Masso Joe Ch. 04

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Ch 4 Best Friend Learns About Massage and Manscapping

After that first experience with mom, massage slowly because a part of our regular routine. I continued to improve my massage and other skills with feedback and direction from her. Not always wanting to be the recipient, mom would make me put on the sleep mask and she could play and enjoy my young body. What she lacked in skills she made up with her desire to please. Her thai massage was the best as she slithered her petite body all over mine often leading to her sitting on my face and giving instructions on how to better perform oral. Not all sessions were sexual, in fact mom would not allow my cock inside her. So far that is a rule that she hasn’t broken. She still doesn’t know that I did cum inside her the first time I met Joe.

After a couple of months, I suggested we buy a massage table to set up in the basement, which my mom agreed to whole heartedly. With the table set up, mom used to give dad a massage but I think they used it as another place to enjoy sex together.

The atmosphere around the house changed over the last few months. Everyone was in a more harmonious mood. There was less bickering, conversation was plentiful. Mom’s 10km time improved, a fact she attributes to better muscle tone and the ongoing massages that she receives. Dad is happier because his sex life seems rejuvenated. And I am happier because I developed a more intimate relationship with mom, I have a huge amount of self-confidence and as a result I have become more popular with the girls at school.

Generally things are more open, after a shower mom walks around holding her towel rather than draping it over her body. She might grab me into her walk in closet to help her chose what to wear. She might walk in the bathroom and ask me if I need my back cleaned. If not that maybe my balls and cock, giggle and walk out. At times she did feel like my slutty older sister but always playful and meaning well.

One day Tom, one of my neighbours and oldest buddy, was over and we were shooting the shit, when he asked me about the massage table. I told him that I had been studying massage and I trade massage with my mom.

“Really” he said, “like in the porn videos?” he said excitedly

“No more like the therapeutic videos with a little sensuality”, I laugh.

“So have you seen your mom naked?” He asked excitedly.

“I have, all part of giving a good massage.” Not really wanting to tell all, even to a good friend.

“So do you actually know what you are doing?” he continued to ask.

“As a matter of fact I do, I actually helped improve mom’s running performance. pendik escort You seem inquisitive.” “Do you want to try?”

“So you can see me naked and measure your cock against mine? he laughed. “You know mine is bigger” he smiled.

“That is because both your heads are swollen”, I continued to retort back playfully. “Do you want to do this or continue your baseless bragging”, I laughed.

“OK, sure, what do I do?”

“Go take a shower and come back with a towel around your waist” I instructed.

I set up the table, put on some appropriate music and waited for him to finish the shower. He strolled out of the shower wrapped in the towel.

“Now what.”

“Throw away the towel and lie on your stomach. Is there any part that is hurts you that might need attention?” I asked.

“I got bumped playing basketball the other day and my shoulder has been bothering me since.”

“Noted” I say and I start to massage his back paying particular attention to each shoulder seeing if I can find the reason for the stiffness. I continue to give him a proper therapeutic massage wondering if I wanted to toy and play with his cock. I remember when Joe played with mine. It felt so fucking good.

I played with Tom’s glutes but left his ass bud alone, but did manage to “accidentally” rub up against his balls a few times. On the flip I noticed that he was semi hard. Indeed he was larger and thicker than me, not that I would tell him that. In fact everything was larger and thicker than me. His arms and chest were toned and cut from all the basketball he plays. As I ran my hands over his chest and nipples I saw his cock becoming more erect. He knew it as well, and we both needed to confirm with each other that neither of us was gay.

I told him that I knew that he was straight, as was , but I do enjoy giving pleasure to others. While toying with his nipple I stroked his cock with my oily hands. I saw him close is eyes in anticipation. I heard footsteps coming down to the basement and turned to see my mom carrying laundry to the laundry room. Looking over at me and a naked Tom, she casually said hello and asked how things are going.

“Well hello Mrs. Casper”, he stuttered, “Things are good” he managed to say.

“Relax Tom” she said, “you are in good hands with Jay”. Walking closer I could see she was looking down at his now flaccid cock. “It is not for a mother to say” she continued, “but I think a little manscaping would be in order. If you would like help with that see me after. Bye boys” as she casually walked back upstairs.

Tom was beside himself, wondering what tuzla escort just happened. My mom seeing him naked. Her son giving him a massage.

“What the fuck is manscapping…?”

“Cool down”, I told Tom, “mom is very cool with this and manscapping is keeping your pubic hair neat and trimmed. I have been doing it for several months, and trust me it feels really good and fresh. I am not sure what she is proposing but I would take her up on her offer if I was you.”

Any mood that existed was now broken. I did a quick finish on his calves and thighs and told him to get dressed.

We both headed upstairs to find mom folding the laundry.

Tom was now frightfully shy and looking at my mom and said “Mrs. Casper, do you want to manscape me?”

We both laughed at his awkwardness, but mom quickly apologized. “Firstly call me Jen and if you want to be attractive to girls you need to trim a little bit. Strip down naked and come into the shower. Relax, I have already seen you naked, so it is not the first time.”

Tom stripped out of his clothes not knowing what to expect and entered the shower. Meanwhile mom went to get her electric shaver.

“Lift your arms Tom.”

Somewhat surprised by the request, he lifted both arms over his head. At which point mom turned on the razor and started to shave his hairy armpits. Small tuffs of hair feel to the shower floor. She continued until she was happy with the result.

“Much better”, she smiled. “Now part two ” as she played with Tom’s pubic hair and adjusted the razor’s setting to the desired height. In a flash the majority of his pubes were sitting on the shower floor. Tom looked down approvingly, thinking that his cock looked much larger now.

Like a drill Sargent, she told Tom to grab a towel and sit on it on her bed, while she cleaned up. I watched my mom on her knees cleaning all of Tom’s hair, not wanting it to clog the shower drain. She then approached Tom with shaving gel and a razor, but not the electric one. I saw fear in Tom’s eyes as she approached.

“Don’t be such a pussy Tom, I am only going to shave you, not cut off your cock.”

I could see Tom’s face and he didn’t react to her humour. I watched as mom poured out some shaving gel and applied it to Tom’s cock and balls. “I warmed the can up so it would not be so cold”, she explained as she continued to lather his cock and balls. One satisfied she held his balls in her hand and slowly and carefully removed the hair from his balls. She moved them from one side to the other making sure that she had gotten all the hair she wanted, leaving a small bush ümraniye escort on top of his cock. Pleased with her result, she told Tom to wait there as she went to get a warm towel to clean him up. She applied the towel removing any excess saving crème and examining her work.

“That is so much improved” she smiled gleefully. “Do you mind if I take it for a test drive.”

Before he could reply mom’s mouth was already licking and attacking his balls and cock. She took his clean shaven balls into her mouth one at a time. Tom would look at her then close his eyes with pleasure. I was well aware of mom’s skills and knew exactly how Tom must be feeling as her hand was stroking his rock hard cock. For some reason, mom seemed hornier than normal as I watched her hand move between her legs and play with her pussy. As she continued to suck I could feel her heat rise even higher. I could smell her juices from where I was sitting and watching.

Finally she stood up and said to Tom, “If you tell anyone about this, I am going to tar and feather you. Do you understand.”

I don’t think Tom actually did understand but at that point he would say yes to anything. She lifted her dress and I realized that she had no underwear. She pushed Tom more on the bed and straddled him and lowered her pussy onto his rigid cock. She seemed in no mood for additional foreplay. From there she started to ride him like I have never seen before. She had Tom rub her clit as she moved up and down. She told Tom that he was not allowed to cum until she was ready.

My cock also as hard as can be enjoying my best friend fucking my mom, or more accurately my mom fucking my best friend. I am not sure why but I took out my phone and silently videotaped all the cowgirl action happening in front of me.

Tom’s hips where pumping up and down to meet mom’s thrust. I knew the end was close. Pinch my nipples she cried out, pinch then hard as her face contorted as the orgasm raged through her small body. At the same time Tom was shooting his seed into her and gasping for air. This lasted for about 30 seconds until mom fell onto Tom’s chest trying to catch her breathe. They both lay there for a minute, Tom actually holding my mom close to him feeling her thumping heart through his own chest.

Mom gave Tom a kiss on the cheek, and thanked him for that. Tom was spent and still in a daze as to what had occurred for that last hour or so.

“Thank you Mrs Casper, I mean Mrs Jen… I mean Jen” stuttering as he did earlier, but with more reason this time.

“Remember Tom, I swear I will tar and feather you if this gets out.”

“Understood Jen” he replied.

I tucked my phone back into my pocket, thinking I might jack off to it before sleep.

As I said goodbye to Tom, I asked him about his experience.

“Fuck… both my shoulder and my cock feel better. Could I ask for anything more” and happily drove home.

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