Massage at Noon

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Raney is a petite and strikingly beautiful ebony young woman who possesses magic hands and massage therapy certification. Her smile is disarming and she always asks me what I’ve been up to since the last visit. When I tell her about my workouts, she deftly directs my answer to the body parts that are sore as she leads me to the room at the end of the hall.

On the way to our room, I follow Raney and take in the view of her small frame and wonder what it would be like to mount her. To grasp her hips and thrust myself deep inside her, hoping beyond hope to hear her moan with every inch I give her. I want to feel my inner thighs surround the outer sides of her legs when I bottom out inside her. The moment is brief and the image is captured. Her small sexy butt in white jeans stops and Raney turns to look at me while opening the door and inviting me inside our room.

The massage table is the centerpiece of an otherwise empty room until Raney walks in and begins lighting candles while repeating back to me where I am sore. She tells me to take my time as I remove my shoes. I look up again and Raney is quietly exiting our room, reminding me to lay face down on the bed.

I want her to lay face down on the bed. And when I’m done sodomizing her, I will roll her over and have her spread her legs wide for me so that I can re-enter her ass missionary style.

Candles flicker along the two cornered walls opposite the door as the air conditioning circulates within the tiny room. Shed of my shorts, tee, and sandals I am on the bed and in the confines of its warm sheets. Heated bedding is to live for. I lay face down. My face is positioned within the confines of the circular cushion at one end of the bed. In moments I feel my sinuses clog and I turn my head to the right and use the cushion as a pillow. I hate that sinus clog.

While I lay in the room, my eyes are closed and images of the day rush past in my mind as I feel like I’m finally able to relax. The images are varied siirt escort ranging from all the Internet Porn I watch, such as girls with bald pussies and fake tits wearing latex suits to the lucky men with cocks so awesome in length and girth they get to fuck any girl they want.

My cock is hard when Raney re-enters the room. Her hands begin their magic and the memory flash of porn is gone. With every touch I feel less inclined to think and more encouragement to just relax. Raney breathes in deeply as her hands move from my foot to my calf and then up to my thigh, and then she reaches my lower back, up my back and onto my shoulders…she’s checking me out, to find any discomfort before she continues.

My eyes remain closed and I let go of all my worries and lust and feel her rub on me. Raney puts all her energy into my relaxation. Her breathing is deep and controlled as she rolls her elbows and arms over my back. Over and over again. The pressure releases my tension and my mind rests.

I am neither asleep nor awake. I am at peace and Raney’s hands are deeply massaging my back while she stands to the side of my left shoulder. I open my eyes for no reason at all and look down through the circular cushion. She is barefoot and I focus on her toes. They lay perfectly flat on the floor below. Her white tipped toe nails are freshly painted and shiny. A small silver ring adorns her middle toe.

I wonder what it would be like to kiss them. I feel my cock grow hard as I realize I want to kiss her big toe first, on the nail and again just below the edge and then to taste the underside of her toes as she moves her whole foot into my mouth.

Where is this new found lust coming from? It is exciting. I can’t believe it. I’m hard as a rock now. Wanting to kiss, and lick and suck on Raney’s toes. But how can I? She is married with children. Building a life of her choosing, not mine. To have an affair with a client would jeopardize her ambitions at the spa. She sincan escort is so good to me too. But I can’t help it. Her feet are sexy and I am turned on.

Massage relaxation fantasies are hot because someone else is doing all the work while you get to enjoy the ride. I wonder about another woman in my life. Miss Donna, my dominant Mistress by phone. I love her deeply even though we have never met…I am too chicken and she is too strict for that. And the phone calls are convenient for both of us. I should tell her about my new lust for Raney’s feet.

Miss Donna is the reason I get massages. I mean, she told me I am worth being good to and that this is a good way to reward me for all my hard work. I reward Miss Donna too. And, she rewards me with positive reinforcement, discipline and teaching me ways in which I can pleasure myself at the same time.

Raney has finished toweling the excess oil off my back. She does this so softly and then moves down to my leg. She lifts the sheet and stuffs it into the gap between my legs. Only my leg is showing. She rubs the oil in her hands and soon my leg receives the warmth and strength of her touch.

Miss Donna was the first to take ownership of my lust and guide me on a journey of sexual exploration. She used hypnosis over a series of calls and had me lightly stroke with my thumb and index finger while exploring my butt with my other hand. She gave me “pink out brown in” anus exercises to do on my own time and then again while on the phone with her. I experimented in the shower, bent over with my hands on the wall, pink out brown in. My favorite was on the calls with Miss Donna. She would direct me to be on all fours at cock level where I belong. On the day before Thanksgiving 2004, she collared me and then sodomized me with a vibrator I had purchased on her behalf. When I came that day it was solely for her. She said it was my gift to her. The explosion and joy I felt that day was singularly the sinop escort best ever.

She raped my ass. Told me I belonged to her and to repeat it back to her. She made me stop stroking and to beg her to turn the vibrator on high and fuck me harder than ever. As I complied, my cock was rock hard. My balls were full and ready to unload. She told me to stroke and to say I belong to Miss Donna. I stroked and she said to stroke harder and to continue assaulting my asshole with the vibrator. It was hard to do both while lying on my back on my office floor, only moments from the back door where my wife could have walked in and found me. Imagine the horror if that had happened. Submitting to Miss Donna and not getting caught has been one of the greatest thrills of my life.

I stroked as hard as I could and rammed the vibe into my ass. Pink in brown out she said. Work his cock in and out and milk him. Keep stroking. The crown around my cock was fully engorged and then I knew I had passed the point of no return. I need to cum I said and she said then cum for me Boy. Strands of white hot cum spewed high above my upright cock. She told me to continue stroking and shoot for her. It was so incredibly hot. I let go of the vibrator and stroked for Miss Donna, giving her my best cum-tribute ever.

Miss Donna wasn’t finished. She required three more extended calls that day and sodomized me each time. By the end of the third call, I was emotionally and physically drained begging to be relieved from jacking off duty. The vibrator had become useless as my boy pussy was gaping open and I couldn’t feel it inside me anymore. The last thing she said to me was when I felt the pain later on from cumming so much today to remind myself that I belong to her and that my pain is also my tribute to her. Then she hung up and I was alone, in my puddle of cum, with a gaping hole between my legs and wondering where to look for a larger, wider vibrator.

Raney’s foot remains in my line of sight. I so want to be kneeling in front of her, sucking her foot into my mouth while she stares into my eyes and massages my cock with her other foot.

Isn’t it awesome how a massage can take you places you’ve been and introduce you to new fantasies all at the same time?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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