Maybel-line Ch. 03

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I did indeed sleep late into the afternoon when the phone rang.

“How soon can you be ready?” Mabel asked me. “I’ve booked a room,” she continued before I was even awake enough to answer. “I’ve stayed there before, not as fancy as the Marriott, but it’s clean and spacious enough to party in. I thought we’d go over, check in, and then see if we can have a bit of fun even before tonight.”

“Give me an hour,” I told her rolling out of bed.

She laughed. “Still in bed are we? Ok…an hour then, dress easy, jeans…tee shirt, this won’t be the dress-suit crowd we’ll be scoping out tonight like we did last night,” she reminded me.

I was ready in forty-five minutes and headed over to her place. In addition to a small overnight bag, she informed me she was also bringing her “toy” bag as she called it in the event we were lucky enough to include at least one other woman tonight. We soon after headed out arriving at the inexpensive, but well known hotel a short time later. This time we were on the top floor of a nine floor unit. The room was spacious enough with a fairly large bedroom and a sitting room adjacent to that, all open but comfortable enough to move around in. It was still early yet according to Mabel before we’d actually go out and cruise any bars. Not quite six in the evening yet, she informed me we should go down to the lobby bar, hang around there for a bit and see if there was anyone we might find interesting enough to approach for a “quickie” as she called it.

And unlike the night before, we ordered a couple of beers, sitting there at the bar sipping them as Mabel glanced about the sparsely filled room. Only a handful of customers were there, a small pool table off in the back where a couple of men were playing, neither of which Mabel paid much attention to.

“What about those two?” I asked curiously, wondering why she’d already passed them over.

“They’re gay,” she said simply.

I looked again, there was nothing about them, either of them that would have suggested that to me. I heard some people had what they called gay-dar, but for the life of me I couldn’t determine that from where I was sitting. Mabel noticed me continuing to look in their direction having obviously given up on anyone else currently within the room.

“The one on the right has black fingernails,” she informed me. “Plus, if you notice, he’s subtly touched the other guys hand whenever he’s passed him the chalk for their pool sticks.”

I looked a bit closer, observing. Sure enough he did, and his smile every time they switched turns now had more of a noticeable look to it than just being friendly and having a good time, though they were.

“Damn, you’re good!” I told her. “I certainly didn’t pick up on that.”

Mabel laughed. “Only because I’ve had plenty of practice doing this,” she told me. “I’ve learned to read people fairly well.”

It was then that a guy came walking out of the restroom in the back. We hadn’t seen him before when we’d come in. He had taken a booth, but appeared to be alone. He didn’t even bother sitting down again, throwing a couple of bucks on the table, and then finishing his beer as he stood there. He turned and appeared to be heading out the door.

“Come on,” she said taking me by the hand. “Let’s see where this leads!”

Following, we trailed him through the lobby where he stopped briefly at a magazine stand perusing a few of them before deciding there was nothing of interest there.

“I bet he’s here on business…and alone,” she informed me as we now watched the guy slowly making his way over towards the elevators. “Come on,” she grinned once again pulling me along with her as we headed towards them as he stood waiting for the doors to open. “Follow my lead, and don’t get all shy on me,” she whispered just as we reached him, standing off to one side. He looked at us briefly. Mabel flashed him a smile, somehow managing to dig in her left breast against the side of my chest. The movement didn’t go unnoticed as he stood there looking at her, even after the doors to the elevator had opened.

“Going up?” he asked.

He waited until we’d entered the elevator before stepping inside himself, though Mabel was already answering his question as we did that.

“Hopefully, going down too,” she grinned wickedly. His look now confused, as was mine. “Just something about elevators that excites me,” she said her hand now coming over to rub against the not quite noticeable bulge in my jeans. No one had even pushed the buttons to their floors yet as the doors closed.

“Floor?” He now asked having realized that, though his attention was now elsewhere as Mabel continued fondling my prick with her hand.

“No…I’ll just lean over,” she giggled unzipping my fly. He laughed at that, and then pushed the top floor button.

“No guarantee’s someone else won’t be going up too,” he informed her.

“That’s part of the fun and excitement though isn’t it?” She responded now taking out my rapidly stiffening cock. I was surprised I could find Escort Akbatı myself as aroused as I was, nervous as I was, as Mabel continued to fondle my prick in front of a complete and total stranger.

For the first time he addressed me, grinning. “Damn fucking lucky. Never had anyone do that for me in all the years I’ve been traveling around. And I’ve spent a lot of time going up and down in elevators,” he informed us.

“You mean you’ve never had a woman play with your dick in an elevator?” Mabel said in surprise.

He shook his head no, pretty sure this was about as close as he’d ever come to that. And then she reached over. “Well we can’t have that now…can we?”

The moment she placed her hands on the front of his crotch, I swore I saw his cock twitch beneath the fabric of his slacks. “What floor are you on?” she now asked. We’d just then reached the top, the doors starting to open, which obviously made him nervous as he attempted to step back just in case anyone was waiting. Mabel had anticipated that however, grabbing him even more firmly not letting go. The doors opened, no one stood waiting much to his relief, but admittedly, the thought of that had even excited me more than I already was, my cock rigidly hard sticking out of the front of my jeans.

“Seventh floor,” he said sheepishly, “but…I’m not here alone either,” he now said in warning.

“Oh? Wife? Girlfriend perhaps?” Mabel asked still teasing his dick.

“Ah…no,” he grimaced pleasurably as the doors closed. Once again no one had pushed any buttons. “Just another guy I work with.”

“So obviously going back to your room is out of the question then.”

He shook his head yes, that it was. Unfortunately the elevators started to move, informing us that someone below had sent for the elevator. Mabel pushed the button for the seventh floor. We slowed almost immediately, the doors once again opening.

“Come on,” she grinned taking each of us by the hand, leading us out. “Let’s find the stairs!”

They were just around the corner. The hall was empty as we approached them, Mabel brazenly pushing against the door leading us both into the stairwell. “This high up, no one ever takes the stairs,” she informed us. “We should have plenty of privacy, long enough for me to get the two of you off anyway,” she now added.

He looked at me curiously as she fished out his prick, finally releasing it from his slacks.

“She enjoys doing this,” I said simply not knowing what else to say. “And I’m finding I rather enjoy the fact that she does,” I now added as the two of us stood there, cocks out, each of us wondering what was next. Mabel answered the question shortly.

“Would you prefer a nice slick hand job? Or a blow job? But if you prefer that, I only do it with you wearing a condom,” she informed the guy. “But I do have some in my purse if you’d prefer that,” she now added.

“A…a…hand job would be just fine,” he informed her as she now stood each of our cocks within her hand as she continued to stand there fondling the two of us side-by-side.

“You can play with my tits too if you’d like. It just so happens that I have two of them.”

This time he didn’t even hesitate, reaching over to lift up her tee shirt, exposing her bare breasts which she’d purposely left uncovered just for this very purpose. Though I am sure her hard pointed little nipples pressing against the material of her blouse were further enticement to unsuspecting participants. Even I locked eyes on her twin teats as he exposed them. I’d already seen them, and yet seeing them again…here, now, was like seeing them for the first time myself. The atmosphere, the decadence of the three of us standing there in the stairwell, dicks out as Mabel stroked them was highly erotic and sensual.

And now, fondling her other breast myself as the stranger did just seemed to heighten this experience even more.

“Hmm, I do so love having my titties played with, especially when I’m enjoying being able to fondle a nice hard cock. And in this case, two of them too boot!” She grinned hotly.

Standing together as close as we were anyway, I was taken off guard, as was he, as Mabel suddenly pulled us even closer, our dicks suddenly coming together as she placed them side by side within her hand, still rubbing and working them up and down.

“I love doing this,” she informed us both, and proceeded to continue, with neither one of us making any complaints or acting like this was a “gay” thing neither one of us were interested in. And though she stood there rubbing our cocks back and forth against one another, I wasn’t thinking in those terms whatsoever, just enjoying the feel of her hand as she managed to work us up and down simultaneously.

“I ah…” he stammered, his look obvious, a bit worried an unsure.

“Just tell me, I love hearing guys tell me when they’re ready to squirt,” she informed him.

“Yeah…she really does,” I added. “It’s sort of her thing.”

“Oh, and like you don’t Aksaray escort enjoy saying it when you do!” She grinned looking towards me.

“Didn’t say that,” I told her. “And trust me…you will when I do,” I added already clenching my teeth now just as our stranger friend seemed to be.

“Where?” He groaned, now moaning only moments away now from doing just that.

“Where else? On my tits of course!” she told him. “I love feeling all that wet hot sticky juice splattering against my breasts!”

“In that case…then I’m gonna…” he moaned closing his eyes.

“Say it!” She told him, now kneeling down on the floor between us. “Go on, say it…tell me what you’re going to do!”

“I’m gonna cum.”


“On your tits!”


“Now! Fucking now!” He cried out, and then launched a streamer of jisim from the tip of his prick, splurging against her as she continued pumping his shaft, his sperm tossed wildly about, some of it shooting even over her shoulder hitting the wall behind us where we all stood.

Just seeing that, her other hand still working my prick as I watched, watched his cum now not quite as forcefully shooting out, more like dribbling from his cock tip onto her fingers. I felt my own release suddenly begin, announcing it.

“Oh yeah baby! Gonna squirt too babe…here it comes babe, gonna shoot, gonna fucking cum!”

I didn’t wonder or really think about it until later, yelling out my pleasure there on landing, the sounds of which reverberated down the hallow sounding stairwell. At the time however, I could have cared less. Mabel now aiming my prick at her breasts, though the first few spurts of which actually landed on her tee shirt instead, staining it with my semen. She didn’t seem to mind however, actually enjoying the decadent look of it as it puddled there against her. She even finished wiping me off against her sleeve, smears of my spunk clearly noticeable, as she now stood once again, taking the hem of her shirt, using it as a cloth to now wipe off the remaining spunk residue from the other guys prick.

“Fuck!” He moaned happily, pleasurably, now uninhibitedly fondling himself as she turned her attention back to me, unlike him, and without the use of a rubber, now wrapping her lips around my cock, sucking it, cleaning it off.

She did so for a minute longer, and then stood once again. “Now…my turn,” she informed the two of us, surprising us both with this unexpected request.

Still wearing her cum-stained top, though it remained bunched up and over her bare breasts, she quickly wiggled out of her tight fitting jeans, slipping out of her sandals as well, removing them. She had nothing on underneath which didn’t at all surprise me.

What did surprise me, was when Mabel climbed up onto the safety railing, balancing herself on the top bar, her feet planted on the second safety railing for support. “Ok you two, get over here and finger me, play with my clit, finger fuck my cunt!” Even then she directed the two of us as we approached her. “You,” she said speaking to me without calling me by name, “You work my clit…pinch it and rub it for me,” she told me. “And you…” she said pointedly taking his hand, then extending his middle finger. “You slide this inside of me just like this. You should feel a nice soft little spot just inside, use that finger to tease me with,” she informed our very smiling friend.

We now stood the two of us once again side-by-side, my hand working her clit just as she had asked, though I was also close enough to lean over, capturing one of her magnificent breasts between my lips, sucking her hard extended nipple.

“Oh yeah, yeah…that’s perfect, oh fuck that feels good!” she informed us both as we continued teasing her with our hands and fingers, though our friend now followed my actions and likewise leaned over to capture and suckle her neglected breast.

“My God she’s wet!”

“Yeah, she tends to get like that,” I informed him. “And she likes it when you make a lot of noise, as slippery as she gets.”

“You know me too well,” Mabel laughed. “But he’s right, I like hearing the sounds my pussy makes when I get as wet and as juicy as I often do. So…do like he said. Make naughty sounds with my cream, finger-fuck me so I can hear it!” She now encouraged him.

It wasn’t all that difficult a thing to do either. As sloppy wet as Mabel’s cunt was, the sounds he began making as he pummeled her pussy with his finger were now echoing within the stairwell. The juicy, frothy, slippery sounds of her cunt as the two of us stood there finger-fucking her split had given new life to each one of our erections. Though I half suspected that Mabel knew that it would.

“Oh yeah…make me fucking come,” she all but demanded. “Make me juice…nice and hard, and then I want to see you juicing again too, think you can do that for me?” she asked our friend. “Think you can squirt another nice hot load all over my cunt?” she asked him.

I certainly knew I could…but Ankara escort bayan I was thinking about later. The last thing I wanted to do was overextend myself. The evening was still early yet, Mabel’s idea of a quickie suddenly turning into much more than that.

Seconds later however, she was crying out, her scream of pleasure actually worrying me, wondering as she did so if someone from maintenance perhaps might have overheard her somewhere down below. Though I could only stand there and imagine the person’s thoughts if they had. How many people actually had come out here on the landing and done this in the past? We couldn’t have been the first people to ever do so.

“Got another one for me then?” Mabel asked as she slipped off the railing, contentedly spent for the moment. But only for the moment as I would come to realize and understand.

And not too surprising, he was indeed hard as hell again.

“I do, but I think I could go for that condom-covered blowjob you offered in the beginning,” he requested.

Mabel shot me a quick brief inquisitive look, but my own in return assured her all was well, and that I found myself ok with that, and curiously interested to watch her do that. She smiled almost as quickly as she turned reaching for her purse, seconds later withdrawing a condom from the side pocket.

“These are special ones…just for this purpose,” she informed him as she tore open the package, and then placed the condom inside her own mouth. The wrapper said all natural, non-lubricated, as she then leaned forward expertly rolling down the condom over his dick with her mouth, not even using her hands.

“Fucking A!” He groaned pleasurably as she did so. And then stood there likewise leaning against the railing as she proceeded to suck him off.

It didn’t take her very damn long this time either, perhaps a minute or two at the most until he was informing her of his second impending release. Her head continued to bob up and down however, her mouth working its magic along the length of his shaft as he came, crying out almost as loudly as she had.

When he was finished, Mabel removed her mouth from him, the end of his condom hanging, the reservoir tip nearly full. I was fairly certain there wasn’t as much there as he’d managed to spurt the first time, but he’d given a pretty good accounting of himself for a second, fairly soon after orgasm.

“Pour it on me,” she now instructed him as he skimmed the condom off his dick, holding it up as she’d asked, and now pouring the contents of it over her soft breasts. “Oh yeah, that’s nice,” she said gathering in his cream, rubbing it into herself as he and I stood there watching her, me once again proudly erect and half tempted to have her do the same thing to me.

But she now made it clear, our time here had come to an end.

“Well, this was certainly fun, and I’m glad that we met you,” she told our unknown friend. “But…we have plans later, so should probably go to our room so I can freshen up before then.”

“By the way, my name is…”

“No, don’t tell me!” She said shushing him placing her fingertips against his lips. “I don’t want to know, it’s a bit naughtier that way,” she stated smiling. “But…it was nice meeting you anyway,” she added. “At least now, you can say you’ve had your cock fondled in an elevator.”

He laughed at that, nodding his head, and then waved good-bye disappearing moments later back through the door.

“We’ll take the stairs,” she giggled. “It’s only two floors up.”

I expected her to dress, though she did put her sandals back on. Though she also left her tee shirt up and over her exposed breasts as we began climbing the stairs. “Our room should be the first one around the corner as I recall,” she informed me. “When we get there, you have a quick peek, make sure the coast is clear and then walk over and open the door for me.”

We were safely inside the room moments later. “Pour us a drink, and then bring it into me while I shower,” she told me. “And after that, I’ll tell you what we’re doing next.”


Mabel informed me that there were three bars all within easy walking distance back to our hotel. Though the first one we’d be going to would be the one where we had the best chance of including another woman. She also told me however that if I was expecting us to pick up some flawless beauty, that we might as well not even go there. It was a bar where a lot of truckers hung out, including several female truck drivers. And though some of them were indeed gay, or lesbians, not all of them were. And some few she had said would be looking for a little action while in town. So…if we were lucky, patient, then we might indeed have one or two join us later on up in our room.

I was good with that, looking more at the experience itself more than anything else, just as Mabel was. Once again she had worked up some new cards to take along with her, intending to hand those out as she thought appropriate once we’d sat and scanned the bar for potential play-partners. And much to my delight, there were several already there when we entered, a surprising fair number of women as well as men. Obviously many of them knew one another from driving routes along the same stretch of highway, and often came here to this very bar whenever they were in town.

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