Married Cocksuckers 03: The Assembly

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My stories mostly appear in Gay Male, although The man is accompanied by a woman in his cock sucking.

I was finally off work. Let me tell you the night shift sucked. From three in the afternoon till Eleven at night. I worked on the factory assembly line. The only good thing about it was that my wife worked on the same shift that I did at the plant. It took a while but I managed to get the same lunch break as her. We were able to have some quality time together. When we got home we were both so tired that we usually went to sleep. Susan and I had our sex in the morning when we were rested up.

Susan and I had only been married about a year, and of that year, we had both been employed by the same company. If I interrupted then I could kiss my job off. I also thought that I could kiss my marriage off too. I felt that was about to happen. At the time I knew that all I could do was do was to wait and confront Susan after we got off. I felt sick as I turned to leave, but saw the woman that told me where Susan was coming. She had finished sucking her man’s cock. I hurried into the next aisle. I found that by peering through the shelves I could see Susan even better as she sucked and fucked the men. Harold began to cum in her mouth.

Susan gagged on the cum and I could see her work to swallow Harold’s cum. Then as I watched Susan swallow the boss’ load, George started to blast off in her cunt. I held my breath as I listened to my wife climax on another man’s cock. Susan turned to take his coated cock in her mouth to suck him clean. George and Harold put their cocks in their pants and handed Susan some cash. Susan stuffed the bills in her jeans, as they lay on the floor. Then to my surprise the woman who had come over sat down and Susan crouched over her face. The other woman began to suck noisily at my wife’s full cunt. Susan moaned as she sucked her. Then they were finally finished. Susan started to dress when the other woman told her that another man had come looking for her. She described me as best she could do with the light being so low.

Susan said, “Oh shit, that sounds like Will, my husband.” That’s when I decided that I had better get while the getting was good. I needed some time to think about what I had seen. One thing that my work allowed me to do was to think. It didn’t require rocket science to do it. First of all I had to let Susan know what I had seen, and then I had to line myself up with another job. I think that the thing that I felt most bad about was that I would have to change my plans about my future. Neither Susan or myself had been virgins when we married. She had two boyfriends in her last year of high school. I had several casual affairs all through school. The night that Susan and I got together was on a night that I was with another girl and Susan’s date had passed out. I was fucking my girl in the back seat. I ended up with Susan that night also. After that we just seemed to stick.

I was a minute or two getting back. The line had started and my co-worker, Tom Harris, had taken over for me. I told him that I had been to see Susan. he looked at me a little funny, but said nothing. Later Harris disappeared for a while. It was finally time for lunch break and I didn’t want to see Susan then. I really needed to study for a test, but found it hard to concentrate. Lunch was almost over when Susan showed up, “I waited for you in the lunch room. When you didn’t come I came here to see what was wrong.” I looked at her. There were no traces of what she had been doing at first glance. Susan started asking me what was wrong when I saw the cum in her hair. It was back next to her neck where it turned under in a page boy.

I reached and mashed the wet spot between two fingers. I brought it to my nose where I sniffed it, “If I didn’t know better Susan I would think this was cum. It can’t be mine because it’s still wet so it must be Harold’s or George’s.” That was when the whistle blew. I got up and went back to work. When I last saw Susan she had a look of horror on her face. She was waiting at the car when I got finished. She was closer to the time clock. I didn’t speak to her. I just got in and drove home. After a few minutes she started to cry. “That was you that came back looking for me.” She reached in her jeans, “Here, you might as well have this.” She handed me a wad of bills. I looked at them and saw that it was more than five hundred. That was twice as much as I cleared for an entire weeks work.

Susan began to tell me the whole story on the drive home. I didn’t speak.

Susan’s Story

“I know that we have been having a hard time Will. I looked for a better paying job. One day when I didn’t have school, I answered an ad. It was for hostesses. I had no idea what kind of a job it was. To make a long story short, the job was in a club. The “hostesses” were nothing more than whores. I have to admit it was tempting. After all we were not virgins when we met, and I watched you screw Lisa Wilson in the back seat of the car that Night that Bobby Simpson passed out on me. I told the man Cebeci Escort what he could do with his job. Oh did I mention that most of the customers were blacks, and that the girls had to fuck the bosses for free every night. We were required to be there from six at night till six the next morning. I know that we have very little time, but we would have had even less time together.”

A couple of night’s later I saw Gina Wilson go into the back after I had seen Harold Grimes go there. I needed to ask her a question. When I got in I saw Gina on her knees sucking Harold’s cock. Harold had dropped his pants down to his ankles, and his balls were hanging down. I gasped because I had never see such large balls. I couldn’t see his cock because Gina had it all the way down her throat. Harold looked and saw me. I stood still, afraid to move. Then he beckoned me closer. I guess I was in a daze of a sorts. I stepped forward and Harold reached out and ran his hand inside my blouse. Next thing I knew he had by bra pushed over my breast and was bent over sucking them. It felt so good. I wish that we could have sex the same time of night. It was well before lunch.

I remember that he took my hand and brought it to his balls. He asked me to squeeze them for him while Gina sucked on his cock. I guess I was lost when he undid my jeans and pushed them down, and he shoved a finger in my cunt. I kept saying no, that I was married. Then he kissed me and he drove his tongue in my mouth. He kept asking me about your cock, how big it was. I told him that it was eight inches long. Harold’s was nine inches long and twice as thick. I know this because next thing I knew was that I was on my knees with Gina sucking his cock. Harold also bent me over and fucked me that night.

I was worried about his cum in me , but Gina said not to worry. She went down on me and sucked all his cum out. We went back to work then, and the others didn’t say anything. Just before lunch Gina put a hundred dollar bill in my hand. I guess since then I have saved about thirteen thousand dollars. I have in an account under my name so you wouldn’t find out about it. When we were finally ready to buy a house I was going to tell you it was a gift from my uncle and that you couldn’t say anything about it.”

Will’s story:

Susan looked at me with tears in her eyes, “I did it for us…for our home.”

“Did you like them fucking you? Did you like them coming in your mouth and swallowing it?”

I saw Susan hesitate before answering, then she really didn’t answer at all, “I did it all for us. I have every bit of the money drawing interest for our home.”

I asked her the same questions again and waited while she looked at me before answering. She started to cry again. “Yes I did damn it. I liked sucking them and feeling them in my cunt. I also love to suck you and feel your cock up my cunt. If we had more time I would be fucking you all the time. Now does that answer your question?” She ran into the house and locked herself into the pantry room. I waited a while and finally went to knock on the door. I loved Susan more than anything else. If she wanted to fuck the entire world then I guess I had to accept that. I told her, through the door that I had been hurt.

“I think it was mostly the way I found out. Just tell me this. How many of the guy’s I work with know of this?”

“Oh most of them do. I mostly suck their cocks since they have to budget their money. I get fifty for a suck and a hundred for a fuck, except the bosses pay me more.”

I then remembered how the others on my part of the line would leave for an unscheduled break, especially right after payday. The foreman, Mike, was very lenient with them. I usually took several breaks during my shift. Now I knew why he let me go without any hassle. My wife was fucking and sucking the cocks of my co-workers. I had noticed that Mike would come around to check my work and always slap me gently on my ass to say “Well done.”

“I’ll quit it if you want me to, but we will have to wait longer about the house, and continue to live in a small apartment.”

What did she mean, “If I wanted her to quit.” Right then I was considering on ending our farce of a marriage and my farce of a job. I was pondering the idea of going to the corporate bosses and spilling the beans on the entire thing. I was pissed and right then I was thinking only about myself. I told her how I felt and saw her look at me as if she understand where I was coming from. I told her in no uncertain terms that she could continue as she had been, but that I wanted half of the money transferred to my name. I said that since she was doing it for us that she would have no problem with that arrangement. I also told her that unless something happened to make me change my mind that I was going to divorce her when we finally finished school.

“Will…what are you saying?” She just didn’t seem to get it. “I did it for us, Do you think I would be sucking a lot cocks if I didn’t have a good reason Kolej Escort for doing it?”

I remembered the stories then. Susan and a couple of her circle of friends had been suspected of fucking the teachers for good grades. I now suspected that the stories were true. It was now Friday night, and there was no shifts on the weekend. I went out and sat in a bar down the street and had a few beers. I was on my second beer when a real cute girl sat next to me. I was still feeling the sting of being made a fool of, so when she suggested that we go to her place I went willingly. Her name was Joy, I think. Joy was everything Susan never was. She really was a gentle lover. She took my cock in her mouth and I can never remember such a great blow job. Joy must have been a little shy because she never took her panties off.

After I was hard again from her sweet lips, we screwed. I thought that she was very tight as I plunged into her. After I came I was feeling her cunt through her panties. They seemed thicker than most panties. She was sucking me into her hot mouth again when I decided to return the favor. I jerked her panties down and was slapped in the face by a long hard cock. I was so surprised that I jerked my cock from Joy’s mouth. Then she started to cry. I was just getting over the shock of seeing my wife with another guy’s cock in her mouth. Now this was another shock. “What the hell is this? I asked. “What the fuck are you?”

“Please don’t be mad…I can’t help myself,” Joy was actually sobbing real tears. I laid there and listened to Joy tell me her life’s story. She had been born Frederick. She was different from other little boys from the get go. By the time she got out of high school, she began to take hormones and fix her self up. I saw that she had done a great job. Susan was a pretty girl but Joy was beautiful. She said that her cock grew to become quite large and she really liked it and didn’t want it cut off. She decided to do what she was doing now. She had a good job as a secretary and her boss was none the wiser. he was a real home body type and his wife liked Joy too.

“Please don’t be angry with me…you are the kind of guy I always wanted during high school. That’s why I say I couldn’t help myself. I saw you there and you looked so sad and all I wanted to do was to take that sadness away.” For some reason I believed her. She had taken some of my sadness away. I realized that the events of earlier at work had vanished. I realized that I still held her cock. It had gone limp after her discovery. I just wanted to take her sadness away like she had mine. I looked at the soft cock in my hand. I took the soft head in my mouth and began to suck it the same way she had mine.

Joy looked down at me amazed like I was her dream come true. She took my cock back in her mouth. It was hard again. As I sucked her cock began to get hard again. When it was completely hard, I had difficulty in keeping my mouth open enough for it. If Joy had turned out a man she would have gotten all the pussy she wanted. We kept sucking each other till my cock began to let me know that the time was near. Joy’s cock began to swell even larger, it that was possible. I think she filled my mouth at the same time that I filled hers. I was still hard after I came and I wanted to see what made me think I was in a cunt instead of an ass hole. I remember that when I sucked her and felt around her anus, I felt soft curly hair there like on her groin. When I pushed into her it was like I was fucking a pussy.

We lay there for hours afterward, hugging and kissing each other. I sucked Joy’s cock several times that night and we fucked all night long. I awoke to the smell of bacon and fresh coffee. Joy was serving me breakfast in bed. I looked up at her beautiful face and reached out to kiss her. I felt more alive than at anytime in my life. After breakfast we showered together. I found I couldn’t keep my hands off her beautiful cock. We made love again. I had gotten used to fucking her anus. I had anal with Susan before but somehow this was different. Afterward i told her all about Susan and my discovery. She told me that she loved to suck cocks also and that the taste of sperm drove her wild.

“But I know this Will and you can take it to the bank. I have fallen very much in love with you. After I sucked the other men I always felt bad. I felt that what I did was wrong, but when I woke up today, I felt good.”

I had to tell her that I felt more at ease laying there with her than I ever had with Susan. At first Joy didn’t want to listen to me. I kept on till she finally did. That evening I took her home to meet Susan.

“Where the hell have you been Will? I have been worried out of my mind…” then she saw Joy and her look changed to total hurt. For some reason that made me feel good. I could see that the sight of Joy intimidated her. I did tell you that Joy was a knockout. I guess that most women take being a woman for granted, but Joy had to work at it with a passion. The results Yenimahalle Escort was amazing. We had a few drinks and then I told Susan that Joy was going to sleep in our bed with us that night.

“You seem to like sucking a woman so much I want to see you suck Joy.” Joy looked at me almost horrified then. I winked at her and then she smiled. She came and kissed me right in front of Susan.

“You haven’t made Will very happy Susan but I can assure you that I can.” Susan seemed stunned by the turn of things. Susan had done a bad thing to me. It wasn’t that she sucked a lot of cocks or even fucked the men but she had placed me in a position where my co-workers had a right to talk about me behind my back. That is almost unforgivable in a way. Also in a way I believe you were trying to help us and you might have had us in mind when you started. “

“Oh Will, When Gina told me why she was always going into the back area and that the bosses had talked about me going with her, I knew it was a chance for us.” She went on to say that I had known that she was doing other guys when we first started to dating. She thought that I wouldn’t mind now because I hadn’t minded then.

“I knew what was happening then,” I told her, “I had to find out the hard way, and that’s what bothers me so much.”

Susan cried more and she even touched Joy’s soft heart. Joy said that we should all get in a bed and sort it out. I was loving Joy’s attitude more and more. She might have technically been a male but she was more woman than most. We all made it to the large king sized bed. Susan fought it all the way there. I look back now and I could see how Susan considered Joy a real threat to her marriage. You had to see Joy to know. Instead of paying attention to me, Joy paid complete attention to Susan. It was Joy that kissed Susan’s lips till Susan was moaning in ecstasy. It was Joy that coaxed Susan naked. I talked with Joy before we went in and she told me to leave it up to her. She was a woman too and she knew how to handle another woman. “We women sure do like you men but women know what other women like.”

In about a half hour I decided that she knew what she was talking about. I had never seen Susan in such a state of arousal in my entire life. Joy had her naked and Joy was down to her pouch panties. I wondered what Susan would say when she discovered the truth. While Joy had her face mashed into Susan’s cunt and had her tongue deep inside her, I asked Susan to tell me more. Joy had reached out to take my cock as she ate Susan’s cunt with more finesse than I could ever imagine.

“What do you want to know Will…ohhh that’s right…right there Joy,” Susan writhed under Joy’s tongue as she began to have mini orgasms under Joy’s tongue “I went back there with Gina the next time when Harold Grimes was there. We both sucked his cock. He dropped his pants down and there it was. It was the easiest money I ever made. All I had to do was to suck his cock. You know how much I love to suck anyway. When Harold came I took all his cum and swallowed it down. Gina later told me that I seemed to love cum a lot more than she did. She let me have all the cum that night.”

“We sucked off about a dozen guy’s. Mike, your foreman was one. He seemed to get off on the fact that I was sucking his cock. He sent over three more guys from your section later. I sucked their cocks alone because Gina was busy too. Don’t bother asking me their names because I have sucked all fifteen men in your section.”

“Mike has fucked me many times, He was actually one of the first guys to fuck me. I got around to fucking the others during the next month. Harold must have thought I was pretty good because he started to call me for the special ones like George Simmons and other executives. I went to the executive offices a few times and gang banged George and three other execs at the same time. I even sucked one of his secretaries cunt when she had her cunt full of cum.” Susan had by now began to orgasm even harder on Joy’s expert tongue. She was screaming and crying at the same time she was moaning in orgasm.

“Do you love me Susan…Will loves me?” Joy asked, “I want you to love me too.”

Susan screamed that she loved Joy…she kept saying over and over, “I love you…I love you.” She had a wild look in her eyes as she grabbed Joy’s head and pulled her up to her mouth for a kiss that went beyond passion.

“God Will where did you find her…she is making me feel things that I never knew that I could.”

“You seemed to have feelings that I never knew you had, like how to suck the cocks of all my co-workers,” I said, I was more than pissed off at her. Joy had worked a couple of her fingers in Susan’s cunt. I whispered to her that she should fuck Susan then.

“You mean with my …?”

“That’s exactly what I mean honey.” I kissed Joy then and let Susan see the passion I kissed her with. I saw that Susan was genuinely scared that this innocent sexpot would steal her husband from her. Her husband had caught her with Harold and George, and he spent the night with this woman. If Joy had made Susan so hot with her cunt sucking and hot kisses it would have been hard. Still Susan felt like bawling her eyes out. She had fucked up. She had been led to do what she had done by Harold Grimes and George Simmons. She wished that she had them right there then so she could cut their cocks off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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