Maybel-line Ch. 02

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As I nervously sat there waiting for Mabel to call me back with the details of the evening, I found it somewhat ironic. I was now pretty close to the age she had been when I’d first met her so many years ago. And she…was now the age that her husband Jack had been back then as well. At the time I had seen “Old man Jack” as just that, but I couldn’t in any way shape or form see Mabel, as being an older Maybelline as I remembered her back then, or now. She had certainly changed yes, but if anything, even more attractive than I remembered her. Which in a way, made everything I had recently learned about her, that much harder for me to digest and accept. If in fact, I ever could.

Sitting there at my kitchen table waiting for the phone to ring, I ran so many scenarios through my mind, I was beginning to get a headache because of it. I still wasn’t a hundred percent sure I could actually go through with this either. I didn’t know how I’d feel seeing her with someone else, even though I knew he…they, would be total and complete strangers to her. Something in and of itself that puzzled me.

And yet, I did so, sitting there with a full blown erection.


I was so absorbed in my own thoughts that I actually jumped when the phone rang.


“You sure about this? You sure you really want to go through with this?” She asked by way of her answering my pickup.

I hesitated only briefly, it was now or never. “Yeah, I am,” I said steeling myself for what was to come.

“Ok, come over then. I’ll fill you in on our way into town.” Once again I heard nothing but the dial tone, grabbing my sports coat, throwing it on as I walked out the front door. She was already sitting inside her car as I came out. This time, she’d be driving.

She looked hot as hell, not surprisingly. She had worn a simple, but very sexy dark blue dress, the top of which was a wrap around. I realized as she shifted about in her seat, that it would periodically gap on one side, just enough to balloon open a little, revealing the fact you could see her breasts if she stayed in a certain position. And it was then that I knew she had purposely gone without a bra, wondering if she wore anything at all beneath it.

“I’ve booked us a nice room at the Marriott,” she began. “And I’ve already been there and checked us all in,” she added. “It’s centrally located too, amidst several popular clubs and bars nearby. It’s important that I did, as that way the men who do come up, know this is for real, and that they’re not going to be robbed or anything. Plus…it also makes them more comfortable, and more likely to adhere to my conditions simple as they are. Most of the time in fact, they’re actually relieved, and find it a lot easier to get over any guilt they may have regarding wives or sweethearts if it’s mostly about just getting jerked off and squirting on me, as opposed to anything else.”

I guess what she said made sense, but no matter how you looked at it, just doing this, doing what we were about to actually do came with an element of risk. Jack had been a strong tough looking guy, so I figured that his being there with her in the past had served notice to anyone who might think otherwise about going along with Mabel’s limitations. I certainly wasn’t any slouch myself now, I had put on some weight, and was fairly strong in my own right just coming out of the service. And I certainly knew how to defend myself. The problem was, I still looked twenty-two, not forty. And I wasn’t sure if my presence would be enough of a deterrent if someone decided they wanted a lot more than just a simple hand-job. I was glad to hear that as a way of easing me into this situation, Mabel had decided it was to be masturbation only, all the way around. She wasn’t even going to give any blowjobs, even with using condoms, not tonight anyway. And that did make things a bit easier for me to accept going in.

Minutes later we were parking her car in the Hotel garage. I thought initially we’d then go up to the room, but I soon found myself standing outside on the sidewalk with her instead.

“The room’s already,” she told me. “After we’ve cruised a few places and left a few cards, we’ll come back, and then I’ll change in preparation for this evening.”


I noticed then as she showed me a few blank cards that looked much like business cards, though each one was hand written. She had already noted the Hotel and room we were staying in, along with some brief basic expectations. That and nothing else.

“Come on, I’ll show you how this works,” she told me, and then led me into the first of several bars and clubs we’d be visiting, as the night progressed. All within easy walking distance back to the hotel.

Even before we’d sat down at the bar to order our drinks, Mabel was already scanning the area for potential partners.

“The first thing I do is, is to pick out what I believe will be willing participants,” she told me. “And I’ve gotten pretty good at judging people, figuring out which men are more likely güvenilir bahis to go along with this, and not cause us any problems. After that, I simply walk up and hand them one of these cards. After they’ve had a chance to read it, they usually come back to wherever it is that I am, which hopefully by then is a table. A brief chat to discuss it, and then we take it from there. Usually it’s a time where I reassure them it’s for real, and that no money whatsoever is involved here. The last thing I want any of them to think, is that I’m a call girl or something.”

Having gotten our drinks, we soon managed to snare an available booth sitting down in it, as Mabel went back to scanning the area. Finally she noticed a group of men sitting together, looking as though they’d just got there after work for a drink.

“No women, that’s good. Usually a sure sign that one of them at least might actually be interested, though sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you can get all of them at once up to the room. That saves a lot of time barhopping, and “buddies” tend to be a lot safer if they come together too. Plus it usually makes for less time getting through the awkward stage of guy strangers being around other guy strangers.”

Once again what she said made sense, but it was still nerve-wracking for me to be sitting there as she picked out possible candidates for the evening.

“You ready?” She asked again. “Still want to do this? Because it’s not too late if you’d like to change your mind,” she told me.

“No…I’m ready,” I told her nervously. “Let’s do this.”

She then gave my leg an affectionate squeeze. “Ok, stay here, I’ll be back in a minute or two, and we’ll see if we get any bites.”

I sat there watching her as she boldly walked over towards their table, though I couldn’t hear anything, I know she had introduced herself, using the name May. She had told me earlier that, that was the name she’d be using tonight. One in which she actually preferred being called now as opposed to Mabel, but that she also only used it on nights out like this. A name that would be easier for me to remember in calling her for one. Though I now sat wondering what name that I should perhaps use for myself as I looked up just in time to see her returning.

“Now what?” I said as she slid back in next to me, letting the group see where she was, and more importantly, who she was with, in the event they had any concerns about this not being real, or some kind of a come on.

“Now we wait…see if the fish are biting,” she said once again smiling in their direction.

It was interesting to see the four of them actually looking down at their cards, reading them again, laughing, then talking amongst themselves. Once again looks in our direction, more laughing, more talking…and then to my surprise, one of them actually stood up and wandered over towards us.

“May was it?” He asked upon reaching our table, then adding. “May I sit down?” He asked making a joke out of the question in reusing her name again.

“Please,” Mabel said, only then introducing me. “This is a friend of mine,” she told him, you don’t need to know his name, and you certainly don’t need to tell me yours either. Even if you did, it probably wouldn’t be the real one anyway,” she told him seeing the amused smile on his face after she said that.

“So is this for real?” He asked once again looking down at the card. “You’re not some kind of a…hooker? Or a cop?”

“I’m not a prostitute no. No money’s involved here, and because there isn’t, then it wouldn’t make any sense for me to be a cop now either would it?”

“No…I guess not,” he said still curious, but purposely cautious too. “So what is it you’re looking to do then?” He asked again. “It says here on the card that if I’m interested in receiving nothing more than a nice hand job, and getting to touch you a little too in doing that, that we’re to come to the hotel room on the card around eight? Is that correct?”

“That’s it, plain and simple!” She told him, nothing more…nothing less. “You can come as many times as you can manage it, on my body wherever you’d like to. Just not in it, which means nothing in my mouth, my pussy, or my ass. Just some good clean, safe-sex fun…that’s it. Nothing else. So…if you and your friend’s are interested, let me know before we finish our drinks here so we know what to expect.”

He still looked a little skeptical, but then told her he’d go back and discuss it further with his buddies. They’d give us an answer before we had a chance to finish our drinks. I’d barely even touched mine, only then sipping it as we watched him head back to the table.

“What do you think?” I asked.

She sat for a moment watching the three of them discussing it again. And then smiled.

“I think we got three out of the four,” she told me.

“What makes you say that?” I asked.

“Because one of them is turning his ring around and around on his finger. He’s definitely married, and though he considered it, he’s not about to doing türkçe bahis anything. So for sure he’s out. Too bad too, he’s fairly cute. But the other three, they’re far more likely to do it, especially the one who came over here. He wasn’t wearing any rings for one, and secondly, he’s the one doing most of the talking at the moment. He’s trying to convince at least one of them to come with him, not wanting to be the only one to come up to the room alone. Because of that, I’m willing to bet, unless one of the others is married too, that we’ll get all three. Safety in numbers and all that.”

Only moments later the same guy who came over the first time wandered back, and he was smiling.

“Ok, there will be three of us,” he began, but we were sort of wondering, it’s six-thirty now, can we do it at seven instead of eight? Two of the other guys have ah…other commitments.”

“Girlfriends you mean,” Mabel laughed. “Yeah, sure…make it seven then. You have the name of the Hotel, just around the corner from here, along with the room number. Don’t be early, but don’t be late either. Knock three times, my boyfriend will let you in.”

“Boyfriend?” I questioned as we watched the guy head back to his table.

“What would you prefer? Bodyguard? Now…finish your drink, we’re leaving.” She had already finished hers, so I downed mine in an instant, and then stood as she did. “Now we can go back and get prepared,” she told me.

I didn’t look back as we left the club, but I felt four pairs of eyes watching us go when we did.

“Think they’ll actually show up?” I honestly wondered.

“I think two of them for sure, hopefully all three. I usually don’t like to party unless there’s at least three guys there minimum, including yourself.”

I hadn’t really considered that until now. “Wouldn’t it be better if I just sort of stayed dressed and kept an eye on things? On the situation?” I asked her.

“At first yes, at least until we see how things go, after that…do whatever you’re most comfortable with. If you feel like joining in, then do so. If you don’t, well…then that’s up to you.”

She stopped just outside of the door to the hotel before we entered, once again turning towards me. “Steven, it’s important that you understand something. Once things start, once they’ve actually come into the room, I’m not going to hold anything back. You’re going to see me as I actually am, with other men present. I will enjoy myself when I do, one hundred percent. So if seeing that, watching that, bothers you at all. Then I suggest you go out and wait in the sitting room outside of the bedroom area until we’re finished. Usually, no more than an hour or so tops most of the time, though on occasion, the evenings can go on a bit longer. I don’t expect that with these three, especially as two of them at least have girlfriends who’ll be waiting for them. So…it won’t be a long night. But, if you do find you can’t handle it, watching it, I’m going to need you to leave. Understood?”

I nodded my head in agreement with that. Then Mabel kissed me on the cheek, taking my hand in hers, and together we walked into the Hotel and on up to our room.


Once we’d gotten up to the room, “May” excused herself, heading off into the bathroom to freshen up and ready herself, asking me to pour us both a couple of drinks. Not really much of a drinker myself, I did manage to pour myself a double scotch along with one for her as I sat down staring at my watch. It was now a quarter to seven, and if May was right, we’d soon have company knocking at the door.

She came out a moment after that, now wearing what appeared to be a wisp of lace material that was more see-thru than not. Even I had to admit she looked hot as hell standing there in front of me the way that she was. Her dark nipples proudly, and clearly evident peeking through, another thin sheer piece of material just barely covering her pussy, which I now noticed she had shaved completely, another totally unexpected surprise.

“You like?” She asked turning around, only then accepting her drink from me.

Admittedly I liked very much and told her so, and there was no doubt in my mind, that the other three guys would very much like seeing her in that too. I had no doubt the party would get started only minutes after their arrival, and I once again found myself trying to prepare for that. Whether I actually stayed in the room with them was something I would soon learn. What I doubted seriously, was that I would actually participate myself.

I’d certainly been around other naked guys before. First off of course in high school in the locker room, which never was a big deal. And even more so when I was in the army during boot camp, where there was even less privacy there than there had been in school. I had stood naked with more guys than I was willing to admit to in the common showers, but where this was different, was that none of those guys ever had an erection in front of one another, at least not any I’d seen anyway.

This, would be totally güvenilir bahis siteleri different. They all would at one time or another at least, if not all at once. And that, I really wasn’t honestly too sure about.


It was precisely seven o’clock straight up when Mabel and I heard three succinct knocks on our hotel room door.

She smiled, albeit a bit nervously, not for herself…but for me. “Right on time,” she stated simply as I hurriedly made my way over to the door, first using the eye-peep to ensure it was them, which it was. All three of them.

Though smiling as they entered, they appeared nervous as well, wondering perhaps if indeed this wasn’t some sort of a sham or something, but upon seeing May standing in the middle of the room dressed as she was, now knew otherwise.

It was then that they more formally introduced themselves, eyeing me curiously in the process as they did. I actually found that rather amusing. They were all obviously executive types dressed in nicely pressed shirts and ties, business suits and the like. And all three were closer to Mabel’s age than mine. Had they wanted to, I am quite sure the three of them could have taken me, though I know I’d have put up one hell of a fight had they tried. But what was interesting, was the looks of curious respect I was given, as though I perhaps had the combative expertise that could have easily dealt with the three of them together. Obviously as young as I really was, they didn’t look at me as being anything more than May’s bodyguard perhaps, and as such, someone to be wary of.

But May quickly put them all at ease, not only because of the way she was dressed, but because of her easygoing attitude and obvious excitement. And she truly was excited. Her nipples were rock hard, pressing against the sheer material of her see-through gown.

Having fixed them drinks, she then proceeded to go to each one, loosening their ties, and even making that erotic somehow all by itself. George as he’d called himself anyway, had been the boldest of the lot, the one who had come to our table in the bar. He was tall, a couple of inches at least taller than I, short dark hair, blue eyes and appeared to at least work out on occasion. Mike has he’d called himself was bald, looking a bit like a young Captain Piccard on the Enterprise, even his features looked similar. And then Jason, the youngest of the three perhaps, still not yet thirty, was blonde, as muscular and as well built as I was, which I realized when I eventually saw him nude.

After they had all sat down to enjoy their drinks, May then proceeded to explain to them her “conditions”, serious about it, and letting them know as she did so, that nothing else would be tolerated, and the moment any of them did, or tried anything else outside of that, they’d all be asked to leave, and the party would be over.

Once again, it was interesting to note just how fine they all seemed to be with that, accepting what she’d told them without any question, and without any hope, or even want…for taking it further than that.

“So…what’s next then?” George asked, obviously excited, and a bit more willing than his friends to get naked and get the party rolling.

Seizing the moment, and the opportunity to do just that, May walked over undoing the belt on his slacks, lowering his zipper, and then slipping her hand inside, withdrawing his rapidly hardening cock a moment later. Having done that, she then walked over and proceeded to do the exact same thing to the other two. George meanwhile finished undressing himself fully while she did, soon naked and obviously aroused as his somewhat shier friends finally did so as well. May was quick to ensure their pricks were given attention however, walking back and forth amongst all three, offering them her breasts to be played and toyed with, ensuring their erections didn’t dwindle as they got used to seeing one another in an aroused state.

I remained fully clothed of course, taking it all in. Surprised that I could actually find this somewhat arousing, up until now anyway, and knowing that I too was beginning to get hard. My advantage perhaps was in the knowing. I didn’t have to reveal myself, and most likely wouldn’t either, so I could afford to stand there and allow it to happen.

With all three of them now entirely naked, May had them stand in front of her side-by-side. She enjoyed holding onto two of them, working them simultaneously with her hands, then trading off for a different pair, doing so again for several more moments. She even placed two of their cocks side by side, stroking them together, which surprised me that they allowed her to do that. But perhaps it was because she really only did have two hands, and that there were three of them, that they went along with it. I really didn’t know. It was still interesting to watch.

May then reminded them all, they could come on her as often as they liked, wherever they liked, but of course never in her. And, she also told them, she wanted to know it when they were about to, as she enjoyed knowing that, especially as she could then be ready to actually see it when they did. Her excitement and enthusiasm was obvious, and I knew then, she was indeed not holding back. But by now…neither where any of them.

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