Me and Coach J Pt. 02

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I flipped the light switch to watch my eyes suddenly adjust to the bright living room and kitchen since there was no light coming in from the windows. The house was a bit of a mess but I didn’t feel like cleaning it up, especially today with everything that’s happened. I walked to my room and dropped my book bag on the floor. My bed was undone and there were clothes everywhere, but I really wanted to take a whiff of the gold I had in my backpack.

I opened the zipper and the aroma of the socks burst out like a geyser shooting out of the ground. My soft pudgy cock suddenly became hard once again in my shorts as soon as the smell hit me.

I grabbed them out of my book bag all crumbled up in a large ball. I felt the sweat of the socks stick to my hands and I was euphoric. I separated them and they just rolled out into long, dirty and smelly pieces of black cloth. The sweat marks of where his soles pressed on were still there. The outline of his huge foot just had me in awe as my fingers rubbed against the thick, sweaty cloth. The imprint of his enormous foot and toes just seemed surreal as it seemed like a monster’s foot rather than a normal human’s foot.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer. After looking at them I just had to press them hard against my nose and face. The sweet stench affected my whole body as the strong smell entered my nostrils and rubbed against the skin of my face.

I put the toe area of both his socks in my mouth while I continued to rub the rest of it all over my face. The smell was entrancing and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I unbuttoned my pants, lowered my underwear and started stroking as fast and hard as I could with his socks on my face. My cock was as hard as a pole and ready to shoot out at any second. I then erupted continuously until I felt the emptiness inside me overcome me.

I cleaned up and kept the socks inside a pair of shoes inside a shoebox that I had in my closet that I didn’t use to keep them fresh, but either way, I knew they were gonna stay fresh throughout the Thanksgiving break.

I then picked up my room and a bit of my house to then laid on my bed again with my phone in my hand. I reach to my pocket and I got the small piece of paper he handed me in the car. I texted him telling him that it was me, just to let him know.

I was eager but intimidated for a response. I didn’t know how to feel at the moment and I was already sweating with my face as red as a tomato. He answered saying “Alright. You doing anything Saturday?” I was puzzled. Was he really asking me to go somewhere with him? I responded that I wasn’t. A few seconds later he replied telling me that he wanted to invite me to lunch and talk about football and stuff like that since I’m his newest player and he wanted to treat me. I was still in shock he liked me this much, but I gladly accepted the offer.

He told me he’d pick me up at 2 at my house to go eat something. He asked if I like burgers and I said yes. Now I just have to make an excuse to my parents I’m going out with my friends on Saturday. They didn’t really ask many questions anytime I’d go out, so I figured this time would be no different.

I turned off my phone just thinking about his enormous smelly feet and toes on my face all around me after we’d eaten, as I laid on my bed. I already know something was gonna happen with him again, he never did that with his players in my school, at least, not that I’ve heard of. I wondered if he did this regularly with new players or if it was just those he wanted to play around with, but either way, I was still part of this, so I knew something was bound to happen when we’d meet.

I enjoyed those few days we had off. Rested up and ate lots on Wednesday we had off before Thanksgiving, got stuffed like crazy on Thanksgiving day, and scored a couple of good deals on Black Friday. I gained a bit of weight from both Thanksgiving and all the leftovers that came with it, plus eating fast food since both my parents had to work on Friday. I figured that this was fairly normal for anyone since the holidays always gave everyone a few extra pounds. I knew coach was a big eater as well, so I wondered how much he would gain on this short holiday. I then ate some more at night when my appetite kicked in again, jerked to the idea of his feet, and then fell asleep right after.

I woke up the next morning around 10, really looking forward to my lunch with coach later. I got out of bed and grabbed his socks from my closet, taking a nice whiff of the smell that was still extremely strong. I got as hard as a rock, but my family was having breakfast, so I didn’t wanna miss out on the opportunity of the large serving. It consisted of pancakes, waffles, milk, and a few sandwiches. After my morning stuffing, I brushed my teeth and went back to my room to clean it up a bit. I laid back down after I was done just thinking about what was gonna go down in a couple of hours.

I was hard the whole time. I couldn’t decide what was bursa escort hotter about him: his huge feet, his belly, his thick cock, or his alter ego when we’re alone together. I didn’t know how I was gonna act when we’d meet for lunch. So I just kept it to myself that I’ll play along with how he treats me and stuff, besides, I always liked being the smaller one when I’m with him.

About an hour before 2 he texted me asking if I could still make it. I told him that yeah I can for sure. He told me he’ll pick me up in about half an hour or so. I told him that it was fine. I got hard again as I was texting him. My mind was racing from all of the times I would fantasize about him and now it was becoming a reality.

I got out of bed to get ready since he was almost on his way. I decided to go decent to go eat since I didn’t want to leave a bad impression nor look bad to wherever we were going. So I wore some jeans, a graphic tee, and sneakers. For some reason, my sneakers felt a bit tighter than usual, as if my foot had grown, but it was bearable for a while, since I was more focused on coach.

When he got there, I told my parents I was going out with some friends to eat and maybe watch a movie or two and left after their compliance. I walk over to his truck and the smell of his musky feet hit me as soon as I close the door, just as it had the last time.

“Hey coach, Thanks for inviting me for lunch, I really appreciate it,” I said to him as he drove off.

He smirked and looked at me for a split second. He responded saying “Of course boy, I always treat my new players to discuss everything and connect with them about the sport more so they don’t feel uncomfortable during practice or games” and he smacked my left thigh twice saying “you’ll do good.”

I wondered if he did this with his players, or if it was made up and just with me. Either way, I still liked it. He was a bit sweaty in his face and underarms, as well as his legs having a bit of that gloss, suggesting he did something earlier. He was wearing one of those dark grey dri-fit shirts with a collar, and some cargo shorts that really hugged his thick thighs and his belly hung over the button, making his love handles push out a bit through the back and side of his shirt in his seat. Down his hairy legs, his huge sneakers were filled by his huge feet and some black, medium-length socks. They looked a bit used from the creases he had at the front of the shoes, I just imagined how much they smelled as he drove and shifted his right foot from left to right.

“You ever eaten at Burgrow?” He asked as he looked at me at the red light.

“Nope, but I’ve heard it’s good” I responded.

“Yeah it really good. Even though it isn’t that cheap, they’re the best I’ve ever had, and trust me, I’ve had a lot of burgers, heh,” he said as he rubbed and smacked his gut. “And I’m hungry for one or two today” he added.

“Aren’t they huge, coach?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I’m really hungry today,” he said.

“Yeah? Wow, coach, you’ve got a huge appetite, and I thought I ate a lot” I chuckled.

“Oh, you have no idea, boy. If you don’t finish yours I’ll down it too after my meal. I ain’t letting no food go to waste,” he laughed.

“That’s all you coach,” I responded and smiled at him.

“Yeah, its all me, boy” he whispered.

I noticed he wiggled his toes in his shoes when he said that and adjusted his huge shaft in his tight shorts. I licked my lips when I saw he did that, but he had his attention on the road.

When we arrived, we got off the truck and walked over to the restaurant. His huge body and belly shifted from side to side as he walked next to me. We both looked at each other quickly before entering the restaurant.

There was a pretty decent crowd in the restaurant. Not too many people, but it was somewhat busy. When we walked over to the front counter, the man standing seemed shocked at my coach’s huge size. Coach ordered a table for two and asked for a booth if possible. The man turned and directed us over to the booth, while coach was rubbing his huge belly to be filled.

We sat down and made small talk for a little bit as our waiter got our drinks. It was nice. We talked about football and such, what I needed to do, what positions I could play, etc. After that, our waiter came for our food. He ordered a Texas cheese fries as an appetizer for each of us, two double deluxe combo burgers and I only ordered a regular combo double, which I thought was enough for me even though he was encouraging me to get more.

I then see him adjusting himself in the seat and feel his right shoe lightly touch my left shoe. I continue to act like I don’t feel it as I’m on my phone, but then I feel the front of his shoe slowly run up and down my leg. I was so hard I felt I was releasing pre already. I feel him close his eyes and release a low deep groan while adjusts his body and does this. Then, he stopped as the waiter came and gave görükle escort us the bigger than normal plates of fries decked over with cheese and bacon, with a side of ranch to dip in. Coach looked so ready to dig in as I can see the gluttony in his eyes.

He starts to munch on it and I do as well. The fries were delicious, but if I finished this giant plate I couldn’t eat the burger, so I ate a little more than half and gave the rest to coach. He reassured me if I really didn’t want them and I said I didn’t, so he threw whatever was leftover on my plate, to his. Watching him eat was like watching a person competing to see who can eat the most food. I was so hard. His belly looked a lot more swollen than before, and this was just getting started.

After a few minutes, he left the large plate clean of any scraps of fries or bacon and put it to the side waiting to devour what was coming. He basically drank his whole soda and asked for another when the waiter came with our burgers. I couldn’t believe he was gonna fit those burgers inside him, mine was large, but he was gonna stuff two inside him that were bigger than mine. He took the first bite like a champ. He stretched his legs and placed his huge shoes over mine, I felt all the weight of his giant feet and legs on mine.

While I was still halfway through my burger, he was finishing his first one, and he had no intention of stopping. He also ate all the fries from his first burger too, and he still had a whole other order left to devour. I kept on eating mine and I managed to eat 3/4 of the burger, and I could barely move. Then I made small talk with him while he ate, but most of the time he had his mouth full. I was I shocked when I saw him stuff the last bit of his second burger in his mouth and swallow it whole. He then grabbed my leftover and ate it all as well.

He belched lowly as he rubbed his huge swollen gut and rubbed his huge shoes on my legs and shoes. I felt him wiggle his huge, powerful toes on my legs while he closed his eyes and laid back for a few seconds. I rubbed my hard-on for a split second to adjust it without him noticing. Then the waiter came back and suggested us dessert, or something else. Coach and I grabbed the dessert menu we were handed and looked over. The waiter gave us a few minutes as we both decided what to get.

We ended up getting this dessert that had two massive, warm triple chocolate brownies in the bottom, three scoops of Vanilla ice cream on top, Oreo cookie chunks over and around as well as Kit Kat bars and Snickers bars chunks, topped with chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. He ordered one for us to share, and when he ordered one to go, he winked at me, and my dick stiffened in my pants as I couldn’t believe what I heard.

After the waiter left, we made some small talk. He was suggesting to me that I should start eating more to get bigger like him. I told him that I’ll never be like him, but I’ll definitely eat more. He left a devilish smile on his face and started to rub his huge shoes against my leg and feet again.

He stopped as he saw the waiter coming back with the giant dessert and two spoons that seemed tiny next to the plate of sweets. When he placed it on the table, I could only see coach’s eyes staring down menacingly at the giant chocolate dessert. When the waiter left, he began to devour the dessert spoonful after spoonful. It was so hot to watch as he groaned in some cases whenever he would find a new flavor.

After I ate quite a good amount, I was way too full. I wasn’t even halfway through it and neither was coach, but he kept on going. He downed spoonfuls and I could hear him groaning as I could tell he was getting full but he was determined to finish it. After another 5 minutes of small talk and watching him eat it, he finished it, putting down the spoon with a belch and a small rub in his huge bloated belly. The waiter came to take the empty plate with our spoons and coach asked to bring the check and some water.

After about 2 minutes, the waiter came back with the check and 2 glasses of water for us. Coach struggled to pull out his wallet from his pocket as his shorts were tight from all the eating. He had to unbutton his shorts and unzip it a bit. I felt his shoes move around a bit while he did that to get a bit comfortable as he pulled out his wallet. He put his card in the slot and gave it to the waiter.

After that, we continued on to talking a bit more a bit about football and stuff, then the waiter came back with the receipt and the dessert to take home. Then he grabbed the bag of the dessert, signed and he struggled a bit to get up since he was a bit tight in the booth, and we left.

We both got on his truck, he put the dessert in the back and he heaved a breath as he turned on the car.

“Today’s a hot day, boy.”

“Sure is coach,” I replied.

It really wasn’t that hot, but the sun did work up a sweat, so I got where he was coming from. He was even sweating bursa escort bayan in the car, from the direct sunlight hitting the dash. He put the velocity of the air up almost to the max as he got out of the parking lot.

“Wanna take a trip to my house real quick? I left something there I need to take to the school.” He asked in a paused tone.

“Sure, I have no rush, coach.” I responded.

“Great, boy,” he said with a smirk.

He rubbed and patted his belly as he drove on, making jokes how big his belly has gotten. I didn’t mind it though, I found it kinda hot how his belly was attached to his huge body, and how tight his shorts were hugging under it, making it seem bigger than it was.

When we arrived at his house, it was a nice sized single family. It seemed like he lived alone since it was only his truck that was there, or I assumed that the others that could have lived with him weren’t there. We both got off and he grabbed the dessert. It looked like a pretty big house, as it was one-story, but the other houses in the neighborhood were pretty big as we passed by them when we were getting here.

He opened the door and we both went inside. He locked the door as I looked around. It was decently furnished. Nice open living area with a large kitchen and dining room. It was nicely designed but nothing too crazy to expect. He went over to the kitchen and put the dessert to the freezer and let out a huge groan from the apparent exhaustion he had. He told me to go with him to show him the rest of the house.

It had 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with decent sized beds and fixed up bathrooms. Then when we walk into his room, the smell of his feet hits my nose immediately and I get hard again. His bed was definitely seemed like a California king, larger than a normal one which is what my parents had. He showed me his large walk-in closet, decked with the smell of his huge shoes and turfs all through the floor and clothes hung up on the racks. He then laid back on his bed and let out a breath of relief, as I saw him rub his belly and his unbutton shorts adjust to his position.

“Damn we had quite a lunch didn’t we?” he asked.

“Definitely coach. I’ve never seen someone eat like you have today coach” I responded.

“Yeah boy, I went overboard today. I could definitely use a good rub if I can get one. My huge toes hurt from rubbing on the front of these shoes,” he chuckled shyly demanded with a laugh as he rubbed his belly.

“Sure, coach.” I replied.

I went down on my knees and started untying his huge shoes. I could already smell his feet inside his huge basketball shoes as I undid them. I pulled one off and the smell was extremely strong as to what I was smelling before I pulled them off. I put them both on the ground and the soles of his huge white-socked feet were imprinted in sweat and dirt from his shoes. His feet looked even bigger in those socks, and also a small hole on the ball of his left foot appeared while I was adjusting myself.

He let out a sigh and an “oh yeah” as he closed his eyes and I rubbed firmly on his smelly, sweaty and socked feet. The smell was so strong my cock was leaking in my pants from how smelly his giant feet were in his tight socks. I tried to get as close to them as possible to get a whiff of them without him noticing as I rubbed on his left foot.

I sat on the edge of the bed and put his right foot on my lap now get a comfortable position and have a better view of them. I noticed another small hole at the edge of his big toe and I felt another at his heel.

“Coach, are these socks tight on you by any chance?” I asked.

“I don’t think so, I have used them for quite a while, but they do feel a bit snug like my shoes were earlier before you took them off” he replied as he wiggled his huge toes in the socks.

I thought about it as I continued rubbing his huge foot and toes. He kept his eyes closed the whole time as I rubbed. I rubbed on the ball of his foot and I felt a tug from his thick, heavy leg.

“Fuck, Right there” he moaned as I slowly but firmly continued to rub on the ball of his foot.

After a few minutes, I peeled off the sock from his right foot since I was rubbing with it on. I got a good whiff from where I was of the intense smell as his damp, smelly sock came off his enormous, meaty soles and toes.

His toes and soles were full of sock lint from the foot sweat. It seemed as if he’d been wearing those socks for at least a week. I was eager to bend my neck down and lick his giant toes, but I still felt like one of his regular players, so I just kept on rubbing his bare feet and toes slowly but firmly. The pungent smell that I considered an aroma was still coming off really well from his feet though.

He was really into it now as he was groaning from the soothing pleasure of his huge, meaty feet being massaged. I heard a deep bellow from him mentioning “fuck get to it boy.” I guess that was his sign to start working on his giant feet.

I took a quick whiff of his giant toes and slobbered my tongue all over his huge big toe. He moaned from the feeling. I licked all the sock lint and toe jam from his huge toes sensually and patiently, getting everything in and in between them.

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