Me and Danny Ch. 05

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I slept well in my marital bed next to my nephew who throat-fucked me so hard my voice gave out. The following morning, after me and Danny’s little adventure with oral sex, I awakened to find my long-dicked nephew laying on his side, his head on his arm like a pillow. His eyes were wide and staring lovingly at me, a slight smile on his lips.

“Hey.” He said when he saw that I was awake.

“Oh my god, Danny!” I screeched with surprise, quickly covering my face. “How long have you been up?”

He chuckled and shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe a half hour or so.”

“And you were just lying there watching me sleep?”

“You looked so peaceful. So beautiful. It just seemed wrong to wake you.”

I sighed loudly before getting out of the bed and heading to the bathroom. I have a bladder the size of a walnut. After I peed, I looked at my reflection in the mirror with horror. My hair was a matted, brunette, bird’s nest around my head.

This is what he was lovingly staring at all morning?

I did a quick finger-comb through my hair and gargled a capful of mouthwash before exiting. I found Danny still on his side, only now he was perched up on his elbow and resting his head in his hand.

“Did I do something wrong?” he asked, a chastised look on his face.

I smiled at him comfortingly before getting back into bed next to him. I grabbed him by his cheek and kissed him on the lips.

“No, you didn’t do anything wrong. I’m just not a morning person. I’m a complete bitch before I get my first cup of coffee.”

He chuckled, then a lustful look came on his face as his eyes scoured my body. I could read his thoughts as if he were writing them out on paper. His hand reached out and groped one of my tits. Of course, I raised no objection. At this point, I’d probably be upset if he didn’t grope me.

As he had his fun, he said, “Despite you snapping at me, it’s nice to hear your voice. I was scared you’d never get it back.”

Amused at his enjoyment of my C-cups, I giggled and joked, “Good thing too. It would’ve been difficult explaining to Martin how I lost it.”

He laughed at that, but I could tell his thoughts were focused. So, I helped him out by sitting up, lifting my nightshirt over my head, and dropping it on the floor. This left me topless, with only my panties as a last defense against Danny’s lustful gaze and wandering hands.

Under normal circumstances, I would’ve slept nude underneath my shirt. However, seeing as how Danny was in my bed, I thought it prudent to at least wear one layer of protection. Young guys, morning wood, exposed vagina…

Yeah. I definitely needed to wear panties.

I just didn’t want any “mishaps”. I let Danny do a lot to me, especially last night. Him fucking my mouth as if he were pounding a pussy was miles farther than I’d have ever expected to take the “game”. Him exploding down my throat? That was in another solar system all together.

If last night proved anything, it’s how little self-control I have when It comes to Danny. I’m his senior by 2 decades, yet I become addictively submissive to his desires. If he desires it, that turns me on and makes me desire it.

Had I slept with no panties last night, there is no guarantee his erect dick wouldn’t have “accidentally” found the entrance to my exposed vagina, like Martin’s had so many mornings before. On a few occasions, by the time I was roused awake, Martin was just finishing. If I’d awakened this morning full of Danny’s cock, I very well could’ve seen myself justifying letting him fuck me until he busted his load inside of my drenched pussy.

And that scared me. But I wasn’t afraid of the thought of Danny fucking my pussy. I was afraid that I WASN’T AFRAID.

Even now, as my nephew lowered his head to wrap his lips around the darkness of my areolas, all I could do was lean my head back and let him suck away. His other hand made sure that the other breast didn’t feel neglected. As my nipples became sensitive to his mouth and fingers, I closed my eyes and let out a moan.

The obsession he had with my C-cups both amused and aroused me. In many ways, Danny was a little boy, searching for the love and attention of his lost mother. The fact that he looked to me as both a maternal figure and a sexual being made me curious about our situation. On the one hand, I felt an obligation to guide him into adulthood with the love of a mother. On the other hand, me allowing him to explore my body was bringing a light to his eyes that I hadn’t seen since he came to live with us.

His mouth left my tit. The cool air hit my saliva covered nipple and made me shudder. His hand lightly pushed my chest, telling me to lie back. I followed his lead. When my head hit the pillow, he started to trail light kisses down my tummy.

Yes, my pussy instantly got wet. I’m such a horny bitch. In my defense, I’d let Danny tit-fuck me, face-fuck me, and explode in my mouth. But after all that, I had yet to cum. I’d been exposed to a rock-hard güvenilir bahis cock, yet my pussy had been left neglected and unpenetrated. She was hungry for meat, and last night was like someone eating a juicy steak in front of a homeless person.

When his mouth kissed right above the lacy hem of my panties, his fingers hooked the elastic material. I felt him trying to pull them down my legs. While this was nothing out of the ordinary (compared to what we’d been doing), him removing my panties, NOW, in my marital bed seemed more significant. I instinctively knew what would happen once the soft cotton material cleared my feet before being chucked to the side.

Yes, I know that it might seem silly to still let vaginal intercourse be my final holdout, especially after last night. Even in my lust-addled mind, I could imagine how that conversation with Martin would go over.

“Okay, so I did let Danny grope me on multiple occasions and make out with me. And yes, he did force me to swallow his cum after he tit and face-fucked me. But come on! It’s not like we had sex. I would never cheat on you!”

Yes, it sounds lame, even to me. Martin would probably kick me and Danny’s adulterous asses before heave-hoeing us out into the wintry night. But for some reason, no matter how deluded it sounded, THIS boundary felt sacred to me. Accepting his cock into my body was me giving a part of myself to him that I couldn’t take back.

I reached down and grabbed his wrists to stop him from removing my underwear. When he looked up at me and met my eyes, I shook my head. The glass of water was written all over my face. He looked so disappointed, letting me know that I was right about what he hoped would happen.

“I just wanna make you feel good, Aunt Ronnie. Like you make me.” he said, his eyes almost pleading with me.

I smiled warmly at him. “You do make me feel good, Danny.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Yes, you do. I enjoy…”

“Stop saying that!” he exclaimed, cutting me off. He knew what I was about to say, and he wasn’t trying to hear it. “It’s so patronizing! It’s not fair that you give me so much pleasure and all I can do for you is sit here and enjoy it. It doesn’t feel good knowing I can’t make you cum.”

My heart sank. He was so vulnerable right now. I knew that a large part of a man’s pride is his ability to satisfy a woman. Men may pretend that they don’t care about us, but truthfully, they do. A LOT. The men screaming “bitches ain’t shit” the loudest are the ones who were hurt the most by someone significant to them.

On a personal note, I understood the feeling of worthlessness that came with having a partner give you everything while expecting nothing in return. I felt that way with Martin. His salary eclipsed mine significantly. He worked hard to give us a house I could never afford, cars I could only dream of driving, and a lifestyle a teacher’s salary would drown in. I barely had anything to contribute, other than being a live-in maid, cook, and sex toy.

Because he contributed so much, our marriage felt a little unbalanced. I felt ungrateful for feeling lonely and neglected when he did things like go into work on Thanksgiving or take an out-of-town trip during Christmas. I know there are women who enjoy, and expect, to be taken care of. They would gladly accept the small print of being married to a husband with a large salary.

If you enjoy the benefits of a lavish lifestyle, shut the fuck up about the method of getting them.

But I wasn’t like those women, no matter how much Martin wanted me to be. Yes, I did enjoy the benefits, but I would gladly live in a smaller home if it meant spending more time with him. I would willingly drive a functional, 10-year-old car that I had to purchase on my meager teacher’s salary if it meant it’d be a guarantee that he’d be with me on birthdays and special holidays.

Ever since Chris left for college, it seemed like I was expected to be appreciative for whatever morsels of attention the men in my life decided to throw on the floor for me.

Now, I was torn. On the one hand, I wanted to make Danny feel good about himself. It was more than a desire on my part; it was a necessity. That maternal side of me wanted Danny to see himself as I saw him; a strong, capable, attractive man. Leaving him stripped of the ability to please me was having the exact opposite effect on his psyche.

Yet, on the other side, I couldn’t give him my pussy. Yes, I’d had other cocks inside of me, even after marriage. Martin and I had done threesomes, swinging, and had been to a sex party or two in our day. He’d even sat back and watched me getting fucked while holding my hand. But all that was done with his consent. My pussy, and my heart, still belonged to my husband.

Mental gymnastics? Yeah, I could join the Olympics.

With a soothing smile, I said to him, “We can’t have sex. That’s a line too far. But there are other ways you can satisfy me. I can teach you how. Would you like that?”

His türkçe bahis eyes pierced mine. I could see him wrestling with the fact that we were never going to fuck. No doubt yesterday’s exploits stoked his lustful fire for my body and gave him a sliver of hope that I was bluffing. But I could also see that he genuinely felt the need to satisfy me. He didn’t want to hear that I felt good making him feel good. He wanted to make me feel good…period. The only way he’d know if he was successful is seeing my “O” face.

“Yes.” He said, resigning to that fact. “Teach me how to make you cum.”

So, once again, the horny bitch inside of me shivered lustfully. Guys, if you aren’t skilled in the sex department, it’s better to own it than to lie about your virility. There is no better sentence than the one he just said to me. It shows a humble acknowledgement of your shortcomings, but at the same time tells the woman you are with that her pleasure is important enough for you to learn.

With my eyes sparkling at the notion, I lifted my hips and pulled my panties down my legs. Then, I handed them to him. No doubt he’d be using them later for his masturbatory pleasure. He took them, raised them to his nose, and took a long sniff.

With his eyes hungrily watching, I spread my legs wide, exposing my vulva to him. Now, I know this is the age of bald pussies, but I find a little bit of hair down there sexy. I have an adult pussy, and adult pussies have hair. Of course, it’s neatly trimmed for bikini and hygiene purposes (as well as for Martin), but there must be a little something down there to let you know when you’re in the “forbidden zone”.

Using a single finger, I waved him closer. He eagerly obeyed, getting down on his belly to get a closer view. With both of my middle fingers, I spread my lips lewdly apart, showing him my pink insides.

“You see this little nub right here?” I asked, using my pointer finger to gently stroke my clit. A wave of pleasure shot through me at my own touch. I was wet, my clit was sensitive, and right now I wanted nothing more than to teach Danny how to give me that orgasm I’d been denied; the one he so desperately wanted to give me.

Danny nodded, acknowledging that he spotted my clit. He was paying remarkably close attention to what my finger was doing, like a young apprentice learning from a master. He took notice to how my body was reacting to even the gentlest of strokes to my clit.

I continued with, “This is one of your best friends when it comes to pleasing a woman. Your other best friend…well, we’ll get to the “g spot” later. Right now, lesson number one is to pay attention to this little guy right here. All that finger jabbing you see in porn may work for some, but MOST women want a man who appreciates her clitoris.”

Once again, my enthusiastic student gave me a nod. I felt both elated and dismayed by his excited acceptance of this basic sexual lesson. It was like the kid in math class who finally understood quadratic equations.

As much as women complain about men who can’t “even do THAT right”, how many of us have taught our guys how to please us? How many men would benefit from someone guiding them in the basics of the vagina? So much focus is placed on the man’s pleasure. Sex is considered over when HE ejaculates. By design, most men (and women) have been taught to undervalue the female orgasm.

“Now Danny, I want you to lick my clit with just the tip of your tongue. Learn to use that. If you can control that, you can get just about any woman to orgasm at least once.”

His fingers replaced mine in holding my doors open. Then, he stuck out his tongue and did just as he was instructed.

“Yes…that’s it.” I encouraged as he stimulated that clit. “Flick your tongue. Just like that. Yes, Danny. Yes.”

One thing was for certain, Danny was a fast learner. I could feel ripples of pleasure moving upwards from my vagina to my tummy. His tongue was fast and accurate.

“Okay. Now, slow down a little. That’s g…aahhh…yes…that’s good. Such a good boy.”

Hearing good boy really got him going. And now that he knew what he was doing, he started trying different variations of the basic lesson I gave him. He lapped me like a dog. He flicked his tongue quickly, then slowed it down and gave long strokes across my clit.

I felt myself succumbing. My thighs were tingling at what he was doing with that magical tongue. It didn’t take him very long before he was eating me out with expertise that was years beyond his knowledge. If I hadn’t just taught him, I would never guess that he was a novice.

He could feel it, too. I could tell. As he was needling away at my clit, his eyes looked up at me. I caught his gaze, and I could practically see him smiling triumphantly.

He had me. He knew he had me. And that cocky little twitch in his eyes hurdled me towards a massive orgasm.

“Oh fuck!” I grunted out in my still-healing voice. I grabbed a fistful of his hair and güvenilir bahis siteleri pulled him into my crotch as I ground myself against his nose and mouth. All the while, I looked him directly in his eyes with my forehead furrowed. “Don’t stop! Keep doing that!”

He watched the progression. He saw the buildup. His intense stare was causing me to lose it. “Danny…” I pleaded with him, not sure whether I wanted him to stop or keep going. He chose the latter, knowing he had me on the edge.

“Danny…” I repeated my desperate cry. His eyes were driving me crazy.

His tongue continued its assault. My body tried running from him, squirming to get away. But he was a fast learner. He knew he had me where he wanted me. So, he slid one of his hands underneath my thigh to pull me in as he went for broke.

I couldn’t get away. I was helpless against him. My body didn’t have the will to fight him anymore. All I could do was lay there as I felt it building…increasing…swelling…


My head was thrown back into my pillow. My toes curled. My legs clamped around his ears. My thighs trembled. My pelvis was thrust up from the bed, causing me to levitate in mid air as Danny’s unrelenting tongue drove me over the edge.

He’d done it. Boy, had he done it! Danny had finally made me cum.

I collapsed on the bed, my arms and legs both splayed out on either side of me. I lay there, panting like an exhausted dog. It took me a minute to get a hold of myself. Once I came down from the cloud I was floating on, I raised my head to see Danny on all fours, looking at me with the biggest smile on his face.

“You…did good.” I said, giving the biggest understatement of the year. His smile turned into a confident smirk before he asked, “You wanna go again?”

All I could do was run my fingers through my hair, let out a breath, and nod with a smile.


Over the next few nights, I had more orgasms than I can count. Every chance I allowed Danny between my legs, he jumped in. That tongue of his was pure fucking magic. It only took this kid three days to perfect the art of foreplay and oral sex in a way that was eons beyond his short 19 years. His mouth got to know every part of my body intimately. And I mean EVERY PART. He sucked my toes, ate my ass, licked my pussy, nibbled on my nipples. Any part of me he could taste, he did.

Amid learning how to use that glorious muscle in his mouth, I taught Danny other things. Many, many other things. He learned how to stimulate my G-spot. After that, we were going into the back of the closet and pulling out my “toy chest”. Dildos, butt plugs, rabbits, handcuffs, paddles, my lush toy that Martin controls with the app on his phone…you name it, I probably have it.

That bit of knowledge set off another series of nuclear explosions inside of me at the hands (and tongue) of Danny.

Afterwards, I’d reward him for being such a good student with an enthusiastic blowjob. I learned how to safely deepthroat that long cock of his, and I let him enjoy hitting my tonsils like a punching bag.

One of the many wonderful things about experimenting with Danny was he was open to EVERYTHING. He let me play with his body just as much as I let him play with mine. Most guys get skittish about putting a finger up their asses. They’re scared that they’ll enjoy it so much that they’ll suddenly become gay. But Danny trusted me.

So, while I was blowing him, when I was secretly ready for him to cum so I could curl up in his arms and go to sleep, I’d slip my finger in his ass and find his G spot. Within moments, he was exploding in my mouth or on my chest.

After we were done turning each other’s bodies to mush, I fell asleep in his arms, with him spooning me from behind. During the night, I’d feel him tenderly kiss my neck, grab my boob, and rub himself on my ass. It felt comforting knowing he was there.

During the day, we went about our routines. We were an ordinary aunt and nephew. He went to work at his job. When he was home, he hibernated in his room with his supercomputer. I did my own thing, also. I went to yoga classes, worked out at the gym, cooked us dinner, etc.

But at night…oh boy! After my nightly phone call with Martin, Danny did what he wanted with me until we were both too tired to continue. The only thing off limits, of course, was actual sex.

One day, around day four or so of Martin’s work trip, Chris called me and told me he wanted to bring this girlfriend over. He asked if I’d cook a meal for the four of us and eat dinner together.

I was over the moon. Finally! Of course, I’d met her before, but it felt like eons ago.

So, Danny and I went to the store, went shopping for some ingredients, and came home. Then, just like on Thanksgiving, he helped me put together one of my finest meals.

We moved in sync with each other, almost like a couple who’d been doing this for years. I’d catch his eyes on me, then I’d bashfully turn away. Of course, he groped me relentlessly, but that was to be expected. The sweater that I was wearing had food stains over each breast.

But, as always, I let Danny have his way with me, never even uttering a protest.

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