Massage Parlour Pleasure

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I am writing this story in order to share a wonderful experience I have just had and to let readers know that many times real experiences are more exciting then fictional stories that are written to titillate us.

I am a middle aged married man, (if living past 100 years of ago is practical), who for one reason or another is no longer being satisfied at home. I can count the times, on one hand that I have plunged my cock into the matrimonial “pussy” in the last year, and when I had the chance; it caused pain or discomfort to her. So other then the odd hand job or frequent “solo sex” sessions in the shower when I’m lost in a fantasy world, I’ve had to suppress the constant horniness and desire in the hopes of a brighter future.

During my younger years, I would visit strip clubs in order to fulfill a voyeuristic need, and to revive the excitement that I needed to satisfy my spouse as she gained weight after pregnancy and dealt with all kinds of depression issues. Later on I experimented with the “massage parlour”.

I remember it as if it was yesterday. The masseur was a middle aged mother with childbirth scares. She turned the lights down low and rubbed my back, she rubbed my front, and she asked if it was okay to rub me “there”. What did she think I was there for?

Anyway, a little oil, and a little wappity-wapp, fountains of cum all over and a little tip for her trouble and I was on my way. Over the next few years, I frequented a few more “spas” as disposable funds would allow, mostly in the city where I live. Always had to pay the door fee, and then got a back rub, and then “the approach”. “Would you like any extras?”…..What do you do? …..topless….nude….reverse…sometimes “slide”.

I usually asked for the reverse. It is so much fun for me to touch a woman, and have the chance to fondle her, but with one exception, I never got the chance to taste any “pussy”….until yesterday!

I had been exceptionally horny lately. It seems that all I could think about was sex,…or rather fucking to be more honest. Things where not happening at home as I explained before, and I found that as the summer season had come upon us, and the mass female population had peeled away their winter clothes that I found my cock constantly glued to my underwear with pre-cum as I gazed upon the partially exposed breasts of summer…and caught the twitching of “camel toes” in tight pants, or imagined the naked pussies that paraded just out of sight under those güvenilir bahis OMG short skirts.

I found that my work schedule would allow me a couple of early afternoon hours before I had to carry on with my daily routine. It was one of the hottest days of summer so far and the perspiration droplets appeared even when you sat still in the shade. I made a quick delivery to a customer and then drove to a little “spa” I had found in an industrial mall. I parked a little way off to the side of the entrance, and walked up to the front door. There was a sign in the door way. “Come on in and Relax” …..”Additional parking at rear of building.”

Immediately my nostrils were filled with the sweet smell of perfume. I entered the front lounge and walked towards the hallway. Before I got to the corner, a European lady met me in the hall and guided me to a room at the end of the hall. She was tall and slim and had the fullest round breasts. Her legs were long and shapely. She had high healed sandals on her manicured bare feet, and I looked at her legs and followed them up as far as I could see, until her little minnie dress interrupted my gaze. A little green sleeveless top covered the bare minimum on top and little bra straps hinted at things to be explored.

After letting me into the massage room, she asked for the “house fee” which I gave her. Then she set out a towel and asked me if I wanted to shower, which I did. She disappeared for a few minutes, until the shower stopped. When she came into the room, I lay down on the table on my tummy and she started to rub my back gently. She asked if I would like oil or just plain. I asked for oil and she squirted a little warm oil on my back and set the bottle on the corner table. I turned my head and noticed that it was KY oil. This caused my lower parts to start throbbing gently.

I watched her rubbing my back in the nicely positioned mirrors. She keep lifting her knee and placing it beside me on the table. I kept trying to see between her legs….the little dress fluttered as she moved her hands up and down my back….but not enough to see if she had any panties on…or was she naked under there? Then she moved to the head of the table and reach down my back I felt her cloth covered breasts just graze the top of my head.

I was waiting for the signal….you know….you must never touch until you have permission…..she moved to the side again and rubbed down my back. Her knee came up beside me….that fluttering türkçe bahis dress!!!! ……then I felt her fingers gentle caress my testacies…and then across my asshole….like a feather…Then the signal I was waiting for. I heard her say ever so faintly,” I think I will take my clothes off”

I said very softly, “That would be nice”

She moved back to the head of the table. This time there was no mistaking it. She reached down my back and her soft breasts rubbed my head and the back of my neck. I reached out and caressed her legs and reached up under her dress. She immediately eased the dress up to let me feel her “charms”. No panties! Nicely shaved! And oh so hot!

I reached around and lightly touched her pussy, but now the passion was building and we were starting to act like a couple of first time lovers. I raised my face and met her soft breasts with my lips. I sucked gently on one and rubbed my fingers on the other. She moaned softly as her scant clothing fell to the floor…..the top…..the little bra that was pulled up now became undone….the little skirt….dropped ….and she stepped out of her shoes….I started to roll over as she came around to the side of the table. She reached over and grabbed my cock in her hand and brought her face down to mine. I said to her in a hushed whisper, “Let me kiss your pussy”. She quickly told me to get up and then she lay down on her back and spread her legs open and revealed her beautiful “flower” to me.

I sank down between her thighs and inhaled the hot scent of her sex as my tongue inched out and I began to dance on her softness. Her pussy had “petals” of passion that covered her clit. It was so velvety to touch and the sweet taste confirmed the scent. I was in the “brail” mode as I began to tongue search her thighs, lips, and her clit. She became impatient with me as I teased her and reached down with both hands and held her lips open. I entered her sweet velvet crevice and tongued the hard little nub. Her head dropped back down and her “petals” closed around my nose as I dove into her cunt tunnel and drank her sweet nectar.

Usually the ladies that I have been with go into an acting mode at this point, and I guess I will never know if she was a great actor or was truly enjoying what I was doing. This I do know for sure. As I picked up the pace, she moaned and moved and became so wet. I inserted a finger into her love tunnel and when it was covered with nectar, I reached up and rubbed güvenilir bahis siteleri her nipple, and then the other hand, and the other nipple.

She raised her head up off the table and held it with her arm. The other hand went down to her pussy again and she stretched her pussy lips back. Her little clit had hardened and I stroked it side to side, sucked on it gently, and then she lurched and gasped, and her already wet pussy flooded.

If she was acting, she was damn good at it. If it was real….She was damn good at it!

As I got up to my feet, I had pussy juice on my face my chin was dripping. Perspiration was running down my stomach. My mustache was soaked with her juices…I inhaled and pussy juice ran up my nose. I love that feeling…and the scent stays in my nostril for hours. It makes me hard! It makes my balls ache. It makes me want to….

I looked down at her lying there, panting softly. Her tummy muscles were contracting ever so slightly. She smiled up at me. She started to speak, and then said,”I will tell you later.”

I heard her say to me in her soft European voice, “Fuck me!”

I reached out and drew her to the edge of the table where I was standing. As I held her legs up, I placed me cock on her love lips. I reached down and rubbed my cock up and down that velvety furrow. When I reached the entrance to her love tunnel I felt her envelope me as I sunk into the depths of her pussy.

There is nothing in the world that feels like a pussy swallowing a cock….especially a pussy that has just “cum”. It twitches, and swallows, and massages….and OMG….I could feel my balls boiling. Not something small and controllable. I tried to keep fucking her. She moaned and writhed around, but it was too late. The”cum” would not be held back. I pushed deep and buried myself inside. My balls danced on her asshole. I reached down with my thumb and applied pressure to her exposed clit. My hot seed spurted deep inside her womb.

We were spent. I rested inside her as my satisfied dick shriveled up. Her velvet lips milked every last drop of man juice I had. Even as I stood there with my cock resting inside her, my balls began to feel so drained. It was that pleasurable sensation that only a man can know after a satisfying fuck. No blow job or hand job can drain man juice like a good fuck.

We showered, and got dressed. She could barely coordinate her clothes. I dress and bent over and kissed her. I wonder if she smelled her pussy on my breath.

As I left she invited me to return. She works Tuesday through Thursday. I think I will go back….after I recover. I can still feel the gentle aching in my balls, and my cock has been twitching since we fucked!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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