Marrying Granny

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Las Vegas, Nevada, Kyle was pacing outside a pair of dark brown wooden doors with golden handles. He was dressed in a white shirt, black trousers, blazer, tie and shoes. Normally, he’s not really that nervous but in this case he was getting married.

His parents left him with his grandmother (Lindsay) when he was an infant. As he grew, he developed something else for his granny. When he reached adolescence, they decided to start sleeping together. They kept off having sex because, as she once said “there’s some things we can’t do unless we’re married”, then one day, he replied with “why don’t we?” and now here they are.

She came down the stairs to their hotel wearing a black cloak with the hood up. Before they went in, she opened it and took it off. Underneath, she wore a plain white dress that went straight down but stopped inches before it touched the ground (he spotted the toes of her white shoes under the dress) and on her head was a white veil attached to a tiara embedded with glass diamonds. She was even holding a bouquet of white roses wrapped in white wallpaper with a blue ribbon tied around it.

“You know, this is the same dress I married your grandfather in.” She told him.

Kyle’s grandfather died before he was left on her doorstep. Now, he sleeps in the very bed where they made his mother. And after tonight, he was going to have his turn.

“You ready?” He asked her, offering her his forearm.

Still holding the bouquet in her right hand, she inserted her left arm around his outstretched arm.

“Let’s do it.” She said.

And they made their way into the chapel. Their only down side to this was that she couldn’t get pregnant, şirinevler escort but other than that they could be like any other happily married couple.

Later, he opened the door to their room and entered carrying her in his arms, like newly-wedded couples do. After the door closed behind them, he set her down on the bed. The bed was white framed and the headboard was made of white bars, obviously the ones at the ends were much thicker. On his finger was the very ring his grandfather wore when he was married to his grandmother.

Kyle climbed onto the bed and cradled his new wife in his arms. Lindsay’s arms were around the back of her new husband’s neck.

“I love you, Lindsay.” He told her, calling her by her first name, as he could call her that as they were now married.

“I love you too, Kyle.” She told him.

Their kiss they were now engaged in lasted a whole minute. While they were kissing, Kyle reached under her dress and stroked her leg.

They got off the bed to strip; he took off his suit and she took off her dress. Around her right ankle was a silk Garter, but he soon had that off. Now, she only had on a lace, embroidered bra, that clipped at the front, and panties, both white.

Now back on the bed, their kissing intensified. On the bedside table was a roll of dull duct tape, he got it from a pound shop many months before. While still kissing, he removed her left arm, set it next to one outside bar and wrapped the duct tape around her wrist and the bar. She didn’t seem to notice her arm was bound. Next he did the same with her right arm. And when they, reluctantly, broke off the kiss, şişli escort which lasted ages without a breath, he rubbed and rubbed his dick until he had a boner as hard as a Canadian winter. Lindsay stared at it, hungrily and licked her upper lip. He inserted his stick into her open mouth and she didn’t need to be asked. Even with the thin bars behind her head, she gave him one hell of a blowjob. She even rotated her head to get a better grip. Her first husband, Kyle’s grandfather, didn’t have a member as thick as this, she knew she was going to love her new future, however, he took it out before he had a chance to cum. After he extracted it, he got a strip of duct tape and placed it over her mouth, a homage to the games they played while he was growing up.

Next, he unclipped the bra revealing her DD breasts, which drooped a little, then her panties were off. With her bound, gagged and naked on the bed, his engine really got going.

Climbing back on his wife, he parted her legs and inserted his boner into her pussy and started pumping, slowly at first then faster and faster. Soon, they were really going. For added effect, he took hold of her nipples and gave them a gentle turn. Even through the gag, her moans of pleasure could be heard. Before long, his white river was flowing through her as fast as the rapids of Niagara Falls and he didn’t pull out again until the rapids had stopped.

After pulling out, he got some lotion and after squirting some on his hands, began to rub it all over Lindsay’s breasts. She closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her. Her breasts have always been her sensitive areas. The more he rubbed, suadiye escort she pleasure she got. It suddenly reminded her on the first time she’d asked him to rub her with sun block, she really wanted him to make love to her then.

The sun shone through the windows. The happy couple was snuggled next to each other. They woke up at the same moment and exchanged a kiss.

“You do realise what this means, don’t you?” She asked him. “She’s old enough to be his grandmother.”

“But you are.” He reminded her. “Or rather, you were.”

“They’ll probably think you’re after my money.” She said, not sure if she was joking or not.

“What money?” He asked, rhetorically. “Matter of fact, you can have some of mine.”

“Oh, that’s right, your own business.” Lindsay replied. “Does this mean I own half of the enterprise?”

“Something like that.” Kyle replied, jokily.

He even winked at her to show he was pulling her leg. She slapped his chest at first, then settled back onto his chest.

“Well, I love my husband.” She said.

“And I love my wife.” He replied.

A couple of months later, they were back at home, now as a married couple. She was washing the dishes wearing her pink dressing gown (and nothing underneath). Then, he came in and wrapped his arms around her waist. She was getting used to being married again. Without a word, Kyle spun her around, opened her gown and stroked her right breast. He pressed her almost naked body against his in a cuddle, sealed with a kiss. He took her by the hand and led her into the next room where she bent over the arm of the sofa. After getting his boner hard again, he lifted her grown up and inserted is into her butt. This time, she had no gag to muffle the grunts and moans of pleasure as he pumped his erection up her anus. This time when he cummed, he fell onto the seat of the sofa. With her on his lap. As she turned her head and they kissed, they both knew they could get used to this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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