Mary’s My Obsession

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**Author’s note: This story contains themes of foot fetish, ass worship, and mind control. If that’s not your thing feel free to skip, otherwise enjoy.**

Her heart was beating fast. She could feel it pounding in her chest. Her hands were sweaty and cold. She took another cautious step forward in the dark. She was still drunk but she tried with all her might to move stealthily. The object of her desire was lying still on the bed. She crouched down and started to crawl toward the foot of the bed. Slowly she stretched out her hand and reached for the sock-clad feet sticking out of the covers.

Amanda opened her eyes and turned off her alarm.

“Fuck. Just when I was getting to the good part.” She muttered to herself.

She wanted to close her eyes and try to recapture the end of her dream but she knew she had to go. It was the last day of her classes and she didn’t want to be late. Amanda reluctantly got up and looked herself over in the mirror. Amanda was short and voluptuous. Five feet even in shoes, with big tits that were her pride and joy and a fat ass. She liked to stay fit and healthy and her skin was a dark tan. Class wasn’t the only thing she had planned for that day. Amanda fluffed up her big curly black hair and posed a little bit. She pushed her chest out and practiced looking seductively into the mirror.

“Come here slave. Ahem. Come HERE slave. Come here SLAVE.” She repeated the phrase a few times practicing different intonations.

“Damn why I am so nervous? I’ve got this. This is going to be a piece of cake. A delicious, delicious piece of cake.” Amanda said to herself. “Even better than that night…” A series of images flashed through her head. A bare foot wet with saliva, the dark outline of a woman passed out in her bed, Amanda slowly pulling down black yoga pants to reveal a perfectly perky butt.

“Hmmm I’ve probably got enough time. I think I can splurge a little bit.” Amanda took out her vibrator from her bedside table and started to reminisce a little more.

Amanda ran inside to the Cosmetology School. She was completely out of breath but she checked her phone and she was still on time. Two minutes until class was set to begin. She walked briskly into the salon area where the class would take place and set down her bag. She immediately started scanning the room. Mary wasn’t there yet. Amanda wanted to swear under her breath but she held off. Today of all days she didn’t want to do anything suspicious. She reached into her bag and felt for the device. She felt reassured when she felt the thin cool rectangle. In her rush she hadn’t forgotten.

Carol, the instructor came in. Amanda was standing around with almost a dozen other women.

“Alright ladies, let’s get started.” Carol announced.

Amanda scanned the room again. Still no Mary. She sighed and got in position so that she could watch Carol’s demonstration. Carol began to show the finer points of maintaining a layered hair style and the other students began to take notes. Amanda’s head was far away. She was starting to day dream, remembering the past.

“Your feet must be so sore! Want me to give you a massage? I could use the practice.” Amanda asked eagerly.

Mary gave her an amused frown. “No way! I don’t like my feet being touched. Plus I’ve been dancing all night they’re so sweaty.”

“That is exactly the point.” Amanda thought to herself. Out loud she said. “Cool no problem.”

Amanda didn’t want to appear too eager and give away the fact that she was a closeted lesbian with an obsessive foot fetish. But on the other hand Mary had stepped out of the dance pit while they waited for the main act to come out and had taken off her shoes to air out her feet. Amanda made sure to position herself to get the best view she could but it was difficult. There were a lot of drunk people milling around and above all she didn’t want to look too obvious. Mary’s feet looked perfect. Just like Amanda had always imagined them. Pale, slender, shapely, presumably really smelly but Amanda was too far away to know that. If only she could find a way to get closer she could…

“Amanda? Amanda. AMANDA!” Carol’s high pitched voice snapped her back to reality.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry Carol I was a million miles away” Amanda apologized. Just then the door slammed open.

“I am so sorry I’m late!”

Amanda’s heart fluttered. Mary had just walked in the door. Late of course. Amanda couldn’t help but sigh. She watched Mary come in and join the class. Mary was a little taller and a little slimmer than Amanda. She looked a bit like a young Cameron Diaz but with dark hair. Her hair was dark reddish brown and at the moment it was cut short. She had an irresistible cute smile that made her forehead wrinkle. Amanda also knew from personal experience that Mary had really sexy feet but that was a fact known only to her. Carol waved Mary in to join the class. Even though it was common for Mary to be late, she was so positive izmit seks hikayeleri and fun it was difficult for anyone to really dislike her. Mary walked up next to Amanda. Mary gave her a smile and a wave. Amanda returned the wave, awkwardly late. She was head over heels in love with Mary, and completely obsessed with her. Amanda found it very hard to keep her cool when they were in the same room.

Class resumed and everyone watched Carol’s demonstration but Amanda was once again very far away. Amanda was cursing herself again, in her head. She wished that she could just tell Mary how she felt and start a normal relationship but there were a few obstacles. For one thing Mary wasn’t queer. As far as Amanda could tell, not even a little bit. For another, Amanda was still in the closet and for good reason. As long as Amanda could remember she was not only attracted to women, but their feet too. She had a very strong foot fetish, she had never met another woman who loved feet as much as she did. Because her sexuality was so tied up with her fetish she had trouble being honest about any aspect of her sex life, and she had always had a hard time keeping girlfriends around. Usually once they learned how much Amanda loved their feet (and it was A LOT) they usually got turned off and alienated. In some ways Amanda enjoyed the undercover aspect of her sex life. She got a real thrill when she got to see sexy feet because she was just “one of the girls” or in a situation where no one would ever suspect her of getting a sexual thrill. That had certainly been the case with Mary.

“Amanda, do you want to partner up?” Mary asked Amanda

“Oh of course. Uh what are we doing?”

Mary laughed. “You must have been up late, you seem a little distracted today.”

“Yeah sorry I was binging netflix last night.”

“Anything good?”

“Uh Bridgerton, Tiger King.”

“There’s a couple of good seasons of Survivor on Netflix right now. We should watch together some time.”

“Or we can go out dancing again?” Amanda asked hopefully.

“Alright. I’m surprised. It didn’t really seem like your scene last time.”

“Oh it had its charms.” Amanda answered slyly.

About two weeks before, Mary and Amanda had gone out to a rave. It hadn’t just been the two of them, it was about a half dozen of the students in their Cosmetology class. It had been Mary’s idea. She was always telling the other girls how much she loved to go out and get blackout drunk dancing at a rave, if the music was good. Her favorite, DJ Excision, had a show in town and it was an excuse for the girls to all go out together and have a good night. Amanda was not an EDM fan. More of a Jack Johnson and John Mayer type but she was a huge Mary fan so she knew she had to go.

The night started out fun enough. Mary’s place was nearby and they went there to pre-game, knocking back shots of cheap vodka mixed with Iced Tea. Even before the show started, Mary was going pretty hard.

“Keep that up and you’ll blackout tonight.” Amanda had told her.

Mary had smiled back at her “I always blackout when I start drinking.”

When everyone was pretty drunk the girls stumbled their way over to the venue. The show was packed. Amanda and a couple of other girls hung back but Mary and some of the drunker girls with them made their way through the press of bodies to get near the front. The show was really impressive. The music was so loud and overwhelming Amanda felt like it was squeezing her head in a vice. The combination of the music and the people losing their minds dancing to it, and the impressive visuals were really cool. Amanda enjoyed the show in spite of herself. As the night went on she even worked up the courage to dance with the others near the front. It was a testament to how much she had drunk. She had fun dancing close to Mary too. Mary was clearly so enraptured by the music and caught up in the experience that Amanda doubted she really noticed her but they did dance near each other for a while.

As the night wore on some of the other girls from class had started to dip out. It was getting late and some were getting too tired or too drunk to stick around. Mary and Amanda stuck it out to the end of the night until the show was over and the crowd was turned out into the street. Amanda and Mary walked back to Mary’s place, Mary’s arm around Amanda’s shoulder. Amanda was pretty drunk but she could tell that Mary was completely gone. Somehow she managed to get them back to Mary’s place. Amanda brought Mary to her bed where Mary just collapsed on top of the sheets still wearing all her clothes and completely passed out. Amanda watched Mary sleeping for a moment before she left and made her way to the couch.

Amanda laid back on the couch. Her head was pounding and her mouth was dry. She felt tired but she couldn’t sleep. She turned over on the couch. It was lumpy, scratchy, and faded. Not an ideal sleeping place. Mary had looked so hot at the show. She danced with total abandon. Her lithe body twisting and shaking to the music. She had been wearing a tight black shirt, black yoga pants, and vans. Amanda’s hand travelled down and she started to rub herself slowly and firmly through her pants.

“Just imagine how sweaty her feet must be after dancing all night. They must reek by now. I wonder what her feet smell like?” Amanda pondered while she rubbed herself absentmindedly.

“Where’s my phone? I’ve got to watch some porn or something. I’m so horny. I wish Mary was gay. She is so hot. I want to suck her toes so bad.” Amanda babbled drunkenly.

Suddenly she sat bolt upright. “Oh my god. She’s literally passed out in the next room.” Amanda stood up. “Fuck this is so dumb but I have to try.”

Amanda slipped off of the couch and tried to walk stealthily to Mary’s room. It was completely dark in the apartment and Amanda moved very slowly, trying to avoid the various objects that littered the floor. The door was slightly ajar. Outside it had started to rain heavily and the sound of raindrops hitting the roof helped to mask Amanda’s footfalls as well as her heavy breath. She opened the door. She could make out in the darkness the outline of Mary passed out on the bed. Mary was face down, still wearing all her clothes, resting on top of the sheets. In the dim room, Amanda could only just make out the slight rise and fall of Mary’s back corresponding to her breath but she could hear her snoring.

Amanda licked her lips and approached cautiously. Her heart was beating so hard and fast in her chest she briefly wondered whether she was about to have a heart attack. Her palms were sweaty and cold. Amanda knew she was still a bit drunk but her fear of being caught was so intense that she felt like her senses were as sharp as they had ever been in her life. She exhaled quietly but with conviction and made her first move. She moved forward and intentionally brushed against Mary’s foot with her leg. Amanda figured that if Mary woke up from this contact she could claim she had just brushed her while walking by. Amanda held her breath and waited. There was no change in Mary or her breath. Now Amanda lightly grabbed Mary’s ankle and gave her a shake. It was light but firm. Something unmistakeable if she was at all conscious. Again, no reaction.

“Mary. Are you awake?” Amanda whispered loudly. Her voice was so hoarse the question came out as a croak.

The rain continued to fall against the window and the lights of cars passing by occasionally lit it up in shades of yellow and red. Mary continued to sleep. Amanda sighed. She dropped to her knees at the foot of the bed. Mary was still wearing her shoes. One by one, moving cautiously and ready to bolt if there was any movement from Mary, Amanda slipped off the shoes. She paused and contemplated whether she should smell the shoes. She would normally leap at the chance but she figured she had the genuine article in front of her, she would go right to the source. The shoes had slipped off easily, now the socks. Mary’s socks were black and ankle length. Amanda slowly peeled the socks off Mary’s feet. The socks were damp with sweat, unsurprising given the amount of dancing Mary had done that night. Already Amanda could smell a sweet rank odor. She discarded the socks and leaned in. Amanda closed her eyes and held her nose a centimeter away from Mary’s right foot. Right above the spot where the toes met the balls of the foot. Amanda inhaled deeply. She gasped out loud, unable to contain herself. The smell was strong. Sweaty and sweet, it was everything she had dreamed of and more. She felt her crotch turn to water instantly.

“Oh fuck.” Amanda mumbled. She took another sniff right away. She pressed her face in closer, her nose making contact with Mary’s foot. For the time being she had forgotten the inherent danger of her situation. She was so entranced by the smell of Mary’s feet and so turned on she just had to have more.

Amanda began a foot smelling frenzy. She stuck her nose between Mary’s toes and huffed in their scent. She rubbed her face against Mary’s soft and shapely soles. They were slender and narrow, with a strong arch and now Amanda ran her nose down the length of those arches, sniffing them like she was trying to breathe in a cloud of smoke. Her hand shot down into her pants to touch herself while she drank in the sweet intoxicating aroma of Mary’s passed out feet. The smell was strong but not unpleasant. It was a warm bodily aroma that aroused Amanda to a degree she did not know was possible.

It wasn’t long before Amanda wanted a taste as well. Taking this next step did give her some pause and she halted her foot frenzy to assess the situation. It looked like Mary was still asleep and didn’t seem to be moving or reacting at all. Amanda stuck out her tongue and began to lick. Mary was facing down so when Amanda licked her foot from bottom to top she was starting at the tips of her toes and working up to her heel. Salt was the most prominent taste, the taste of her sweat. Amanda ran her tongue up and down the length of Mary’s long feet and then turned her attention to the toes. She licked between them first and then started to suck them one by one. She swirled her tongue around each toe and sucked them greedily. Amanda grabbed a cushion from the sofa to prop up her head so she could lay back and suck Mary’s toes as if they were a bunch of grapes dangling just above her. She was reaching a sexual ecstasy and the whole time she sampled Mary’s toes she was also rubbing her fingers into her slick sex and then up to stimulate her clit. After she worked herself to a point of just below climax. She paused a moment. Amanda looked again at the prone body of Mary and she bit her bottom lip.

“Screw it. She’s completely out. If she didn’t wake up after I’ve been sucking on her toes there’s nothing that would wake her up.”

Amanda stood up and steadied herself against the bed. The laser focus she had started with was gone. Replaced by what felt like a new level of drunkenness, brought on by her intense worship of Mary’s feet. She felt like she had gotten high off of Mary’s foot stink. Amanda climbed on the bed and gently rolled down Mary’s black yoga pants until they were down below her knees. This did create a short interval in which Mary’s snores were interrupted but Amanda paused, waited, and then Mary’s breathing resumed its usual pattern. Mary was wearing white thong panties. Amanda pulled these down as well. She licked her lips.

“Mmm I love dessert. Especially cake.”

Amanda reached out and cradled Mary’s ass in her hands. She fondled her cheeks experimentally. Mary had a perfect ass. It was a tight perky bum. Amanda applied a little more pressure and began to squeeze and fondle Mary’s butt cheeks. She pushed them together and then pulled them apart. When they were pushed together she enjoyed the sight of her tight buns squeezing together and when she pulled them apart she got a peek at her pink rosebud. Amanda’s sense of nervousness had returned but she was getting no reaction at all from Mary so she reluctantly went ahead. She paused.

“Well I’ve come this far.”

Amanda kept her hands on Mary’s cheeks and she leaned in. What she really wanted to do was eat out Mary’s pussy. As she got closer she realized that with Mary lying on her stomach it would be impossible unless she flipped her over. Instead Amanda pressed her face between the perfect globes of Mary’s ass and shook her head back and forth. She had her face pressed into Mary’s butt, motorboating her ass cheeks. Again, Amanda felt her horniness overwhelm her senses and she threw caution to the wind as she began to worship Mary’s perfect ass. Amanda stuck out her tongue and began to lick, not much caring where her tongue ended up. She just wanted to taste Mary. The feeling of licking and slurping wildly while her face was pressed up against Mary’s tight ass was more stimulation than Amanda could take. The heat, the pressure, and the smell of sweat mingling with pussy and ass overrode Amanda’s mind. She had shoved her hand back into her own dripping wet snatch and pleasured herself furiously until with a loud moan that was completely smothered by Mary’s rump, Amanda came hard and collapsed on top of Mary. Amanda still had her face sandwiched between Mary’s delicious butt cheeks as she lay still breathing and recovering. Amanda had never worshipped someone’s ass before but in the heat of the moment it just felt right.

Amanda was exhausted after her sexual misadventure and wanted nothing more than to sleep right here with Mary’s pert bottom as her pillow but she knew that she had to hide the evidence and get back to the couch. Reluctantly she pulled Mary’s panties and tight pants back up. She slipped Mary’s socks and shoes back on her feet, giving each foot one more kiss and giving her rank socks a sniff before doing so. Then feeling like she was ready to pass out herself, she walked back to the couch. She could see the first hint of daylight through the window and the rain had stopped. She fell back on the couch and slipped off to a deep and dreamless sleep.

Class was out and Mary and Amand walked out to the parking lot together.

“Wow I can’t believe it’s over. We’re done isn’t that exciting?” Mary asked cheerfully.

“Yeah glad I don’t have to listen to Carol droning on anymore.” Amanda quipped

Mary gave her a disapproving look. “Don’t be mean.” She scolded.

“Yeah you’re right. She’s not so bad. It does feel good to be done though. Hey do you want to come over to my place and celebrate a little bit?” Amanda asked. She was forcing herself to sound casual but truthfully she was on edge. Her entire plan hinged on Mary saying yes.

“Sure! What did you have in mind?” Mary said.

Amanda sighed with relief. She should have known that she would say yes. Mary was always friendly with everyone, not the kind of person to turn down an invitation.

“I don’t know. Maybe some drinks. Maybe a little weed if you’re into it? Oh and I had wanted you to hear this new song by that DJ you like. DJ Exultation?” Amanda said.

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