Mary’s story Part 22

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Mary had to show Bob and Linda her new piercings. Linda was impressed, “They are magnificent;” she said, “they look so much better in real life. We watched you on the Internet.” Mary saw that there was a laptop computer on the desk, and she could see herself on Mr Faisal’s operating table. Who else had seen it she wondered?

She walked over to the laptop, and saw that it was set up like a video player, so she pressed play. Part of her was horrified as she watched, but part of her was almost proud of what she was watching. She winced when she saw her inner lips being trimmed back, but realised that the way that they were stitched up meant that the scars would not show outside, and Mr Faisal had said that she could have any scars covered with more tattoo work. She could see that the bright red tip of her clitoris was sticking out much more now, even though it was not erect. She felt more pain between her legs, and realised that her pussy juices were getting into the stitches. The pain got worse, and she realised that she was being turned on by the pain!

Bob was talking to her, “Because you have done well today, you can wear these clothes to go home in.” and he handed her a dress and shoes. Mary put the dress on. It looked very smart, and came down to just below her knees. She was really grateful, as she did not want to give Mitsumi any chance to see her pussy, or her nipples, come to that!

“What about Sue?” she said. “She will wear what she has on.” said Bob. “She will learn that disobedience is always punished.”

“I can’t take her home with us like that. What will Mitsumi say?” “Very well, you can send her home in a taxi.” “Have you got your keys, Sue?” “I left my bag in your car, but my spare set is in the greenhouse so I could get in, but I don’t want to go until it is dark. I don’t want the neighbours to see me like this, and I need to buy a wig” “Well you can stay here with Paul until he closes, and I will give Linda some money to get a wig, but you will have to pay the price! Luckily for you, Paul has a, “ladies only” night this evening so he will be working quite late, and you can work as his assistant to get the money for your wig.”

The walk out to the car park was excruciating, and she was grateful to be able to sit down in the car. Bob started the car, explaining that he was going to take Mary home first, then come back to fetch Mitsumi. Mary was relieved that she could get into the house, and get herself sorted out before Mitsumi arrived. The guest bedroom was clean enough, thank goodness, so she just had to get some food ready. She needed to check the dressings though, and she was not sure what she would do if they were not OK.

As soon as Bob dropped her off, Mary went upstairs and carefully washed her hands in the bathroom. Lifting the dress up, she loosened the strings on the dressing pad, and pulled it away slightly. Thankfully, the stitches were holding and there was no bleeding, so she walked into her bedroom to look at herself in the wardrobe mirror. Her outer labia were pressed close together now, with no sign of her inner labia at all. Carefully, she pulled her lips apart to see inside. A row of tiny stitches surrounded the head of her clitoris, which was now fully exposed. Then her thumb slipped into the hole through her outer labia and a wave of pain hit her. Mary’s head started to pound and she passed out, collapsing on the floor.

Much later, Mary woke up. Something was not quite right, but what? As her head cleared she realised that she was laid on the bed face down. A little shiver told her that she was naked. She remembered falling, but not getting up again. She tried to move. Her pussy felt sore, and her mouth felt very dry. She could feel dressings on her nipples and pussy covering her piercings.

She also realised that she could hear someone else in the room, and she moved her head to see who it was. Slowly, her eyes focused and she could see Mitsumi standing at the side of the bed.

“Ah, you are awake, would you like something to eat?”

Desperately, Mary tried to cover herself. “Don’t worry, I have already seen all your little secrets,” said Mitsumi, “who do you think put you to bed?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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