Me, Dad, Mom, Grand Dad And Others

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my age 25 and size 34 30 36. When im 10 years old I came to puberty. Granddad, dad and mom was happy for that. Actually girl of that age wont get puberty so soon. Since dad was a doctor he use to give hormone injection to me and brother Rahul from 8 years only. When I came to puberty I had small breast. Dad and grand dad (dad’s father) love me too much.

Actually at that age I didn’t know about sex and all. When I came to puberty mom use to feed me more nutritious food. After 10 days , one day when I was sleeping with mom and dad , dad put his hand on my breast…. He started pressing it. Mom was sleeping at that time ,dad started pressing hard.. something was happening inside my pussy.

Then he took his hand slept. Next day my grand dad came to our house. he is still 60+ year strong man…look like 40+ only. He started staring at me differently. One day, grand dad came to my room, told me to remove dress. I said , I wont remove. He convince me to remove and he started putting his finger inside my pussy. I didn’t know anything about sex at that time. So I just kept quit and he increased his force of finger… I was feeling some thing… hot and some thing was happening to me.

Then dad also came and joined him. Dad came and started sucking my ass. I tried to stop him. He scold me and started sucking my ass …from friend GD(Grand Dad) finger and from back dad sucking my ass. Then GD (Grand Dad) started sucking my pussy. I was feeling something unusual is happening. Im started crying.

Mother came and saw what was happening and said to dad and GD (Grand Dad) that…. Wont u leave my daughter pussy also. Then mom started removing dress of her and came to me and hold my hairs softly and said me to show my tongue. I was crying at that time… she said nothing gonnu happen. I showed my tongue… she started sucking it…kissed me hard and at that time GD(Grand Dad) removed his under ware and showed me his cock…which was big …it is 9 inch. Dad also removed his underwear and showed his cock which is also like GD(Grand Dad) cock. Mom started sucking both cock one by one. Called me and said to suck it. I was just 10 years old……. At that time…. She forced my face to GD(Grand Dad) cock… I took little….inside mouth…mom forced my head towards cock.. now my mouth full of cock.

I felt difficult to breath….. mom took one cigarette and lighted it and started smoking hard like bitch. Then dad brought drinks… stated drinking with mom and enjoying me sucking GD(Grand Dad) cock forcefully. mom took one puff and stated leaving smoke to dad mouth ..and they lip locked. Grand dad ejaculated in my mouth only and threatened me to swallow it…. I swallowed it some how. Then mom said GD(Grand Dad) that you fucked me before my husband(dad) fuck me and result of this this randy ramya(me) born. Now your fucking your own daughter to make her pregnant.

Then I came to know that I was not born to dad…. But to GD (Grand Dad). Mom gave cigeratte to GD (Grand Dad). Thn she too another and lighted it. She came towards me and said to show my mouth and she too one puff and left smoke to my mouth. I felt hard to breath. She told me to smoke…. I rejected it…she said again to smoke and said…to smoke… I tied one puff….felt good and started enjoying smoke . By looking at me smoking GD (Grand Dad) said to mom that , ramya look like bitch while smoking.

Now dad come to me and force fully took me to bed and mom came and widen my legs and dad put his cock in my pussy… I felt tight….. it was paining… he took back and forced himself towards me…it felt like hell to me.. blood started coming out. He started ramming me….like anything… was paining more….after 5 min….it felt little good….but I was crying hard…..slowly im become quit. Dad said …see randy is enjoying now.

Now GD (Grand Dad) came and stated sucking mom pussy…..! mom cooperate with him .. dad fucked me for almost 15 min and ejected his sperm inside me. Im ejected almost 3 times before him. He removed his cock. I was in bed like dad snake.

Then GD(Grand Dad) came and apply some honey on my ass ..and his cock. He put his cock on my ass he forced his cock to my ass slowly.. it was paining like hell to me…. Im started crying again…he forced hard and started fucking hard…it felt like iron rod is inside me… was horrible…started liking ass fuck .he fucked me for almost 10 min….ejected his semense on my ass. Dad came and hold my hairs and said me to suck his cock and clean…. I sucked his cock fully .

That day both my dad and GD(Grand Dad) fucked me…with the help of my own mother.

Sex has become routine for me after that….gradually started liking sex, cock, cigerattes, drinking beer. One day dad brought his two friends and they started having drinks. that day mom told to dress well… so i dressed well. mom said to bring drinks for them from fridge. i brought drinks to them… they started looking at me with eye opened. I can make out the tent in there pant is big. they said to sit in between them….i sat in between them. they asked my name ..i mentioned ramya.

They started touching me…i saw towads mother like questioing…mom said its fine…just cooperate…they started toughing my breast and smoching my lips….my body temperature started increasing…im started cooperating with them….they removed my top…i didn’t wear bra inside….so they started sucking my breast..i took one cigeratte and lighted it…like a bitch….took one long puff and leave smoke they are excited by looking at me smoking. they said me to come to room. im started going towards room by shaking ass and smoking cigarette. In front my boobs are shaking and from back ass is shaking. They went crazy by looking at it ….story continued

In next episode I will share about how I get pregnant, and about my brother and my son fucking me.

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