.”

Alex did as she was told, repeating what she had learned just hours before. She started to lick the length of her father’s shaft at first, then slid his growing member into her mouth, and down her throat. The Duke continued to remove his waistcoat, shirt, and finally dropped his trousers. His bulk filled Alex’s vision as she gazed up at him with her lips suctioned around his cock. Once again, he placed his hand on the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth, forehead furrowed and head thrown back. “Very good, Alexandra.” Alex then felt a second hand on the back of her neck to guide her pace. She looked up to see Maggie, lithe and tall and naked pressed against their father. The Duke forcibly pulled Maggie’s head back and met his mouth to hers. He groaned as his tongue forcibly explored his eldest daughter’s mouth and his youngest choked on his cock. His hand then moved to Maggie’s already wet cunt, where he audibly inserted one, then two fingers. “You are ready for me, Margaret.”

“Yes, Papa.” Maggie said breathlessly.

“The bed. On your knees.”

Margaret moved soundlessly to the bed. The Duke pulled Alex up to standing. He looked at her hotly and then silently moved to stand behind Maggie, his engorged cock bumping her bottom.

“Observe, Alexandra. This is what your husband must do to consummate your marriage. He is the only one who can touch you like this.” As her father spoke, he began to encircle Maggie’s throbbing pussy with his cock, her juices easily lubricating the head of his member. Maggie moaned freely as her father teased her aching cunt in front of her sister. Suddenly, with a grunt, the Duke grabbed Maggie’s hips with both hands, and brutally thrust himself inside his eldest.

“OHHH!” Maggie threw her head back at the invasion. The Duke wasted no time in setting a pace, aggressively pumping in and out of his daughter, with his youngest looking on in fascination. Maggie’s desperate moans were only punctuated by the loud slapping of flesh. The Duke’s fingers dug into Maggie’s narrow hips as he repeatedly bottomed out. Suddenly, with a roar, the Duke exploded inside Maggie’s pussy, shooting rope after rope of his seed inside his daughter.

The Duke paused for a moment to collect himself, and then all at once he was striding out the door. Maggie collapsed onto the bed, panting, cum slowly escaping from between her legs. Alex, mind racing, gently laid down behind her sister, much as Maggie had done just an hour before. Overwhelmed, both sisters quickly fell into a deep sleep.

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